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  1. We never saw a discussion between Perez or Nick about the chief being dirty. But we knew he was dirty ever since he threatened Judy at Steve's memorial for revealing Steve's money laundering. And even if we fanwank that Nick and Perez had discussed their desire to bring down the chief, how would Perez have known that the "we got him!" text was specifically about the Steve Woods disappearance? The text should have said something like, "The chief is just as dirty as we thought. There's evidence tying him to the Steve Woods murder!" I really enjoyed season one of this series, and was extremely impressed by how many crazy twists they were able to work into the plot without seeming completely forced. But honestly, this season just seemed like a messy afterthought.
  2. That tracks with a theory I've read here (sorry, but I can't remember who came up with it) that the writers considered Dorothy and Rose to be in their sixties in the very early episodes - and then somewhere during the first season, the writers lowered their ages to mid-fifties.
  3. I don't know if this counts as a continuity error. But I noticed that when Stan is talking to his psychiatrist about his obsessive need to make things right with Dorothy (which is revealed to really be about Sophia), he casually mentions that his mother never loved him. That certainly doesn't track with the flashback to his mother, who made a big show of how much she worshipped him. So far as Stan knew, his mother thought he was a saint. i guess we can fan-wank that at some point, he figured out that she really considered him a yutz?
  4. Is Jaida the first pageant queen to win a regular season since...Tyra?
  5. Am I the only one who thought Crystal's self-produced video was easily the weakest of the three? I mean, I get that being out-there and freaky is Crystal's thing. But that was just weird for the sake of being weird (and gross for the sake of being gross), and it had nothing to do with the song, aside from the general bird theme.
  6. One thing I really wish the series had done was explain the actual, practical ramifications of the ERA. As in, what effect it would really have on the law, if passed. The writers clearly trusted the audience to understand some complex issues, so I think they also could have trusted us to be able to understand legal concepts like strict scrutiny (if explained properly).
  7. What's Fact and What's Fiction in the Mrs. America Finale The majority of Carter's committee quitting in protest of Abzug's firing did, in fact, actually happen.
  8. Blakeston

    S01.E07: Trick

    Does anyone know if this was intended as a multi-season series, or as a one-off?
  9. When we saw the board meeting last season, I was surprised by how diverse the board was. But seeing the top employees in this episode showed us how extremely un-diverse Waystar's workforce is. I'm not exactly shocked that the people who actually report to Logan on a regular basis are overwhelmingly white and male.
  10. Blakeston

