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  1. The only sense in which I ever considered Varner “sorry” for his outing of Zeke, was the degree of regret Varner felt for how vociferously the planet bit Varner in the ass afterwards.
  2. NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!
  3. I have a box set of the entire series - 14 DVDs - possession of which was one of the prerequisites for me to die a happy man. Also, MP is recognized worldwide as the definitive authority on a number of topics: SPAM. Funny walks. Trout-slaps. The drastic unmet need for gender sensitivity training in the lumberjack community. The level of deceasedness in parrots. Etc., etc. I could go on and on and on and on.... 🤣🤣🤣
  4. ...and would second place be TWO gift cards for Applebee’s?
  5. Better question yet: why have undrinkable water hooked up to an easy-access tap AT ALL???
  6. Kellee was definitely feeling tortured - and for good reason - and for reasons absolutely analogous to workplace situations outside the narrow confines of Survivor. Kellee’s dilemma was that faced by every victim of workplace sexual harassment over the years; tolerate the hostile atmosphere and hope it somehow resolves itself, or voice a complaint and run the risk of consequential backlash. If Production is operating in accordance with U. S. laws and regulations - which, from multiple prior discussions on different topics, I believe they are - then it wasn’t. More below. Not meaning to be rude, @Bryce Lynch, but there’s a whole lotta conjecture here. Submission of complaints, the process for resolution of complaints, penalties, etc., would all have to be documented and detailed in a formal company sexual harassment policy. Also, the company would have to maintain records documenting (a) the policy was published company-wide, and (b) each employee had been given (and acknowledged receipt of) the policy. What you outline may certainly be within the realm of possibility as to whatever process an individual company may choose to document as its SOP, but it is by no means anywhere near a definitive template. A couple of things about sexual harassment in the United States: It’s a civil - not criminal - issue; codified primarily in the Civil Rights Act of 1991’s modifications to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which expanded the rights of workplace discrimination and harassment victims to sue for compensatory and punitive damages. This may come as a surprise to some, but the defendant in such cases isn’t usually the harasser - it’s the company which allowed the harassing behavior to go unchecked in the workplace. Corporate punitive action against the harasser (fines, demotion, termination, etc.) can be fair game as part of any damage settlement, though. No, Survivor is definitely not an office environment - but it could be considered a workplace environment. CBS’s lawyers can cadge around all they want about whether the contestants are considered employees, or independent contractors, or whatever - but the contestants all provide a service to CBS for which they receive compensation. So there’s not much wiggle room to deny the Survivor set is a workplace environment, albeit a radically unconventional one. Here’s the thing, though: in any workplace with a properly configured sexual harassment policy in place a formal victim complaint definitely does engage the process, but it’s not always required - and a management representative either directly witnessing or seeing evidence of violation of the company policy (such as video) is required to take action regardless, else the company is liable. And the question of punitive action is never based upon a question of whether or not the victim wants a charge prosecuted; it’s whether the instigator’s actions rose to the level of breaking company policy - and that’s on management to evaluate and decide. So, with all that being said: in view of the video evidence verifying Kellee’s statements, the onus was on management (in the form of Production) to decide to pursue this issue, not Kellee - and Production’s indecisive response could definitely cost them on down the road, should Kellee choose to pursue the matter. Either Production didn’t have a workplace sexual harassment policy in place (which would be fucking stupid beyond belief for ANY corporate entity operating in the U. S. over the past 20-odd years), or they did a shit job of following it (which is WAY more likely).
  7. Part of Rick’s continuing Global War On Glass (GWOG); like GWOT, but different.
  8. In folk medicine, hemlock did have medicinal uses as well; it was a pretty effective sedative and paralytic. Just be REEEEEEAAAAALLLLL careful with the dosages, though.... 😉
  9. Maybe. Or maybe - just maybe - Aaron is a dumbass oblivious Butt-trumpet Of Ignorance who could have the secret to Life, the Universe and Everything shoved up his ass (right alongside his head) and still be unable to locate it with both hands, a flashlight, and functional GPS. Bet I know which option is going to come down on the near side of Occam’s Razor.
