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  1. The thread is clearly labelled with the series and episode number and it's marked 'unaired USA'. How much more of a spoiler alert do you need?
  2. I hope it’s not true. Mainly because if it’s true then the usual suspects will lay the blame squarely at Meghan's door and say they the stress of it all was too much for him.
  3. Agreed, but at least they’re not going to be forced to deal with the tabloids or any other paper as part of the Royal Rota. As it stands, today the Daily Mail can publish yet another article bashing the pair and tomorrow the paper can send their ‘journalists’ to whatever event Harry and Meghan are doing and H and M won’t be able to tell them to fuck off. The papers will still publish whatever crap they want but hopefully they’ll have less direct access.
  4. It sounds like a scene from Tipping the Velvet https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0324264/ I think it was a woman in a soldiers dress uniform, not a Mountie. There was definitely a strap on being used.
  5. One thing I’m surprised they didn’t make more of. When Mother Mildred is telling the Turners about the island and the problem is that the nurses fall for the doctor and then get married and leave. She says that at least that wouldn’t be a problem with nuns. And I was wondering did she even know who she was talking to? There didn’t seem to be any sort of exchanges between the Turners to indicate that they were thinking of their own circumstances. I suppose it’s possible that with Mother Mildred having been out of the country, she may not have been aware of their history.
  6. This reminds me of Mrs Purchase in the Toast of London comedy, who sleeps around but only ever charges her husband for sex. Sadly this means that as she's not considered a prostitute, her team gets disqualified from the 'Celebrities and Prostitutes Blow Football Tournament'.
  7. I think that Joseph Gordon Levitt did the voice on the drama being listened to on a laptop. IIRC, he never appeared on screen.
  8. I think Jonathan did remark on it but by the time there was a significant change he was too far in Dracula’s thrall to really question it. Just finished ep 2 and am picking my jaw up off the floor. Damn!
  9. Yaz and Ryan chatting happily away about their plans in the office of a man who built his fortune on computers and information, and not stopping to consider that he might have the place monitored. Worst spies ever! When Yaz showed up in Australia, I was waiting for them to find out that her DNA had been partly altered by the aliens.
  10. I too was a bit disappointed with the lack of Jo and the Professor. I thought it a bit too convenient that he showed up once and everybody immediately pushed Jo to him. And then I realised that that was the whole point. Jo was going to leave her heroine single until her publisher insisted, so she quickly writes in a ‘happy ending’ no matter how unlikely it may be.
  11. Well there’s this magical invention called a remote control which allows you to switch channels if something comes on that doesn’t meet with your approval. Or you could just avert your gaze and look at something more pleasing to your eyes.
  12. Just saw an ad for the new series, Wednesday 8th January on More 4 and will be streaming on All4.
  13. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but a part of me did wish that Philip could have pushed him over the balcony at that point.
  14. George’s Uncle was in the books. It was probably to keep cast numbers at a manageable level that they left out both of George’s parents. In the books IIRC, George’s father - while by no means on the side of the angels - was still able to curb George and Cary’s malice on occasion.
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