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  1. I know this is not a popular opinion around here but, I feel so sorry for Dorothy. Niles, being an idiot, neglected her her entire life, did not even know she existed until he accidentally found her while she was being cruelly exploited as a sideshow freak, then he kept her prisoner, not allowing her any sort of life for almost 100 YEARS! Not once did he try to understand the culture her mother came from, not once did he talk to her about how she came to be in that sideshow, not once did he go back to see her mother before mother died. Not once did Niles try to really get to know and understand this little hybrid being that was his daughter. Niles is a horrible, horrible person, as bad as Reginald Hargreeves + Lionel Luthor. The child had no idea she was having her period and that alone made me so angry with effing Niles. That whole "Dorothy's special day" was INFURIATING. Instead of giving her this silly, empty day of "fun", he should have been talking to her straight, explaining what he understood of her true nature and together, perhaps they could have come up with a plan to deal with that wax demon thing. Instead, we get another avoidable catastrophe. Personally, Im really fed up with men refusing to take responsibility and relying on magical thinking + a strong wishbone to "solve" problems. I just really, really feel sorry for Dorothy, she deserved better. Hell, that asshole Cliff would have been better. Now in other story lines, we have Jane and the Underground. With one episode left (which we already know is an unintended cliff hanger), I'm not seeing how her story line is really going to mesh with Dorothy's. There was that one brief overlap with the wax demon thing going into the Underground (somehow) and killing (again, how?) 2 of the alt's but beyond that, this story line is not even working as a commentary on the main story line with Dorothy, at least not for me. OK sure, Dorothy's father ruined her and Kate's father ruined her but the parallels are just not really working. I mean, ok, this season is about failed fathers: Cliff trying to reconnect. Niles using magical thinking and neglect as crutches. Larry reckoning with the damage he inadvertently did to his family. Overall though, the Underground story line just feels so unconnected....eff it, the entire season feels unconnected and not at all as satisfying as last season. Last thing, I love Dorothy and wish one human being was really, HONESTLY looking out for HER best interests.
  2. OK, I know I can be shallow as hell but.....I think Ruby Rose has a very beautiful face but Javicia is STUNNING. Holy moly, I for sure will be tuning in whenever the show comes back just so I can watch her. If she is at LEAST as good an actor as RR (low bar), I'll be entertained. I bet she's a better actor though. I just hope hope hope with all my heart that the character of Mary get's to stay, she's been my favorite all along. Congratulations to Javicia, I wish her well!
  3. I didn't understand what Vic saw in the email? I was just really confused by that. As for Dorothy, I dont think all those "imaginary" friends of hers are products of her imagination. Like, whomever keeps trying to compel her to make a wish, I do not think that is "imaginary" or a friend. Anyway, if anyone could help me out with the Vic email scene, I sure would appreciate it!
  4. I hate this news so much! Look, I would not be sad at all if Jacob and the crows were written off the show and I certainly would not mind if Alice was just one among many awesome villains but the idea that we will probably also lose Mary just SUCKS! She's the very best thing about this show! Dear lord, there was no reason at all for this stupid "reboot". Good luck show, you're gonna need it after this bullshit.
  5. There have been many episodes of this stupid show that I have disliked. There have even been episodes that I hated. This episode though...I hate this episode so deeply I wish I could just beat it into the ground. THAT FUCKING SUCKED! OK first of all, back in my college days I LOVED having psychadelic experiences. I took loads of LSD and ate ounces of magic mushrooms. I also took jimson weed exactly one time. That shit is ROUGH and does not really give an experience like what Michonne had but screw it, media depictions of psychadelic experiences are rarely accurate. No, what pissed me off about that was.....who the fuck cares about this fake alternate life she could have had? IT WAS TEDIOUS AND STUPID. I take that back, that isn't what pissed me off (well, didnt piss me off enough to write this rant). What pissed me off was the ludicrous idea that Michonne would just accept at face value what Judith said without talking to Daryl or Carol or Rosita or Eugene or literally any random adult about the actual situation. THEN Michonne makes TWO MORE decisions that DO NOT JIBE with anything we have EVER seen from this woman. #1 She lets 3 (or 4, cant remember) random ass people who claim to have been locked in a room together for who knows how long know exactly where Alexandria is, how to get there, who t talk to, yeah just stroll on in random ass people who could be child raping cannibals. #2 She decided not to escort random ass people to Alexandria therefore she decided NOT TO SEE HER CHILDREN AGAIN. BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT. So much fucking bullshit. AND THEN they have the fucking NERVE to show that giant ass ARMY moving along with enough discipline to march along in THREE giant geometric patterns perfectly spaced out BUT we dont get to follow along with THAT?!?!?!? WHAT EVEN IS THIS SHOW?!?!?!?!?!?!? That was bullshit. Pointless, annoying bullshit. We did NOT need a visit from bargain basement Morgan. Michonne ought to have died valiantly at the Battle of Hilltop. This bullshit cop out is NO DOUBT because the producers of this shit show believe in their tiny pin head brains that Danai will one day come back for those (NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN) "Rick and the helicopter people" movies.
  6. No, he wasn't the patient, his best friend (or brother or lover, not clear) was a patient at the mental facility and Beta was visiting him when the ZA suddenly appeared.
  7. Oh dear lord please do not touch your face.
  8. To me, it always sounds line "Nona Cherry" like it is some free jazz trumpeter about to be unleashed on the world...
  9. I might have missed it somewhere but, could anyone tell me when season 3 begins airing (in North America)?
  10. I bet Mouse is the one in custody (although....you can change the face I guess but how could his body be mistaken for Alice's? )
  11. WTF dude, she didn't "shove" anything down anyone's throats. She set the record straight regarding herself not being straight. Unfortunately, we LGBT folks still have to do that every day. And even more unfortunately, this world is "damned if you do and damned if you dont". I love this show because finally i GET SOME SOLID REPRESENTATION.
  12. In this show? I mean....POC are represented. Not as central characters but they are there and at least one of them is important for an episode or two. Could be better but they are there, one has some importance, some are shown as powerful black women but overall, they could have a MUCH larger role. But....where am I? Where are the queer people? The lesbians, the gay dudes, the trans people? It really is NOT HARD to have us represented. Again and again, LGBT people left begging for crumbs. It gets really effing old having to just accept this complete lack of representation. And ONE stray insinuation that one "blink and you'll miss him" character MIGHT be "gay" is not representation. Eff the source material! Look at what the Watchmen did with Hooded Justice! Be bold and JUST DO IT. The bard could have and SHOULD have been gay. The Head Mistress of the Mage School should have been lesbian. The councilor that got taken over by the shape shifter could have been trans. But no, apparently here is yet another FANTASY WORLD where LGBT people DO. NOT. EXIST.
  13. I think it was a tree branch, not his bat but if I'm wrong and it was his bat, he picked it up off the whisperer that Beta killed.
  14. I did too but I realize, that is a very unpopular opinion around here these days. I thought all the Negan stuff tonight was hilarious. Also, I love Carol forever but she's going to get her fool self killed this time. Finally, do these folks seriously not regularly boil their water?
  15. The Lady sent a jumpship to figure out why they were getting weird readings, jumpship brought bube back.
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