  10. “Hi, Dean? Kellee here - remember me? For my Jury question, I was just hoping you could explain to us exactly how you expected your total lack of anything resembling loyalty to play in your favor....”. 😆
  11. Frankly, I suspect that’s why we got the “black screen texts”. Dan continually kept trying to play it off like every mention of inappropriate behavior was The First HE Had Heard About It EVAHHH!!!, and Production was making it clear this was not the case. Well... what came through the edit appeared to suggest Kellee garnered the lion’s share of Dan’s -uh- “affections” (ugh), so it wouldn’t be surprising if Dan considered Kellee the most likely source of complaints.
  12. Playing catch-up here, so excuse - but I read through 6 pages of y’all’s shit, so by god you can read through mine. 😄 Before I start commenting on other’s posts, though - a brickbat of my own: Aaron - just do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP. You’re an ignorant ass who can’t help but butt-trumpet your ignorance all over TC, all for the sake of some screentime. So y’all will please understand if any future Aaron references I make will be ascribed to Boi - Both because (a) as I stated earlier he is a ButtTrumpet Of Ignorance, and (b) muscles and beard notwithstanding, he hasn’t demonstrated enough maturity to be considered a grown-ass man. * And yes I heard his apology, and yes I believe it was genuine - months after the fact. Missy is a spineless coward, while Elizabeth is a soulless coward. Each person here can decide for themselves which is worse. Dan made that crystal clear himself, immediately after the Kellee vote. Dan was all apologies and “I’m so sorry” at TC when he knew he was mic’ed up and going on the broadcast record - but when Kellee took her torch up to Jeff...? Dan’s nasty (no other way to put it) snarl of “Yeah, PUT that torch down” made it perfectly clear - to me, anyway - that his entire earlier parade of innocent and/or misunderstood contriteness was an act, pure and simple; at that moment, his vindictiveness towards Kellee shine through like the Bat Signal through bullshit. https://youtu.be/HMIyDf3gBoY Jiffy, Jiffy, Jiffy... you were doing SO good right up to this point, then you made that hard right into FuckUpLand. Did you have multiple reports/indtances of inappropriate behavior on the part of Dan? Answer: Yes. Did specific individuals cite specific cases when Dan made them feel uncomfortable, in a sexually inappropriate way? Answer: Yes. Did Dan initiate repeated instances of inappropriate contact with these individuals, even after being asked to stop? Answer: Yes. Does Production have a video record which corroborates the reports of inappropriate contact? Answer: Yes. So yeah - at this point, Dan’s behavior has already risen to the level of sexual harassment. In any other setting Dan would be sitting down for a talk with HR right now, and better than even odds a security guard would be packing up his desk while they chat. But instead of stating that plain and simple, Peachy, you seem inclined to view Missy’s and Elizabeth’s “embellishments” as somehow changing the tale of the tape - or, in this case, the video - as some sort of counterbalance to the statements made by Kellee, which are corroborated by your own crew’s recordings. So what exactly is the “complication” here Peachy? Not that Dan is guilty of sexual harassment - which he is on the basis of his interactions with Kellee alone - but HOW guilty is he? Are you trying to argue varying degrees of guilt? Sorry, Jiffy Pop - but on this’un, you done popped off wrong. Or Elizabeth - or Missy - or Aaron - or Janet. And I can’t fucking wait. Given Kellee’s FMG speech, she obviously was simply blindsided. Darn. And here I was hoping she’d made a conscious decision along the lines of, “Well, I’m 100% certain to get voted out anyway - if not this TC, then the next - and two genuine Survivor idols are worth twice as much on eBay as one, so....” But wasn’t what we did see conclusive enough? There may have been other instances we didn’t see, true - but how does that translate into, “Well, then, guess I can just ignore what WAS shown....”?
  13. I warrrrrned you.... 😄 Self-loathing? The last heel in a loaf of bread? Please supply some contest. 😁
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