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  1. No, I don't know what you mean! Drugged? I have no idea. And, NO, please don't have London on a few more times. Her whole schtick is being gross, from what I have read about her.
  2. Yeah, her wanting the southern guy to keep talking so she can hear how strange he talks? Yuck. I also did not appreciate Cedric's comment which I interpreted that the only reason Obama won was that some people voted for him just because he's black. I have not seen anything with or about Cedric that would make me want to ever see him again. He may have money but no class. Also, as much as I dislike mamma, yeah, i applaud her telling that woman to just shut up and turn over her card.
  3. And I thought Mama Doris was the worst thing about this show until this awful London person and Cedrick the un-entertainer
  4. I guess that must be the thinking. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any way for the father to know to do that. Are we to think that the father, his having buried the son, would in any way caused his stroke/whatever it was and put him in his current state in which he can't communicate? Jenny ruling it an accident didn't sit right with me either. And then the trio of "girls" just go happily marching down the street? After just realizing she just killed her brother? Seems unlikely to me.
  5. Maybe he just thinks it's a waste of money to go to a showy place? And, why should he quit and find another job if this is something he loves doing?
  6. there's kind of a happy medium between this fancy/expensive restaurant and wendy's
  7. Yeah, I don't see why there is so much talk about him being gay. I mean, has he not watched the show before and seen how that season's designated "he must be gay guy" gets ridiculed? I watch a lot of House Hunters shows and some of those husbands, whose wives seem perfectly happy with them, would appear to be gay to some people too. There are many shades of male-female-ness.
  8. and you didn't take a screen shot to share with us????? dang
  9. She would have looked better at the Met Gala in that than that ugly purple mostrosity. How can the co-hosts be telling her how great she looked? Not at all flattering - looks like something you could lay down and be pushed around to clean the floors.
  10. why do they have to sit on stools anyway? couldn't they just sit on regular height chairs?
  11. yes, the yelling! i have had to stop watching sometimes when it is just too much. why hasn't she gotten the word that this is not a good thing.
  12. yeah, they were annoying, especially her. i always wonder if the couples are still together and i'm guessing this union won't last long.
  13. I thought she looked lovely. Simple and stylish do. All the ladies looked great today. Not a big fan of Anna's dress, but will take her regardless of what she's wearing.
  14. Yes. He takes it off leash in the places and tells him to go play! Laying on the furniture, maybe leaving momentos. How rude!
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