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  1. Re: Richardson family. That poor woman is only 30 and her husband is 34. She's on her 2nd marriage, is working thru the sudden death of her ex and father to her first 4 children, has six children and lives in a dismal mobile home. I know it's their personal choice, but I sincerely hope they are done having babies. They are in an overwhelming situation, and have very little money. I wonder where they'll be in ten years?
  2. What a horrific murder scenario. Skylar should be living on bread and water with no TV, movies, activities, or privileges of any kind. And ditto for the others involved. I can't imagine those poor children's reactions when they find out about their evil parents.
  3. So much to snark about! In addition to the obvious, I'd like to mention I chuckled when Christine said they hesitate to tell people they're plygs, while stating that on their own TV show! Christine, your family secret is out of the closet, remember?
  4. Wash off the last wife. 😳 Geez, I'd be so hurt and insulted. Maybe the new neighbor in Flagstaff watches the show and recognized them.
  5. "Ecuador" He is afraid of going in the ocean, but wants a home right on the beach?" πŸ™„
  6. Why did I find this episode so boring? I fast forwarded thru part of it, so I could watch Married at First Sight. That's not saying much for this season's Project Runway.πŸ€”
  7. Everytime I look at Katie, I see a very young Ethel Kennedy. Does anyone else see the similarities, or am I weird?🀭
  8. Really, has anyone ever purchased a home because they loved the unique tile in the shower insert/shampoo shelf? 🀣🀣
  9. Ah, the Dr and his wife moving from Florida to Coronado.. I'm sure he's a great Dr, but he's a terrible actor🀣. I heard every one of the classic House Hunters remarks "turn-key, natural light, stainless steel appliances, entertain friends and family." I hope they appreciate the ample amount of money they have available to spend.
  10. Sure she does! Jana's probably the family cook, laundress, and grocery shopping guru.
  11. How old are Lauren's parents? They look about 35.
  12. It's only interesting if you enjoy hearing about ongoing morning sickness, lame ideas for an "interesting" show, and Lauren's sorrowful, whiny voice. πŸ™„πŸ˜¬πŸ€ͺ
  13. I do like how Gil seems to really enjoy his children but geez, it creeps me out when he tells them to "wait till after you're married, wait for your wedding night, you can't kiss yet!" Ewwww, if my father had mentioned, "wait till your wedding night", I would have turned beet red. P.S. I didn't wait. I'll see many of you in hell, I guess.
  14. In regards to the two women who purchased the old farmhouse: I thought probably the brunette had lived in her place with a previous partner, and the blonde who was moving to be with her simply wanted a place without memories of the past.
  15. These girls were homeschooled and grew up in a huge family, yet (with the exception of Michael), they don't know how to cook, sew, arrange a kitchen or literally anything. And they're expected to marry and produce babies right out of their teens. Wait... They are talented at arranging hair and applying makeup.πŸ’ƒ
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