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  1. diebartdie

    S05.E07: Still Standing

    By this point, all clothed zombies should be piles of mush covered bones while the unclothed ones could still be shambling.
  2. diebartdie

    S05.E05: The End of Everything

    Me too and Im almost always happy for more lesbian visibility (happy Pride yall!)
  3. diebartdie

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Im just gutted.
  4. diebartdie

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    So you guys, I have to share something with y'all. I am completely thrilled about this, I haven't had a gig like this in far too long. It is official now, I am MC for a music festival here in my town! This is AMAZING!!!! OK, here's my official announcement and picture.
  5. diebartdie

    S09.E16: The Storm

    It does not ever get -40C as far south as the show is set, very rarely even -20C really. I know to eyes used to temperatures like that "our heroes" looked silly, not properly bundled up, etc. I bet though, if you were USED to -40C in winter time and suddenly you found yourself in a "southern blizzard" (not truly southern but compared to Minnesota or Edmonton...y'all know what I mean) YOU TOO might traipse around with your heavy ass winter coat unzippered (probably not for an hours long trek but still...). I just feel like this is maybe the weirdest nitpick ever. They film in GEORGIA in the SUMMER TIME. Most of the "blizzard" shots were filmed in a sound stage. Yall act like they should have a level of verisimilitude requiring filming on the top of Mount Everest during a blizzard, otherwise all this ACTING and STAGECRAFT is beneath us and should never be on anyone's tv screens. Hilarious.
  6. diebartdie

    S09.E16: The Storm

    Well they also need things like engineering know-how at a bare minimum. And ok, sure there are libraries all over the place but really, it takes time to become skilled, that's part of why Henry was sent off to Hilltop. So many people have died, there are many people with no relevant skills, they are just doing the best they can. So far as we know, The Kingdom was falling into disrepair before the ZA happened so really, Ezekial and his people were lucky to have made it as long as they did there. Also, fire is a very serious threat for all these people. At best, each settlement MIGHT have some sort of fire brigade but more likely people havent even thought that far ahead. That would explain why 1/4 or more of The Kingdom looked burned t the point of unsuitability. Thing is though, if the show is willing to make the effort to show this decay, how do TPTB expect us to accept the whisperers? I mean we saw last night Elpha getting whipped hard enough to draw blood. Whisperers are not clean, in fact they are the opposite of clean. Having open wounds in that environment will absolutely lead to infections, like sepsis. Without prompt medical treatment, sepsis kills. So do gastroenteritis, hepatitis B and C, HIV, enteric intestinal pathogens, tuberculosis, cholera and others diseases can all be caught by messing with cadavers like that (wikipedia). ALSO, seems to me if the whisperers are willing and able to head to damn Florida for the winter, why the hell wouldnt they just STAY THERE? Elpha's a mean lazy fuck, I think she would stay down there.
  7. diebartdie

    S09.E16: The Storm

    Yes, I think we can all infer that the show hasn't ever shown us winter before, but "winter" as a season has not gone away from their world. (Perhaps the ZA happened right in time and was so utterly complete that the climate catastrophe was mitigated.) There is one very good reason for this, let me explain it for all the folks that don't live down south. (To set the scene, please imagine bluegrass softly playing in the background. NOT DELIVERANCE MUSIC THOUGH YOU GUYS DAMN.) Hey y'all, welcome to my plantation my home! Here, have some sweet iced tea, you're gonna need it. Why? Well honey, the temperature here in Georgia in the summer is usually around 90 degrees (that's over 32 degrees Celsius for those in other countries bless you hearts). Now on top of that oppressive heat, we usually carry a humidity load like you wouldnt believe. We're talking 90 percent humidity and not a damn cloud in the sky. I like to tell my northern friends, summertime down here is like being constantly smothered by a hot, wet blanket. So imagine the actors on our show. They are down there in Georgia filming this show at the height of summer. Even in the best of times, they are usually all required to wear more clothing than is comfortable but for this episode, they're wearing coats and hats and scarves and gloves and dear lord how fucking miserable that would be? No wonder many of them didn't bother zipping or buttoning up. I mean it was very obvious much of this episode was filmed on sets built inside otherwise the fake snow blowing in the air would have just been rain or mist but even so, they had to have all been so miserable during the filming for this episode. (Let's all quit with the bluegrass music now) I actually enjoyed this season so much more than I have for a long time. I was giving the show this one season to prove to me I should continue on with it and it did what I needed it to do I guess. The show has ALWAYS been silly, irrational, stupid BUT when it is also heart felt, when it also has room to breathe, when it also does something different, it is one fine show. Know what kills me though? (cue the sad, sentimental music please) How many people we lost this year! I mean...DAMN! Rick, Maggie (could the show be more desperate to remind the audience that she's not dead and thus show Lauren "hey, we really love you and want you back!"), Tara (my personal favorite inept lesbian), Enid (which is super fucking sucky because she was another healer), Jesus, and the rest. Hell, let Rosita have her kid, time jump again a few years, kill all the adults and have it just be centered on the generation that never really knew "the before". Well anyway, as much as I completely loathe the whisperers (so much more than the saviors and I HATED them), it's interesting. The show did what it needed to do to rope me back in but I realize the writing is on the wall for this show, anybody can see it has only one or two season's left before AMC decides it is too expensive. See y'all in October (or on another board....iZombie anyone?)
  8. diebartdie

