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  1. She's a friend of Chen's and a social worker (I think). They had her in a few episodes at the beginning of the season but she's been MIA for a few months now, so understandable that you didn't know about her.
  2. While I thought the episode was hilarious, I'm really disappointed that they killed off Wunch. The episodes with her and Holt going at each other were always brilliant. I mean, if they were going to kill of a reoccurring character, why couldn't it have been Doug Judy?
  3. The stunt casting of Pete Davidson was just dumb. Especially in a role that has the potential to be a reoccurring character. And why didn't they make the character's first name literally anything else? And in what world could Nathan Fillion and Pete Davidson be siblings? Even half siblings? The entire thing was just...blech.
  4. I found it odd that Chen put concealer on her tattoo everyday instead of using a bandage or large band-aid to cover it. And yes, there is something very wrong with Abigail because her reaction to that body was not normal.
  5. So...the kids are in second grade this year but Graham is nine? Okay.
  6. If their account accidentally got reactivated, would the info on it even be up-to-date? For instance, does their bio state that Cam is a stay-at-home parent to their six year old daughter instead of Cam is a full-time football coach and Lily is in middle school?
  7. I feel like that's because they're missing in situations that make no sense. When the show first started, if the kids were missing while the adults got up to stuff during the day, you figured they were at school. And when they got a little older, you figured they were hanging out with friends, or at their part-time jobs, etc. But now that they're all adults, it's weird when they're missing from certain situations, for instance, when Phil's dad died and none of Phil's kids were at their grandfather's funeral (but Manny was because he'd been featured otherwise in the episode).
  8. Was that...a clip show? Ugh, thank goodness this show is almost over.
  9. This is interesting to me because MASH was all the rage when I was in middle school (93-96). Maybe because that was when all the hormones were starting to kick in so crushes were hardcore? Anyway, in freshman year of high school, I remember MASH being replaced by the True Love test, which is where you write down your and your crushes names, then count up how many letters the two of you have from the word "true", then the number you have from the word "love, and that's your true love percentage (ex. Tim Brown and Anne Lowell would have a 46% chance at true love). Obviously the best way to tell if you were going to be compatible with someone long term. LOL.
  10. Maybe the smell diffuses after a little bit? Or all the locals have developed a tolerance to the smell? Honestly, I know nothing about manure so not sure how likely either of these two explanations are.
  11. I don't know that we would. I'm glad the show stuck with Mark being emotionally abusive instead of physically (except for the last part with him locking her out of the cabin). I don't think enough emphasize is usually put on how bad emotional abuse is. When I was young (late teens/early twenties), I remember more than one female friend being in a crappy relationship and saying, "Yeah but if he ever hit me, then I'd leave." I think we're taught growing up that physical abuse is unacceptable (which it is) and that you should immediately leave a relationship if that happens but emotional abuse isn't discussed in as much detail. I feel this leads to people staying in emotionally abusive relationships much longer than they should since they don't recognize anything except physical violence as abuse.
  12. I totally thought this last week when they showed the preview of them digging up the time capsule. I knew that wasn't going to happen because of the type of show this is but there was a part of me that was hoping that after the Big 3 all got in the car after rescuing Kate that Rebecca was going to go back in, hit Mark over the head with a frying pan, then bury him in the backyard.
  13. I'm totally bummed about this. Season 1 was kind of all over the place but Season 2 was fantastic. I was hoping that Season 3 would give a better ending for Bob but I guess I'll just have to accept the dark ending of Season 2.
  14. I actually really like Pimento (though I do think he's best as a reoccurring character instead of a member of the main cast) and miss him and Rosa as a couple. Their weird, crazy love was one of my fav relationships of the show.
  15. I'm not going to lie. When Glascott redecorated his niece's locker with pictures of herself so that she could see how the world sees her, I teared up a little. In my defense, I'd had a long day and was super tired (also, Unpretty always gets me in the feels).
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