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  1. what are some of the most messed up episodes you can remember in the series? two come to mind, smoked and grief any other episodes you recall?
  2. has there ever been an episode where adam, nora or arthur prosecuted a case instead of ben or jack doing it? is that even allowed? was asking because of a sequal episode idea i had for the killerz episode not sure how accurate or correct any of this is legally and realistically but oh well basically jenny is fully grown and kills another little boy in a very similar way to the first boy, the detectives investigate and van buren recognizes the pattern and they discover it was jenny, she personally informs jack who is stunned but not surprised, they go to trial and jack decides to do the case himself instead of cutter or connie doing because he felt he had a duty to the mother of the first boy who was killed, we learn that the mother of the first boy who was killed by jenny committed suicide a few months after his death since her son's killer just basically walked from a murder charge and jack felt bad that he didn't get justice for the boy and her jack is unable for whatever reason to use jenny's first murder in the trial(maybe the records are sealed due to her being a minor or whatever) so he just decides to his best in court jenny's defense tries a mental defect defense(remember in the first episode they mentioned she was in a car accident and they thought she might have brain damage, if you have read about rl cases of brain damage you'd be surprised and horrified to learn how some brain damage can turn gentle souls into terrifying people) the case goes to trial and both sides present their case, it looks like the case could go either way, jack then offers man 1 with her doing the max in a pysch ward but she refuses then either the defense or jenny slip up and screw up in a way that allows her first murder evidence to be introduced in trial or alternately jack just does a good enough job in court jenny is then convicted of murder and when she hears the verdict, she goes ballastic and it takes 4 court officers to remove her, all the time she goes on a huge anger filled rant(remember in the first episode the one babysitter said she had a temper and was always getting in fights at school) like my idea? i'd also fix some issues like how strange it was that Olivet was compassionate for jenny, she would appear in the episode and jack chews her out for supporting jenny, one idea to make it tolerable her behavior was that she had worked with similar kids with issues, though none of them had killed anyone and she had managed to treat them well enough that they weren't a threat anymore even as adults and she thought maybe jenny could be treated, and she didn't realize that jenny's issues were far deeper then the other kids even though those kids had issues as well
  3. well it appears diane most likely will never return with this thing, true or not https://www.eonline.com/news/1095983/law-order-svu-s-diane-neal-allegedly-called-mariska-hargitay-a-total-bitch-in-unearthed-emails https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/svus-diane-neal-denies-calling-mariska-hargitay-a-total-bitch/
  4. i find it highly debatable law and order has always been progressive on lgbt issues this maybe come off as overly pc or sjw but i don't care gov love where jack nullies a bunch of same sex marriages just to try to win a case is one prime example, after that episode i stopped seeing jack as a good person, what was he going to do next, nullify laws that have poc have the same rights as white people so he could win more cases? let's see how van buren would like it if jack nullified her rights aint no love is another one where they randomly threw in that serena was a lesbian. i read that dick wolf put that in the episode because he thought it'd be good ratings or amusement that she was a lesbian, like seriously, we of the lgbt group are not props or things that you can use for your attempt at shock value, we are a person, a human being damn it
  5. even worse then dani beck and chester? i was always meh about those two tbh
  6. sorry if this comes off as overly pc or sjw but i wanted to ask another question, what things or episodes in law and order do you think have not aged well? one is the episode burden, it treated the kid who was killed as a pain or useless since he was severely disabled and that it was best to kill the child,even the title was rather questionable, i have several bad disabilities in my life and the way it was portrayed made me rather uncomfortable that said it did had one of my faviorite lines that was funny mccoy to defendant: mr sutter wasn;'t the first severally handicapped patient you have treated was he? defandant: no of course not mccoy: did you kill them all? defense: Objection!
  7. since we are talking about uncovered, what are some other episodes where you felt the perp got off too easy or should have been convicted one is killerz clearly another is flight with the company walking away despite having sold very dangerous microbes, i hope the mother of the boy who died won the case, one thought is if adam was willing, jack tells the company he will drop the charges if they give the mother an acceptable settlement, otherwise he will continue the prosecution, he doesn't have to mean it, a good bluff can work wonders, i recall an episode of svu had novak tell a company she would drop charges if they paid for everyone's medical bills for life
  8. i remember the angel one, i smell a successful appeal and retrial for the woman in the future because of ineffective counsel
  9. I expect to get some hate for this but i wanted to say this I find the nicky character boring and unsympathetic He caused the death of an innocent child, regardless of the fact he was made to fight in a war he didn't want to be in, he had the option to just leave and he refused, he should have just left for all the good he did in the war, additionally he should have just left the kid alone Jack was right to cut him off for his actions Additionally he is nothing but an annoying pain in the present, don't know what kevin sees in him or the other two, he caused his own problems and we're excepted to feel bad for him? he turns down kevins offer to live in a place that isn't falling apart and leaking (I lived in a leaky place most of my life and would have loved to have somewhere that was well maintained) he wrecks the VA's window and could have hurt someone and then expects kevin to bail him out but is still rude to kevin(he should be in jail, maybe that would make him grow up) his drinking problem like the child and jack is his own fault and again we are suppose to feel bad for him he's just a pointless character who is unsympathetic and takes away from the show imo just wanted to get this off my chest
  10. what are some of the most memorable defenses you can remember on the show? it doesn't have to have worked or you agreed with it, just ones you recall stand out the black rage defense in rage is one, also the ending of the episode suggested it might really have some merit
  11. always liked that too, tell me, who here thinks if ben hasn't had max observe the doctor he would have still gotten a conviction on the doctor? just curious on your thoughts
  12. here's a "fun" question, who are some of the most evil parents you can remember in the show? one notable one and arguably the most evil is the parents in smoked who sold their kid to a pedophile
  13. agreed i always hate in shows when a major or fairly major show is written off and there's no reason given why they left, whether it's L&O or another show even if i didn't really like or care for the character, like a quick line would do like they did with joe like nora was only explained in a book, paul wasn't given a reason except in a press release, nina and arthur no explanation one thought i always thought would be amusing for nina to explain her leaving was some really fancy beauty salon or pagent was impressed with her actions that got her promoted, so they made an job offer and she became a private security or leader of security at the location
  14. well we get so little of carisi maybe he does have a trauma but we never knew because of how much benson and rollins crap we get instead
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