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  1. Snapdragon

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I liked how when Wendy was going on about how Migos should be on Time's 100 Most Influential People Life, she mixed up Offset with Travis Scott, then stated that he had a baby with Black Chyna instead of Cardi B, thereby proving that no, Migos should not be on that list, since she couldn't even get their names right, nor name any of their songs.
  2. Snapdragon

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    This has been my guess for awhile now. What we're watching is actually Jane's novel, which is being read at a book reading by the narrator. That's why he adds in all the little asides to the audience and why all the episodes are just chapter numbers. Jane will end up with one guy in the "novel" version, then they'll cut to the "real world" and she'll be with the other guy. That way everyone can get their preferred ending.
  3. Snapdragon


    I graduated in 2000 and our cheerleaders didn't do any of those things. They made posters for upcoming games (football, basketball, etc) but that was it. Also, I've never heard of cheerleaders doing a halftime show at a high school. That is a strictly marching band (including the flag core, drill team and twirlers) thing.
  4. Snapdragon

    S04.E13 Lovebirds

    Does anyone know why they aired the Valentine's Day episode now instead of, you know a month and a half ago? I'd understand if they were just a week off but that's a pretty big delay, especially for a show that's in its fourth season.
  5. Snapdragon

    A.P. Bio

    I laughed so hard at the scene with the two students making out with each others' hands. It was so funny, yet uncomfortable.
  6. Snapdragon

    Single Parents

    Yes! How did they miss that?
  7. Snapdragon

    Single Parents

    Ugh. I forgot about the stupid "convenience tax" thing. That made no sense either. Most grocery stores have gas stations in their parking lots so if she's that pressed for time, then just use the one there before or after you do your grocery shopping. Also, her kid's old enough that taking him on most of those errands she listed shouldn't be a hassle. Your third grader (or however old the kids on this show are supposed to be) can wait in line with you, it won't kill them.
  8. Snapdragon

    Single Parents

    I'm just not a fan of any storyline where someone who's bad with money uses the excuse of "my life is hard so I spend irresponsibly because it makes me feel better" and we're all supposed to feel bad for them. Boo-freakin'-hoo, chick from Gossip Girl whose name I can't remember. Life is hard for everyone but you don't see the rest of us visiting Starbucks three times a day.
  9. Snapdragon


    I'm not so sure about the whole "star wars shine" thing. I was 16 when The Phantom Menace came out and while I remember everyone being excited about it and going to see it in the theaters, I don't recall one person liking it. Even as teenagers we were all, "Yeah, that sucked hard."
  10. Snapdragon

    S01.E15: Switches and Stones

    Pretty sure that's going to be the case as after Charity killed Marisol, she looked at herself in the mirror and said, "What have I done?" (or something along those lines), indicating that she probably wasn't in control of her body. Maybe the real Charity is trapped in the mirror somehow and a demon's been walking around in her body? Did anyone watch the show Blood Ties that was on about ten years ago? They had a Medusa episode on there that was basically the same plot. Medusa turning a bunch of dudes into stone because they were sharing sex tapes online of unaware girls.
  11. Snapdragon

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Looks like I'm in the minority but I actually enjoyed this episode. I wish the show would move all the Pearsons to the same city because I think the show's at its best when they're all together and get to actually interact like, you know, a family. There's enough drama between all of them that they could easily concentrate on that instead of all the random plotlines that they're doing this season. So fingers crossed that Randall and Beth decided to move their family to California as well (unlikely, since he just accepted that city council position, but one can dream). Though I knew they weren't going to do it, I was hoping that the "will leave you speechless" part was going to be that they killed Kate. Unrealistic, I know, but that would have actually been unexpected. And yes, there was no way that baby was ever going to be named anything other than Jack.
  12. Snapdragon

    S01.E14: Touched By A Demon

    Not sure why the "bad boy" angel was saying things like, "You did good...for a girl!" I don't know what 90s tv shows the writers have watched but as someone who was a teen during the mid and late 90s, I don't recall any characters on teen dramas (or any other show, to be honest) saying anything like that. Ever. Also, this episode would have been 1,000 times better if they had actually gotten actors who had been on a 90s supernatural/teen show. I feel like James Van Der Beek would have done it.
  13. Snapdragon

    A.P. Bio

    Three. The overweight red headed kid (who I believe had a hot single mom?), the blonde white kid who was being bullied at the beginning on the first season and the black kid who was bullying him (who had a thing with the girl with the coke bottle glasses). I tried to find out what happened to them but my internet research turned up nada. Not sure if they left for other acting opportunities (I know the one has a reoccurring role on All American) or if there were budget cuts and they decided to ax a few of the kids. Personally, if it's the latter, I would have preferred the three lady teachers being cut instead.
  14. Snapdragon

    S05.E13: Son of a Pitch

  15. Snapdragon

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    But Kevin and his siblings don't know any of these things. The only things they know about Nicky are that he's Jack's younger brother and that he served in Vietnam. They have no idea why he (or Jack) decided that he'd have no contact with the family (and really, we don't even know if Nicky knows about Jack's family. I mean, their dad didn't). And considering that Jack died when they were teenagers, I'm sure the idea of talking to someone who grew up with him is very appealing. And I had to go out and buy a blueberry pie today because I'd been craving one ever since this episode aired. Stupid Randall! His Pearson speech obviously affected me.