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  1. Gracias - fucking awesome. 😆 Wasn’t enough live action in that clip to make Yakety work anyway.... 😉
  2. Strangely enough, that’s exactly why I would consider Rob to be in more danger than Parvati. The tally of current players still in the core game (not counting EoE) stands at 17 - 10 men, 7 women... Dakal: 5 men, 4 women. Sele: 5 men, 3 women. ...so in any mixed-gender alliances I would expect the female members to apply pressure on the male members to next evict a male - if only to (a) demonstrate loyalty to their alliance over gender loyalty, or (b) prove there isn’t an all-male alliance in the works.
  3. Time to break out the “Yakety Sax” again...?
  4. I rarely if ever hate-watch anything any more; life’s too short. I stopped watching TWD after last season, and I’m somewhat sad to say I haven’t missed it in the slightest. Only reason I still hang around this forum is because I like the folks here.
  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. With this series, that’s not necessarily a bad place from which to start.
  7. That’s good - I was afraid things might get weird.
  8. You sure you didn’t get your toilet confused with an ‘84 Fiero? Because that sounds a whole lot more complicated than any toilet I’ve ever worked on.
  9. Happy VD back at ya! Old lady and I spent a good chunk of it driving up to St. Louis, where we visited my youngest for the weekend.
  10. It’s a good thing I was on the toilet when I read that. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Dunno about that. Whoever wins this season could conceivably be said to have won against stiffer competition than any of them (including Sandra) have faced previously - plus, they’ll have won more Survivor prize money than anybody else in history. 😉
  12. In terms of the true “original” members of the band, Don Henley is the only one still around - but that’s primarily due to the normal shuffling you can expect of a band with the Eagles’ longevity. Glenn Frey passed away about 3 years back, but he’s the only original Eagle who’s died. My family’s roots are Irish; nuff said.
  13. But I bet Keith was SO PROUD of her.... 😄
  14. Wtf is Tiny building a ladder? Is he wanting to have a serious discussion with Tyson, and look him in the eye while doing so?
  15. Peachy can (and does) have his favorites of course, but I’ve always thought the notion Production would risk alienation of their entire fan (and revenue) base for the benefit of an individual to be ridiculous. In the eyes of TPTB the long term well-being of the franchise will always take precedence over any one player in a season.
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