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  1. They're pretty good fun. I did a few of them. What happens is, you sign up and give a list of the fandoms that you have at least a certain number of fics written in, and a list of the fandoms you'd like to write in. Then you get given a name and have to take one of their stories and write your own version of it. You're allowed to nominate a story that you don't want to be rewritten and I don't think you were allowed remix a previous remix, but apart from that, it was a case of anything goes! I don't think I was posting to AO3 when I wrote the crossovers. Only about
  2. It may have been the 'proper Italian' pronunciation of the name, but it's not the way that DiNozzo himself pronounced his name. Which means that every time Fornell deliberately mispronounced it after the first time, it was intended as a deliberate insult to Tony.
  3. I think I've a fair variety in my fandoms. In order of appearance - ER, The man from UNCLE (series), NCIS, Without a Trace, CSI New York, Torchwood, NCIS Los Angeles, Hercules: The legendary Journeys, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Holby City, Space 1999, and now I've circled back to CSI NY. Some of them were only one shots, or rather, I only finished one fic in the fandom, and I did do crossovers with Quantum Leap and Supernatural. Also did a remix fic for Hawaii Five-0 a good few years back. Febuwhump sounds like fun! As if I needed an excuse to whump my characters,
  4. I see your seven and raise you ten! Most of them though were sequential, although there were a few times when I was writing in 3 or 4 fandoms simultaneously. Fun times!
  5. I know it's possible to do once you have the account number and sort code. But yeah, putting the money in without giving them a heads up was not a good move. Heck, wasn't one of the points against the suspect in this ep, the fact the money was put into *his* account? (or did I mishear part of the plot).
  6. Yes, I remember Andromeda. As well as the ship and the hologram, IIRC, there was also an android avatar of the AI. When they mentioned taking Zora out of Discovery and putting her somewhere else, I was presuming that they'd do something similar and put her consciousness into an artificial body, like with Grey.
  7. Looks like comedian Ellie Taylor will be sharing the hosting duties with Siobhan - who was recovering from a broken leg during filming.
  8. Season 11 is starting on BBC1 on Sunday the 2nd January.
  9. IIRC, the Carbys were a bigger fanbase back in the day, or definitely a more vocal one. I remember reading so so many posts where fans of the pairing were convinced that every little thing was a sign from TPTP to the fanbase that Carter and Abby were meant to be. And even though I'd stopped watching the show long before the end, I do remember cackling somewhat evilly when it turned out that Luby was the 'winner' in the end.
  10. Buying. If I had a library book I'd be worried about losing it if I brought it with me on my commute and that's when I get most of my reading done. Plus, I don't always know what book I'm going to be in the mood for reading. With a library book, I'd have to read the books in a specified period of time before returning it. With a book that I own, I can choose when I want to read that particular book.
  11. Because date rape wasn't a thing. If Jo had tried to report it, I doubt she would have been taken as seriously once she mentioned that she'd been on a date. Now maybe they should have done that Very Special Episode, but I doubt that it would have even occurred to any man in the writing room that it would have been an issue they should deal with.
  12. In the UK, if they went through the NHS they'd also get to go home and not worry about being bankrupted by medical bills or have to argue with an insurance company.
  13. What's the difference between Ronin going on a killing spree and Yelena going on a (paid) killing spree? Right now, Yelena is not under any sort of mind control, she is choosing of her own free will to be a paid killer just like Clint chose of his own free will to be Ronin. For Yelena to condemn Clint for killing people would be a bit hypocritical. She's no better than he is, just because she earns money for her kills.
  14. The whole custody fight is going to come down to who has the better nannys/daycare facilities. Because no way are either Ben or Miranda going to quit their jobs to be a stay at home parent. And I doubt that the grandparents would either.
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