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  1. I think the main giveaway that Jill writes social media posts under the guise of her kids is when they always proclaim that she is the best mama ever. The supposed writings of her kids never declare David as the best dad ever. I am sure he isn't, but I am also very sure that Jill isn't the best mom ever either. Jill might want to toss in praise for David next time she writes a social media post for her kids. Of course random capitalized words is a good tell, but I think she has ditched that when she ghostwrites for her kids to make it appear to be more believable that she is not actually doing the writing.
  2. Hee! Me. I would pay 13 dollars for ice cream. I do enjoy Salt and Straw, but tend to buy more of Jeni's ice cream which is around 12 dollars for a pint. I spend a ridiculous amount on wine as well.
  3. I just kept thinking through Marlo's clothing rental store segment that maybe she binged on Parks and Rec during quarantine and decided to open her own Rent-A-Swag like Tom Haverford.
  4. Maybe Jill wandered into a Real Housewives of Atlanta dungeon party and saw Bolo. Though from what I hear Bolo has been blessed by Jesus 😉. Now I seriously want to see JillRod interact with the Real Housewives.
  5. Then they will do a video or Q&A about how many dates they had in one night, because apparently we are all clamoring to know about their "dates".
  6. I already dread when Baby Plexus arrives how Jill will make it all about her. Of course Jill will make Nurie's whole pregnancy with Baby Plexus all about her, so I guess it does not mater anyway.
  7. Jeremy's kink is probably wearing his expensive sneakers while having sex or having Jinger style her hair like Cade's.
  8. Are they in California? I always thought they filmed in Atlanta, either way you are right with the strict Covid guidelines.
  9. But he baked her a cake. Did he bake the cake for Jinger or is it damage control for the usual Jeremy is a douche canoe posts? I did not want to actually watch it. I was hoping taking a break with their podcast would limit their other social media posts.
  10. Jack could be hit or miss with me, but I did enjoy his relationships with Riley and Mac. I did like him with Maddie too. The character worked better for me with the team than Desi. I was another one that thought they would pull the Jack faked his death card, but nope.
  11. So no one has suggested grifting as a topic for their podcast? JillRod could be a guest.
  12. Hahaha! Can you imagine Gordon Ramsay dealing with Meri? Meri would say something about her walls being up and how it isn't a safe space. If she has a dedicated LulaNo spot at the inn, Gordon would have a field day throwing that garbage out.
  13. My favorite musicians are usually of the indie/alternative/singer/songwriter sort. I do sometimes enjoy songs from other bands/musicians. It just depends what clicks with me. I do love musical theater so I gravitate toward cast recordings as well. My favorite musician, that I go see anytime he is in town, is Glen Hansard. He is fantastic live and tells some great stories.
  14. This. Jen would be my favorite if she just snarked on Brooks for the duration of the show. I understand wanting your parents to be there for big events, but the way Brooks was carrying on about his dad not being there was so over the top. Brooks, your dad has a job in another state to help fund your fashion line of one tracksuit. I wish his dad responded that he has already seen Brooks' one design. I should duct tape my name on a tracksuit then I would be a fashion designer. It is that easy! Then I can have a fashion show with six people wearing the same thing. Apparently that is how it is done.
  15. Jeremy's next post will be that he had chocolate covered strawberries for all three meals.
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