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  1. well, i love the commercial, but not for the undie sniffing - they could have used a little different wording for that part. i like the other guy who does the lean back in the chair with the bucket of water/clothes falling down on him. and i love the music and loved the movie (yeah, i'm in the 55 - 100 range)
  2. Is there somewhere to see the final photos from this episode? My recorder somehow thought this was a one hour episode.
  3. I have enjoyed every episode and really hope this show gets another season. I love everything Mayim does (Jeopardy hosting included!) and love the rest of the cast too. Swoozie looks a lot more healthy this season and that is comforting too, 'cuz she was looking way too frail. Ha. And strangely this is the first episode I actually noticed the cats!
  4. I tried to like this show but really find this woman too unlikeable and have given up on it. Will check the comments here and may give it another try if it lasts past this season, which i doubt.
  5. I dislike Alyssa at least as much as the rest of you but we really don't know what the discussion with her dad about walking her down the aisle was. Maybe it was his idea to just walk her to the door and then sit down at the back. He was at her wedding and maybe that was all that was important to both of them.
  6. yeah, he wasn't impressive. wonder what the corporate job actually was - in the pics he's dressed more like a mechanic than a businessman. why maxine would want to saddle her friend with a somewhat iffy dude is beyond me.
  7. huh... i actually really enjoy seeing what strange thing Bones comes up with almost more than seeing the models strutting their stuff!
  8. Well, I am not sure if it was greasy or just really thin, fine hair, which is really hard to deal with. And, as lovely and charming as the boathouse was, no, i would not want to deal with all those stairs everyday. But then I don't have the agility she obviously has.
  9. yeah, if the writers were looking for something sensible, but they had awkwardness as their goal
  10. yes, very distracting! those things couldn't have been real, right? is it possible that she got some kind of implants with no nips? because i don't see where they could have been with all that was showing
  11. I'm trying to picture a table full of ad execs watching him do this commercial and saying "Yes, yes, this is wonderful just as it is!!!" His first one was bad enough, but this is just really dumb and annoying
  12. But you are assuming the experts care and are actually trying to make good matches. I don't think they do.
  13. had not seen this but i love it!
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