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  1. I agree! I hate to be shallow, but all the money she spends on make-up could have gone for him to get his teeth bonded and his ears pinned. He would look much better and maybe he wouldn't eat his feelings, aka eating his kids' food!
  2. Is that top picture on the quilt, Rick Dillard? It looks like a red haired woman to me!
  3. What is wrong with people? I'm sure your haircut is lovely, galaxychaser!
  4. Abbie looks good too. Looks like the delivery went just fine.
  5. She looks like Josie! Those Duggar genes.
  6. Happy Birthday, SunnyBeBe! Glad you are having a nice day despite the rain. Re the topic of books, I started last year keeping a journal of the books I read and this year I received an official journal to keep. So far I've read 2 books this year. I think if I was having trouble getting back into reading, I'd get a free month of audible and see if that helped! I've been thinking of getting audible anyway. FrenchToast, I'm on board with those who think you handled the situation correctly. It really doesn't sound like you know enough to intervene.
  7. Maybe they are backing off of social media and will be relying on the USPS? That sounds like a good decision to me. Or not! - not if she was tweeting yesterday
  8. I use podcasts to fall asleep too, Jynnan Tonnix! And while I'm working out, often the same one I fell asleep to the night before! There are so many good podcasts out there. There are even some meant to help you fall asleep. Christmas is all put away here and the house looks dark, just as I expected. And less cluttered! I really enjoy having all the lights around and it takes some getting used to when they are gone. But if they were always around, I guess they wouldn't be special. I joined a book club and the first book I read was fantastic, but I had to miss the meeting. This one is just tedious to me. It's the Woman Warrior and it got great reviews when it came out in the 70s. It's just not my cup of tea. Fortunately, it's not very long. I received a book journal for Christmas and the first one of the year will not get glowing reviews from me, lol. I hope the next one is better!
  9. That's a cute pic of the 2 Dillard families!
  10. Well, I went to the gym and now I'm about to take a nap. Looks like 2020 will be a lot like 2019 for me, lol.
  11. Happy New Year from a small talker who was sleeping at midnight! 🎆 Peace, health and happiness to everyone in the new year!
  12. We haven't heard from Derick for several days. I predict that when we do, he will say that we all misunderstood his tweets. This is what he does - posts tantalizing (usually vague) things that are likely to bring attention to him. Then he backs off and claims to have meant something different or that he never said such and such. It's nice to think that he's standing his ground against JB, but he usually deflects his criticism to TLC. I take everything he writes with a grain of salt. If he ever writes that book, it will be a convoluted mess. Thank you for the link, Ginger90. Alice certainly did have the scoop on Josh.
  13. I haven't watched the video since it first aired until today, and I was struck by a couple of things. One is that the girls repeatedly stated how well their parents handled the situation and claimed that the children and family services people complimented them on how beautifully they'd handled it. What bull! That sounded completely scripted by their idiot parents. The other thing was a comment by Jessa I think, about how even the girls who were awake (during the molestation) were unaware of what was happening to them. What does that even mean?! Are they saying that because they were naive about sex that they didn't recognize Josh's "sly" touch as being wrong? I don't believe that. I think that this estrangement from her wack-a-doodle family is the best thing that's ever happened to Jill. These people are awful.
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