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  1. I am being silly and petty, but I do not want to watch Laura Osnes in anything anymore. I passed on her latest offering. I finally got around to watching Roadhouse Romance. Everything that was already said here about this movie was right on the money. The leads did not have any chemistry. Lauren's character was the epitome of a Mary Sue. I was rolling my eyes at how great she was at everything.
  2. I laughed at Jojo, who I am assuming is referring to he who shall not be named, as "leather pants". The recapping does not bother me too much, because I enjoy hearing who or what they are speaking about. Though I admit that I am probably more familiar with first season episodes, because it is the season that I have rewatched the most. It might bother me a bit more when they are talking about episodes or entire seasons that I have not rewatched that much. I think some episodes of the podcast they have done a better job recapping than others.
  3. Tim, but actually Jill, would have included something about his"best mama ever".
  4. I didn’t hate Mayim, but I didn’t love her either. I preferred others. Not being a Mayim fan seems to be an unpopular opinion. Does Mayim even want the full time gig? I believe her new sitcom got picked up for another season. Wouldn’t that interfere with the possible Jeopardy taping? I love Lavar Burton, but unfortunately didn’t like him as host of Jeopardy for the reasons others have already said. I wouldn’t mind Buzzy (I cannot believe I am saying that, because I found him so annoying as a contestant). I also, would not mind Ken either. I really enjoyed Aaron Rodgers, who I am sure is f
  5. Misslindsey

    CODA (2021)

    I agree. It was a movie that I enjoyed a lot. I was also, laughing and crying during it all. The entire cast was wonderful and the lead actress Emilia Jones was fantastic.
  6. I like the cast this year as well. After a few seasons on both this show and original recipe BD where I barely liked anyone it is nice to like a majority of the cast again. I only really dislike Lexi. Her bad attitude and drunken rant made me dislike her. I should find myself more annoyed at Matt, but I find myself rooting for him. I really like Katie as chief stew. I think the crew gets on pretty well, with the exception of Lexi.
  7. Do JinJer still have their podcast or did they ditch that to try their hand at TikTok fame?
  8. I need to stop drinking wine before I read this forum, because I read "drinking and cousin," which would be opening a whole different can of worms.
  9. You all made it further than I did. I noped out pretty quickly after I realized Barry and Iris were not going to appear or appear in a extremely minimal capacity. Joe is pretty much the only one I actually care about in the supporting cast. The rest of the cast I am pretty indifferent to.
  10. I cannot stand Leah. She is so exhausting to watch. I cannot imagine how exhausting she is to be around in real life. I have been rewatching season seven and even though the ladies have their disagreements it still was fun to watch. Also, I liked the dynamic between the ladies in most of the past seasons, while I may not have always liked the what the cast said and did during those seasons, my like/dislike of them varied from scene to scene and episode to episode. There use to be fun and amusing moments in this show between the drama. Leah is one outburst after another. I would have liked TPTB
  11. I am glad Lois will be back. I saw Rachel Bay Jones, who plays her in Dear Evan Hansen years ago. She was great in it.
  12. Wasn't it weeks ago that JinJer were seemingly going into some sort of cooking direction complete with faux baking and attempting to frost store bought cookies? What happened to that? I believe there were new items in their shop that they were shilling. I wonder how that all did. After their book promotion is done, what new thing/grift will they try next?
  13. I cannot believe that once upon a time this was my favorite franchise. That was before Leah. She is insufferable.
  14. I am now going to label/hashtag any time I go out with the significant other as "date night". Going to pick up manure for our garden. Date night. Picking him up when his car is being repaired. Date night. Dropping one another off at the airport. Date night. Helping his sister move. Date night. If I do that my friends will hate me and ask if I am okay. JinJer are basically on one constant date night.
  15. Teresa and Joe Gorga said on the After Show that it was her boyfriend that took Joe to the hospital. That might explain her reaction. I think she was seen texting while Melissa was getting ready to leave Jackie's house, so maybe she was texting him. I do not know. I am more ashamed that I watched the After Show of this nonsense.
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