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  1. Is there any way to get proper search results on Amazon video? Any time I try to search for a specific title, it throws up all these different answers, none of which seem to relate to the title in question. I mean, Netflix, if they don’t have that title will show other titles with words in common or maybe a different title with the same actor(s), but Amazon results just make no sense.
  2. I once met somebody who had the exact same birthday (year and all) as mine. We even calculated that - given the different time zone we'd been born in - we were pretty much born within an hour of each other.
  3. Prince is a higher rank than Duke or Earl. IIRC, it outranks any title other than King or Queen.
  4. I make myself put on a pair of earrings at least once a week, just to make sure the holes don't close up on me again. I got a text from my dentist to say that for their protection, they're carrying out Covid tests onsite. Treatment will only be given with a negative test. Results are supposed to only take about 10 minutes so I don't know how accurate they're likely to be. But I suppose it's one way of getting checked (I'd an appointment for Tuesday that I'd scheduled a few months back)
  5. It's Casualty. When an actor leaves, there's pretty much a 50-50 chance that their character will be killed off.
  6. The first lockdown in my country when I was working from home, I made a point of putting on work clothes every day and (more importantly), changing out of them into more casual clothes when I finished for the day. Although to be fair, my work clothes are usually 'smart casual' rather than suits. The changing out of 'work' clothes sort of fell by the wayside after a few months, but I did always get fully dressed before sitting down to the laptop. During the colder months though, I'd usually start off with a fleecy dressing gown over my 'day clothes', just until the living room warmed up enough. Luckily there haven't been too many instances of video calls which would require a bit more formality.
  7. Having watched the New Year's one off special, I really want them to get that same five back for a full season! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13559956/?ref_=nm_flmg_slf_1
  8. IIRC, when she appeared before, she was on her 3rd pregnancy and that's when they decided that she'd need a stitch put in. Presumably with the next 3 miscarriages she either didn't get the stitch put in in time, or it was in and didn't work.
  9. Hearing Saru's voice coming out of Doug Jones face, that was just so damn weird!
  10. Discovery isn't 900 years old. It's 5, 10, or however many years old it was when it went to the future. It's not like it's been flying around for 900 years and still functioning. Having a ship staying functioning for 100+ years of actually functioning is a whole different ball game.
  11. This episode aired over here last week, and yes, the damn tune is rattling round my head! It's almost a year since it first aired. Anybody here still hearing that tune? 🙂
  12. IMO, Gillian Anderson has got Margaret Thatcher down so well, that I'm probably going to have to watch some X-files as a palate cleanser to get her portrayal out of my mind (not a Thatcher fan). Diana didn't even look 18 at times, and it's just very creepy to think of a 30 something man taking an interest in her because he needs to marry somebody without a 'past'.
  13. Yes, I have legit access to UK tv so I do know all about it and what they’re allowed broadcast after the watershed. I still think that Alex wasn’t expecting so many of those words to be used. The family friendly version broadcast on Sunday is going to be just one long continuous beep.
  14. “Say as many words of four letters as you can” I really don’t think they thought that through properly! And well done to for using plurals as well!
  15. https://www.q102.ie/news/buzz/derry-girls-star-siobhan-mcsweeney-to-host-news-series-of-popular-reality-tv-show/?fbclid=IwAR23L27geTwsXhxS51axFaHv8A2DuFEHRWdn7s6bpHcPFBMKP4peYY8hEoM Siobhan McSweeney (Sister Michael from Derry Girls) is taking over from Melanie Sykes. It’s almost a pity she won’t be hosting as her character!
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