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  1. A tool that has a helluva lot more experience in the industry than he does. If he has no interest in being successful in fashion and selling garments then sure, disregard others experience based advise, compose the photo however he wants and try to sell the prints. For that matter, if your tool can't maneuver and move in your tornado inspired garment you're never going to see your vision in a photo either.
  2. Perhaps. I very specifically said I didn't know about Dayton or any accommodations he may need in order to remove any focus from him. My comment was to dispel the notion that just because someone may be able to achieve academically that did not equate to abilities or skills associated with other areas of life or living. Think Rain Man which, while not based on a true story was inspired by a real person.
  3. I don't know specifically about Dayton or any accommodations he may need but academic abilities are very different than independent living abilities, and both are also very different from social emotional skills.
  4. Raw bones are fine for dogs and in fact quite good for them. They help clean their teeth and gums and give a boost of nutrition, in particular the marrow is fantastically good for them (and you). So if you're like me and debone all your own meat, please don't deprive our little Mo. And even if you don't debone your own meat, be sure to ask your butcher for whatever discards he/she may be willing to give you. Raw does not splinter like cooked can hence all the hoopla. I'm with you though even cooked doesn't often cause problems but the potential is there.
  5. This!! So much This!! I found his hubris in this regard disgusting. Christian hosts an aftershow with the eliminated designer that is accessible on the Bravo site. The first few eliminated designers didn't get a sit down (I think Octavio was the first). Anyway, on the after show they did show Coco saying it to Bones. They also talked a bit about the snippiness that Bones had towards Christian and how it mellowed over time, they quipped that they went from "fight to tight" I don't know if I'd go that far but whatever. They also touched on the freezing out of Shantal. In fa
  6. It's probably best anyway as within those 4ish minutes it seems it's going to be an eminent domain case and Bull is going to be arguing for the city. I rarely find the city sympathetic in such cases and the displaced homeowner almost always is left with what amounts to poo on the bottom of someone's shoe. So my overall assessment based upon my not quite 5 mins of watching is - this episode sucks.
  7. I am 4:45 into the episode and in struts witch on wheels like she owns the freaking world and now I think I'm done with the show. Oh well, the series is almost over anyway...
  8. Man, I hope Bull squishes Marissa so thoroughly she comes out of court feeling like a mass of pulp. It's rare I have such disdain for a fictional character but I sure do for her - I think it's because she kind of reminds me of someone I know. Infer whatever you like from that statement; that's all I'm going to say about it.
  9. Breaking Bad doesn't appeal to me either. Just FYI in case you missed, I added to my previous post... not once but twice. No need to comment specifically, I just wanted to make sure you didn't overlook my thoughts because I egotistically think they are great suggestions. <sheepishly walks away>
  10. I just realized you didn't mentioned Yellowstone - it's excellent and current. I recommend it highly. I haven't yet started the prequel 1883 but I hear good things about it as well. eta: On the fun side of TV watching, I also loved Galavant super fun spoofy musical drama. Good Omens was fun and if you enjoy the music of Queen, it's featured heavily. And last fun one is The Orville - Fun sci-fi (specifically Star Trek psuedo-spoof) next season scheduled for release March '22 eta #2: This is the last one... (probably) I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our beloved Phil's other rea
  11. Netfoot, As your a Fillion fan, you must have watched the original space western Firefly, yes? If not, even if you're not a sci-fi fan, you absolutely must watch it. I'm guessing since you watch The Expanse, you do not fall into the anti sci-fi bucket so with that being said the following are not of the space faring sci-fi genre but are still great; Orphan Black and at least the 1st season of Westworld.
  12. Clinical diagnosis is not necessary and self-diagnosis is promoted and encouraged. I refrain from sharing my thoughts on this practice and advocacy. See the following from the University of Washington Autism Center... https://depts.washington.edu/uwautism/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Self-Diagnosed-Adult-Autism-Resources-handout-04.05.21.pdf
  13. I give her exactly zero credit for that apology. Her apology was expressed to a fellow designer; what does that accomplish? She was not the aggrieved party so it meant nothing.
  14. None of those that Mykelti reported as getting and recovering from Covid agreed to follow Kody's over the top rules. Although Kody says he got it and he supposedly was following his rigorous protocol.
  15. They wouldn't have been sharing a kitchen even then. They each had their own wing equipped with a full kitchen. The big central kitchen was intended primarily for big family gatherings. That being said, I still think he's a hypocritical ass that shows extreme favoritism and intolerance for the rest of the family. Given where things are today, I wonder if all this strife is the real reason Christine didn't want to pursue the single home with four wings. She may have already been questioning whether she was going to stay in the family. If that wasn't the case then I actually wonder if t
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