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    S02.E12: Sanctuary

    Bortus only knew that Klyden had been born female because Klyden told him. Klyden himself didn’t know until he was an adult and a doctor told him. It seems to me now that one of the arguments the Moclans used in favour of the gender reassignment policy has now been negated. They’d claimed that Topa, as the only female in a generation, would be isolated and an outcast without the surgery. But now it’s clear that there’s considerably more female births than previously claimed, so while females may still be a minority, they certainly wouldn’t be as isolated as the Moclan government made them out to be. If news of the sanctuary was publicized on the Moclan home world, I wonder how many parents would be pissed off that they’d agreed to the surgery under false pretenses.
  2. Ceindreadh

    Killing Eve

    His mother had denentia and was prone to wandering the streets at night. That’s why there were all the locks on the doors and windows. It was to keep her safe rather than as a prisoner. Yes he was a creep and was likely going to keep V against her will, but the locks were likely a necessity.
  3. Ceindreadh

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Does it have to be a unanimous verdict for guilty or do they accept a majority vote? If they can’t get a unanimous decision does that mean they’re acquitted or just have a mistrial?
  4. Ceindreadh

    S02.E12: Sanctuary

    It may have been irresponsible of Bortus to put his child in the position of having to lie to his other parent, but Bortus was trying to teach Topa an important lesson. Of course if Topa had kept his mouth shut it would have been a very short episode.
  5. Ceindreadh

    S06.E12: Casecation

    Did I miss it or did they ever finish their top 5 countdown?
  6. Ceindreadh

    What We Do In The Shadows

    I’ve seen some of the IT crowd but I first saw him in Toast of London
  7. Ceindreadh

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    I’m not sure that’s a guarantee one way or the other. The episodes are probably being filmed now because Mac and Harm are in them and it’s probably easier to film all their episodes in one block rather than bringing them back after the hiatus. If the show didn’t get renewed they’d probably just air those two eps at the end of this season to tie up that storyline.
  8. Ceindreadh

    S08.E02: Episode 2

    One of my great-aunts lived alone until her late 80s. She’d get her pension in cash every week and spend what she needed. Any notes left over, she’d secrete around the house. When she finally left and my parents were clearing out the house, they found a few hundred pounds hidden among her belongings. I can well believe that a little old lady accumulated that much cash and kept it handy in a book!
  9. Ceindreadh

    S08.E02: Episode 2

    IIRC from the original BBC UK broadcast, I think that the first we knew of the will was after the woman had died. It could be that part of the process of admitting her to the care home involved getting all paperwork up to date, including wills. But we didn’t see it on screen.
  10. Ceindreadh

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Aren’t a lot of the defendants going to be in trouble with the IRS as a separate issue, if they claimed for tax deductions in relation to some of the ‘bribes’? With interest and penalties, they could well have a tidy sum to pay.
  11. Ceindreadh

    Midwives and nuns in other roles

    The 'Dentist' song from Little shop of horrors showed up on my recommended videos on YouTube. Naturally I watched it (and sang along) and then noticed Miriam Margolyes was the dentist's assistant who got smacked in the face with a door!
  12. Ceindreadh

    What We Do In The Shadows

    Matt Berry has such a wonderful acting voice. I’d watch him read his way through a phone book!
  13. Ceindreadh

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    No, they showed him with the comment that he’d made a left and a right sleeve. I think they mixed up the order a bit. Usually they show them in the order they left the sewing bee or bake off, but they showed Alexei nearer the end than he should have been.
  14. Ceindreadh

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    They’re already looking for contestants for next series, so presumably it’s been renewed for at least another year.
  15. Somebody must have been informed because I doubt Big Narstie carries chunks of meat with him on the off chance he needs to make a pie! So obviously whoever packs the ingredients for the technical would have known to give him beef rather than pork
  16. Whatever your feelings about Big Narstie, I think it was a bit unfair to make the technical challenge use pork if it’s against his religion to use it. Kind of made it pretty obvious which effort his was going to be (even if he had followed the rest of the brief). At the end of the day though, this is all being done for charity. And his inclusion probably got a bunch of viewers who might not necessarily have tuned in otherwise and that’s the whole point of the specials.
  17. Ceindreadh

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    The problem isn't so much that cigarettes couldn't harm them physically as that the lack of cigarettes could harm them once they'd gotten addicted. We saw how both Bortus and Klyden were acting after only a few days of exposure and Dr. Finn said that it'd only get worse.
  18. Ceindreadh

    S7 E12: Make This Right

    The other ambulance driver did say he'd filed the paperwork. Personally I think that Boden knew about the dent, knew that the women were fixing it for some reason, but just saw no reason to interfere as long as it wasn't affecting their other duties.
  19. Ceindreadh

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Burnham had no rank when she was originally assigned to billet with Tilly. As they’re now friends, perhaps Burnham just didn’t want to request a move.
  20. Ceindreadh

    S02.E08: If Memory Serves

    Maybe Vina just got bored and asked them to give her a new look 😉
  21. Ceindreadh

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    @ElectricBoogaloo IIRC, Mercedes had picked a shirt as well as the duvet - only to realise partway through it was a blouse. She did get away with that though. Janet’s transformation challenge garment was reversible as well which I think pushed her up to first place because of the extra difficulty. And it was waterproof when reversed. Leah’s transformation challenge, yes she did make her task easier by choosing to make a smaller garment, but the judges could have specified an adult garment if they’d wanted to, so she just took advantage of the openness of the challenge. (Personally I wouldn’t even have known where to start with such an open challenge!) I liked Ricardo’s dress. A shame he didn’t get garment of the week, but Juliet’s was outstanding. Did they mention where she’d sourced the blue lining though. It didn’t look repurposed. Not really surprised that Mercedes left. I think she’d been on borrowed time for a few weeks now. A part of me hopes that Jen wins, simply because she seems to add pockets to everything! They did do the using curtains for dresses as part of a transformation challenge a few seasons back during a Sound of Music themed ep. Interesting to see what they could do given time to plan. Surprised that nobody used tablecloths in the made to measure. I have a nice set of curtains that a friend made me from some tablecloths a few years back.
  22. To be fair though, Sybok was IIRC, much older than Spock and didn’t seem to have been raised with him. Michael on the other hand was his foster sister for a good chunk of time when he was a child so it makes less sense that she wouldn’t have been brought up in conversation. Then again, I don’t think that Spock mentioned that his father was the Vulcan ambassador until after he showed up in TOS. So maybe he is just that circumspect when it comes to his family.
  23. Ceindreadh

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    Agreed. I mean, they do a sketch where Idris Elba's clothes are getting all ripped up and we don't get to see any skin? Shame on them! 😉
  24. Ceindreadh

    S02.E10: Blood of Patriots

    Perhaps Talla’s ‘boarding protocols’ should be extended to all visitors and not just the ones they want to stall! i loved the “have you met a Selayan before?” (Thud) “you have now” exchange.
  25. Ceindreadh

    S02.E14: Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

    That cat isn't having the best of luck with its owners!