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  1. We have to have Comcast Cable as part of our association dues. If they're tracking what we watch, they must be sorely disappointed. We stream everything and only watch tv for football and breaking news. They had a vote to see if we could drop the cable package (doesn't include internet, that's extra 🙄) and most of the geezers in our hood voted no. I'm a bit of a geezer myself, but I don't like to be told what I can do! I'd prefer to choose my provider. I'm having a good week. Beautiful orioles have been at my hummingbird feeder for days. The sad part is that they're keeping away the humm
  2. That's why I came here too. I'm not triggered and I'm sorry you are, @zoomama. I am however, sick of reading about it. It's awful and we won't really know anything new until the trial. I'm taking a break from that thread too. I do understand why it's fascinating and people are posting interesting thoughts, but it's just too much.
  3. Thanks @ginger90! My sister talked to Mom's local pharmacist yesterday and was told they could probably arrange an in home vaccine for her. That would be best, so I hope it works out! I think when it's our turn to take her to the doctor, we'll swap cars with my daughter, so Mom can get in/out of the vehicle more easily.
  4. Congrats on your new home, @Turquoise! Moving days are the hardest days, physically. It's such a wonderful feeling when the movers leave and you can begin life in your new home. Every box unpacked is an accomplishment. Enjoy! I appreciate all the kind and thoughtful input about my Mom. She doesn't have a UTI - that was what even she thought, but that's when she was diagnosed with the compressed discs. She probably would not take an anti-depressant, especially if it would preclude her from her nightly glass of wine. (she really does only have one and often doesn't finish it, but she looks
  5. Thank you all for the info re having up to 6 weeks between vaccines. Maybe I can get Mom in somewhere. It gives me some breathing room! My burned out sis is going away for 3 weeks and I want to take the burden of worry off of her while she's on vacation. I have a sis who lives 5 minutes from Mom, but she already does a lot and is crazy busy, so I'm going to take this on. Fingers crossed that I can find a place that will give her a 2nd vaccine! Though burned out sister has tried and not been successful. @Bewitched, I don't think any of her medications are necessarily making Mom depressed.
  6. I'm a little upset about my Mom. She canceled her 2nd vaccine at the last minute, stubbornly refusing to go. She has decided that the first shot is enough. She is almost past the 4 day window to get her 2nd Pfizer, so we'll probably have to start all over and try to get her a J&J, since she's only willing to do one. So, we'll still be masked around her and I will not be able to hug her on Mother's Day like I planned. 😔 She is also refusing to do her PT exercises and has a terrible time getting in and out of bed, though she was shown an easier way to do so by her home health PT. She's
  7. That link also mentioned shunning, which is what Jill has experienced from her family. They don't appear to have completely shunned her, but there are rules about her being at the TTH. None for Josh though, at least not yet. ATI really is a cult and all the children, especially female children, raised in it are victims of the cult, imo.
  8. As someone who has an incarcerated family member, I want to say that there's nothing abnormal about stating that you still love that person. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty wrong with the Duggar child rearing and Duggar beliefs. There's also plenty wrong with the way JB & Michelle handled the original incidents. But he is their child and it's not surprising that they still love him. I take from their statement and from Jinger & Jeremy's, that they are going to accept the results of this case. I think they realize that it's very serious and he will in all likelihood spend a long time
  9. @lookeyloo - I'll be thinking of you on Mother's Day. A day like that can be so sad after a terrible loss like the loss of Sweet Son. So sad for those whose mothers are gone too. So kind of you to reach out to DIL with love on that day. ❤️
  10. @louannems I'm sorry Mothers Day was like that for you for all of those years. I have a birthday that falls around MD. One year many years ago when my birthday fell on Mother's Day, we asked my MIL if we could see her on Sat. instead because we had plans for my BD. She said, "I don't care what BetyBee does on her birthday, but I expect to see my grandchildren on MD!" I never really forgave her for that one! It really is a Hallmark holiday, but it's nice to get and give special recognition to Moms. Host it @Marshmallow Mollie! Everyone will be so appreciative to get together after all thi
  11. @thehorseofpower, I loved your muscle memory story! Good for you! As for Mother's Day gifts, we usually give our daughters flowers on MD. This year they each get a rosebush. We usually give my Mom a hanging basket. She has a big front porch and a lot of kids who also give hanging baskets. She sits on her porch a lot, so it works out. I will also be giving her a hug for the first time in over a year, since we will both be vaccinated!
  12. Yes, that happened to me too.
  13. We've had 2 dogs make it to 12 yo. Our first dog came to us as an adult and we were never sure how old he was. We've also had 2 dogs die of cancer when they should have had years of life ahead of them. 😔 Our cat is 16, so he's winning the longest living pet at our house. It is so sad when they go, but I have to say that letting an elderly pet go is far preferable to having to let a young, sick one go. The saddest thing about dogs and cats is that they don't live as long as we'd like!
  14. @Jeanne222 your daughter sounds very stubborn. I wonder if just writing "thanks" was a big step for her with her temperament? Maybe you could look at it as a possibly positive step on her part. It doesn't sound like you are being especially close with SIL, just being civil, as you said. But she is taking that personally and is hurt by it. If she can be hurt by you, then she probably cares more than you think! You asked for input, so my 2 cents is that you should not remove her as a beneficiary. She'll always be your daughter and doing that would likely feel hurtful to her. It's not about the m
  15. I agree with this. I have known many people who were upside down on their mortgages, which can get you stuck in a house. We have owned 7 homes and we only lost money on one - the one we bought in 2006. We'd have stayed and ridden it out if my husband hadn't lost his job. We have also lived through times (we've been married 43 years) when you couldn't be out working in your yard without being harassed about selling to builders who were dying to knock down our sweet home and build a McMansion. That's the price you pay for living in a great neighborhood!
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