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  1. yeah, that wouldn't be quasi-funny, and that seems to be the goal of a lot of the show these days
  2. huh, I thought a successful marriage was one that endured for many years.
  3. some party, guess the guests bring their own food and beverages and chairs
  4. agreed - we haven't seen much of anything of Henry to be able to decide he's not nice, maybe not appealing to a lot of people, but there is nothing yet to say he is not a kind person
  5. well, then that could apply to any of them and, personally, I would be more interested in watching something with Amelia and Bennett, but if it meant we could retire Jamie Otis I would be ok with her taking over.
  6. guess we see it differently, she walked out because she felt ganged up on and it was too uncomfortable I didn't mean she should agree with her, just not be so sure her friend was doing an ok thing I don't see any reason Steve had to tell everyone how he felt about her either
  7. how does this help the career of an airline attendant?
  8. I didn't find Mishel rude to walk out - Steve's friends refused to see her point, I was sure the woman would, but no. There was no reason for Steve to tell them he was finding her unattractive, especially after he just promised her he would not discuss that with them. The real estate guy sure has a high opinion of himself and treating Aleks like his humble servant was really pompous and rude. And if his idea of fun is drag racing, that is something you either like or you find dumb and juvenile and she was not digging it. All around bad move but at least now she sees who he is. I really like Stacey and I hope she finds love with someone, but it won't be this loser. KC throwing the guy's stuff out after knowing him, what a week or 2, totally wrong. That must be a producer setup, no? I think the gal that was on last year wants this to work more than she likes the guy. I don't think any of these marriages could succeed and I hope most of them decide to leave sooner than later. These "experts" are about as bad as the ones on the US version.
  9. maybe this person really is the choice to fill in and MM will be able to say that they took her suggestion because, well, it is really her show to control
  10. Yeah, he seems a little too simple to me. I don't like looking at him or listening to him. Surely she could do much better using eharmony or some other service - she is an attractive, nice woman.
  11. I thought he pretty much said that was the reason.
  12. Thank you for posting the link to the cut scenes. I have just been able to start watching Endeavor here recently and just love it and seeing these scenes helps to close some of the gaps. wonderful!
  13. and we wouldn't even notice the difference until she opened her mouth. same makeup artist apparently with the long blond hair and super pink cheeks!
  14. Yeah, I was giving Stacey the benefit of the doubt earlier, but I have changed my mind. This guy is pretty repulsive and, yeah, he didn't drink for the past few days, don't think that means he's going to quit drinking or cheating. And the laughing at the other couple was ridiculous, childish and rude. Michael did it, so she did it to show her solidarity with him. She is desperate and I don't think there's a chance in hell of this working out unless she wants to be unhappy forever.
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