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  1. You know, the more I think about it the more I realize that the abortion part of the Marc story was completely unnecessary. Kate's issues all seemed to stem from Marc being abusive, not the fact that she got an abortion. If the whole abortion thing had been brought up when she and Toby were struggling to conceive, then that would have made sense but honestly, the way they did it, if you take the abortion out, nothing changes. The fact that she doesn't even mention the abortion to Marc when they meet 30 years later shows how easily it lifts out. They should have just had Kate tell Toby about Marc when she and Rebecca randomly found that picture of him last season. Would have made a lot more sense and we could have avoided the whole "Kate never told Toby about her abortion despite being together for four years and having fertility issues" plothole.
  2. I would say the difference here is that in both the Tracey Gold case and the actor that played young Randall, they were actual children so it makes sense that they needed more shielding and protecting. Chrissy is a grown woman who chose to enter a profession in which one is constantly judged on their looks. I could see how it would be draining if every episode they had someone say something disparaging about her weight but she should be able to handle one line from a person playing an abusive ex. And really, all they needed was for Marc to rudely say "Obviously" when Kate was saying how Marc's abuse caused her to over eat.
  3. I'm kind of surprised that Megan agreed with Anderson Cooper's Olive Garden comment instead of taking him to task for it, since she's supposed to represent middle America and all. Just goes to show, no matter what their political leanings, people who were raised rich can always find common ground in their restaurant snobbery.
  4. Of course it would have been considered abuse. I'm two years younger than the Big Three and different types of abusive relationships were covered in school several times (physical, emotional, sexual, etc). In high school alone, I can recall at least three classes where we covered the subject and watched a movie related to it. And let's be real, Kate knew Marc's behavior was abusive, which is why she tried to hide his actions at the cabin from her family. For the most part, people know when they're in an abusive relationship, they just don't want to admit it because they're ashamed, scared or in denial. That being said, Kate's behavior of cyberstalking her ex, then randomly showing up at his work was super ridiculous. At that point, she became the creeper ex instead of Marc.
  5. Why would she have to have someone with her? So that she'd have someone to drive her home afterwards?
  6. Honestly, I don't get the hype over Joy's lasagna. I made it after they posted the video with the recipe and while it's good, it's just a basic lasagna recipe. Layer noodles, sauce, cheese, meat, repeat. Half an hour to prepare, half an hour to cook. Why can't the other hosts make it themselves? I mean, I'd get it if it was something that took a lot of time and prep or some fancy technique but it's literally one of the easiest dishes out there. Are they just lazy or is Joy secretly baking weed or something into it when she makes it for Whoopi? (which now that I think about it, might totally be the case)
  7. Spanish people are not Hispanic. Hispanic refers to people who have roots in the South or Central American countries which were colonized by Spain (so basically everyone but Brazil and parts of the Caribbean). So even if Hilaria Baldwin were actually Spanish, she still wouldn't check the Hispanic box and wouldn't be considered a minority. Her faking being Spanish is really more on par with faking being French or Italian. The Sheen/Estevaz family isn't Hispanic either but I looked through past lists of ALMA nominees and winners and it looks like they include anyone that's part Hispanic, Spanish or Brazilian. Probably because by casting a wider net, they can nominate more big name stars and thus get more press for their awards.
  8. Pretty sure this is what they did on Brooklyn Nine Nine when the actress who played Amy was pregnant. They hid her belly with the usual tricks (sitting down, holding boxes, etc) then had her go undercover in a prison as a pregnant woman towards the end of her pregnancy.
  9. Yup, no hot baths. You don't want your body temperature rising, so when pregnant, you want the water around 98.6F. So if you want a hot bath, you're out of luck for 10 months (because you can't take a bath for the first 6 weeks post-partum either). Lukewarm baths are fine but for me personally, that's just not worth it.
  10. It was Lopez who dug up the bag, not Chen. And speaking of Lopez, I was so annoyed when they had her say that she was taking a bath at the end of the episode to relax after a hard day. You can't take a bath while pregnant! Not one that's worth it, anyway. The water can only be lukewarm and I doubt anyone wants to relax in a lukewarm bath after a hard day's work.
  11. I really wish that this had been the only episode in the entire series where Mando revealed his face. The scene was impactful but would have been even more so if it'd been the only time we'd seen Mando do it. And if they couldn't do that, than they at least shouldn't have had him reveal his face in the previous episode, especially since it was for the most nonsense reason. I would like to believe that the baby and Mando will be reunited next season, but Disney has done such a crap job of handling Star Wars (and I say this as someone who's just a casual fan of the franchise) that I'm not holding my breath. I mean, they obviously didn't think that Baby Yoda was going to be a thing in the first place, or they would have had the merchandise ready to go for Christmas a week after the show premiered. And I have no interest in watching a show centered around Boba Fett so if that's what this becomes, instead of Boba getting his own spin off series, then I'm out. That being said, I did enjoy the episode. The Dark Troopers freaked me the hell out because I find unstoppable killer robots scary (in part because people in real life keep on trying to perfect that technology and every time I see some video on youtube of some new advancement in robotics I'm all, "Did these people not watch Terminator?") and I thought the Dark Saber twist was interesting. And I was happy Luke showed up just because my husband (who was way into Star Wars in middle school, reading all the books back in the mid-90s) was slowly freaking out as he realized that that was indeed Luke Skywalker and not some fake out with a random jedi. He was getting more and more excited as they showed each clue to it being Luke (the x-wing, the green light saber, the one gloved hand) but when they showed a close up of the light sabre handle (which, like Harry Potter wands, are all unique, apparently), he went into full blown nostalgia fan boy. Very cute to watch. :)
  12. I feel like we've seen this "Dre isn't as street as he thinks he is" plot half a dozen times over the course of the series. We get it. Though I did enjoy Bow's line of "You bring up being from Compton more than I bring up being a doctor. As for Bow's yoga outfit, I was fine with it except for the top because 1) it just looked bad, Tracee Ellis Ross is in good shape but gravity gets us all in the end and 2) why would you wear something that low cut to exercise in? Just seems impractical.
  13. He came back to the apartment after killing Elena (for some post-murder sex, I guess and to change clothes) and when he left again early in the morning (after saying good-bye to Henry at like 5am) that's when he left the cellphone behind.
  14. So if I'm to understand this past week's episode, the Goldbergs (a Jewish family), have absolutely no experience with bigotry, prejudice or racism. Also, during the eight years that Adam has been friends with Dave Kim, they've never had one conversation where race came up. Added to that, Adam didn't even know that racism still existed because apparently his school curriculum has never included one book dealing with racism, nor did he ever watch one of the many "special episodes" in the 80s that was dedicated to it. 🙄 Okay, then.
  15. I'm assuming the "teenage Kate is pregnant" storyline ends with her getting an abortion because the alternative is that Kate gives the baby up for adoption, that baby grows up and ends up getting pregnant at 20 and decides to give that baby up for adoption and Kate ends up adopting her own grandkid. You know this show would do it!
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