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  1. I'm really surprised so many people are thinking this season was somehow staged. It is very comparable to other seasons in that what might look to us, the audience like some miraculous discovery was actually the product of some poor shlub editing thousands of hours of BORING BORING BULLSHIT into something that might be entertaining. So there's that. Now, add in obvious starvation and all the weird tricks that can play on your mind and viola, you suddenly have grown men CHASING grizzle bears knowing they are forbidden to hunt the thing anyway. You have grown women eating something obviously ROT
  2. I agree iMonrey. Compare this season to season 3. Season 3 was a joy to watch, even though people on that season also ended up starving, on the way to starvation so much creativity was unleashed, so much beauty was appreciated, so many emotions were freely expressed it was almost spiritual just watching it on tv! This season is just harsh, gross, unpleasant and not uplifting.
  3. Colter is absolutely disgusting to look at, I imagine he smells like a bear and that's why no bears are around him any more. He did take that one skinny dip back in episode 1 or 2 but otherwise, he just seems to be reveling in his grossness. "Bathing" has been something highlighted in previous seasons. For instance, in season 5 (I think), they had teams. One of the teams was an opposite sex married couple who made a point of describing n camera one of their items was a big bar of soap. Theresa....is a fool. That first fish she found, probably ok if she cooked the hell out of it. That seco
  4. Back in the early seasons, the first episode was always devoted to showing sort of all the prep that happens before the show really starts. They would show the "boot camp" where all the contestants (and I think "second string" contestants in case any of the "primary" cast failed during boot camp) demonstrated their various skills as well as got educated about the area they were in as well as various regulations, etc. They would go into pretty good detail showing that the production staff was scouting the area months before show time, picking all the "roughly equal" camp spots, ensuring they we
  5. geophagy -- the eating of earth
  6. So the bear situation is getting even worse, even more dangerous. Rose is so lucky that grizzle bear (hat tip Biko) decided she wasn't worth the effort. That was utterly terrifying for me, safe at home in my recliner! I can not imagine how awful it would be to be in that situation for real. Theresa getting lost was like Greg getting lost in season 3 and Ive often wondered about that. How do these people manage to NOT get lost without a compass? That is something I would not be able to deal with, I get lost walking around the block. Theresa deciding to swim that raft out there might've bee
  7. At this rate, I wonder if anyone will even make it to the 45 day mark? Just because Clay managed to kill a deer does not mean he will be able to KEEP all that meat, the "grizzle bears" (hat tip Biko) will destroy anything between them and whatever the heck they want, especially meat.
  8. Why did Nate wait so long to build a fishing rod? Why did he wait so long to build a fish net? Why are the hunting and fishing regulations so strict in this gods forsaken hell hole? (No gill nets?!?!?!?!? That explains all the fish traps) Speaking of fish traps, Colton's trap looked like a work of art. Speaking of art, Theresa's shelter is very nice, Im glad she sorted out the fireplace situation but Im getting really stressed out wondering about her food situation, we've not seen her do anything food related. Speaking of food, I feel really bad for all those tiny, juvenile fish they keep catc
  9. Only last season was "100 days = $1,000,000", every other season has been $500,000 for whomever stays the longest.
  10. Dreadlock guy REALLY has an inferiority complex! I was sitting here watching the show when all of a sudden, he's ranting about how the audience (me) is judging him. Dude, Im not judging you or anyone else on this show, at least not until the season is over and I see how everything played out. I would want to leave if the ground erupted with hornets as well! I didn't see anything he was doing as "a failure", he was struggling as much as anyone is in this shitty place they've dropped everyone. I hate this season, TPTB really went out of their way to pick the absolute worst, absolutely most beaut
  11. diebartdie

