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  1. The Lady’s bugs may be a race but they’re also an invading force being used to enslave and kill the native population. Any of them on Westerly had it coming.
  2. I'm outside the US, but The Orville aired on FOX in the UK/Ireland, so I'm not sure what's going to happen with season 3.
  3. Sinead O'Connor selling her 'pre-Islam' clothes to raise money for women's refuge https://jrnl.ie/4800636
  4. Was I imagining it or did I see Dembe holding a cat in the background at Red’s apartment? Presumably the one that belonged to Red’s mentor.
  5. FYI for the 2019 bake off. The first ep has a short montage of previous winners near the start, so if you’re really spoiler averse for prior seasons you might want to fast forward a bit.
  6. Yeah, I really hated the scene where June dragged those women off the plane and refused to let them escape...except for the part where all of those women made their own decision to help June. Each of them decided individually that helping June distract the guards would improve the odds for the children to get on the plane without being spotted. There's a lot to be said for flaws in June's plan, but she is not to blame for anybody else making up their own minds to help her.
  7. 13 bakers? Aren’t there usually only 12?
  8. https://io9.gizmodo.com/here-are-your-hugo-2019-award-winners-1837368271 The Hugo for ‘best dramatic presentation - short form’ went to the episode Janet(s) You need to scroll down to get the full listings.
  9. I can’t exactly see them having Sherlock’s info as a point of contact, given you know that he’s supposed to be dead. (I was going to say ‘occupying the plot’ but then they obviously never found a body). Given that Sherlock’s next of kin had pedeceased him, i presume it was Watson who made all the arrangements so if anybody was to be notified it would be her. Who does a gravestone belong to? If Joan (as is likely) was responsible for the funeral arrangements then would the gravestone be technically her property and she could demolish it at will. Which brings up another question, why have a grave at all when they couldn’t have found a body. After last weeks ep I was in two minds as to whether Joan was in on the plot or not. On the one hand, as we saw, Sherlock did need her help to pull it off and I don’t think he’d have wanted to hurt her by letting her think he was dead. On the other hand, I didn’t think he’d want to put her in the position of lying to the police and possibly perjuring herself at Odin’s trial. I wonder if it was Gregson (after Joan told him the truth) who persuaded the DA not to bring charges for Sherlock’s death so that Joan wouldn’t have to perjure herself at a trial.
  10. Why doesn’t everybody leave? The border may be quite porous as many long borders are, but people still have to get to it. The Waterfords seemed to have travelled a long way just to get to the meeting point and it didn’t look like a densely populated area. I can’t see an Econofamily or Martha having the resources to get within walking distance of a border. June’s decision to not help Mrs Lawrence. I think she was in a difficult situation. Her first instinct seemed to be to get help, but if she’d done that and Eleanor was brought to a hospital, then even if they’d managed to save her, it would have brought unwelcome attention to the Lawrence household. There’s no guarantee that Eleanor would have been fit to travel within the week - even assuming that she would have been allowed leave and not charged with attempted suicide. And if they did manage to explain it away as an accident, they still have the risk that Eleanor will tell about the plan. On the other hand, there’s the risk that Joseph won’t want to leave without her by his side, but as long as he doesn’t stop the others going, that’s not as big a problem. Like I said, I don’t think it was an easy decision for June, but I can see why she let Eleanor go. Now if she’d helped her on her way, that would have been a different matter.
  11. Yes, who knew that Luschek was actually good for something!
  12. IIRC, they did that once in NCIS LA with Deeks and Kensi who were undercover as a married couple (this being before they got together on the show). The best part was that we’d actually seen that meeting onscreen when Deeks showed up as a guest star.
  13. It wasn’t much earlier than Piper, but Sophia did get a nice settlement to keep her mouth shut about prison conditions so at least she wasn’t struggling financially. Was delighted to see her looking so well, and back in a salon.
  14. Flaca and Maritza spent the duration of the riot together but then got separated on the outside. (Flaca to Max and Maritza to somewhere else). Unless Maritza didn’t end up in max because she was clearly close to her release date?
  15. And judging by the visitors area when Piper visited Alex, the Ohio prison looked to be minimum security - or at least lesser security than max.
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