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  1. Happy belated birthday, Christina. Hope you feel better soon!
  2. To be fair, I'm not sure I trust the source of that story but from what I read, the little guy was found in Jinger's care. I think they had a lot of eyes on their kids, maybe too many and someone thought it was okay to take command of him. It was probably terrifying for Anna (and Josh was probably oblivious), but these things happen. It's hard to stick together in a big group in a place like that.
  3. I have 2 dedicated guest rooms for my frequently visiting kids and grandkids. Make them comfortable and they will come! It works for us 😊
  4. That seems like normal naughtiness for kids that age. I wouldn't be too alarmed by it. Our neighbor's daughter made the "choice" to write her name on their car door with a piece of gravel.
  5. We just moved to the middle of nowhere, so I really need to get back to listening to books while driving! @Jeeves, I have an old iPod Touch too, filled with podcasts for when I'm exercising or hitting the hay. I'm going to try ebooks from the library. I too, used to worry that the tape on my bright yellow Walkman would fail at a crucial point in the story! It is amazing how technology has advanced!
  6. Audio books seem like a valid way to learn or to absorb a story. After all, that is the original way humans learned prior to the written word. I used to listen to books on tape and it was nice to be able to keep busy while reading. I've been meaning to try Audible again, but I'm afraid that hearing stories will put me to sleep. After all, I use podcasts to fall asleep and often can't remember a word of what I've heard. Come to think of it, reading a book often induces me to nap!
  7. I don't know - I think Lauren will have an arch of white balloons in memory of dear Asa, their first child. The one with whom their little girl will always be compared. 😭
  8. I think Anna has accepted her lot in life. I believe she welcomes the sex pest so that she can have another baby, because she's baby crazy. But she seems like a good Mom. She probably closes her eyes and thinks of the sweet smell of her next baby when doing Legos with Josh-u-ah. And I think Josh goes along with the many kids he doesn't really want because it pleases his parents and his wife (in that order).
  9. "Can you throw them over your shoulder like a Continental Soldier?" Stuck in my head too!
  10. How many days am I "at", Jill? That would be 15,256 days....so quit trying to tell me anything about marriage. I'm not impressed that you are "still in love" - not at all!
  11. I think this is accurate. Her hair is so long that she probably gets many comments on it and considers them to be compliments. Maybe Derdick loves the length of it and she wants to please her "headship".
  12. Yes, it is and by having her holding pumpkins, we're not subjected to womb cradling!
  13. I'm celebrating the fact that there was no hashtag referring to Asa.
  14. I like true crime! Shows and podcasts.
  15. I sped through the ridiculously long video, which may be why I was less annoyed than those who saw it through from beginning to end. It looks like a nice zoo and Jill seemed to be saying normal informative things (that she read off the signs). I'm sure there was a lot of "Yay!" and "Are you having fun?" There always is, but this did look like a fun day for the boys. And no sign of #bestpapaever, so I guess she got there on her own (or maybe her "sweet friend" drove.
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