    S09.E16: The Storm

    I'm just going to leave this here
  9. diebartdie

    S09.E13: Chokepoint

    I juat read Rob Bricken's review on I09 and this is hilarious:
  10. diebartdie

    S09.E13: Chokepoint

    He is the older brother to the kid that played younger Henry and to the other kid that played Carol's daughter, Sophia.
  11. diebartdie

    S09.E12: Guardians

    Siddiq is cute though! Look at these puppy eyes! Might be a little crossed I guess...
  12. diebartdie

    S09.E12: Guardians

    OK, just finished walking my dog and had another thought. SO, Kirkman has claimed time and again that smearing walker guts is not a long term deterrent due to viscera drying out. Last night, we saw the whisperer camp and they were CLEARLY drying out skins and faces and whatnot. SO WHICH IS IT KIRKMAN? Maybe he's saying only human skin leather works? SKIN BUT NOT INTESTINES. Gah, Im sorry, this episode has turned me into a shouty, shouty woman. such a quiet ship that would be.
  13. diebartdie

    S09.E12: Guardians

    Quoting Icemiser69 who quoted me. I'm wondering if the ZA would really have that many surplus men? Doesn't it seem like maybe there would be more women than men (patriarchy is strong for various reasons), there would be more young people than old, more able-bodied than disabled, etc. So I really dont care how great in the sack any woman would be, no way could she hog up all the dudes. More like the dudes would have to be shared around. Just my "first thing in the morning while drinking coffee" thought.
  14. diebartdie

    S09.E12: Guardians

    What even was that? I mean besides boring. And weird. And confusing. And so so so very stupid? No one, anywhere, ever needs to hear anything at all from Negan. NEVER SHOW SO STOP. Who the frillyheck cares about Rosita and her harem of studly (and portly) men? NO ONE SHOW. Ugh. I love Aaron though, he is always and forever ride or die for the strong leader! First Rick, now Michonne, good for him (and Gracie is super cute!) I am sorry to hear The Kingdom is suffering. Never would have known that from last week's episode but whatever, THE KINGDOM MUST NOT FALL. So say we all. Or not, whatever, just save some of the cooler characters, put everyone all together again and SCENE! I was dreading this episode. It felt like my choices tonight were stories of real child abuse (Leaving Neverland) or a story of fake child abuse (this episode and all the cruddy shit Elpha did / does to Lydia). I chose the boring one obviously. ENough about me though, let's talk about how the MASTER WALKER WRANGLERS got all snuck up on by THE HERD OF WALKERS THEY KEEP AS PETS. Whattheeverlovingshit. WHAT THE SHIT SHOW. Seriously, shit show. I guess if the ZA could turn people cannibal within 35 seconds of the beginning of said ZA (see: Terminus) then sure, a massive group f people will WILLINGLY put rotten corpse flesh all over their faces and just WALLOW in disease causing FILTH. SURE THING SHOW. What the fuck, you would think the source material was a damn COMIC BOOK or something. Weirdly, I'm not exactly hating the show right now. Im sort of baffled by it I guess. It's like when people dress their dogs up like ballerinas. Weird but who am I to judge? I'm here for the special effects makeup. And Michonne looking like she's bout to rip SOMEBODY's head off. And you guys, yall are the best.
  15. diebartdie

    Doom Patrol

    That wasn't in the brochure but...ok...I guess....