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  1. When they were killing time / padding it out showing bits from earlier in the season, they included the results of the first week's competition, where the top three were Suu, Autumn and Kelsey. Thanks for showing up to catch cannonballs, other seven. Stunning legendary show can't afford to pay help to plug in the ovens.
  2. We were thinking the same thing. Didn't they call her "The Queen of Italian cuisine" or something close to that? I don't know how retired Lidia might be, though.
  3. Perhaps I was forming my refined Top Chef level palate back in the 1970s when I first had one of those and thought "That cheese doesn't belong there. Yuck!" But I never picked up the taste for runny eggs or undercooked meat, so maybe not. When Dawn was recruiting Jamie to help her plate we were both asking why didn't she ask one of the guys who had already presented.
  4. Totale

    The Bite

    Can someone tell me who is playing Lily's book agent Veruca? Not listed with the cast on IMDB and it's driving me nuts. We are thoroughly enjoying this series and want the Kings to take over Troma Studios ASAP,
  5. Of course. It costs a lot to make a hat that looks like it was just pulled out of the trash.
  6. And she was smart enough to just call it risotto and not try to make up a name/twist. Tom at Kiki's prep table is in the dictionary under "Sniff 'n' Sneer".
  7. Having seen three so far I tend to agree. I'm glad I didn't spring for Pay TV to see them, though, which I was near to doing at a couple of points.
  8. Mammoth always looks to me like it's having a slappy fight.
  9. I'm for Ben Bailey of "Cash Cab", myself.
  10. My DVR picked up an episode on non-pay cable I hadn't seen a few days ago, had different opening credits. Would this have been from the Bravo run? Are those on a package like Discovery+? I'm proposing Ben Bailey for new Jeopardy host.
  11. We were rooting heavy for Gruff after the guy from Hypershock came off as such a whiny little bitch in the backstage chatter after Beta won the judging against Rotator earlier.
  12. What a pleasant surprise when this showed up last night! I forget the bot name, but I loved the guy who said they'd added fire to their arsenal, and then his bot burst into flame after an early hit. Hah!
  13. Am I not remembering right, or wasn't setting up a pre-game alliance among three players a bigger part of this game the first time around? If your squad made it through the first round (likely, since your three votes would go for your first chosen victim and you'd be unlikely to have four of the other five peel off one of yours) you pretty much had the top three locked up after it and didn't have to fight until you were down to three, regardless of who answered how many questions right. I remember lots of chatter over alliances and lots of skilled players knocked out by them, with Anne accus
  14. This plus if that was supposed to be her audition tape she has a pretty nice kitchen at home.
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