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  1. Jill probably paid the absolute minimum for the addition since Hunk can do the rest. In my area Amish crews build a lot of stables and indoor arenas. The work is top notch. It is not cheap. You get what you pay for. The addition looks like a barn. Maybe the Amish workers missed the "do" in barndo and just built a cow shed. As an artist, I would love to find a barndo in the country side. Lots of work and studio space. There are only 2, sometimes 3, of us. We wouldn't have to turn it into a warren of rickety rooms. It would be a nice home.
  2. I can understand the need for a big living room. But why not have some of the builders do something for the maze of a room the kids sleep in? Some nice built in bunks and storage. All the great skills Jill's man has. He could do it. Usually I don't get upset over people I don't know. But, it pisses me off the way the little girls are dressed. I used to buy the majority of my daughter's clothes from thrift stores. S he was always fashionable, fittted and neat. There is a whole genre of Youtube videos about thrifting fashionable wardrobes. Jill is a horrible person for the way
  3. Zach and Tori need to adjust Jackson's helmet so that it fits him properly. The loose, lopsided helmet is not going to offer him the proper protection. Lilah is so cute in her glasses.
  4. Swimming in a storm culvert is the type of thing my brother and I did as a kid. When we got home my mother would scold us, make us take showers then wash our clothes in the hottest water possible. She'd then warn us to never, ever do it again. No way would my parents be in a storm drain or encourage it. People do die every year from swimming in storm waters. Being very fair, I have to stay covered when swimming. There are so many cute options available now. This family is completely nuts!
  5. Pictures of the boys and the ant farm make me very happy. Such a normal thing to be interested in. It looks like they were reading the ant cake recipe from a book. Israel and Sam are having fun learning. The boys will enjoy seeing the ants eat the cake they made. As happy as I am for Sam and Izzie, it makes me sad for Spurgeon and Henry. Jill's boys have a nice ant farm. Spurgeon was playing with an ant he found on the couch. The ant was probably there to eat cracker crumbs from between Jessa's couch cushions. Spurgeon's ant didn't get a nice home or a handmade cake. I'm
  6. Zak and Gil both have heavier, huskier builds. Like wrestlers or rugby players. My brother has a similar build and excelled in both of those sports. The fit of Nathan's suit and photo angles did him no favors.
  7. Definitely a dress that is best on the catwalk with a svelte model. Why not have fun on a special night? As long as Gabby was happy.
  8. I think this is exactly what set Jill off. The picture looked like any group of co-workers who get along well. Smiling, arms around each other's shoulders. Celebrating a birthday. To the rest of us it's just a normal work event picture, pre-covid anyway. The Rod kids are not allowed to have any enjoyment beyond what Mama deems appropriate. Making unapproved friends is unacceptable. Standing next to a girl in pants is a straight trip to hell. I hate to think what was said to Tim to get him back home. My heart genuinely breaks for him. At least he tried to get away and make a life
  9. Lilah is so cute in her glasses. Love her sly smile.
  10. Jim Jones was honored by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Some of whom compared him to Ghandi. It really is something how easily people can be pulled in by cult leaders.
  11. Do the stars of TLC shows ever meet? Dr. Jen Arnold would seem to be a good person for Zack and Tori to meet. Jen is a woman with darfism who has had many health challenges and still built a career and family. Tori seems extra concened about having a daughter with dwarfism. Jen Arnold would be a good role model from outside the family for Lilah. Not that Amy couldn't be a role model. It doesn't hurt to have many. I wonder if Zack and Tory have taken their children to see the medical experts the Klein children visit. It would make an interesting episode and I'm sure TLC could
  12. Moved my post to the Zack and Tory section.
  13. I can't predict what the future holds for Jill. But, Jill looks really good in this cute swimsuit. She has a great figure and and the swimwear is very flattering. I'd wear this suit.
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