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  1. I thought he wrote the cue cards for her and that is what she is always looking down to check. Maybe he decided he needed to be closer to her at all times....aw, how sweet......and is by her side coaching her nastiness.
  2. I didn't feel that he was dismissive of masks, just indicating they do not provide as much protection as we would like. He still is pro-mask.
  3. then I think it would be a great place for her she likes the housewife shows and the kartrashian, right? perfect!
  4. glad you cleared that up and I totally agree...... i'll bring the whiskey but no guns!
  5. we can only hope never mind...…...I was thinking you meant Meghan leaving for the housewives show - that I would be very happy with, not Sunny
  6. a bag would be an improvement to what we have to look at
  7. he must know that and thinks he can wait it out until he hits it big as a big star.....which, unfortunately, means he'll wait forever. too bad because he does seem like a fairly nice guy
  8. Found this and watched it last night. Is Joanna supposed to be a likeable character because I found her unappealing.
  9. endorsements? for what, the before picture for any kind of product?
  10. but then the family would have to put up with her and i'm guessing they are not sitting there hoping to see her grim face
  11. friends, she has friends?
  12. do they make full body masks?
  13. yes, she sucks the fun out of everything. and there have been comments about everybody else's hair on the show, sonny's, joy's, and whoooopie's, not just hers, but they didn't waste their time asking a guest about it.
  14. yeah, she just doesn't get that we dislike her because of her sour disposition, not because her poor hair is turning gray
  15. Yeah, she's the one with the divorce in a first world country, she should have checked out what was needed. Or just get a copy of the divorce decree to be safe, just in case. When she was talking to Ash's sister and said he was a kind and empathetic person...…….I just kept wondering who they were talking about. It sure was not the guy I have been watching.
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