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  1. Anyone know how this season is doing ratings wise? Using a totally unscientific assessment by scanning this forum, episode threads have just over half the number of replies as in previous seasons. If that's indicative of the viewership, I can't help but look on with glee at Bravo having their noses rubbed in the pile of poo brought on by their decision to thumb those same noses at their audience by brining Sandy and Malia back.
  2. The figure in the book that Maggie referenced early in the episode is Siren Head. Siren Head- Horror Short Film
  3. Oh my! there's a lot of hate in those replies but I'm right there with them. Hannah's last episode was my last episode and I was NOT a Hannah fan at ALL, but I despise Sandy & Malia with the heat of a thousand suns so, Nope, won't be watching.
  4. Nope, you can not restrict someone's freedom without cause just so that someone else feels better/safer. That is not how this country works and could easily lead to some very bad abuses and unwarranted consequences. And I would pose, an unjustified restraining order does indeed harm at least one individual if not more. And just for the record, I am NOT making any assessment, judgement, or accusation regarding the validity of Christeline's claims nor on Dmitri's or Ashley's actions. I simply am not invested enough in any of these people to consider the circumstances and then form an opi
  5. I too have a disabled son. He is in transition now so, at the end of his time in school. His favorite teacher throughout his school career is an "over-muscled" man who relates to the kids in his class like few other teachers have. Kids, typical or otherwise do not automatically develop a "fear" of anyone regardless of their bulk. Generally, they need to be taught to be intimidated by a person with extra size. Unless they have personal experience or been told by a parent or other influential adult, children do not inherently know that extra size can equate to extra strength. And just beca
  6. Not so far fetched, if you consider he may have staged a suicide to look like murder, he was close to retirement wasn't he? It's been long enough that some show has to do this "ripped from the headlines" story. As soon as he said he was being threatened with that smirk I thought this could be the one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_of_Joe_Gliniewicz This was a huge pull on resources from across the region including federal agencies and the subsequent funeral drew cops from around the state and even a few from out of state. Some were suspicious of the circumstances but the media
  7. perhaps. I stopped referring to the lexicon thread when I realized the 1st post was just a starter post and the acronyms were going to be scattered through the thread. I don't have the patience nor time to sift through two pages of posts to find an acronym. It would be far more useful if, like I've seen in other forums, the 1st post was continually updated when someone came up with a new abbreviation.
  8. Big Fraking Moment????
  9. Why does the TV viewing audience even need to know the reason anyone went home? It's nice to know and satisfies our sometimes intrusive curiosity but really we are not owed any explanation what-so-ever. Even the contestants don't NEED to know, they were likely informed it was a rule violation but anything more than that is absolutely extraneous and could venture into divulging more than is appropriate, warranted, or prudent. Saying someone "had to go home" in a neutral tone (as was done here) is far from a lie or even a false statement, it is actually quite factual and implies only that the
  10. This is from a post I wrote way back in 2018... Regional dialect, sometimes referred to as the Rocky Mountain dialect which in and of itself is a subset of a Western dialect. It is commonly spoken through out the entire region so disparaging their pronunciations and casting them as lazy, uneducated, idiotic, etc is actually assigning those attributes to a large population of the US. It's no more right or wrong than any of the other regional linguistic idiosyncrasies one finds throughout the entire english speaking world - we certainly wouldn't call for southerners, Bostonians, Texans, m
  11. The citations above indicate BCC is most often benign but yes, it can become malignant so there is no argument whether BCC should be removed once found. Although generally, because it is slow growing there is not the urgency that one may assume. Cancerous cells are cells that grow abnormally and uncontrollably, they form tumors, those tumors can be classified at any given time as benign or malignant. Most often a malignant tumor is referred to in the general sense as cancer, while for accuracy a tumor that is benign is a carcinoma. This is a distinction that has been not been effectively r
  12. Can be but is most often benign. THE DOCTOR'S WORLD; BASAL CELL CANCER: MOST BENIGN MALIGNANCY - NY Times Basal cell skin cancers can be disfiguring and are costly to treat because of the time and effort that doctors spend in removing them, a step doctors recommend because when these growths are neglected, they can cause severe local damage. Left untreated, the cancers can penetrate to damage underlying nerves and bone and, depending on their location, can burrow through the skull and invade the brain. Basal cells are not the same as the form of skin cancer known as malignant
  13. no - https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-conditions/cancer/cancer.html
  14. I think this is a product of having "real" people as contestants. Many of these competitive reality shows start this way but quickly devolve into contestants whose primary objective is to become social media influencers, break into show business, or some similar "15 minutes of fame" motivation. These types tend to perform rather than compete and showboat rather than display good sportsmanship. My personal sense is this is Celly's actual reason for being there; one just has to refer to her show profile where she self-describes as a "diva" or watch her over the top celebrating and constant ef
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