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  1. My reaction to the Pfizer vaccine was like yours, Cinnabon - no reaction at all! I have started getting my shots on my right arm. I can only side sleep on my left side due to a previous frozen shoulder, but other than a brief period of soreness at the site, I was pleased to have no reaction. My sister is in the hospital with pneumonia and a uti. She is frail due to having had cancer with chemo & radiation a few years ago. She seemed well when we visited her a couple of weeks ago. She also had a recent CT scan for a spot on her lung. Her doc thinks it's from Covid, which she got when
  2. Parents pay someone to get extra pics of their kid in a high school yearbook? That's bizarre!
  3. @SunnyBeBe, thanks for sharing that beautiful Bread song. I've played it twice, thinking of loved ones I've lost. I think the songrwriter wrote it about his father, but it could apply to anyone you love. I love Bread too! @ChiCricket, I would definitely get a booster. I don't have any underlying conditions, but I will be going for a flu shot one of these days soon, so maybe that will happen for me too. I'm glad it worked out for you 😊
  4. Sometimes I wonder if Anna is aware that she has any options and maybe she doesn't really have options. It doesn't appear that her parents are offering refuge. And it's not impossible that any contact with her from outside the compound is screened. JBoob and Mechelle surely want her to stay "with" Josh, looking very loyal to him at least until after the trial. She has no marketable skills and no desire to work outside the home. If he ends up in prison, she and her brood will just be a burden to them and a drain on finances. Whatever happens to her, I don't envy her life. At all.
  5. This would give Jill a reason to wear a wedding dress to her daughter's wedding!
  6. An old co-worker with whom I was FB friends commented snarkily on my niece's comment on my updated profile pic today, asking my niece to explain how an unvaccinated person can infect a vaccinated person. Now, I don't want any dramatics on my FB page at all, so I didn't ask for any of that. But I was shocked that this woman, a dental hygienist, is so ignorant of how vaccines work! She never likes or comments on anything I post, but there she was diving in on my page, going after a stranger. I unfriended her because we're not really friends anyway. I also went to my settings and made my page mo
  7. The first time I was called to jury duty, I got on an interesting criminal trial. Because I now have a family member who is incarcerated, I no longer get selected to serve. But I still get called, once even to Federal Court. I consider it a privilege to serve and a fascinating learning experience.
  8. I just had a follow request on instagram from some bozo who described himself as a "Surgery Doctor" - made me think of JillR!
  9. This made me remember an experience I had with an opossum many years ago. There was one lying dead in our driveway. I don't like dealing with critters dead or alive, but I couldn't let my dogs out until it was gone, so I went outside to shovel it up. It appeared to have been hit by a car and crawled up our driveway to die. I stood there with a garbage bag and a shovel kind of screaming and moaning at the unpleasant task. My next door neighbor came out to help me. I told her, "You are too kind. I try to be a good person, but I doubt that I would help you if the situation were reversed!" She lau
  10. The more I learn about Jinger & Jeremy, the more I long for an eyeroll reaction button here. And on instagram too. Those two are just so ridiculous!
  11. @CalicoKitty - how kind of you to listen to that poor mother. I'm sorry about the accident, but I'm glad that you two connected. I'm sure it meant a lot to her.
  12. Michelle was actually holding a grandchild in one of the instagram photos. I guess her missing back muscle has grown back!
  13. I can't believe that Katey took her test IN the Walmart bathroom and posted a video admitting it! What a bizarre couple they are! Katey is a boring story teller too. These two probably deserve each other. That video was Duggar craptastic.
  14. Most of the Duggars are probably more upset about the loss of revenue than anything else.
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