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  1. I have never laughed so hard at an episode of this show as I did this episode. The entire sequence from Hoover being on the roof of the car, the shot, then Ava's reaction with her just turning away, throwing her arms out and collapsing and THEN reaching so deep and finding her True Crime Soul omg Im laughing right now. That entire bit was just the BEST. Oh lordy, for the rest of my life that is going to be the thing that I watch to chase away the blues, I feel so good after that episode. Wow, thank you Guggenhiem Circus and especially thank you Bullet Blondes. Praise Beebo.
  2. I know we'll never get any explanation BUT why was Larry zombified? I mean, Cliff postulated he, Rita, Jane and Cyborg were all affected by the spider death lady poison, Larry was not present for that. Anyway, I didn't love this episode (never thought I would say this but....I might be over zombies too).
  3. More and more it's looking like poor Gilligan Virgil was nothing but a plot device, intended to #1 separate Michonne from her children and the entire show (because she is actually very busy in Wakanda ...forever) and #2 bring Connie back into the show...Eternally. Long live Gilligan Plot Device Virgil
  4. I thought this was a really good episode, I was particularly moved by the conversation Judith and Rosita had (my mom passed away in June so that convo really hit me hard). The only problem I had was about the Commonwealth. Not so much the Commonwealth per se but.....how the hell do they have SO MANY COWS they can just make LOADS of all different types and flavors or ice cream? How the HELL to they have so much sugar they can make all that ice cream PLUS all those baked goods? PLUS where the eff are they even getting CHOCOLATE from? PLUS they really want to waste wheat, butter and eggs on...cak
  5. I guess by this point TPTB realize how many people have decided the just hate Carol so they really went for it with the horse killing. I think it was the first episode of the season when it was explained Alexandria, dealing with the influx of refugees from both Hilltop (burned down and trampled) and Oceanside (also trampled) plus all of Alexandria's crops were trampled SO the population only had at best one week of food left. Carol made the hard choice, as she always does. She was heartbroken over it but she at least wasn't going to just let everyone, especially children, starve. We're a
  6. Rob Bricken over at io9 is by far my favorite reviewer of this show and I gotta say, I totally agree with him. https://gizmodo.com/well-that-was-a-thoroughly-unpleasant-episode-of-the-w-1847570691
  7. https://thecinemaholic.com/where-is-alone-season-8-runner-up-biko-wright-now/
  8. We live in such a pervasive rape culture that MANY people only see "rape" when a (as close to virginal as possible, preferably a white, cis-gender female) victim has been beaten almost to death by a horrible stranger who sexually assaults the woman. In other words, a whole lot of people saw Negan's "wives" and accepted them AS WIVES, not as sex slaves being regularly RAPED.
  9. It always amazes me how few men understand that they are responsible for causing their (female) lovers getting pregnant. And I guess Im further amazed how few realize how incredibly expensive that is. Now add on twinsies and hoo boy, even if he had won the half mil, that money would NOT go anywhere near as far as he seemed to think it would. ESPECIALLY with his overall lack of maturity! Y'all know he would have been buying new guitars and a stupid car and a bunch of weed (probably) and giving all his buddies stuff and before you know it, POOF, it's all gone PLUS hundreds of thousands of dollar
  10. I'm fine with hunters, I have a lot of respect for them. Consider Roland from last season. Obviously he was a top predator hunter. He really relished it. BUT he never one came across (to me) as gratuitous. Clay, on the other hand, came across not so much as a hunter as a murderer of something so animals will have to do. I knew he would win because he has been all over youtube from the beginning of the season. Colter was extremely off putting but I would have preferred him over Clay. To me, Clay seems to be sublimating homicidal tendencies into killing animals. On balance, the world is probably
  11. This "Ultimate Moments" episode will have scenes from all past seasons so to me, it seems like its own beast.
  12. Colter really screwed himself over when he washed his face. He obviously had 20 pounds of muck on there, if he had still been fully encased in filth, he would have made weight.
  13. Despite all the worms, that was one boring episode.
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