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  1. Misslindsey

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I did not like Jim and Pam on The Office. I take part of that back. I liked early seasons Jim and Pam, but somewhere during the duration of the show I thought they became so smug and unlikeable.
  2. Misslindsey

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Oh no, does this mean Amber is going to start her own cabaret?
  3. Misslindsey

    Bring It!

    I think I am fine if the show ends. I found it entertaining (mostly the earlier seasons) and liked pretty much all of the girls featured on the show, but for me it has kind of ran its course. I really struggled with getting through last season.
  4. Misslindsey

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    I agree. I do not necessarily think Reagan and Jeff's friendly dynamic is authentic either. Well, at least on Jeff's end. I think he is hurt by a lot of it. I think Reagan is pretty okay with it all because things are going seemingly great for her at the moment. So when Tamica is trying to get a reaction out of them I kind of agree with her. I think Jeff did sort of say to Tamica, at Kelsey and Justin's housewarming party, that he was not doing that great with all the Reagan stuff. I think some of that got overshadowed by drunk Jeff and Kelsey kicking Tamica out. Sometimes I think the way Tamica says things can be cold, but I do not think that she intends to be malicious.
  5. Misslindsey

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    I thought the reason why Tamica kept asking Jeff if he knew about Reagan's pregnancy was because Reagan told him about her engagement before she announced it to the group, and that Reagan told him about the pregnancy earlier. Also, I think Tamica assumed that Reagan and Jeff talked a lot because they kept insisting that they did at the start of the season. Tamica is a lot, but for some reason I still like her. I enjoy the whole cast with the exception of Reagan and Reece. I do not know how many bedrooms that Reagan has in her house, but I thought the placement of the nursery was odd.
  6. Misslindsey

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    Hee! I laughed at Moody referring to them as owls and then saying that they were really good. I cracked up at Justin being on "Moody Duty" as well. I enjoy this cast so much more than the original recipe SC. I do not get Reagan's issue with Tamica not being there when Reagan seemed to be living in a bubble with Reece until probably filming started and did not really tell some of the important happenings in her life to her supposed best friend all that soon. Tamica did walk away from her at her brother's party when Reagan mentioned the wedding, but that is really it. Now that Reagan is planning a wedding it seems she wants her best friend around. Didn't Reagan get married in December? This episode took place in November. How long did Reagan plan this wedding? If it was in a short period of time I could see how Tamica, who has a job, family, and a life, probably does not want or can drop everything for some wedding planning. Oh Doug, couldn't you have waited until after the party to drop that bomb on Jeff?
  7. Did the AMA say how old Michaela and Erin were when they made their comments? I mean I doubt their views have changed, but if they were on the younger side they probably were just parroting what their parents said. Gil and Kelly were probably hardcore drinking the fundie kool-aid at the time. It is probably unpopular, but while I tremendously disagree with their views I do not think Michaela and even Erin are bitches. I do think Erin is princess-y, but I also think she has changed a fair amount since she first appeared on whatever the Duggar show was called at the time. If this does not make any sense it is because I have had a lot of wine tonight.
  8. I did not like watching Bethenny and Carole's friends disintegrate. I was pretty indifferent to Carole when she first came on the show, but like some others have stated, I started to dislike her the last couple of seasons she appeared on.
  9. Misslindsey

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Don't forget that she will find herself a new boyfriend!
  10. Misslindsey

    S02.E06: Birthdays and Breaking Down

    I am probably remembering wrong, but I thought their was a friend that was married to an ex-NFL player. I am not sure if it was Rachel, but I thought there was a woman last season who mentioned it. I love Rachel more and more each episode. I laughed at Jon Moody's tips on everything.
  11. Misslindsey

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Hee! She could always use Jill's lotion seduction technique. How far did Cade get on American Idol? Did he spout any of this on the show?
  12. Misslindsey

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    For Jeremy it will be Beckett in the third row. Beckett better not have better pocket squares than Jeremy.
  13. Misslindsey

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    While I would not put it past Patricia to talk about Katharine to Ashley, I always thought that it was more Thomas pitting Ashley and Katharine against each other. I could be not remembering correctly, but it seemed like last season whichever woman Thomas was with one on one he would agree with them and tell them what they wanted to hear. I think he did somewhat similar version of this with Katharine and Landon. I would assume that Thomas was trying to pit Ashley against Katharine more so than Patricia. I do not follow any of these idiots on social media, so I wonder how much Ashley interacted with Patricia outside of filming the show.
  14. Misslindsey

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I agree with everyone that Jill's house is not that messy, but if I was filming it I would tidy it up. Hell, I am a fairly neat and organized person, but I tidy up before my cleaning lady comes. I do not mind the boys sharing a room, but I would think that they would rethink the furniture in the smaller room or give them one of the bigger rooms (Derrick's office or the guest room). Jill does not seem like the most logical person though.