    S01.E07: Trick

    That was one of the most anti-climactic endings I've ever seen. I watched this series because of a review that called it "Hitchcockian." I'm genuinely angry at that reviewer. Hitchcock wouldn't have touched this script with a ten-foot pole.
  11. I can't even imagine Widow's rap was concocted on the fly. I loved her "prettiest girl on the planet...of the apes" read of Crystal. Before Widow said that, it looked like Brita gave the funniest read of the reunion (the Patricia Quinn reference), and that would have made me sad. I noticed that in the episode where Nicky was eliminated, she lashed out at Aiden backstage about the napping incident - even though it had happened in a previous challenge. At the time, I was willing to chalk it up to extreme stress and frustration. But this reunion confirmed for me that she has a bitter, petty side. I really wish someone had said to Nicky, "If not you, then which one of us should have gone home?" Because I'm sorry, but she was clearly the worst in that challenge. I totally understand the producers deciding not to use the reunion to give S***** P** any more attention. But it really would have been interesting to hear the queens talk about what they really thought of her, and how they reacted to the disturbing revelations about her. (But knowing how much of what we see in the reunions is phony PR spin, I have a feeling we would have heard a lot of "I never would have guessed, she was like a sister to me, she was such an inspiration" reactions.) Speaking of phony PR spin, there's Crystal and Gigi. I think "there's a llttle fact in the fiction" just means "we both think the other is kinda cute in a non-sexual way." With a heaping side of "we just want attention." I was disappointed that Jackie's celebrity admirer was Lisa Rinna. I was hoping for Barbara Eden!
  12. I can tell you that my favorites (outside of the first season) are: Ladies of the Evening (Season 2, episode 2) Isn't It Romantic? (Season 2, episode 5) Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas (Season 2, episode 11) Forgive Me, Father (Season 2, episode 18) Letter to Gorbachev (Season 3, episode 6) Brotherly Love (Season 3, episode 😎 The Artist (Season 3, episode 18) Mixed Blessings (Season 3, episode 23) Yes, We Have No Havanas (Season 4, episode 1) Scared Straight (Season 4, episode 9) Foreign Exchange (Season 4, episode 24) Dancing in the Dark (Season 5, episode 6) Clinton Avenue Memoirs (Season 5, episode 16) Once, in St. Olaf (Season 6, episode 2) Henny Penny - Straight, No Chaser (Season 6, episode 26) The Curse of the Libertine Belle (Season 7, episode 2) Journey to the Center of Attention (Season 7, episode 19) One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (Season 7, episode 25/26) (Why yes, today was a boring day at work, why do you ask?)
  13. I actually thought Yvie and Brook Lynn were running neck and neck last year, going into the finale. And in season 9, it seemed like no one had a clue who was going to win. (Aquaria was the clear winner of season 10, though.) As far as Crystal goes, I think she's lucky that Jaida and Gigi both seem a bit lacking in the personality department. Jaida is an incredibly polished queen, but she isn't nearly as popular as she would be if she had a more likable personality. In the confessionals, she always looked like she was smelling a fart. And I get that her arrogance is part of her grandiose persona, which is somewhat entertaining - but that arrogance didn't help her with the fanbase. And Gigi only seemed to come alive when she talked about her mother or fashion. In all other respects, she seemed like an empty vessel. To her credit, I think Gigi is actually pretty down-to-earth for a 21-year-old fashionista who has four wins under her belt, who's conventionally hot as a guy and pretty in drag. She seems much more humble to me than Aquaria or Violet ever did. But it would have helped her with the fans if she showed some vulnerability, and she never really did.
  14. I loved the Colin Robinson subplot, but I didn't find the main plot as funny as some of the others from this season (like the superb owl party, and Colin Robinson's promotion). That said, the line about how Guillermo is like the final remaining donut, and how you wonder what's wrong with it, was brilliant.
  15. There might as well have been a postscript that said, "In the end, he didn't die of AIDS, because once he came out, he didn't feel the need to have lots of shameful sex." Yes. I've seen him in a bunch of projects, and he always sounds like that. He's a hugely celebrated actor, with 4 Emmys (!), but the man has absolutely zero range. He can only play characters who are effeminate and sharp-tongued. And even within that narrow realm, he's limited - he tried to play Johnny Weir when he hosted SNL, and he was terrible at it. I have to assume that when Avis decided to cast him immediately after seeing him onscreen, it was because he'd screwed her.
  16. Gigi looked like she had the season all sewn up after winning the ball, the Snatch Game, and the Rusical. But then she stumbled repeatedly, and showed that she is completely incapable of being spontaneous as a performer. Crystal is really lucky that track record was the #1 concern here (and that Ru is enamored with her). She was clearly the worst in the musical number, IMO. And then Jackie totally outperformed her in the lip sync. Crystal's performance in the lip sync confirmed for me that while she's cute and charming, and has a unique style, she's just not a broadly-talented, polished performer like Gigi and especially Jaida are. I have a feeling that Crystal is going to win the fan voting by a large margin. But unless she manages to really outdo Jaida and Gigi in the finale, I don't think she should win.
  17. I have zero sympathy for Phyllis being called "submissive." Phyllis's whole campaign was based on the idea that women should be submissive to their husbands. We saw that she would begin speeches by thanking her husband for "letting" her be there.
  18. Blakeston

