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  1. This episode aired over here last week, and yes, the damn tune is rattling round my head! It's almost a year since it first aired. Anybody here still hearing that tune? 🙂
  2. IMO, Gillian Anderson has got Margaret Thatcher down so well, that I'm probably going to have to watch some X-files as a palate cleanser to get her portrayal out of my mind (not a Thatcher fan). Diana didn't even look 18 at times, and it's just very creepy to think of a 30 something man taking an interest in her because he needs to marry somebody without a 'past'.
  3. Yes, I have legit access to UK tv so I do know all about it and what they’re allowed broadcast after the watershed. I still think that Alex wasn’t expecting so many of those words to be used. The family friendly version broadcast on Sunday is going to be just one long continuous beep.
  4. “Say as many words of four letters as you can” I really don’t think they thought that through properly! And well done to for using plurals as well!
  5. https://www.q102.ie/news/buzz/derry-girls-star-siobhan-mcsweeney-to-host-news-series-of-popular-reality-tv-show/?fbclid=IwAR23L27geTwsXhxS51axFaHv8A2DuFEHRWdn7s6bpHcPFBMKP4peYY8hEoM Siobhan McSweeney (Sister Michael from Derry Girls) is taking over from Melanie Sykes. It’s almost a pity she won’t be hosting as her character!
  6. Go for it. Having extra freezer space is always useful and if circumstances change sufficiently that you don’t need it, you can just empty it and unplug it. @StatisticalOutlier I started keeping an inventory of what was in my fridge/larder back when my country first went into lockdown. Because I was only going out once a week for groceries, I didn’t want to end up overstocking on things that would be out of date before I could use them. So I now have a spreadsheet (split by what’s in the fridge/freezer/cupboard) and sorted by date so that I know when something I bought say six months ago needs to be used up.
  7. Poor Linda, it just really wasn’t her week, was it? I think she’d have gotten away with making samosas rather than pasties if her other two challenges hadn’t gone so badly. Was it a lack of flour they said was the problem with her eclairs? At least as far as technicals go, pretty near everyone would likely have known what an eclair was supposed to look like.
  8. @Clanstarling I’m pretty sure that after the baked Alaska fiasco that each contestant has an individual fridge and freezer to work with.
  9. The Christmas specials always belong to the season that follows. i.e. the beginning of season 9. BBC usually air the Christmas special on or around Christmas and the next season starts a few weeks later in January.
  10. Bagels are as Irish as St. Patty's day. That is to say, not at all because it's Patrick's or Paddy's, not Patty's.
  11. My Digiguide listings are showing the new series starting on Channel 4 on Thursday the 15th October.
  12. I don't think they showed that on the Channel 4 broadcast either.
  13. It depends on the show. There’s a number of shows that air/aired on Netflix Ireland within a day or two of their USA network premiere. (Star Trek Discovery, The Good Place etc). If a UKshow is popular, there’s no reason they couldn’t have a similar arrangement in place.
  14. To celebrate 25 years of Father Ted, An Post (the Irish postal service) is issuing commemorative stamps. https://www.thejournal.ie/an-post-father-ted-stamps-5188271-Aug2020/?utm_source=shortlink
  15. Was she actually his mother though? I seem to remember (although my memory might be based on the novelizations) that Serina wasn't actually Boxey's mother, but that she found him on his own after the Cylon attack and helped get him a spot on the evacuation ships.
  16. Tookie to Hoffman “nobody wants to see you skinny dip” I beg to differ. 😜
  17. I was wondering about the significance of the combination to Coulson’s briefcase and then I realised this was the 136th episode. Nice!
  18. I loathed her character in Torchwood so much that it took a while for me to be able to watch EM in anything else, but the trailers looked good so I watched it when it aired in the UK and I'm really glad that I gave it a chance. There didn't seem to be an awful lot of publicity around it that I noticed. And they aired two eps a week on Alibi, so it felt like they were trying to get it out of the way. Hopefully though there'll be second season.
  19. I'm not sure what they gave me as a mouthwash, but I was warned that it would taste like a swimming pool. (it did, but it wasn't actually unpleasant)
  20. Ceindreadh


    And Produnova was competing with a broken foot as well.
  21. Whatever Five said, it was in Ancient Greek. (No I don’t know what Greek sounds like, but that’s what the subtitle said)
  22. You're assuming that the bodies were ever found. I presumed that the mat was a convenient way to wrap a body for transport and ensure no nasty blood stains get left behind in transit.
  23. All this speculation about the significance of their numbers. I just presumed that they were numbered in the order in which Hargreaves located/adopted them. So he found Luthor first and Vanya last.
  24. Not only did they have kilts before, but IIRC, Patrick actually wore one in the episode.
  25. It’s all very well saying you’re not on social media, but what about your friends and family who are busily sharing photos which include you in them. (somehow Sapphire and Steel’s warning about destroying all photos and never letting another one be taken seems oddly prescient)
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