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  1. Have they been using the music from Swan Lake in the background this entire time am I'm just now noticing it or was that new this episode. The resolution to the predatory teacher storyline left me disappointed. Sure, he got fired but in real life, they've had multiple cases where teachers got fired for inappropriate behavior with students and they just moved on and get a teaching job at another job. Also, Gabby should really not be telling her son the truth about his dad at his age. That is way too adult a subject for an elementary school kid. And I hate promposals (or in this case, Homec
  2. I feel so bad for the actors on this show. I'm trying to imagine what their faces must have looked like when they got this week's script and read "Dick Grayson gets airlifted to the lazarus pit by bats."
  3. I hadn't even thought of this but now it's all I want!
  4. It was the guy who played Gerald (Janet's friend from photography schoo)l on Kim's Convenience.
  5. I don't even know what I'm watching anymore. I binged seasons 1 and 2 of this last summer and while it was never the greatest show, it had its moments and was entertaining enough that I'd want to go ahead with the next episode. This season though? It's a chore just to get through each week's episode. There are only two episodes left and I'm still waiting for some kind of coherent story to form. I still don't understand Jason's motivation at all (he's mad at Batman so he teams up with a villian and just starts murdering people willy nilly?), Tim Drake is pointless and the Blackfire plot ha
  6. So I'm guessing that the flashback scenes took place maybe 15-20 years ago but since the show is on a different Earth, stylistically at that time they were in the 50s/60s? That would explain why Dr. Midnite isn't 90 years old now. Also why Pat has such a vintage car. I really enjoyed this episode, though I think the "blood on your hands" vision would have made a lot more since if Pat had actually voted to kill Bruce Gordon. And was the woman Gordon was in love with Dr. Midnite's wife? Is that why he killed Rebecca? In an attempt to break up the family so that Gordon could marry the
  7. Same. I don't know why they had to make Brittany such a one-note stereotype. She's even blonde, for pity's sake! Other than that, I'm really enjoying this show so far. From the trailers, it looked like hot garbage but I've been a Scott Foley fan since Felicity and have basically watched at least an episode of any show he's starred in (he's the only reason I tuned into Scandal). They really should have advertised this as a comedy instead of a feel-good drama, since that's where it's strongest. And unlike most musical-esque shows (Glee, etc), I'm actually enjoying the dance routines
  8. Just finished season 4 today and that's got to be one of the worst final seasons to a show I've ever seen. The first season (and the movie) were excellent, season 2 was good, season 3 was okay but this fourth season? What happened? So. Many. Issues. 1. The muscial aspect. Why? It made no sense and didn't fit with the rest of the show at all. I felt bad for the actors in all of those scenes. I can't imagine they were thrilled with this completely out of place element being added into the show. 2. The future stuff. Again, why? The clothing was ridiculous (don't even get me
  9. I like actual musicals but when done in a tv show format? Blech. I'm two episodes in and it's like some form of torture. The musical numbers are annoying, undercut all of the seriousness of the issues the show is trying to explore and aren't even well done. I can't for the life of me figure out why they would do this (quarantine madness?) but it's a shame that this show is going out on such a sad and weird note.
  10. This is my assumption too. Otherwise, I'm not sure why she's there (unless this is a Guy Pearce in Mare of Easttown situation).
  11. I laughed so hard at this comment. I liked this episode overall but the race stuff was just so awkward and shoved in there. The fake dead girl, that was Dr. McNider's daughter, right? That's messed up, Eclipso.
  12. My guess would be no. I'd assume plenty of people are buried with their wedding rings and maybe a watch but all of your expensive pieces of jewelry (engagement rings, etc) are usually passed down. I'm not sure why Teddy felt the need to go with the elaborate cover up over Zoe's death. It was clearly an accident so if they had immediately gone to the police and said what happened, odds are everything would have been fine. I don't even know how Oscar would have been convicted for her death. There was zero evidence of foul play and no witnesses (since Tim wasn't speaking) so I can't see
  13. Did she say that someone from the show called her family members? I assumed that people at their jobs/school saw it announced on air and they got pulled as a result. Does anyone know when Sunny's contract expires? Because she did not look happy when they were talking about what happened and if my employer violated my privacy like that, I'd have a very hard time staying. And did I miss it or did they not explain why it was that they were getting test results halfway through the show?
  14. My guess is on Monday we'll hear how Sunny and Ana both got false positives but are luckily covid free and won't have to be out for two weeks and the show won't have to be shut down due to others on set catching it. Nevermind that the odds of two people getting a false positive who took the test at the exact same time and location have got to be incredibly low if not statistically impossible. And they'll all have to go along with it or risk getting fired (and possibly blacklisted).
  15. The fact that they had Sunny and Ana leave, then come back so they could make them leave on air, then announce afterwards that Sunny and Ana had both just taken rapid tests that were negative makes me very suspicious (also what the producer said as he's asking them to leave, "We'll bring you back out later" "It's a tease" sound like they wanted them to leave only for the Kamala Harris interview but couldn't think of a reason). Not having the inital test results until part way through the show is already strange but add in all this other stuff and it just kind of seems like either a publicity
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