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  1. @ChiCricket - I'm your friend! You've been a wonderful friend to me and I appreciate you and learn from you. @Lisa418722 I get the jealousy too and of course, we don't want anyone to get sick. It must be hard to listen to your mother complain so much. My mom is difficult to talk to. She'll ask a question and interrupt to talk about "her stuff" as I'm answering. That drives me crazy! @Christina87, I'm so glad you'll be having remote learning. It currently appears that all of my school age grands will be at least partially attending in person school and it terrifies me. 3 in a private school and 1 public. I hope those decisions change to remote learning. I do think that any school that opens will soon thereafter close due to outbreak, but that is not a cheering thought! If my local granddaughter does go to school, I don't think we'll visit anymore. We're always masked, but it seems too risky, especially when outdoor visiting is no longer an option. I hate the times we are living through, but I'm thankful to be alive!
  2. @Jynnan tonnix, you have family over! I hope you can take joy in that and let the other stuff go. Letting those thoughts rent space in our heads keeps us from enjoying the good things! Ask me how I know. I've lived in my head for much of my life!
  3. I've been hoping for a "morning after" video of Nurthan, like the one we got for Siah and Lauren. Remember how miserable she looked? Anyway, I don't think it's going to happen. These two don't seem to care much about SM, unlike the bestest Momma ever!
  4. My mother says all the time that "you kids" (most in our 60s) are going to have to deal with all of this when I'm gone. It's so unfair to do this to your kids and my husband and I have pared down our possessions a lot to avoid doing that to our kids. In other news, I got a new crown Wednesday and it already fell out yesterday. The dentist put it back on and said this has never happened to her before, but now I'm afraid to eat on that side. She said if it happens again she'll have a new one made with more "etching" to bond better to the remains of my tooth, (at no cost to me) but I'd rather it just stay put! I did not anticipate two visits to the dentist during a pandemic. I also have a get together scheduled for Saturday with a group of women friends I haven't seen in months. We are fewer than 10 and will be distanced outdoors. If I go, I'll keep an N95 mask on and sanitizer handy. I won't eat or drink anything I didn't bring. But it still makes me nervous! I'm in IL and while we've done well with cases going down, they are on the rise again. I also wonder if my 2 visits to the dentist (waiting in car to be checked in, temp taken, mask wearing except for the procedure) should be reason not to go for the sake of my friends' health.
  5. Maybe they were going to Starbucks for pedicures after the rehearsal.
  6. Jessa shared this because her boys were both obedient. I thought Henry looked like he'd like a nap!
  7. Jill claims that the devil is making people think or believe anything that doesn't praise her view of the world. Imagine the guilt she puts on those poor kids if they ever dare to think for themselves!
  8. We did the 5 step snowball thingy years ago and have never carried credit card debt since. We were so smart, we didn't pay a nickel for Ramsey's advice, lol. We weren't in much debt anyway, but it makes sense to mainain a good credit score and to have money saved and accessible for emergencies. I don't care for his personal beliefs. I've listened to him talk and he's a smug know-it-all, imo.
  9. The fact that it's spelled correctly indicates he may have had some help!
  10. Does Jill need a pantry? The Rodriguii are not known for keeping a lot of food on hand!
  11. I think they don't plan to distance or mask and she doesn't want to be called out for it. Maybe she can then edit the video to cut out the most blatant failures to be safe? Of course she can and will turn off comments, so maybe I'm wrong.
  12. @Mindthinkr, I'm so sorry to hear this 😟 I hope everyone stays healthy. Maybe you could order some good books or something to cheer them up?
  13. @Jynnan tonnix - I can relate to what you're saying about not loving a lot of people. I get along with people and I don't mind being around them for chit chat, but my husband and I don't have a lot of close friends I love my sibs and my Mom, though I think I might have fit better into a smaller family. My younger sister is my best friend. I think it's great that you have a rebellious nature! We don't have to love activities that our parents want us to love and the best part of being grown ups is getting to do what we want! I have fingers crossed that the situation goes well for your son. It would be foolish for the Navy to let him go when he is clearly a wonderful asset. Please keep us posted on the outcome!
  14. All of this sharing about less than perfect families makes me feel that I have kindred spirits here! When people go on and on about how loved they are by their parents, on SM and IRL, I sometimes feel a bit less than. I was not beaten, but my parents were in their own world and had more children than they could handle. It was years before I realized that the problems were theirs and it wasn't that I was unlovable. My Dad has been gone for 30 years, but my Mom is much easier to talk to these days, as long as we all gloss over the problems. 😞 For me, making my own adult life with my husband and children (and now grandchildren), has been a second chance at a normal life. We weren't perfect parents, but we did far better than my folks did. Our kids are wonderful people. ETA: Husband and children are not necessary for making a normal life. That's just my experience!
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