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  1. The tickets said the Benedum Center. He came to Nick Fat’s City in March 1998 actually.
  2. I’ve recently done the whole work up. Twice In fact, different doctors. She would have had several blood tests (FSH, AMH, thyroid...) then she would have had an ultrasound for antral follicle count, which has to be done on cycle day 3. My first question when I saw her go back for testing was, “so she scheduled this appointment for cycle day 3?” I know way too much about this. You can definitely extract seman without doing a reversal, but you’d need to do an IUI (artificial insemination or IVF) IUI runs about $1,000 a cycle. If everything is ok on her end this should work after a few tries. But if after several tries it doesn’t work or if she does truly have an egg quality issue, IVF would be next step. Drugs for IVF start at $6,000. Low egg count means higher drugs and she would be looking at $8,000 plus $20,000 for the actual IVF. Most fertility doctors in this situation would start with IUIs since her tubes are open. That’s another test I doubt she had done during that appointment though because that needs done during another part of the cycle.
  3. Based on the show, James.... But since I follow them on Instagram I know who is gone first...
  4. “Add to your customized homepage” near the top.
  5. I weirdly noticed that too. Wonder why?
  6. I thought she worked at Starbucks? What happened to that job? I just figured she was part time and doesn’t make enough. I wasn’t thinking welfare.
  7. I don’t understand how he can afford to live in Thailand with no job or money. I hated nicole last season and I hate her again. Her brother summed it up. She’s not very observant.
  8. Came here to see if anyone else noticed that belly. As soon as I saw that snap I couldn't get myself here fast enough. Tell me someone else thought baby bump!
  9. Yes!! She clearly had a baby bump to me. Very weird because the Asian population as a whole seems thin to me (not to categorize/stereotype anyone here)
  10. Same. Absolutely hate when people complain about their kids. Also extremely annoyed that the month Auj found out about tori and Zach, they conceived. Going on 4 years for us now with no real answers or success. Good luck to you!
  11. I discovered this show on Tuesday night and I watched all the episodes and I want so much more. I wish they would show hometowns, majors, previous dance experience. I am also curious why so many of the ladies are connected. Ryleigh and Rose went to the same high school (they are sort of local to me, as well as the Abby Lee Studio) how do both girls end up at Louisville? Was it a goal of both of them? Two sisters both make it, does an older sister on the team give you an in (Kaya and Chloe)? Cousins are there together (Kobie and Taylor)? What is the try out process like? How much time do they spend practicing? How does it work with school work? Partying? Drinking?? Is there an off season and what do they do during breaks from school? Please give me a tell all. I am absolutely hooked on this show now!
  12. I didn't really notice what exactly Aubree did to the animals? Maybe she grabbed them/picked them up to forcibly. Jenelle is bored out of her mind on her LAND...haha. I know what that feels like. We built a house about 15 minutes from where we used to live. We used to live 5 minutes from everything, shopping, restaurants, work...now driving everywhere is a pain in the butt and so far away it seems. I'm sure it's worse for Jenelle because she's even more out in the country than we are. You can tell Kaiser is the annoying reminder of Nathan. And again with the "put your nose in the corner!" WTF is that. What corner? Why? And then he had to offend Barb with his "Jace you look like a hillbilly comment! Weird Leah wouldn't discuss Ali's breathing issue. Brianne and Luis drive me crazy. Like someone on here said, sign over the rights to Luis then. Also, why is she so upset. It looks like she has a constant stream of help and babysitters to help with Nova. Seriously, as much as Kail annoys me now Kail was one of the few Teen Moms that was ever truly alone with no family or help at one point. It's funny to see Kail on Twitter on tv. I always wonder what it's like to have so many notifications and replies. Her phone has to be blowing up all day long.
  13. I actually have heard from some teen mom news slideshow click site that chelsea is the most un friendly. I have a real beef with Jenelle and her "I want to go to the gym!" Argument. I can't stand when people make excuses for not working out/going to gym. I don't have a baby (sure wish I did!) but why can't she go for a walk with Easley? If the weather isn't nice, why not buy an elliptical or treadmill? A nice piece of equipment will last you many years and save you on a gym membership. Keep ensley in room in a swing and run, walk, elliptical it. I think she just wanted something to be crabby about and start an argument with David. She's a person that feeds on arguments. My husband always comments on his two brothers and how they are always fighting with girlfriends. He doesn't understand why they stay together. I always tell him there are certain people who feed on that and want that in relationships. Jenelle is a prime example!
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