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  1. Everytime the brunette was speaking, I either muted my TV or fast forwarded.
  2. And regarding the segment with the middle age couple who was flipping their downstairs shortly before their wedding: The duo-tiled backsplash over the stove looks artsy but hideous. I couldn’t live with that. The fireplace has no warmth (pun intended) and no charm.
  3. Does anyone have the Zillow link for her new home? Her poor kids. Did they have to switch schools again? They’ve been uprooted so often. I was watching a rerun of Tarek’s flip show, and once again I noticed Heather Rae is 99% a Christina look-alike.
  4. I’m disappointed! Why wasn’t Shane arrested? Kai wasn’t shown after the arrest? Paula wasn’t questioned? Rachel is biting her lip and continuing with Shane, who now has a shaky future. Quinn’s parents didn’t notice he’s not on the plane, like Home Alone?
  5. Why wouldn’t Paula have texted Kai from the boat, after the parents jumped off? She knew their plan was in jeopardy.
  6. Does anyone else have a bit of trouble picturing Connie Britton with Steve Zahn? They seem like an odd match. Maybe she’s supposed to have gotten more sophisticated as she’s aged, and he’s a bit of a dork.
  7. I am rewatching this episode, and it just struck me…Molly Shannon’s character Kitty is identical to Vicki Gunvalson, from Real Housewives of Orange County. 💵💵 She’s the self centered, interfering rich bitch who loves her son, but intrudes like no other.
  8. Gil, please take your dog and run! 🥺 The boob dresses are outrageous and unflattering. 👀
  9. That was extremely weird and awkward when she handed her friend Cassie a check to help cover upcoming wedding costs. 🤨
  10. Bao and Johnny were cute, once they relaxed at the alter.
  11. I can’t imagine how much more stressful her job became during COVID.
  12. They always sound wonderful at first, but look what a disaster Chris was! 😤 I can’t wait! I’m watching it now!😀
  13. Are these people printing money in their basements? Where are they getting a nonstop cash flow? *This applies to just about any episode*
  14. After the first few minutes of watching Kevin and Lonnie in San Diego, I couldn’t wait to come here to read the snark on him. 🤨 He reminded me of a whining, complaining Woody Allen-type character. That poor wife must be extremely patient. How could the realtor keep from rolling her eyes? And how long will he be remodeling and updating until his home is perfect enough to move in to?
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