    S01.E06: Tell

    I'll say this - this episode was the first time I felt any real chemistry between Ruby and Billy. I still don't want them to get away with it all scot-free, though. If I'd contributed to a death the way that Billy did, there's no way that I'd be sweet-talking someone and romping with them in the woods a few hours later. And I know I was supposed to be charmed by Babe Cloud and Phoebe Waller-Bridge's character, but that whole plotline was bizarre. You've just found a body impaled on a spike, and during the investigation you're flirting and playing with the taxidermied remains of some animal?
  19. But the show tried to pass off the people in power as being outsiders, too. Avis was a Jewish woman, whose acting career was destroyed because she was Jewish. And the people directly below her were a woman and a gay man. The idea certainly seemed to be that if minorities had just stood up for one another, they would have accomplished everything they wanted. Blech. Not only were we supposed to believe that Rock and Archie could live happily ever after while being completely out of the closet, but we were also supposed to believe that Rock could become a big star, and that the gay rights movement became organized much sooner than in the real world. (Henry said that he was going to a support group for gay men to accept themselves - and I really don't think anything like that existed in the '40s. Presumably gays across America were so inspired by Ryan Murphy's characters that they came out and hosted meet-ups. Again, blech.)
  20. But didn't he also know that Geilis had traveled back further into the past than Claire did, despite having left 23 years later? If he did, he just ignored that information. And he had no way of knowing whether the human sacrifice affected anything or not, so I don't see much reason for him to ignore Geilis's experience altogether.
  21. I'm just saying that Roger's presumption was unwarranted. He seemed to think that Claire's two experiences with time travel demonstrated clear-cut rules - even though another person had a very different experience. So when he went back through the stones, I think he was confident that he'd wind up 202/3 years in the past like Claire did. Even if he shouldn't have been so confident.
  22. In 1968, Roger came to the conclusion that going back in time through the stones sent you back a specific number of years* (202 or 203, I guess)? So I think he was operating under the assumption that he knew what year Bree was in, and that he would be sent to the same year. * In making that assumption he conveniently ignored the fact that Geilis went back further.
  23. The show didn't claim that all prejudice was eradicated, but it went so far as say in the newsreel that the protests against Meg quickly disappeared because America loved the film so much. Even for a Ryan Murphy show, that was pretty ridiculous. Plenty of people have already pointed out the huge problem with this series - its suggestion that if marginalized people of the past had just stood up for themselves, they would have hugely sped up the civil rights movement and landed the careers they wanted. (Never mind that two gay men who publicly came out could have easily landed in jail.) So here are a few other issues I had: - The writers delve into how wrong it was for Henry to sexually exploit people, but Ernie is treated like some kind of saint? This is the same guy who used a bait-and-switch to entice Jack into prostitution, then tried to bully him into sex with men, then stole Jack's earnings when he refused. - Jack posing as a cop and pointing a gun at Archie, and tricking him into believing that he was being arrested for gay prostitution, was treated as an adorable way for them to become friends. "Ha ha, you thought I was ruining your life, but really I just want to give you a job!" Worst of all, there was no reason whatsoever for Jack to do that. He could have just approached Archie and asked if he wanted a better-paying gig. - Jim Parsons just recycled his Sheldon schtick to play Henry. Absolutely terrible casting. I couldn't buy for even a second that Henry was some sort of Hollywood power player with mob connections. I guess maybe I could buy him as a lonely wardrobe assistant who feels up the actors when he's taking their measurements - but not as someone who was respected and feared in the studio system of old Hollywood. - What on earth was the point of showing us that Henry blackmailed Avis with pictures of her at the garage, to try to get Rock the lead? She seemed to be giving in (by pushing for Rock even though his screen test was horrible) - then she sees Jack and says "Let's cast him!" and there are no repercussions? And soon after that Henry is using his dirty tricks to help Jack keep the lead? I have no clue why the writers even bothered with that. But then again, that's the case with a lot of Ryan Murphy plot points. - How on earth did the lawyer have the authority to seize the reels? Did Ace's will say, "My wife gets to run the studio if I'm incapacitated, but then my lawyer gets to run the studio for a day after I die, and then my wife takes over?"
  24. I'll admit I felt bad when the bird died - because it meant that Henry had to truly deal with his father being dead. I don't buy that Steve was a sweet guy. But he was good at seeming like a decent guy when he wanted something, and I wouldn't be surprised if he deliberately turned on the waterworks at the beach, knowing that Judy would see it. Am I the only one who finds Christina Applegate's frozen face to be very distracting? She's had too much work done.
  25. Wendigo said he needed a gemstone. I'm assuming his issue was that he didn't have one. As for Bree and Roger, I really hope there's a decent explanation for why they didn't time travel. If they went on a two-week horseback trek to the stones, and then chose to focus on Fraser's Ridge when they got there - instead of focusing on the 1970s - then they're even stupider than I thought. I'd prefer it if the explanation was that the stones can see deep into your subconscious to determine where you really want to go, even if you're unaware of it. Of course, that doesn't explain why Claire was transported to the 1740's in the first place...unless on some level she was longing to live in Black Jack's era. (Actually, what I'd really prefer is if Roger and Bree were transported back to the 20th Century never to be heard from again, but I know we won't be that lucky.)
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