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  1. No way. Pepe LePew kicks Foghorn right in his leghorn. My favorites were Looney Tunes, followed closely by Rocky and Bullwinkle/Fractured Fairy Tales.
  2. Damn, y’all are picky; from where my folk come, tripe was the fancy shit. Give souse meat a try if you’re feeling... adventurous. Same here, and still do.
  3. I think it’s more an outdoors thing - or a rural thing - or a poor thing - or some combination of all the above. Canned Viennas are hella cheap, they don’t require refrigeration, and they last just shy of forever - the perfect sort of thing to throw in a backpack/lunchbox/glovebox/tackle box and forget about until you need it. 😉 You think so? Underwood’s Deviled Ham was a childhood favorite of mine; don’t think I’ve had in in a few decades or so, though, so it may not taste the way I remember.... 😄
  4. @madmax - I tried googling around for PA’s Phase 2 schedule, but couldn’t find anything more concrete than “probably late spring / early summer”.
  5. Cooked, no - but when I was a kid and my father and I would go fishing, those were a staple on the boat. We didn’t cook them, though; just ate them straight out of the can. Canned sardines were a regular as well, but I never had any inclination to try those; to me, they always looked just a little too similar to the minnows we used for bait. 😁 And yes, @Superclam, I blame you. 😆
  6. Whereabouts is “here”, if you don’t mind my asking? Sounds a lot like my neck of the woods. 🙂 If the current TN vaccine rollout schedule holds, I won’t be up for a shot until somewhere around late March / early April.
  7. Nah, IMHO the coaching staff simply was simply suffering from a lack of flexibility. Tannehill did do such a rollout in one play during the Titans’ first possession of the game - and I don’t know whether or not the broadcast caught it but he took a pretty nasty hit as a result. Not to mention the hit was out of bounds, which should’ve drawn a penalty flag on the Ravens - but there were numerous occasions Sunday those flags stayed in officials’ pockets when they should’ve come out. The officiating was even worse than usual - and for that particular officiating crew, that’s saying something. 🤬
  8. I’ve had pretty much the same expression on my face the past few years every time the Gimp opens his mouth.
  9. Yesterday’s loss was pretty straightforward. The Titans came out gangbusters in the first quarter - and if the Ravens had continued with their same playing strategy, the result would most likely have been a lopsided Titans win. Thing is, though, after the first quarter the Ravens shifted tactics to counter the Titans offense - but more importantly, the Titans didn’t change their tactics in response. The Ravens went at least 2-on-1 covering Henry on every play, but the Titans kept running Henry as if he wasn’t getting the extra coverage. As a result Henry, who has been averaging 117+ yards per game all season, was held to something like 40 yards - but more significant was the number of wasted-on-Henry downs which should have been directed toward more yardage-profitable play, which in turn translated to fewer scoring attempts. Fourth-quarter turnovers don’t help a lot in that respect, either. 😛
  10. Yes they’re allowing fans, and yes I’m going to be there. I may have to bathe in sanitizer before and after - and I may be freezing my balls off during - but I WILL be there.
  11. . . . . I don’t wanna talk about it. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  12. I hope/wish you didn’t lend it to her. Purely my own personal experience talking here, but capitulation to such requests simply reinforces the behavior. Eventually they take your acquiescence for granted, requests become demands, and the amounts get bigger and bigger - right up until you put your foot down, say “no more”, and MEAN it. The resulting tearful/raging scene(s) will be extremely unpleasant, no doubt - but it is truly the only way they’ll ever learn you aren’t their own personal piggy bank. And amazingly few people ever actually DIE in the course of learning that lesson. Again - speaking solely from my own personal experience here.
  13. That explains a lot - so it’s all YOUR fault... 😆
  14. As for me, my cable provider has dropped Starz from my package bundle and I don’t feel very inclined to cough up the additional premium channel charge to reacquire it - so I guess S3 will be going off without me. The godawful delay between S2 and S3 has worked for me in that respect, though, because I stopped missing this show a LONG time ago.
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