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  1. I mostly remember his ridiculous high-water pants. I remember asking on TWOP when that became a thing. I actually liked the concept of that show although its execution was spotty. I think Tom has said there would be no point to blind tastings on Top Chef because they'd know who did what anyway, but I'm not buying it.
  2. Maybe someone can explain Malarkey's "grilled raw roasted" carrot to me, because I'm having trouble picturing the technique.
  3. Maybe she was just a hired gun for a couple of days. I haven't followed her professional career, but if she was in between things and Marcus needed a trusted hand she might have stepped in. There would be no reason to mention that. My ears are shot but I thought I heard Malarkey mention "clam pie" in his vision of what Joe should cook? I thought of white pizza from the Northeast which is sometimes deliciously soggy with oils and butter.
  4. Cheese it, it's the Kheops! Did anyone else think that after they decided he would win the producers sent an intern around to swipe Geoffrey's face jewels to help him out? It must be tough to find space around NYFW, since PR had to hold their show in a high school gym.
  5. I did. I don't know anything about fashion so assumed he was getting in an audition for Miracle Workers. Geoffrey spent half of his confessionals dressed as a monk, so there's that. An anvil came my way with "who deserves to show..." on it. They all know they are going to show in decoy mode if nothing else, right? They're competing to be on the last episode (a worthwhile prize!), not to be seen at Fashion Week.
  6. I was bugging all season as to who the actor playing Candace reminded me of, and while I finally figured out I was wrong it was the girl who played Fivehead Norrie in "Under the Dome".
  7. I just read this whole thread thinking "Doesn't anyone watch Top Chef?" The Mystery of the Black Gunk, like The Mystery of the Disappearing Purée, will be studied hundreds of years from now by television scholars like professors do with Jane Austen now, think the producers. Someone asked what about the model getting to take home the spoilt dress, wouldn't they just make her another of the same material (or patch the current dress if possible) without the time pressure? It might come out better. In fact, they might do that for all of them, fixing any obvious flaws caused by the rush.
  8. No big surprise. Aside from Anne who found her level, who would want to do it? I call tall girl and fitness girl for the final.
  9. I love her not only because she's cute (although Nancy is more in my demographic), but because she reminds me of Elena, my Project Runway GOAT.
  10. I keep getting reminded of Linda Ellerbee writing about meeting Hunter S Thompson, where she said HST apparently thought she hadn't encountered an asshole before, and would be impressed. My phone's text notification is the Addams Family klaxon and Morticia saying "Mail's In!"
  11. I just keep thinking of a Harry Nilsson song called "Jesus Christ You're Tall".
  12. Maybe it's just seeing guy playing the father character as a cop in Treme, but when the Lieutenant came up with the bribery scheme and the guy paid up so quick I thought it had to be a sting to catch a bad cop.
  13. Oh dear, now Flay is free to appear in FNS.
  14. I saw them do Sumac-Spiced Chicken (Musakhan) on a rerun a couple of weeks ago and thought "OK, I can do that one". I did it pretty much exactly as presented and it came out great. With half a jar of sumac (thankfully free in this case, thanks Penzeys) and a healthy dose of pine nuts it's a little expensive for day to day but no complaints about the taste. With the Chicken and Bean Paella which I made from them a few months ago which was also real good I'm two for two on Milk St recipes and will try more as the budget allows.
  15. Arrron complimented Dorian for entering unchartered territory. Joe sagely remarked that something was "simple and complicated". I was having fun watching how many former winners hung in there up on the balcony. The high point was eight, I think. Sometimes it was down to four. The other guys must have gone off to take a safety meeting at 4:20.
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