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  1. If I ever get back on the show, I promise somehow I will answer Kit Carson to something.
  2. Kit Carson! I got FJ just as a random guess as the only famous young person I could think of. Shit. I was so happy after the first round and then my hopes were dashed.
  3. Sigh. Hopefully he’ll lose tomorrow and not pass Julia’s record. I got FJ when I finally realized what 1969 referred to.
  4. Norm passing away is really making me sad. He was great on Update and Turd Ferguson is one of the greatest SNL characters of all time.
  5. Norm McDonald has passed away. RIP Turd Ferguson.
  6. I had forgotten just how much I hated Matt. Sigh. Wow, Mike Richards is really bad as host. Thankfully only 4 more days.
  7. Article in honor of new season (seems to be spoiler free).
  8. I got Poland! Heh or I remembered the answer. Aw, last episode of the season and the thread.
  9. The Hedwig story! Because of that Faulkner FJ, my book group is reading Intruder and discussing it this Monday.
  10. Rachel has been doing great coverage of the situation with Roe. That was really cool that she tracked down the NBC nightly news from the night of the Supreme Court decision on Roe. Especially for the mention of President Johnson's death - not that I am glad he died but they mentioned he died at Brooke Army Medical Center and that is where I was born!
  11. I got FJ! Heh, even though my thought process was...I don't know...I guess that Baltimore guy and Penn. My memory of the TOC is really nil. I cannot even remember who wins. Which means it is kind of new shows!
  12. Re-Watching Buzzy host the TOC, he’s really making it seem like Jeopardy again.
  13. Heh I missed FJ the first time last night’s episode aired and I missed it again last night.
  14. As I said when the show originally aired....come on people! Zeus only had two brothers - Hades and Poseidon. And no one said even one of them.
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