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  1. They are not letting him or anyone else do that. All contestants are required to wear the provided emergency flotation device (life vest when they do things like go out on a weird boat like that. The only one I can remember not doing that was Mitch back in season 1, but that was season 1 and many lessons were learned) and carry the emergency phone (at all times). https://elementbushcraft.com/alone-survival-gear-list-and-prohibited-items/
  2. People like to believe being obese will help them survive longer on this show but that's not really how human bodies work. A person would do far better if they chose to survive for a year as if they were on Alone BEFORE they ever even audition for the show (and maintain that lifestyle in the lead up to the actual filming). That way, your body would be used to draining every bit of nutrition from every morsel of food you ate. You would be much less likely to starve and more importantly, if you had conditioned yourself for such a harsh existence, when you were actually on the show and things did
  3. Foxes. They were not allowed to kill foxes while at Great Slave lake.
  4. Bilko even said he was "filtering all the grit" with his teeth! AND he mentioned wiggly things! Dude must believe his stomach can conquer all. Good luck Bilko, may the heavy metal gods protect you!
  5. Well to be fair, Biko was not piercing his nose, he already had a nose piercing, he was just shoving the bone through an already established piercing. I was far more disturbed by his drinking that nasty rain water. It wasn't the first time we've seen a contestant do that but it is such a stupid thing to do. ALWAYS boil your water!
  6. My god, I laughed and laughed! That was something no one under a certain age would get at all. Well, they might get the idea of someone's back going out like that but if you really know, that was just amazing. Also, do none of the people currently on the Waver rider know Mick is an accomplished novelist? A romance novelist at that, why wouldn't he have a strong vocabulary? Nate at least should've remembered that. Anyway, Im pretty sure Mick is thinking he's met his real life Garima (too bad she's probably Gary's wife)
  7. Agree to all this and want to add, seems like everyone would be on board with the idea of eating horses once they were no longer useful as a conveyance or as a pack animal. That's a lot of meat is what Im saying. Plus, the hide is extremely useful. Really all parts of the animal would be super useful. Whatever, these people live in a magical world where 20 years into the ZA there are still brightly colored clothes available in everyone's sizes down at the never looted mall. Also sturdy, machine made hiking boots. Even make up. Clothes on raggedy, decaying zombies stay intact forever, it's the
  8. Actually, I think the article was pretty clear as to why he left. #1 he remarked that he was "not a kid anymore", that clearly indicates he's less interested in such physically demanding work. #2 he remarked he was feeling antsy in the role, that clearly indicates he felt his creativity was not getting the type of workout it needs to stay fresh and vital. He was not willing to just keep getting that steady paycheck (unlike Melissa McCarthy and Norman Reedus or Lennie James). So basically, he was bored and feeling physically worn out. Good for him for valuing his creativity and physical we
  9. All I got from this episode was both Negan and his wife were dirtbags who both apparently thought a guy enjoying himself at a BAR, talking over some old ass, overplayed, sappy love song "had it coming" and deserved to be beaten up. Other people might complain that in this episode we did not get to see how Negan actually formed the saviors but I say, why would anyone need to see that? We had already seen everything we needed to see with regards to Negan and this episode did not change anything at all about what anyone might've ever thought about him. There was no grand reversal like there was w
  10. Announced where? The announcement I saw was a renewal for season 3. nuBatwoman is amazing and the new actress can act circles around the old one.
  11. Well, at first I thought, "that episode was pointless!" and then I realized no, somebody needed a paycheck. It was still pointless....there were 2 things I really enjoyed about this pointless, slow, dumb episode. #1 I really liked Carol's meltdown. I know many people here do not like her and I know they will soon enough be on this thread braying their hatred for Carol to the moon as usual but I still like her and I still identify with her and I still "get" her (except when the writing makes her an idiot dipped in moron sauce which was most of this season). Inside, I have many times wanted to d
  12. I thought this was a really great episode right up until the Kate reveal.
  13. Remember last week I said it was nice not having Rick screaming and clearly in need of an anti-psychotic pill? ☠️ I really, seriously did not like this episode, there may not be enough anti-psychotic medications in the world for this show. No way in hell she could survive that long with that amount of psychosis. That wasn't "active imagination". I wish I had just skipped this episode.
  14. Me too! So far, these "bonus episodes" have valiantly attempted to cover up the fact that they were filmed (in Georgia, during the summer/height of covid) under (not as strict as they could have been) covid restrictions. Mostly outside, mostly socially distanced, one episode with folks wearing (non-surgical) masks. I applaud all of this. I am enjoying the MUCH lower stakes of these episodes, as it's a weird thing, wanting to watch this show but NOT wanting my anxiety CRANKED up. To be perfectly honest with you all, since we've all been here together for all these years, I'm actually enjoying t
  15. Better question: after all this time, how has Dog not succumbed to heart worms, seeing as how the series is still set more or less "down south"-ish.
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