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  1. interesting thing i read on tv tropes about the hubris episode "Hubris": a warrant is issued to search the suspect's apartment but the courier hasn't brought it yet. Knowing the suspect will get there before the warrant, Det. Green sticks a toothpick in his lock to keep him from entering. The courier arrives a few seconds later and the police bust in and seize a videotape of the murders. The judge tosses the tape since the police secured the area before they had the warrant (even though they had reason to believe he'd destroy the evidence and were well aware the warrant had been issued). Then the judge allows the defendant to do two things he shouldn't have: call an alibi witness to perjure herself and take the stand to testify on his own behalf. Not only were the tapes admissible to cross-examine both of them but the defendant was clearly guilty of perjury considering he was representing himself and had personal knowledge he was suborning perjury. It is also totally legal to secure a scene if there's a concrete possibility that the evidence will be removed, destroyed, or otherwise endangered before the search warrant arrives. What the police can't do is start poking around, looking in drawers and such, before the warrant arrives. note As an example, if the police had strong reason to suspect that a criminal had evidence on his computer, they could secure the location and prevent the criminals from touching it. They couldn't actually fire it up and look at the contents until the warrant arrived, though.
  2. been meaning to ask this but keep forgetting to, with the hate crimes and organized crime spinoffs and the ideas being somewhat divisive here, here's a fun question if you could make your own spin off for the franchise what would you want to see done for an idea or location? also what ideas for interesting good characters would you put in the show, since characters like nora, cassidy and fontana weren't really liked i liked the uk version and i always thought a canada version might be interesting, another idea is one set in San Diego or Detroit, basically it would be like the mothership but set there hopefully the franchise could still have good ideas for a spin off and this doesn't become this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1TV9uh2L7w also here's an idea for a character for any spinoff Silvia- a female detective, she is overly sympathetic to female perps and even if they did horrific things and it is 100% their fault, she will go and whisper "it's not your fault" in fact spends 90% of the time whispering and making it nearly impossible to hear her, she also does not use a gun in the field and uses a katana instead of a gun and somehow always avoids getting fired or killed or proven wrong
  3. i think locomotion and fluency beat gunshow with 16 or more deaths, i think at least
  4. that guy was a loser, even when he stabbed himself in the neck, when the duo is trying to stop the bleeding, lupo gives kevin a look and kevin says don't think that didn't cross my mind, he was referring to just pulling the pen out and letting the guy bleed to death while we are on the topic, does anyone know what the highest death toll in the show was for an episode? i think it was season 2 haven with the fire at the night club that had the highest death toll from a perp/perps
  5. and this is different from his regular characterization how? 😛 anyway maybe he does find out who did it in the first episode or something and later decides to stay in the unit to help prevent more issues
  6. maybe the thing that happens is someone murders stablers entire family and that's why he goes back to the police, to avenge in a way the family
  7. think i read somewhere that the actor and chris didn't get along and also the actor thought the show would be more focused on him instead of an ensemble show
  8. maybe it's just as well it was cancelled, so we can still remember it fondly and it didn't become trash like svu is now
  9. huh if the coronavirus causes it and svu to be cancelled, that would most likely be the only good thing to come from this
  10. you sure you're not confusing fontana with stabler? 😛 with what is happening irl right now, i always wondered if the reason was with different racial tensions like the rodney king riots and other hate crimes against blacks if it left him jaded at the system and that's why he was so different
  11. i also wonder if the coronavirus might affect it
  12. unless they are planning do like his father is shown and is a complete sociopath who makes jacks dad look like a saint and you wonder how mark didn't end up exactly like him and kate and rebecca witness this, then mark does has some empathy and realizes what he did was wrong and is guilt ridden, apologizes to kate and kills himself out of guilt and shame
  13. well mark was fairly nasty to begin with, so fans might instead be delighted in his death disturbingly
  14. unless marc was actually mentally unstable (remember he said his father was a jerk) and killed himself in front of kate which caused guilt for kate
  15. i know, was suppose to be a joke, oh well i tried
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