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  1. Finally got a FJ right this week!
  2. Not that I’m sure anyone doubted her but Rachel was right about how much of a maze the House office buildings are. I’ve visited them a zillion times for work and still get lost.
  3. Discworld question! I’m not having a good FJ week.
  4. Jeopardy has announced the next group of Guest Hosts
  5. I knew it was Russian dog whose name started with L but couldn’t remember her name.
  6. That is true! I should have at the least remembered the origin of Las Vegas.
  7. Really nice AV Club article on Alex and his final show.
  8. I thought Ken did a great job and his opening comments were beautiful. I didn’t get FJ - I kept trying to think of a movie with a Spanish name.
  9. It was actually three asterisks - no one got Wonder Women correct either!
  10. Well, that was 30 minutes of crying. I had already seen the video earlier but it still got to me.
  11. It honestly took me a minute to figure out why Alex was talking about Christmas Eve. Aw, no one knew Gwen Ifill.
  12. I got FJ! I think I would have gotten it anyway but the recent movie coming out probably helped a lot.
  13. FYI, in you live in the DC area, they are showing Wheel at 105 am so I’m guessing they will show Jeopardy at 135.
  14. I was surprised that none of them figured out it was two states with the same name. Two days with no one getting FJ - I can’t remember the last time that happened.
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