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  1. It’s just like rain on your wedding day. #2!!! She’s now passed both players I did not care for. I actually got FJ! I just tried to think of a museum in a city that had a world’s fair that was named after a person.
  2. She tied Matt! D’oh - wood. Now FJ is obvious once I heard the answer.
  3. It did. Amy said on Twitter that it was a point of contention they brought up to the judges. I totally ran the Arthur Conan Doyle category yesterday! Pride and Prejudice! Shoutout to me :-)
  4. Aw, no one knew Robert Hays. I got FJ! I figured with volcanos it was Hawaii. She did it! She passed James!
  5. FYI, the ebook version of Bag Man is on sale for $2.99
  6. I got Annie!! I was a little surprised no one knew PT 109.
  7. 1/5 - not a great week. I’m blaming the snow and being stuck inside all week.
  8. I should have known Thursday’s FJ from the Monty Python skit. I’m really surprised none of them got today’s. Knowing everything about the Beatles finally paid off. FYI, if you get on the show, it’s something to study. They do ask a lot of Beatles questions.
  9. Yeah, I was saying that I only know the name of a few rivers so I said the right river even though I was thinking Venice. Right answer - wrong reasoning
  10. I immediately figured the clue was referring to Venice so said the Arno River. Heh my limited knowledge of Italian Rivers paid off this time.
  11. I feel stupid Godot never even occurred to me. Larissa Kelly Tweeted that Amy has now become the woman with the highest overall earnings in the show’s history
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