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  1. yeah, it amazes me when he puts his sometimes bare arm up the animal's backside to pull out a calf and then kind of washes it off in a bucket of water.
  2. no, she ALWAYS drinks Thursday thru Saturday, but probably usually does the other days too.
  3. agreed and i don't understand why sonny doesn't react and say that instead of just letting her inaccurate comments float out there
  4. you are assuming she actually touches the baby yeah, i'm mean.....
  5. Yeah, and i thought they said she was the IT director, so she wouldn't be the hands-on person. How did she get there from the position she had under Glassman? I don't buy her character as being a computer genius either.
  6. and then it is a few minutes of talk with the cast mixed in with the same pitch for people to join over and over and over. we got it, you need money and want us to join, but really....
  7. her hair/makeup and wardrobe consultants must have a pact to switch off on who makes her look ridiculous each day. today the wardrobe person was elected to show her looking like a football player - did not realize her shoulders were quite that wide.
  8. I guess I don't recall her indicating any interests, except talking to her girlfriends. He tells her things he likes, maybe expecting that she'll reply with what she likes and she just gives him an unhappy look, so that doesn't encourage much hope. These 2 were just not a match at all.
  9. nah, she's like this every day, poor baby
  10. And it is so juvenile. As much as I dislike her and her dead eyes, I don't understand how she can not see how silly she looks. Which reminds me, we haven't seen her selfie for today yet? Maybe somebody should check on her, something must be wrong and how can we live without seeing it?!?!
  11. Also, ratings did not go down when she was out on maternity leave, so why were those people still watching?
  12. Nah... I think it's because of Trump and it being a not strictly news show where they talk about him and what's happening because of him. Yeah, some like to watch the snooty brat but I watch despite her being there, not because she's there.
  13. Yeah and someone remarked that when they saw one of these degrees from an applicant they just tossed it as not worth considering the person for a job. So, it isn't a good thing for someone to want to try to better himself by taking classes online and keep working? Seems to me like that would show drive and be a good thing.
  14. I'll pass on Tuesday - I can't stomach Wendy. I love Kyra, so will watch, though her new show is not so good.
  15. Yeah, it's just Whoopi asking each of them successively, well what do you think... No discussion/challenging what the other person had to say. It is very tiring.
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