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  1. yeah, whoopee is just not a good moderator, doesn't listen and rambles and i wish she would stop making useless remarks after every other person's every sentence, all the yeahs and uh-huhs, etc are just not necessary
  2. cinsays


    yeah, i have an old lady crush on Bash, so i will continue to watch regardless of some of the predictable plots
  3. yup, i have been saying this since the group got labeled. if you have to explain it, then maybe change the name so there is no confusion the opposition can try to use to misinform.
  4. I don't think anything he has claimed about himself is true. I don't think there is a daughter. He's just kind of creepy.
  5. I loved Vicar of Dibley, so was looking forward to seeing Dawn French again. But this was pretty bad, in my opinion - not funny, not dramatic, just kind of awkward and unbelievable. I will try another episode but, other than the scenery which is lovely, this is not too promising. So disappointed.
  6. Same here in Marietta, Ga, except the main objection is from residents around the area not wanting renters to bring down property values. They prefer all the drug activity that goes on there instead I guess.
  7. I think Karen and Miles will, just because he might be thinking/hoping that once the cameras are totally off and they are just an ordinary couple, she might loosen up. I don't think it will happen and they will break up soon after that, when he feels it is just pointless.
  8. well, of course that is what she meant, but still, why say anything
  9. I agree that it needed to be discussed and think even more highly of Miles for doing so. Shocking to me was the comment Amani made about being glad COVID happened because it allowed the couples more time together. Huh?
  10. Love your story! I am surprised they don't pay anything to cover your expenses. Boo hiss... Have you considered getting the tape converted to a DVD? If the VCR fails you will miss having that tape to watch and that would be awful.
  11. Yeah, I guess Karen didn't see the season with Iris and how well that worked out.
  12. well, she looks a lot better with this hairstyle and color, but the upspeak and nose ring kind of detract from her appeal, in my opinion. guess she is trying to be more like her childish mate
  13. they were going strong? when? i guess i missed those moments.....
  14. Yeah, I really had seen enough of Michael and Stacey and just a quick look at where they are now would have been enough for me. No update on what poor little pucker-face wife Stacey has done since the breakup. Awww... Did not need to see Haley marching around with a shirt on with no pants either - gee, girl, do you really have to show all that every time? Glad Connie feels so happy with herself now, but, gee, how many times do we have to hear about how she discovered love for herself. Would have liked to have heard something from the other couples, or why even have them there? And watching the scenes with the couples meeting up for the first time again? why? we've seen that enough already. Made no sense to me at all. Not at all impressed by these experts either. Don't know if i would even bother with another season of this.
  15. she can just stay in their apartment and fake-cry
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