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  1. Ran into this one another few times over the weekend, it always makes me laugh: because it's so true to being a habitual planner in a relationship with someone who...isn't one.
  2. Reading that made me instantly nostalgic for '200 Dachshunds'.
  3. I haven't seen this one on tv yet, but: I have mixed feelings. One one hand, it's adorable and the sentiment is very true to life (I say this as an introvert whose office never shut down and whose boyfriend has been her bubble from day one, and it still rings true); on the other, maybe I like it so much because it's a representation of what I wish the 'end' of the pandemic would look like (EVERY restriction becomes unnecessary for EVERYONE at a specific and obvious time, and we're all too relieved to care about awkwardness, we just stampede for the door in delirious happi
  4. After the Shaggy clue it popped in my mind that especially in that green shirt, Brandon looks like he came to life. Now I can't unsee it,
  5. I agree about the rest of the team, but Lim was right that Claire being Claire, she'd be in more pain and guilt in the long run even if she wasn't truly responsible for saving him. She knows her well enough to know that. Mind you, I'd have preferred to see her convince him to get the surgery and then walk away anyhow. She can save his life because he's a human being and still not make him a part of hers. Lea, last week both of you were emotionally disconnected enough from 'the fetus' to be literally on the doorstep of getting an abortion. You were thinking in terms of 'is this the right t
  6. Between the category itself and the stray similar clues in Double Jeopardy, I don't think any of tonight's contestants have ever seen a mammal smaller than a goat.
  7. The latest one bugging me is the smart-watch user bragging that he can take an electrocardiogram 'without moving a muscle'. Um, whether you have to press a button/touchscreen or even if it's voice-activated, some muscle involvement is necessary. (Yes, I'm just picking nits because the smug tone of the commercial is annoying anyway, but.)
  8. I agree, but on the other hand it's hard not to be amused by the hypocrisy in the episode's narrative. One woman's looks are so obviously superior as to be stated as a casual fact, while the other's relegate her forever to the realm of cringe comedy...but plastic surgery is vapid stupidity because appearance never affects the way a person is treated!
  9. Yeah, wtf on the two big ethical conflicts. Andrew in particular never struck me as someone who would need fight a battle like this, much less betray his oath to do it - and with the transplant, they could have tried something like "For privacy reasons, I can't give you details on the recipient's crime, but it's more complicated than you think" (which would be true of course, we never really grasp the entirety of another person's life). Or have his daughter come in to tug on her heartstrings. You might like Person of Interest.
  10. The timeline is very weird. -Announcement Chastain will be closed -Interim period in which presumably all personnel would be looking for other employment (although few of the main cast seemed to have put thought into it before last week's episode) -Shutdown begins/continues though last episode -Announcement that Chastain will become a public hospital -Re-opening phase, crappy replacement equipment purchased, etc, two weeks pass -This episode: plastic surgeon (and many others who don't want to work for a public-hospital salary) leave Why did he or any of the others ever come
  11. Especially since it means Reznik was right that he just did the whole 'Oh, you thought I was asking you on a date' shuffle to save face when she shot him down (at the expense of making her the one who felt conflicted and foolish). If he had actual interest in her but was cool with being friends too, the time to say so was then - once - and then let it go.
  12. Emma9

    S05.E06: BluBallz

    And it seemed pretty clear he had a relationship with Lilith too. And Eve. Both of whom were married to Adam and the latter of whom was crushed on by Lilith's daughter Maze. And Chloe nearly married Adam and Eve's son. And don't forget Dan and Charlotte/Mum. I think that covers it. So far.
  13. After Wonderwall, I was looking forward to hearing Lesley sing again, so I was glad to like the second song much better than the first. Trixie and Maze are the best, full stop. Even though it didn't add up to much interaction between them, I loved finding out that the entire episode was a plot they'd cooked up together. My first exposure to her was as a one-off character in Supernatural, where she did a really amazing job (although I feel bad that even now I still mentally tag her as 'Roadkill-Girl'). And yes, loved her here too. Not surprising for me with this sh
  14. Don't forget Cain was about to do the same.
  15. Right?!? I wasn't sure whether he actually rode/worked with horses and had caught his flu directly from the source - even if the disease isn't supposed to be a zoonosis, it seems even less plausible that a different human also contracted it (or at least was a carrier) and then passed it to him - but if Black Beauty was the only 'racehorse' he could think of... I was surprised when 'Order of the Phoenix Suns' was ruled correct, when the pause came before that one I was expecting them to insist on the 'Harry Potter and the...' part of the title.
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