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  1. Was your dad Cool Hand Luke, OhioPirate02? I kid!
  2. I love this idea, ChiCricket! You have come up with a perfect solution! I find the Zoom meetings with all the grands to be too chaotic. I'm going to try this and let you know how it works out!
  3. Happy Birthday @Rabbittron! And best of luck on the new home! I'm so glad I quit coloring my hair several years ago. It's longish, so I can wing it, especially since I don't see anyone really. My local ladies group wants to get together for coffee outdoors today. I'm debating. My state is on track for that sort of thing starting today. But I'm nervous. Can't drink coffee while wearing a mask. I may just walk by and say a quick hello. I keep hearing about viral loads and long conversations. These decisions are hard to make.
  4. I agree. I miss my gym so much and I had already paid for this year's membership. I'm considering it a donation, since it's part of my park district and I want it to stay open. I will think long and carefully before I go there again, though. I live in a state that is abiding quite well by the original CDC guidelines, so my gym remains closed anyway.
  5. Happy Birthday, ChiCricket! Your kids were very thoughtful to celebrate you in that way. I love marigolds and home grown tomatoes - and a chicken sandwich is perfect too!
  6. I've been married for 42 years, so obviously I don't know as much about marriage as Jeremy Vuolo. But I do know better than to start a discussion when we're both ready to go to sleep!
  7. Jill needs a 3rd option - "I don't care."
  8. Clearly you are well loved, @ChiCricket! I hope you are feeling better!
  9. My state is still under sheltering in orders and we are complying. Masks when out in public have been added to the order. We finally saw another person wearing a mask on our walk yesterday. Most people in my neighborhood are social distancing when walking or chatting. We're going to continue to order groceries online and pick up curbside. I understand the urge to be with loved ones. I feel it too, but I don't feel safe yet doing that. I understand that this may go on for up to two years. That's heartbreaking! Today our twin granddaughters turn one. How I would love to be there! But it will be an online celebration. A friend of mine told me yesterday that they went to drop off birthday gifts for their 3 year old granddaughter, who cried because Grandma couldn't (and to her 3 year old brain, wouldn't) pick her up. She's just too young to understand! My friend also told me that there is a Covid case in the very nice assisted living home where her father lives. Terrifying!
  10. Wow! I didn't come here for a couple of days and just posted about a dozen 😞 reactions! I'm sorry so many are struggling and sad to think of women/children stuck home with their abusers. As for school, at least in our state, I think it's good that we've continued with e-learning. Teachers get paid and schools get their funding if most students are "present" and that will be very needed, because no doubt there will be remedial learning when school starts up. I don't think it will start (or continue) this fall because of the expected next wave. Speaking of chromebooks (mentioned upthread), I got one for my birthday - early gift because my b'day isn't for several days. I'm trying to get used to the shortcuts, slightly different keyboard. These things take time, especially at my age. Hint: I now qualify for Medicare! Anyway, it's nice to have a working mouse pad. Mine had quit on my pc and the workarounds were interesting. I lost 40 lbs last year on Weight Watcher's and I've gained back 20! I've stayed active, getting 10K steps a day and doing my yoga/stretch routine daily, but I admit that I miss the gym and my weight training. I'm not gaining anymore, but I must get serious about losing again, though I don't care to spend the money on WW, when I'm not following it! I know I'm eating too many carbs and sweets since the pandemic, so I'm going to try a man's way of losing and just cut back. That works easily for most men. Let's see if it works for me. My husband is a horrible influence when it comes to sweets! I must also use my free weights. Spring has sprung here and that is heartening, though I think we are in for a dull summer. Peace to all small talkers ❤️
  11. Probably far more than the Rodrigues kids eat!
  12. I think I'm currently adapted well enough to the quarantine. It's heart-breaking not to see my kids and grands, but I'm getting along ok with my husband...for now! I have a monthly book club to zoom with and a weekly women's group. Now the weekly group wants to zoom tomorrow and I'm kind of dreading it. It's hard for me because I'm new in town and they all know each other well, but I have trouble remembering their names! Although the thing about zoom is that people's names are right there, which is helpful. And I know I won't regret doing it. I'm afraid I'm becoming a recluse! Along with the rest of the world!
  13. I don't have the stomach for all the cruelty and violence this year. I think the show is fine, but this season was in the can before the world went to hell. I would normally binge, but I'm just not enjoying it. I'm not sure if I'll continue.
  14. Happy Earth Day Birthday, doodlebug and Ijustwantsomechips!! 🎂
  15. I have not worn my wedding ring (or a bra) since this started. And my FitBit is in my sock now.
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