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  1. From Joker’s: Tue 10:52 AM PT Holly laying in bed with jackson complaining that she shouldnt have thrown that comp and her back hurts That friggin’ HoH comp was last Thursday - yet here it is Tuesday, FIVE DAYS LATER, and Holly is still complaining about that shit. With any luck, maybe Holly will irritate Jax to the point he evicts her just to get her dafuckoutta the House.
  2. TOTALLY off the top of my head, but I could see this being something along the following lines: Ever since playing the most recent HoH comp, Holly has been pretty much nonstop wailing her butthurtiness about throwing the comp to Nicole. I’m sure Nicole (out of either empathy or irritation) may said have said somewhere along the line, “Well, Holly, I’m sure you’re right and I wish I could give it to you.” So now Holly has Jackson running the rule book, looking for a loophole wherein an HoH can relinquish their role to another. ...which is all dumber than dogshit anyway. IIf such an ‘out’ even existed in the first place, I’d be pretty certain it would have to be exercised before the initial HoH noms were announced. Anything else would be too overwhelmingly prejudicial against the one doing the abdicating - naming two people to go up OTB, then having BOTH taken off without eviction. And no way would the ‘original’ HoH’s noms be allowed to stand; the ‘second’ HoH would have to get their hands bloody all on their own, and name their own Block noms. Nuff said, and right there with you. And 1985-1995 (the 10 years immediately post-Rock Hudson) was the worst decade of my life.
  3. Naw, that originated from a post where you had quoted @Lamima saying that about the kids - PT simply has problems sometimes correctly referencing nested quotes.
  4. “Jackson peruses the centerfold of this month’s edition of Playmelon.”
  5. Actually - and keeping in mind there are probably still some pages left in this script which we have yet to see - I think Jackson is coming very close to playing this whole situation off perfectly BB-wise. Jackson has exactly zero problems with the level of absolute hypocrisy BB requires to rake someone over the coals mercilessly for the exact same thing HE’S planning to do. IRL this would border on the sociopathic, sure - but (for the most part) the BB House is not real life, and this is simply a handy game skill. And I don’t even really like the fucking guy. Depends; s/he who gets to say “...but that’s all part of Big Brother!!!” to the Jury first, wins. ;D
  6. Gotta disagree with this’un a bit because IMHO right now - in the season’s endgame - is exactly WHEN you should be bouncing those checks for maximum loft. And if you can’t spin that properly to the Jury as an intrinsic part of your overall strategy from Day One, then I’m afraid you simply weren’t a very good player. 😉
  7. That’s the problem with these damn transparenphiles; you hear SOOOOO much about what they’re going to be doing in the next couple of days, OVER AND OVER, that after a while you forget they haven’t done it yet.
  8. You left out the part about how when anybody questions them or presents any kind of alternative view on a position, then that person is being “disloyal” or “faithless”; when they do the exact same thing, however, it’s “evaluating all options” or “thinking strategically“ - something apparently no other person on the planet is entitled to do. 🙄
  9. You’re right, I’d forgotten, and I’ve corrected. 🙂
  10. Yaknow, I actually used to like Holly as a player - but now...? I think this little bit o’ something I scavenged from Reddit sums up most eloquently my current feelings RE Holly:
  11. Some rationalizing bullshit - what else? Not directly - but they can be considered a VERY rough barometer of public opinion, which drives the AFP vote. Oh, BTW - thanks for reminding me why I so thoroughly hated Vanessa Russo. Vanessa is the HG for which I registered CUE WATERWORKS!!!® as a trademark. Technically every HG is eligible to win AFP, but nobody finishing 1st Place has ever won. Yet. To the best of your knowledge.
  12. Just wanted to say I’ve been 1000% faithful to (insert name here) all the way, and look forward to the successful culmination of the F2 “arrangement” we made on Day One.
  13. I’m with you on the running part, at least.
  14. Might oughta have mentioned it to Christie as well. Hopefully Cliff will knock some of the shellack off his brain cells long enough to figure out carrying Jackson forward serves absolutely nobody’s interests except Jackson’s.
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