    S02.E18: Power

    OK, this season was a MESS but we all pretty much expected it to be, right? I suppose TPTB could have done something really cool like, recast Kate + keep Javicia as Ryan but have Ryan be Nightwing. Let Kate angst over being so rich and out of touch with the common people while Ryan gets to be the gritty, woman of the streets, saving lives and opening minds to the oppression all around all of us. That actually might've worked but instead we got what we got. I'm really torn because I freeking LOVE Ryan's Batwoman and love what SHE represents and I love the "found family" aspect but hell, I
  12. Fowler also was walking the equivalent of up an 8 story building several times per day in order to build his shelter so no, he wasn't lugging heavy timber or giant rocks, but still, his shelter was elaborate and beautiful. Crafty people tend to last the longest, the greater the creativity one has, the greater the likelihood one can think one's way out of a bear filled problem. Boring, fat slug men also tend to last a long time, moldering in their "shelters" being boring. Give me Callie in Patagonia or Fowler or Roland or anyone who goes out there and shows ingenuity, shows creativity, op
  13. Fowler in season 3 (?) had a beautiful woven shelter that was incredible, he won. Roland expended a buttload of calories building rockhouse, he won.
  14. diebartdie

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    He wasn't drunk, he was full. was very full.
  15. Sara is Sara, Mick said as much. Y'all are acting like this big, dumb, lovable show is suddenly NOT dumb? Like it suddenly has well thought out, intricate plot line that make sense? Come ON, this is THE LEGENDS and it is dumb and Beebo be praised for it! Sara is Sara, just love her and move on with the story.
  16. Looks to me the only way any of them would get saved from a grizzly attack would be if a mountain lion happened to also be nearby and the mountain lion pounced on the participant first. Another way a participant would be saved from the grizzly attack would be if another grizzly happened along at the same time and it decided to attack the first grizzly. Another way a participant would be saved from a grizzly attack would be if a sudden avalanche happened and it swept either the bear or the participant out into the water. Finally, I think the producers of the show would be able to save a partici
  17. They are not letting him or anyone else do that. All contestants are required to wear the provided emergency flotation device (life vest when they do things like go out on a weird boat like that. The only one I can remember not doing that was Mitch back in season 1, but that was season 1 and many lessons were learned) and carry the emergency phone (at all times). https://elementbushcraft.com/alone-survival-gear-list-and-prohibited-items/
  18. People like to believe being obese will help them survive longer on this show but that's not really how human bodies work. A person would do far better if they chose to survive for a year as if they were on Alone BEFORE they ever even audition for the show (and maintain that lifestyle in the lead up to the actual filming). That way, your body would be used to draining every bit of nutrition from every morsel of food you ate. You would be much less likely to starve and more importantly, if you had conditioned yourself for such a harsh existence, when you were actually on the show and things did
  19. Foxes. They were not allowed to kill foxes while at Great Slave lake.
  20. Bilko even said he was "filtering all the grit" with his teeth! AND he mentioned wiggly things! Dude must believe his stomach can conquer all. Good luck Bilko, may the heavy metal gods protect you!
  21. Well to be fair, Biko was not piercing his nose, he already had a nose piercing, he was just shoving the bone through an already established piercing. I was far more disturbed by his drinking that nasty rain water. It wasn't the first time we've seen a contestant do that but it is such a stupid thing to do. ALWAYS boil your water!
  22. My god, I laughed and laughed! That was something no one under a certain age would get at all. Well, they might get the idea of someone's back going out like that but if you really know, that was just amazing. Also, do none of the people currently on the Waver rider know Mick is an accomplished novelist? A romance novelist at that, why wouldn't he have a strong vocabulary? Nate at least should've remembered that. Anyway, Im pretty sure Mick is thinking he's met his real life Garima (too bad she's probably Gary's wife)
  23. Agree to all this and want to add, seems like everyone would be on board with the idea of eating horses once they were no longer useful as a conveyance or as a pack animal. That's a lot of meat is what Im saying. Plus, the hide is extremely useful. Really all parts of the animal would be super useful. Whatever, these people live in a magical world where 20 years into the ZA there are still brightly colored clothes available in everyone's sizes down at the never looted mall. Also sturdy, machine made hiking boots. Even make up. Clothes on raggedy, decaying zombies stay intact forever, it's the
  24. Actually, I think the article was pretty clear as to why he left. #1 he remarked that he was "not a kid anymore", that clearly indicates he's less interested in such physically demanding work. #2 he remarked he was feeling antsy in the role, that clearly indicates he felt his creativity was not getting the type of workout it needs to stay fresh and vital. He was not willing to just keep getting that steady paycheck (unlike Melissa McCarthy and Norman Reedus or Lennie James). So basically, he was bored and feeling physically worn out. Good for him for valuing his creativity and physical we
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