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  1. Emma9

    Favorite Commercials

    True! I catch/throw/hold a ping-pong paddle (albeit all those things badly) with my right hand (even though I was raised by a fellow lefty who does them with her left hand, go figure). Had thought the watch thing was more universal, and also never heard the reason about winding it, but both make sense. Interesting!
  2. Emma9

    Favorite Commercials

    That's a lefty-righty thing, or so I was always taught. You put the watch on the wrist opposite your dominant hand so it doesn't drag against the table as you write. (Irony: I wore my watch on my right wrist for so many years that I got accustomed to wearing the occasional bracelet on my left. Now I never wear watches but wear bracelets more often, so I end up with something scraping the table anyway.) I love this one. Pleasant to hear the song, reasonable connection to the feature it's hyping.
  3. Emma9

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Same. I work during airtime and tape to watch the next morning, but didn't see any additional spoilers after that one, so if I'd just managed to dodge the yahoo headline...sigh. Lol, similar situation - my housemate usually watches my tape with me; sometimes she already watched the show live, sometimes she didn't. She watched yesterday. So we both knew while watching the tape, and were awkwardly trying to speculate like we usually do in case the other didn't. I doubt James would've thrown, but I doubt the producers would hint him off even more, given what this has done for ratings. Sad that he didn't match KJ's total, but knowing that if he had, it probably would have been in fewer than half the episodes, is startling in itself. Although James might've suspected Emma wouldn't bet the farm after wagering conservatively on the DD, it could also have come down to how confident he felt about the category - I don't recall whether he's been strong on Shakespeare in the past. Either way, she played a great game, befitting someone who effectively tried to write a Jeopardy algorithm. Lovely name too ;) (edited to fix crappy formatting...I will say, this forum's quote function is about the mobile-unfriendliest I've ever run across.
  4. I'm really hoping DON'T MESS WITH MY DISCOUNT won't be on rotation for a long as I fear it will be. Not good for the blood pressure.
  5. Emma9

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Reminds me of something I found really interesting about that scene: when this happened, every demon in the room knelt down involuntarily...except Maze. Possible that Lucifer held on to enough control to specifically exempt her from his will with the BOW DOWN DEMONS bellowing...but knowing him, I kinda doubt it. Possible that Maze being in her own body (as opposed to possessing someone) gives her more autonomy. Possible that Maze is another tier of demon entirely, so he can't control her as easily. ...or, and naturally this is my favorite interpretation, it's a deliberate nod to Maze's character development that she no longer sees herself as subservient to him. Despite some nice moments, she didn't have much of an independent arc this season, so I'll take what I can get!
  6. Emma9

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Agreed. She wouldn't have abandoned her post as Auntie Maze, but it felt like a letdown (especially if this is the series end) that Chloe is the only one Lucifer had a goodbye scene with.
  7. Emma9

    S04.E09: Save Lucifer

    Although Maze and Eve are fun, I wish she got more storylines that weren't about love interests and love triangles. Did enjoy her getting to sing (was that actually the actress?). Same. Although considering what's happened to that show, I was more horrified than amused...
  8. Emma9

    S04.E08: Super Bad Boyfriend

    Linda continues to have the best reactions to the characters that wander into her life. "It's like meeting a dinosaur." I was expecting Amenadiel to either volunteer to babysit Trixie or quiz Chloe or Dan about parenting.
  9. Emma9

    S04.E07: Devil Is As Devil Does

    Agreed, as was Chloe thanking her for it and Lucifer vowing to protect 'the little urchin'. Trixie has been seriously underused this season.
  10. Emma9

    S04.E06: Orgy Pants to Work

    Wasn't expecting so much of a time-jump. Remy as a character notwithstanding, her wings were gorgeous. Best design for any of the angel wings in this series.
  11. Emma9

    S04.E05: Expire Erect

    Yeah, I've been thinking that this was another thing that should have happened once Chloe accepted that Lucifer was real: if heaven and hell are facts, and souls do continue to exist after death, you wouldn't immediately think about what that means in terms of loved ones you've lost? But even if Amenadiel had to spell it out for her, I still teared up. Agreed that that aspect of her character got the brush-off. Even if she felt more fond about Abel than Cain, Lucifer still oversaw the former being tortured for pretty much all of existence. In the episode with the poisonings/self-mutilations, Lucifer waited until Chloe took off after Psychotic Peter Burke, then kept cutting himself as she got farther and farther away, until finally the wound didn't open and he could safely go into the room with the poisonous gas. So that would seem to imply quite a distance. On the other hand, Chloe doesn't know much about how this works yet, so she could have just asked if it would help him heal if she could sneak upstairs.
  12. Emma9

    S04.E04: All About Eve

    Eve feels kind of like a crossbreed between Candy (before the reveal that she was putting on an act) and Abel. It's working pretty well. I cheered when Maze pointed out that Chloe isn't 'the only human who knows'. Although Linda's busy dealing with her own stuff, she does consider Chloe a friend, and it was a weird omission that Linda didn't reach out once Chloe got back to town; as a friend AND a therapist AND someone who's been through the exact same thing, she should have realized they really needed to talk. Amenadiel asking about wings on the ultrasound and Linda laughing it off for the OB's sake, hahaha metaphors, then turning to grab him by the collar 'you think he might have WHAT' was gold. Almost as hilarious as Maze's part in that scene.
  13. Emma9

    S04.E03: O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

    Chloe trying to keep Lucifer from drinking anything really highlights how pointless it was to enlist her in the first place. Lucifer owns a club constantly packed with anonymous people where he swans about drinking on a regular basis, and if they've researched him they'd know that, but Chloe is the only person they've ever thought to have drug him? While I'm probably in the minority in that I like what are generally considered filler, case-of-the-week episodes, I agree that the Awkward Dance Of Secret Betrayal would have been dragged out much longer if the season had more episodes to work with, so it was a relief to be spared that. This. Similar to the scene in the flashback last episode, with the priest saying that Lucifer would constantly try different personas and mannerisms to win her trust; that was actually a clever argument to make considering Lucifer's longstanding habit of 'I know, I'm going to act in THIS random manner this week!'.
  14. Emma9

    S04.E02: Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno

    My exact reaction. I so dearly loved Dr. Linda's reaction, by contrast. Initially freaked out, of course, but once she was able to accept him, she realized that Lucifer himself was only the tip of the iceberg and needed to reassess her entire worldview. (Peppering Lucifer with exactly the sort of questions you're talking about, complaining that she can no longer hope reincarnation is a thing, etc.) I'd have liked to see some of that from Chloe.
  15. Emma9

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    I appreciated that so, so much. I was doubtful from the beginning when it looked like Maze was only going to be playing second fiddle to Lucifer's Chloe-angst, without acknowledging that she too was afraid of having another friend look at her the way Linda did at first (and Lucifer snapping that it would hardly help matters to have a demon track Chloe down was particularly jerky in that light), but it quickly became apparent that the show was going to go there after all. The apologies to Dr. Linda last season and Trixie tonight were perfect, but I also had something in my eye when Maze cuffed herself to the chair before Chloe got home. (Although I was skeptical of the efficacy of said measure...and said skepticism was quickly borne out. Hee.) Aside from the demon issue, I would have liked to see her apologize to Chloe too, for manipulating her during the Cain mess, but at this point, how much of that does Chloe even know about? (And this was really the only aspect of Chloe's reaction I didn't like - in addition to the bare fact that Lucifer is actually the devil, there's so much she doesn't know about the events of the rest of the series in light of that, and I would have liked to see some curiosity from her.)