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  1. In other news: Wednesday I paid off the balance on the truck I bought last year AND cleaned off our only credit cards with any kind of balance - so I am officially debt-free.
  2. Damned if THAT statement isn’t open to multiple interpretations....
  3. This was back in my college days, so - yeah, exactly. ETA: Hey, I grew out of it - eventually.
  4. So you’ve met one of my ex-girlfriends.... And there’s another.
  5. I love the balloon festival; one of my friends out there is part-owner in a balloon, and he’s never missed a festival. ETA: The balloon on the lower left is his - “Breezy Rider”. :)
  6. Not even close IMHO, but to each their own. 😎 FYI - I preferred Mary Anne over Ginger as well. 😉
  7. Yes; I’m a lefty, so I got both shots in my right shoulder. Because of the associated soreness, the preference is to administer the vaccine in the non-dominant arm.
  8. And I couldn’t find the full episode, but this truly has to be one of THE most definitive WKRP bits ever: https://youtu.be/BGFtV6-ALoQ
  9. One of the hallmark Barney Miller episodes (and one of my personal favorites): https://youtu.be/GdYzMhV0OVk
  10. Agreed. And I am in love with Jan Smithers (Bailey Quarters) forever.
  11. Sounds more like what Fessy should’ve... ...nahh, too easy.
  12. In the interests of full disclosure: I wasn’t necessarily THAT big a fan of Welcome Back, Kotter. Now Kotter’s wife, on the other hand.... yum.
  13. Have to take that up with @SVNBob; as the original poster on the Lexicon thread, he’s the only one who can edit that post.
  14. Troublemaker, nothing; Tim Conway was a frikkin’ assassin. When Conway sensed one of his costars was on the verge of breaking, he’d drill them until they cracked worse than Deepwater Horizon - and it was a joy to watch the master at work. 😆 Throw Barney Miller into the mix, and you’re hitting my sweet spot.
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