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  1. balmz

    S20.E24: End Game

    meh on this, i was half excepting with rob interrupting court and the judge warning him and he confronting olivia and fin being there, that something would happen like he goes off the deep end and a court officer or fin is forced to kill him, (extra points if fin kills him typical fin style) then peter felt burnt out or got a different offer and decided to leave the job as a result
  2. balmz

    Speechless in the Media

    sad it got canceled but not surprised, the last season and second part of season 2 was a real step down in quality in several ways
  3. maybe philip will write a tell all, then he'd be the hero we all want
  4. he might have climbed on her just to taunt her and scare her with the whole will he rape you or won't he
  5. balmz

    S20.E13: A Story of More Woe

    in her VERY slight defense, she thought her father was raping her sister and found out the other guy was a pedophille and was mislead into killing her father who was Innocent all in a very short time period, that's bond to make most people unhinged
  6. balmz

    Law & Order: SVU in the Media

    with the questions about sam not appearing for dear ben, maybe sam didn't want to be part of the mess that is current svu
  7. balmz

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    maybe he lied about that too and they are still alive
  8. balmz

    S20.E13: A Story of More Woe

    this episode will be woe because we have to put up with a rollins plot :P
  9. balmz

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    sorta confused, what do you mean you would have rallied?
  10. balmz

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    one of the better episodes this season but still mixed on it I'm afraid i have to be on jack's side, when nicky dropped the grenade there was more then enough time for him to grab it and throw it into the lake rather then just yell at the kid in a language he doesn't understand, also he could have just grabbed the kid as well when jumping Kate was kind of pushy and rude when she said they weren't leaving TBH i find it really hypocritical of rebecca being upset at jack, like she's the one who kept william from randall all those years, so really she should get over herself i found the nicky secret really anticlimatic, i thought that nicky was going to be horribly scarred or disfigured in an accident and he was too ashamed to see jack or anyone again, i recall in an old ann landers book that happened with this one couple in ww2, also i thought maybe alternatively nicky was gay or bi and jack found out and was homophobic and disowned him which would have been dark but considering it was the 70's understandable but still unacceptable
  11. balmz

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    eh ok episode was amused when kate's speech didn't work, also that was stupid of both of them, toby for not labeling the box clearly and kate for selling it and telling him he had to sell his stuff no surprise with the randall plot but i thought at the end when he got the call that the consuelman was going to be dead from a drunk driving accident, also i agreed with randall's manager, if he was stupid enough to drive drunk and bribe people to cover it up rather then face the consequences like an adult then he deserves to have his campaign ruined Was expecting randall to give on of those speechs to the bakery and then of course they would bake him a pie right away kevin and zoe plot was ok
  12. balmz

    S20.E11: Plastic

    i can't get the video in my country, can you tell me what happens?
  13. balmz

    Saint Olivia Benson, Mother to Us All

    indeed, tbh i get why people say the show has become sjw but i find this highly questionable. tbh they seem to just choose some plot or idea that will make mariska look best that week without doing proper or at least a small amount of research.
  14. balmz

    Saint Olivia Benson, Mother to Us All

    more poor research then anything, and forgetting a very basic thing i learned as a small child, if in doubt about someone who is very different, just treat them like a human being i.e. an equal
  15. balmz

    Saint Olivia Benson, Mother to Us All

    svu has never been good with lgbt people or plots, they do really poor or offensive plots, my advice as someone who is lgbt? don'y include them in the show if you can't do a decent plot. FOr me I would rather not be included in the show if they aren't going to do lgbt plots right.