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  1. I am guessing you are in Michigan judging from your moniker, which is my alma mater (Sparty on!). I have been in West Michigan staying with my parents, who are in the high risk bracket, since the start of the stay at home order. My company is still doing work from home. I have been tossing around the idea of heading back to Chicago, but as cases increase here I might stick around longer. Sigh. I just wish there was more good news on the Covid front.
  2. Yeah, he has not been in charge of programing for awhile now. I would guess he might have some say in the various Housewives franchises, but beyond that very little besides hosting reunions.
  3. I saved someone today too! She was about to follow the Rods on Instagram and I led her to not hit the follow button. She cried because she was SEVERELY excited about her decision. Hallelujah!
  4. Now I am hoping they name her Jerri Blank.
  5. Maybe they will go the celeb crazy baby name route, since they are the breakout stars and all. I am going with Pocket Square or Bow Tie.
  6. I really wish it was a keytar. The possibility of Jed! jamming on a keytar would make me laugh even more at his pathetic attempt at an office.
  7. I do wonder why Kelly was so secretive about not being at home. I think most people would understand why she was still in the Caribbean and sheltering in place there. I thought something was strange when she said she could not find pudding for whatever cake she makes Mark for his birthday and when she would comment on the random things they were eating. I kept wondering why she did not have groceries delivered or something. I just assumed she was in the Hamptons or something. The college kids could have had spring break in March. I know a lot of the universities near me and my alma matter have an earlier spring break than the elementary/middle/high schools. I would guess she just pulls Joaquin out of school for a week or however long Kelly's vacation is.
  8. I have been sending some of my close, ice cream loving friends Jeni's ice cream as a quarantine treat. I have been sending myself cases of wine.
  9. Can someone tell Jill that many of the Amish do not like having their pictures taken. I believe some do not mind if their faces are not recognizable, but I am pretty sure Jill did not ask them if it was okay for her to take their picture and post it on social media. I am not at all shocked that Jill and co. did not wear a masks to the store. How many people went on this shopping trip?
  10. As for Governor's, I live in Chicago, but am staying with my 70 year old parents in my west Michigan hometown while this is all going down. I kind of love the Michigan Governor. Also, on a superficial note her lipstick game is on point.
  11. I hope Israel and Sam are not looking through that window during sexy lotion time. They will need a lot of brain bleach for that.
  12. Oooh, I want to be called Adult Misslindsey now.
  13. Kelly may be busy because she and Ryan scored a pilot order for a comedy called Work Wife inspired by their partnership. Yeah, I rolled my eyes as well. I guess Kelly posted a series of videos on Instagram getting botox? I do not follow her so I do not know how accurate this is, but I guess she was joking about the coronavirus. I am sure others that follow her know more than I do.
  14. This is me as well. I am also having a hard time disconnecting from news sources trying to know everything, but knowing that it will make me worry more. My company is doing work from home for the foreseeable future. I live in Chicago, but drove to my hometown in West Michigan last week with my new adopted kitten to stay with my parents. They are in their 70's so I worry about them getting it. I am glad the Governor shut down bars and restaurants, because over the weekend I was picking up take out for my parents and the downtown area of my hometown was busy. Also, if they did not shut down the bars my dad who goes to a local bar a few times a week would be stubborn enough to still go. I will go grocery shopping for them later this week. I hope the Meijer is better stocked then. Luckily my parents are winos like myself and have a wine cellar in their basement. I also, do a lot of canning for them from their garden in the summer, so they have an abundance of salsa, salsa verde, marinara, and pickles. My dad is a big fisherman, so there are a lot of perch in their deep freeze as well. So it is an eclectic assortment going on.
  15. Maybe Timmy is hoping he can go to Build a Bear again during his birthday week celebration. Then he can give the bear to mama.
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