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  1. My best guess? Ricardo realized a few things: Up to this point Ricardo had done a passable job of using Shan as his own personal meat shield - too good of a job maybe, though, because Shan was getting 100% of the credit for any game moves. In a Ricardo/Shan F2, there was NO way Ricardo had a chance in hell of beating Shan. Pretty much the only reason people were currently targeting Ricardo was because of his association with Shan. No Shan? No target! Should Ricardo make it to F2, burning Shan (his primary ally) to go further would be a helluva major note on his Finale résum
  2. The older you get, the more you get used to that sort of thing. 😎
  3. Their plot armor is rated to withstand a 30 megaton blast - it’s in their contracts.
  4. A few personal thoughts/observations: Shan’s gameplay is getting increasingly sucky; her little “Let’s walk away from these two and just the four of us talk” bit was more strategically tone-deaf than Ricard’s papaya gaffe last week, and that’s saying something. I’m still on the fence about whether Xander not playing his idol for Evvie was a good idea or not; ATEOTD it comes down to how much Xander felt he could trust Evvie to have his back as an ally, and I guess in his mind she came up short - and I can’t really say I fault Xander for that impression. Not to mention the generally
  5. Until pretty boy what’s-his-name said he was Beale’s‘s son, I was beginning to think “Major General Beale” was simply a made-up figurehead character created by the CRM - useful for assuming responsibility for questionable actions, and redirecting queries into a black hole.
  6. FYI - I ran across this T-shirt this morning: It was nice to remember back when TTD was somewhat fun.
  7. A note to Production: purely a personal observation here, but y’all can lose Iris any fucking day now.
  8. Back in the mothership series’ GPK storyline? No really - see below. IIRC one of the few discussions of the time for which there was actual consensus was about Pollyanna McIntosh doing a much better job of cultivating a believable American accent during her 2+ seasons on the show than did Lauren Cohan during her entire 10-ish year tenure.
  9. Purely MHO but I think the reason Shan and DeShawn butted heads so spectacularly is because they’re both over-the-top control freaks; Shan just has a little more polish on her act than DeShawn does. It’s not a gender thing, it’s an asshole thing.
  10. I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall some reference (can’t remember from where) to Shan being a youth pastor. The reward winners were given sandwiches, the others went out and gathered papaya themselves - BIG difference. Who said you can’t have papaya? You’re perfectly free to stuff yourself with all the papaya you want. All you have to do is go out and get it, same as the reward losers did. Looking at the inverse: So how did your reward entitle you to freely benefit from the exertions of others? So in your mind, the only way the rewar
  11. A little mental lesson from my high school chess days: Question: What do you call the style of strategy which, to succeed, requires your opponent to make the moves you want/need them to? Answer: A wish. Translation: Any strategy which requires your adversary’s cooperation to succeed is no strategy at all.
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