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  1. Ceindreadh


    And Produnova was competing with a broken foot as well.
  2. Whatever Five said, it was in Ancient Greek. (No I don’t know what Greek sounds like, but that’s what the subtitle said)
  3. You're assuming that the bodies were ever found. I presumed that the mat was a convenient way to wrap a body for transport and ensure no nasty blood stains get left behind in transit.
  4. All this speculation about the significance of their numbers. I just presumed that they were numbered in the order in which Hargreaves located/adopted them. So he found Luthor first and Vanya last.
  5. Not only did they have kilts before, but IIRC, Patrick actually wore one in the episode.
  6. It’s all very well saying you’re not on social media, but what about your friends and family who are busily sharing photos which include you in them. (somehow Sapphire and Steel’s warning about destroying all photos and never letting another one be taken seems oddly prescient)
  7. Not necessarily. IIRC, John said in the very first ‘void’ episode that he had to record on Saturday so as to give the technical people additional time to do what they do, so he may have been taping before the West Point appearance.
  8. It’s available on the UK Channel 4 website. And it doesn’t appear to be region locked, but you do need to register an account. https://www.channel4.com
  9. I presume that it's one way for the colonists, but not for the people running the ships.
  10. This episode just aired in my locality. If I'd seen it back in November, I'm sure I would have been looking on in amusement at the guy refusing to shake hands and then dousing himself with hand sanitizer, putting on a mask, scrubbing himself down in the shower etc. Now I'm all nodding approvingly and saying "good man, that's the way to keep safe!"
  11. Personally I've always thought that it's because they're not referring to an object but they're calling it by name. But since the baby doesn't have a name and indeed can't be named until they know if it's a boy or a girl, calling it 'Baby' rather than 'the baby' makes it more personal. It's the difference between calling somebody 'the patient' and calling them 'Mrs Patient'.
  12. But where is all the money going to come from? What income does the estate have? Presumably Robin was paying for its upkeep and staff, but if he’s signed it over to Juliet then he’s no justification to keep funding it. Yes, I know he’s loaded and can afford it, but it’s no more a legit transaction than the sham wedding would have been. And while ICE might be happy enough to take it at face value, I doubt if the IRS would
  13. That wasn’t Feeney. He only showed up in Ep 2.
  14. I’d say there’s going to be a lot of people embracing their inner silver fox until the lockdown is over. (I’m eventually going to see what my natural hair colour is!)
  15. Awww, not Big Mervynn, ☹️
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