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  1. That was a good game. I got Gulliver’s Travels right away - almost second guessed myself with Robinson Crusoe (with all the descriptions of the travel issues)- and went back to Gulliver’s Travels in the end.
  2. The motorcycle accident is the first scene in the movie! Though I am curious if Lawrence Of Arabia would have actually been accepted as opposed to his actual name.
  3. If you live in DC, Jeopardy should be on at 2 am.
  4. I thought it was either VA or OH and went with Ohio. Looks like I was right that the three places in VA don’t count as libraries or museums. Heh, I should have known Texas but I do try to pretend the Bushes don’t exist. I’m also still singing “To the Temple of Music, by the Tower of Light, at the Pan-American Exposition...in Buffalo, in Buffalo.”
  5. I’m glad Rachel talked about Larry Kramer. But oops - at first the feed at the bottom misspelled his name as Cramer.
  6. Grr - why couldn’t get a Broadway musicals category. But I ran the category tonight!
  7. I believe that’s what we’ll see.
  8. Jeopardy just tweeted that there will be new episodes shown starting Monday. These were taped before the shutdown.
  9. Kevin Nealon just said this was just after Bill Clinton’s first 100 days in office! And David Spade looks like a baby.
  10. Brad is actually doing a lot better than I remembered that he did. Heh and I keep missing the FJs...even though I did watch the episodes the first time they aired.
  11. It is the Christine Applegate episode! Awesome - it’s about time they have a Phil Hartman episode.
  12. That wasn’t as emotionally painful as I thought it would be to watch. Maybe if they run out of shows, they will reshow all the run. Heh, all these years later, I forgot the right answer to FJ.
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