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  1. Maybe Lizzie texted Ricky to race home from the bar for some fun and he said he had to talk to Jack and she said to just shoot him, so he did!
  2. I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweet kitty, @crazycatlady58! It is so hard to lose a pet. It is a kindness that they don't have to suffer when they are so ill. I know there is an emptiness in your home right now and I'm so sorry. May your memories bring you comfort. ❤️
  3. Wow! I was off of this site for a week and I missed a lot. @lookeyloo, I am so very sorry for your loss. Much love to you and your wonderful family in this very difficult time. I'm in IL too and the uptick in Covid cases here is truly alarming. Our discussion here brings to mind the part of the Stand where Molly Ringwald and her Dad are listening to Kathy Bates on her talk radio show and people are sharing their horror stories. Minus what happens to KB, of course. We're not at that point and we never will be! I'm not trying to be scary, it's just what comes to mind. I have to take my Mom to the doc for a regular appt. the week of Thanksgiving. I suspect it may be cancelled. We usually do T-day at my daughter's home in town here. It's a large group and includes my 90 yo Mom. We all agreed to cancel this year. We are on our own, with maybe a zoom visit. I found a small oak table at the curb when I was on a walk and Mr. BB has refinished it. We never eat in the kitchen - it's not big enough, so it's the dining room or the couch for us. But this year we thought we'd sit at the new to us table in the kitchen to eat. We probably won't bother with turkey, but will either have steak or roast chicken, because why not? These little attempts to console ourselves during these hard times, are helpful imo. I wish peace and good health to every Small Talker. Sharing really does help. ❤️
  4. Back in the day on the Deadwood forum, we used to call them whore baths! At least that was where I first heard that term.
  5. That reminds me. We watched Lark Rise to Candleford, based on the recommendations here and finished all seasons. It was lovely! Now we have BritBox and are watching the very old series, All Creatures Great & Small, which I must have watched in the 70s, but I barely remember it, so it's like new for me. I read all of Herriot's books too, but that was a very long time ago. I'm kind of a sucker for dog books, including A Dog's Purpose. Recently the latest book of W. Bruce Cameron's came out and I'm saving it to read on election day. Happy Sunday & Happy November as well to all Small Talkers. My positive for today is that I have been managing to stay in my points (on WW) for a full week....after months of doing not so well. I have been staying away from candy, which is not easy during Halloween!
  6. Hmmm. What could I possibly get JillR for her "upcoming birthday on election day"? 🤔
  7. It's bad enough to share food like that popcorn in non-pandemic times. Everyone reaching in with their probably unwashed hands - ugh! But right now? So dumb.
  8. I hope Titus has an actual job. He's nice looking. They're a cute couple.
  9. Re the video, I can't stand the simpering way the girls have to respond when the best Mama in the world turns her camera on them. And that ridiculous walk through the empty restaurant - JillR is such an annoying person!
  10. I have missed several days of posts and there has been a lot going on! Hugs to you, @lookeyloo - I'll keep your family and sweet son in my prayers. ❤️
  11. My Sunday good news is that I saw a couple of the women from my ladies group today! Distanced, masked and outdoors on this beautiful day! I got to see a couple of lambs too. I had a lovely walk and ....what else? Oh! We've been enjoying Lark Rise to Candleford, thanks to the suggestion of some lovely small talkers here 😊 (also the Bears won!)
  12. Does Jill ever tell "Bud" in person how much she loves him? Or does love only count when it's on social media for all the world to see.
  13. Jill's children struggle daily to please "Momma". Thus, NotNurie will of course make a judgmental comment that she knows will please the everlastingly judgmental Jill. The girl will not have a thought of her own until she is married and even then her thoughts will be those of her husband. I feel so hopeless for those poor, underfed children! And it seems the boys are even worse off than the girls 😞
  14. Surrounded by skeletons that look like my children! ETA: My joke may fall flat due to the fact that drafan's hilarious comment about the scarecrow looking just like Jill not showing up easily. Oh, well!
  15. I become very spacey when my eyes are dilated. Nevertheless, I went alone to my recent appointment. Did I say recent? It was 4 WEEKS AGO! And I'm still waiting for my glasses, which were to have been ready in 7-10 days. I called 10 days ago and was told that my lenses are ready, but unfortunately the frames broke when they put them in, so new frames had to be ordered. No one bothered to call me and tell me. Meanwhile my husband, whose appointment was days after mine, has his new glasses. I called again today and was told they would call me back. Guess what? No one has called. It will be a total pain in the butt to cancel and try to get my money back and take my prescription elsewhere. I"m really ticked off, especially since they cost a lot of money! ETA: Just called again and they were "just about to call me" - my glasses are in. I wonder how long they've had them? Anyway, I'll get them tomorrow. I sure hope they are fine and I can stop thinking about this!
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