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  1. Hee! I will be Team Sandoval if he goes up against Jax and Stassi. Are Jax and Sandoval getting along, because I could see him answer all the negative questions with Sandoval if they were on the outs. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I do not think any of the veteran cast members have really grown all that much. Yes, they are buying houses and getting married, but they still do the same petty shit they have always done. I think Jax's whole fake James Twitter account stuff did not happen during filming. I believe someone here mentioned that the Witches of WeHo were call the police on Faith repeatedly.
  2. Even with the meh drama at Stassi's book signing I was still so bored with the episode. I used to be somewhat entertained by these idiots, now I can barely make it through an episode. I will be on Sandoval's side mainly because I root for anyone who goes up against Stassi. She is the one I dislike the most out of a cast that I pretty much dislike everyone. I did laugh at the editors putting the two Stassi clips with her saying practically the same thing in each together.
  3. I agree Amazing Winter Romance was horrible. It was so dull. I have liked Jessy Schram in most of her Hallmark movie appearances. I am a sucker for the cliched Harvest Moon for some reason. The male lead was so boring. Apparently he is the only eligible man in town. Ummmm.....I am trying to think of something positive about the movie. I guess I will keep thinking.
  4. Sort of jumping off on this, but I think I saw Morgan (I think it was Morgan) chewing gum a few times during practice. I would think that would be something that would not be allowed as well.
  5. This. So much of this. If I was Jenni and I started to get hounded through social media about why I was not answering Jeff I would be annoyed. I get that Jeff probably shares bits about his life on his radio show, but if he wants to have good relationships with some of these people he should probably refrain from talking about them on his show.
  6. This where are they now article has a bit more to it. It looks like Morgan is at Texas Tech now. It says that Jerry is cheering at Louisville while cheering for Navarro and Wildcats on the side.
  7. Ahh I see. It makes more sense now when the first episode we see Gabi with the team her mother was saying that Gabi had a day or something to learn a different teams routine. This is probably a stupid question, but were there only two teams in the category that Navarro competed in at Daytona? It looked like it was just Navarro and the other Texas team on the mat when they announced first and second place.
  8. I have no idea how much truth there is to this article naming the cast, but I stumbled upon it. Sigh, if it is true TPTB need to get rid of most, if not all of the current cast to have me watch next season.
  9. When I paint indoors I paint barefoot. Is there an issue with this that I do not know about?
  10. This is mostly what was said at the end of the final episode but here is a Where are they now article about some of the more featured members of the squad. I agree with everyone else about Gabi's parents. It felt kind of gross how aggressively they were monetizing her. Something about her dad seemed off to me, but I cannot put my finger on it. Was it ever said what her parents did before Gabi started bringing in the money? Her dad was managing her. Her sister was selling bikinis with her. I agree that Gabi probably could not hack it at a four year college. Her mom said that Gabi was making more money now than many with degrees, but I wonder what will happen when Gabi ages out of all this cheer stuff for her followers and her parents. Even an influencer needs some kind of schtick or gimmick. My favorite was Jerry. I enjoyed him tremendously. I loved his attitude. This. I loved the reaction shots of some of the squad members that were not from Texas. Most of them were all WTF.
  11. I was just excited when I saw Damon Daunno. I saw him in the musical Oklahoma during the summer.
  12. Afterwards, Jill will seduce Derick by way of lotion.
  13. My very unpopular opinion is that I do not think baby Yoda is the most adorable thing ever.
  14. When Lala was in her TH talking about giving amazing BJs, I kept think maybe Carter is excellent at oral as well and that is why Kristen keeps him around. Jax reminds me of that Kristen Wiig character on SNL Penelope who would always try and one up everyone. I agree with you. I think I will feel more sorry for Kristen as well. I may just root for Sandoval because he is going up against Jax.
  15. Hee! I am just glad we are not subjected to more Kelly's love life storylines. I could be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere during the last presidential election that Jay supported the current president so that may be what his beliefs are. Though like I said, I might be wrong on that. I do not know why, but somehow I am not surprised Kristin never got her kids vaccinated.
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