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  1. well, she doesn't strike me as being very smart, so ...
  2. snowflake? buttercup? really?
  3. yeah, but you don't have to watch somebody when they sing. at least she doesn't scowl or look bored like caleb does
  4. yeah, either stone faced or scowling and he is nothing special at all, but the country fans are not picky, i guess. loved grace, willie and arthur's first performance. i don't see any connection with casey and her songs, no emotion.
  5. There's an ad for some kind of septic system cleaner and the big reason you need to use it is because we all hoarded toilet tissue during the pandemic, so the septic system got clogged. Did everybody USE toilet paper more during the pandemic? Just because we couldn't find it and then had to stockpile it if we did, that did not affect how much we used, did it?
  6. really? i dislike this character, not because he's unethical, but he just seems so cold or something
  7. Really? They already on couples cam, why did we need their opinions on these matches? They don't have any more insight into relationships than we do. And I hated Beth in her season and my opinion hasn't changed. A few minutes of this was enough to tell me this was just a filler to spread out the suspense for another week.
  8. So Sharon succeeds in not following that pesky HIPAA stuff, not admirable even if she finds a solution for the mother to better care for her kids. She's only doing it to soothe her conscience for the accident, nothing noble. She wouldn't do the same for other mothers in the same situation that come into the hospital with latchkey kids. Natalie needs to be found out and fired and her license removed. But, yeah, Will will cover for her because, since the doc heading the drug test doesn't want him, he'll pine for Nat. Ugh. Dean forcing April into doing that procedure and then not wanti
  9. yeah, seems like lately the main purpose of the guest is to pay homage to whoopie and it's annoying and, she may have an Oscar, but she's no show moderator. she seems to have started her murmuring while others are talking again too and now she's even doing commercials to reel in some more money
  10. Huh, and I like this one! And they have really good chocolate mini swirls. Yum
  11. well, they she lied because, obviously, those things really did matter to her more than she had admitted in her interviews
  12. But what they noticed, as did everyone else, is name calling of Jess's family members by Mick, they weren't commenting on her leaving the table with Dan. Wouldn't Mick have seen how she was flirting with him and with other husbands in prior episodes and gone to check it out? If he had caught them in the act, surely the "experts" would have to break their stupid rule and let him leave the experiment even though Jess wrote stay.
  13. yeah, i find nothing genuinely human about this woman
  14. It means she's reading the line given to her. I can't imagine her thinking talking to some real people ranks as fun in her world.
  15. and we're supposed to believe that the other people at the dinner didn't notice when Dan and Jess both left to spend time out in the hall? yeah, right
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