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  1. I'd like to rate the entire family in order of intelligence. However, who would be number one? 🙄
  2. Who is your vote for the most annoying newlywed, who needs counseling ASAP? I'm voting for Tash.😧
  3. I'm guessing when the cameras aren't there, they all wear "I survived Roe v Wade" t-shirts. When it's time for pix, they're an advertisement for The Bates Sisters Boutique.
  4. Seriously, who dresses up for a church service at home? Party dresses, high heels, a suit and necktie? Wrestling three young children to be ready for a photo op nearly every day? The family lives in a fantasy world
  5. Is there a thread here for MAFS Australia?
  6. I couldn't get to sleep, and I was thinking random thoughts 🤷 What if Meka had been matched with Greg from last season? He was an educated, high achiever.
  7. Is this the right thread? I just want to say I really enjoy Couples Couch! I love the humor from some of the previous matched couples.
  8. Meri will never live down the wet bar remarks and the catfish incident
  9. This is all I could think of. "Let's make up a really bizarre story line, even if I uproot my kids again, and we don't have anywhere to live but a bare dirt lot. God is calling me. It will work out"
  10. I've lost track. Why did Kody feel he needed to leave Las Vegas, after all the work to find the perfect cul de sac homes? (You're not allowed to answer: "because he's Kody") 😛
  11. Most of us do not look prettier than we did ten years ago. But they've always gone really overboard with bad hair cuts, unflattering hair colors, and very strange clothing choices. For instance; the jeans with the blinged out rear pockets, and the spaghetti strap tops with a turtleneck underneath. I could never understand why they didn't wear a cute sweater over the blouse, rather than a modesty blouse underneath. To me, it screamed, "look at me! I'm covered up!" rather than, "look at me, I look nice today!"
  12. I give Janelle about 85% of the credit for raising her fambly, and her sperm donor part time husband 15%.
  13. Catie and Josh deserve each other. That would be interesting.
  14. I thing Maddie said, years ago, she wanted to be a hairdresser. It's very likely she'd rather be a working woman, as her mother always felt, than a stay at home mom. She's jumped in the deep end now, a toddler, a baby who will need endless Dr. appointments, physical therapy, possible surgeries, and no relatives nearby.
  15. Although Christine speaks in that sweet, little voice, she knows exactly what she wants, and she doesn't back away.💪
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