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  1. Kyland wins PoV, takes Xavier off the Block; Derek F only available renom option. Final Block noms: Derek F, Hannah. Votes to evict: Derek F: No votes received. Hannah: Kyland, Xavier. Hannah evicted 2-0.
  2. Second double eviction of the season. Votes to evict: Hannah: no votes received. Tiffany: Derek F, Xavier Azah. Tiffany evicted 3-0. Azah wins HoH. Initial Block noms: Hannah, Xavier.
  3. Got that’un on dvd as well. 😄 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000065U1Q/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_K258H1HA8MHWZ060TP3Z
  4. I thought DerF said “enemas” - and I wasn’t inclined to analyze THAT reference a single step further.
  5. I don’t think you have to worry. 😎
  6. Same. You’re welcome. We have it on DVD.
  7. I’m just wondering if DerF could possibly almost-but-not-quite-win his way to the almost-but-not-quite-F2.
  9. You’re right; guess I’m just not yet accustomed to taking that rule “adjustment” into account.
  10. Whenever Chowder starts to get on my nerves, there’s one thing I strive to keep in mind: Hannah is young. I mean, VERY VERY young. Hannah’s barely 21, for crying out loud; she’s only been drinking legal for a few months so her stomach probably still reflex-knots when a bartender asks for her ID, even though it’s ok now. Now, think back to practically every 21yo you’ve ever known - and remember that self-confident entitled swagger is generally little more than a social suit of armor worn by an immature kid who’s still trying to work out what being an adult really means, a
  11. Gee - I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky. 😆
  12. Georgia’s governor signed a resolution to adopt DST year-round; that resolution is meaningless, though, unless/until Congress lifts a federal prohibition on states making daylight saving time permanent. Until then, expect to turn your clocks back an hour come the first Sunday in November (Nov. 7). https://youtu.be/UlSfJ6ZBbI8
  13. Absolutely! I cannot believe Production passed up on the opportunity to portray DerF as the vampire of the House - Count Couch!
  14. Agreement. Azah was almost an afterthought, but I included her in the AFP running for two reasons! Unlike pretty much everybody else in the running for AFP, Azah is still in front of the cameras; that continuing exposure to the AFP-voting public can be a massive advantage - assuming she doesn’t screw up the #2 factor. Like some floaters and most coasters, Azah is currently languishing in BB purgatory; not enough good game to get Jury votes, but likewise not enough bad game for anyone to hate her. The former dooms Azah in terms of winning, but the latter can be a significan
  15. Personally I thank God at least ONE other person on the planet is as twisted a fuck as me because every time Hannah was referenced by her last name, I couldn’t help but have the last line of this particular scene flash through my head: https://youtu.be/_SKdN1xQBjk
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