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  1. Yeah, she is definitely not the best mom in any way and their always telling her she is just minimizes her faults. The best mom would not have done what she did.
  2. maybe she's just making up time because of the wedding/honeymoon and this is not her normal work shift? my husband was diabetic but would just up his insulin dosage if he was having something he shouldn't. not a good practice, but that's what some people would do.
  3. Huh, and though I usually don't like the broad shouldered athletic look, like swimmers usually have, I thought emphasizing on this woman was very pretty.
  4. yeah, this is a fussy overdone mess those sleeves remind me of the blue turquoise garment the one gal did a couple weeks back that Christian made her change into what they described as a pool cover...….ugly
  5. Maybe in black or some other color, but, yeah, that looked like a little miss dress. Love Nancy!
  6. I'm not sure how they thought it was a good idea to pile on him like that. Sure, he may not be a good guy or the guy for Taylor, but how unpleasant of her friends to do that. then he should not have come on this crummy show!
  7. I don't think she's pushing hard for him, just saying that if he is the candidate, he has some good points, to not just dismiss him.
  8. Yeah, if you want to promote facebook groups, fine, but doing with students just disrupting and being rude to their teacher? does not work for me at all
  9. Maybe the friend saw what a nut job Natalie is and made it sound like more physical than it was so that Natalie will decide to break up with him. She was doing it to save her friend because he's too entranced by her beauty (not) to realize he needs to dump her. i think she was in what she considered her seductive pose
  10. Yup. But I think they would have found a way to be nicer to her than this dufus and not crush her spirit.
  11. Watched an episode this morning ………… major unexpected sewage problem - they have to rerun the entire line/big $$$ - and this husband's response to Hillary is that she'd better step up her game so they can still get all their unreasonable needs addressed...…. yeah, right... Then another redoing the house for the husband with MS or Muscular Dystrophy. Building 2 ramps, converting the garage to their master bedroom and then she wants a carport added in front of the master so she can have an outside area to sit and chit-chat with her girl friends. What if they had decided to list it? Whoever bought it would have to take down the ramps and would have no garage. I don't know why I watch this show. Just annoys me.
  12. really? I guess I am in the minority but I find nothing at all attractive/pretty about Natalie
  13. yeah, not a question you ask anybody anyway but since they did answer, why on earth would they have said mike and natalie? what is likeable about their situation?
  14. Yikes...…...you think someone else is going to want to marry her? hmm...…..I guess stranger things have happened
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