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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/missing-actress-tanya-fear-found-195502260.html
  2. Tuesday the 21st September is the date that I've heard it's back.
  3. Didn't we see Zoey going to her computer while she was possessed? I was guessing that the Rider had her send the info to a news channel to cause trouble for the agency.
  4. Ceindreadh


    Episode 2 airs on Monday the 30th, the rest of them will be on Sunday.
  5. I love this crazy little show. I had to pause while watching the scene where David was trying to pray and we got the subtitles of his inner monologue! And all the little facial expressions that I might have missed if I'd been listening to dialogue. Like when David and Ben noticed Kirsten in the whiskey barrels. How can a show about good and evil and demons be so funny!
  6. "my advice would be to look where you're going when you montage" definitely words to live by! I found it highly amusing when they used Crockett's Theme from the Miami Vice series as the 'heroic music' for the montage of Vimes in the sand and the way it all fell apart when he fell down the dunes.
  7. Max "How did we run out of blood" Sharpe "I've narrowed it down to vampires or a global pandemic" Heh heh!
  8. I love the way the show can go from the hilarious - August and Phil banishing the 'chain dragger' while Luke is assuring the client that everything is perfect - to the poignant - Phil talking to the picture of Jesus - to the downright heartbreaking - Luke telling the ghost to go to the light - all in the space of a single episode. It is a bit of a mood whiplash sometimes, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.
  9. This wasn't as bad as I'd thought it might be. I'm not thinking of it as an adaption of any books, but more like I would a remake of a show I'd previously enjoyed, in which they take the character names and basic settings and then just do what they like with them. I'll probably stick it out, at least for this series. Still pissed that they killed off Detritus. I know that trolls aren't invulnerable to projectile weapons, but they should have needed a hell of a lot more arrows to kill him.
  10. Do you mean the school exhibition? It was a public demonstration of the children's education. Making a mistake while standing up in front of the whole town, I can totally understand why they'd be worried about it and not wanting to make mistakes.
  11. The fanfic writers theme song is "you always hurt the one you love". (Guilty as charged!)
  12. I went to see Titanic expecting to be bored to tears until the iceberg showed up, but was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the pre-disaster bits. (still wouldn't bother re-watching it, but I didn't feel I'd wasted my money on the tickets)
  13. First time for Ireland to get two gold medals in different events (rowing and boxing)
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