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  1. Aw, June Brown has quit the show šŸ˜ž And, we find out today who is the one being killed off.
  2. I was also sad no one knew Jane. And also - The Last Battle. Especially when they even gave them the word Last.
  3. 4/5 with one *. Stupid Argentina broke my streak.
  4. At the least, listen to one of the cast recordings of Assassins. All you ever need to know, you can learn from the show. And also read Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell - its a great book.
  5. Just remember - stay gold Ponyboy. My streak continues! Chamberlain - Mr. Appeasement.
  6. Alexander Hamilton!! Iā€™m on a streak - 7 right in a row.
  7. I'm actually surprised that at least one person didn't get FJ. An interesting fact about the Marquess of Queensberry, - it was his son that had an affair with Oscar Wilde which led to Oscar Wilde suing the Marquess for libel which led to Oscar going to jail.
  8. 5/5!!! Total difference from last week.
  9. Boo to them missing those 3 Freds. Jane Eyre!!! I was shouting that at my tv after the first two got FJ wrong.
  10. I'm sorry but that FJ was way too easy. For a second, I thought it might be Stonewall Jackson because I thought there was no way in hell Robert E Lee could be the answer since it was too obvious but since Jackson was never in charge of the army, it had to be Lee.
  11. No one knowing Bleak House made me really sad. If you haven't read it or watched the BBC miniseries, it's really worth doing both. I got FJ! I figured from the paradoxus that it was an animal that seemed "wrong".
  12. I knew FJ! A friend of mine was stationed in South Korea and when he visited the DMZ I read about it. He even brought me back souvenirs!
  13. I thought either Frost or TS Eliot but went with TS Eliot (just because the dates were the right time area).
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