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  1. Any bets that Bishop makes a trip to Europe or the Middle East/Western Asia before the end of the season?
  2. Does anyone else feel as though they're recycling JAG plots? First it was Crossing the Line and now a shooter invading a hospital.
  3. It seemed to me that the only way someplace could stay in business if they were giving discounted tickets to buyers and a commission to the company, would be to raise their prices for the people who weren't buying through the discount service.
  4. It seemed to me that the people who need it most 1) wouldn't be able to afford it, and 2) probably would have cheaper doors so the wood could be demolished even with the lock in place.
  5. I was surprised by her calling them growing pains. The pain from sickle cell anemia is excruciating. I would think his mother would figure out that there was something seriously wrong.
  6. I wanted to know what the HOA fees were for each of them. That would have been the deciding fact for me.
  7. I saw that one and what was coming with the necklace. Lazy writing.
  8. How about Director Vance in MTAC with the necklace?
  9. Then they'd have to change the name of the show to Kill the Midwife.
  10. X-rays were also done to confirm if the baby was breach.
  11. Yeah, but it is all rehashing the stuff you've seen before if you are a regular viewer.
  12. My grandmother knew she was having twins in 1933. I don't know how it was determined. It really didn't change the birth plan (my grandfather left my grandmother with relatives and took his trip to Europe anyway).
  13. My father used to talk about trying on new shoes at the store then putting your feet into an x-ray box to see if you still had room to wiggle your toes. Fear of radiation didn't start until we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  14. That was probably a brachial plexus injury. It can happened with or without forceps. It is damage to the nerves from the force that is applied to the head and neck during delivery.
  15. It is about time to start calling this show "The Gosselins 2.0."
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