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  1. What?? Why? I've never heard this. I typically don't (other than into my driveway) but I do pull through whenever possible so that I'm facing out and that somehow makes me an asshole???? Really? If I was better at it I certainly would back into spaces because upon arriving there are far fewer blind spots providing excellent awareness and visibility versus backing out where there are blind spots abound.
  2. sharkerbaby


    Without focusing on whether the two pieces compliment each other, from a conceptual point of view, what's the issue with adding versatility to one's wardrobe by wearing a shirt, sweater, or other over a dress to it gives the illusion of a skirt and top? It's actually a quite common suggestion from fashion advisors.
  3. The article states that amount is after insurance is applied. Public schools do not, at least in none of the states that I am familiar with. Colleges and Universities do but lower grades do not.
  4. This one of the most ridiculous complaints Sandy raises about the chefs (this isn't the first time). I don't care if they're on a super yacht. I don't even care if the guests compare experiences later. Does she think luxury hotels change their menu with every guest turn over or even every week? Using her logic they better change out the water toys with every new charter else guests will be disappointed that they weren't getting a unique experience. If Malia spoke to Pete directly before chatting with Captain Sandy, they didn't show us. We only got talking head complaints from her. Moreover, as Biakbiak points out, perhaps we should take her at her word when she herself says she didn't talk to Pete. Also Pete may be a sexist jerk and regardless of his motivations whether they are to undermine her, disrespect her or just because he's a mindless idiot, Malia, as his boss, still has a responsibility to point out and correct unacceptable behavior. His words may offend but they do not rise to the level of egregious action that would justify immediate dismissal therefore, it is her duty to notify and identify corrective action. I don't see any of the observations discussed here as excusing him at the expense of the women involved and faulting them for his behavior. This is a classic management theory issue. It highlights Malia's inexperience as a manager and Captain Sandy's tendency to micro manage and undermine the authority of her direct reports.
  5. @Kyanight you already read and reacted to my previous post but wanted to add that my assessment of the last season by saying it was "satisfying" truely doesn't give it justice but I didn't want to spoil by indicating if it was a sad, happy, depressing, horrifying, etc ending so could only come up with satisfying as a neutral yet encouraging word to use.
  6. Clone Club!! We are "sestras"! Like all the seasons the last season was a bit tangled at times, overall I enjoyed it quite a bit and the ending was satisfying. I came out wanting more Clone Club though. I think it's time for a re-watch; it looks like it's available on Prime so guess what I'll be starting this weekend? 😀 I know what you mean regarding the shock scenes, you'd be watching totally engaged then suddenly eyes widen, mouth drops, and your thinking "whoa, really? They really just did that!". There also were quite a few hysterical moments scattered throughout (which often were greatly needed and appreciated) - I loved so many of Allison's antics always trying so hard to maintain her perfect housewife persona. And Tatiana - she was unbelievable! She made each one of those women come to life in such a magnificent manner. They were all so very different yet so very similar - and when she acted as one sister pretending to be another sister who was pretending to be a third - spectacular acting - the mannerisms of the original showed through but so subtlety that you were gently reminded that this was pretending on top of pretending. @laurakaye - thanks for the Jamal mention, I got sucked into many of his reaction videos, he's great. After the 3 Carpenters videos his vid for "Devil Went Down to Georgia" came up... did you see that one? Hilarious. I ended up subscribing to his channel, he's done so many excellent classic songs from all sorts of genres. Great find - thanks!
  7. I don't have HBO either but saw the trailer for the show - it does look good. In addition to Matthew Rhys it also has Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black!! I'll wait a bit but two fantastic actors from two of my all time favorite shows, might have to bite the bullet and get an HBO subscription. (also has John Lithgow, who I also love).
  8. That first post looks a bit like a backhanded response to Mariah's intolerant tirade from a few days ago. It's pretty much the polar opposite from Mariah's rants as of late.
  9. A little peak into the paranoid part of my psyche: that "numb" feeling mentioned above, I believe that is becoming rather prevalent and should be foreseeable as overexposure to anything can easily lead to desensitization. My fear here is that it's a little like "attack therapy" in that people can be beaten down to such a point that they are then susceptible and willing to accept far more than they would have been otherwise. It's almost like we are being conditioned and our way of life as we know it (and perhaps value) will never be even close to what it once was, and I'm talking in ways outside of anything that a novel virus has brought about. As just a few examples - Who would have thought: even just 2 months ago that we would seriously be considering abolishing the police? 4 months ago that we'd be looking at every stranger, neighbor, friend and even family with weary suspicion and distrust? 6 months ago we'd be asked to monitor everyone around us and given a special number by the government to call and report even our neighbors, friends, and family members for non compliance with the government's guidelines? (sound familiar - think back to Stalinist era Soviet Union) a year or 2 ago that we'd be stumbling over how to refer to someone when using pronouns? 5 years ago it'd be common place to vilify and shout down those who have opinions different from our own? 6 years ago some religions could be practiced with impunity while others are looked upon with derision and mockery? 6 years ago a nuclear family would be looked upon as a problem that should be dismantled while a non traditional family was lauded and praised? 10 years ago much of parenting decisions regarding the health, well being, values, and morals would be taken out of the hands of parents and handed over to the schools and other social services organizations? I am not typically a conspiracy theorist but so much has morphed and in an extremely accelerated time frame that I wonder if any of us will like how we are living 5 or 10 years from now. None of those are small subtle gradual changes rather they are significant sweeping changes that penetrate very significant portions of our daily lives.
  10. I abhor the tendency of today's society to judge the past (whether it's people, events, literature, or any form of the arts, etc) based upon the values, morals, and understanding of today. Then keeping in line with today's ever present "cancel culture" we tend to assign everything even remotely associated with said individual, event, author, etc as evil incarnate. I'm sure we've all heard the phrase "don't throw the baby out with the bath water", well it seems to me, that is being done on a massive scale across all aspects of our society and culture and it truly concerns me.
  11. Taking a shot in the dark here but perhaps UM (tree) UM (tree) UM = Om (tree) Om (tree) Om? Om as in Om chanting for meditation? Meri has always liked the trees - she was the one who preferred the properties on the hillside with the dense trees, it was only Robyn who was afraid of the potential fires. I suspect Meri is not being pressured in the same way other reps may be as I think her "celebrity" status and the many eyes (aka potential customers/retailers) she brings with her affords her some leeway that others do not enjoy.
  12. Always a lot of concern shown when someone tries to evade arrest as well. Running, evasion, non compliance, and disregarding instructions certainly ensures ones own safety as well as those around you including innocent bystanders. /sarcasm Should go without saying but it's necessary to express that none of these actions justify death - it's almost a certainty there would be minuscule risk of injury let alone death if compliance was the first course of action rather than the last.
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