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  1. Same here - never been one to let reality get in the way of good comedy. 😆
  2. Yet another one of the differences between Canadians and Americans. 😁
  3. Personally, I was always kinda split between something like Grigori, or Vlad, or something in that vein. I think it was the soup bowl haircut and the just-forgot-to-shave-today “beard”; it always made me think of something Rasputin-y....
  4. Funny thing, that; Gretchen was probably the only reason I started watching Survivor in the first place. Gretchen was a “local” of sorts (from Clarksville, about 40-odd miles up the interstate), and the Nashville of 2000 was still small enough for someone being on a nationally televised show like that to seem like a Big Deal. Poor dumb naive little me was initially all about the surviving part of Survivor, and I was all set to quit the show after Gretchen’s eviction; I mean, couldn’t the other players SEE Gretchen had some of the best survival skills out there? (Yes, doofus, they could; why do you think they voted her off?) In any case, I was already ready to walk at that point; my wife had gotten stuck on the show, though, so we kept watching. Now fast-forward a couple of decades later..... 😂 Better times, anyway.
  5. So - anybody else’s downtown getting doused with tear gas tonight?
  6. WHAT cred!?!? 🤣🤣🤣
  7. My customary reference for that particular player was Warthog, if you’re looking for a more palatable alternative. That might be the only way I could watch Abi.
  8. How is that even possible?
  9. I’m fond of the Blink cameras myself, but same difference.
  10. Another excellent reason why Natalie absolutely, positively could NOT have been the winner this season; she had the widest breadth of Production-sanctioned jury tampering of any player this season, but she STILL couldn’t build social relationships substantial enough to survive a couple of decent meals.
  11. I had crab legs once - but a shot of penicillin cleared that shit right up.
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