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  1. This is the first episode of this series that I didn't like. I don't mind tv series coming up with their own original characters outside the comics (shout out to Harley Quinn) but randomly giving Superman a half-brother is too much for me. Also, did Superman's mom just abandon her older son? Because, wow, that makes her an awful person and because of that, the scene with her and Superman was just kinda gross since she seemed to give no craps about talking with her other son. Count me in with those who expected the Kryptonian possessed humans to go "splat" when they hit the ground.
  2. Yes! I feel like they should at least post a video of the date on youtube or something. Just five minutes showing them going to dinner or whatever. They didn't even announce what the date would be. Do they even go on a date or do they just head back to the ice cream bar in the green room (I'm assuming there was an ice cream bar since Zooey kept saying that the non-picked bachelors got ice cream)?
  3. Concerning Michael Bolton's looks, geeze, the man is 68. What do you people want from him? LOL. I'm a big Bolton and Deschanel fan (also love Nichole Bryer) but yeah, this was bad. I liked Zooey's dress. That's about the only positive thing I can say about the episode.
  4. I mean, Edge has got to be Zod, right? Who's somehow putting the consciousness of his soldiers stuck in the Phantom Zone into humans? Maybe the events in Crisis allowed him to escape somehow and he's been working on this for the past 15 years? Which would make Leslie Larrs really Faora then? Or (as someone up thread suggested) is he actually the evil Superman from Irons's world who's putting the evil Kryptonians from his universe into this Earth's humans? Or did that universe's Superman get bodysnatched by Zod and that's why he turned evil in the first place? So many possibilities!
  5. I'm not 100% on this but I'm pretty sure that while John might be the biological father, he's not the legal father. That would be Dylan. Dylan's on the birth certificate, has been paying child support and has an established custody agreement. It depends on the state but most likely, Dylan would have had a very good legal case for keeping DJ since he had an established parent/child relationship and John was a child molester that covered up a murder. I'm also pretty sure that since John hasn't been acting as DJ's father in any capacity, he'd have to sue for custody and I don't see that going
  6. Gross. Here's a quote from the writer (creator?) of the show about Lori taking in DJ (https://slate.com/culture/2021/05/mare-easttown-finale-ending-killer-twist-interview.html ) "If you look at the finale, it’s really about mercy. Here’s Lori—the ultimate act of mercy in my mind is to love the child that’s been the cause of the family’s demise. “I have to love the thing that has completely ripped apart my family. I have to stare at this child that is the thing that has ripped apart everyone I love. And I have to love it every day.” That’s an incredible act of mercy on Lori’s part."
  7. The name on the receipt just said "Ross" so John's the one that bought it but Mare thought it was Billy back when they thought Billy was the one who molested Erin. I just feel very underwhelmed by the finale. Having John immediately get arrested in the first five minutes was way too big a tip off that he didn't do it. Didn't see the Ryan reveal coming though, I thought for sure it was going to be Lori. Speaking of Lori, pretty sure she'd be up on some charges. Also, why in the hell is she raising Erin's son? She has no biological ties to the kid, was married to the man that molested
  8. Was that really a job though? I feel like that lasted for a few months and I'm not sure if Rebecca even made any money from it. That was more like a hobby she had on the side than an actual job.
  9. I think that's due to their particular situation and not the fact that Rebecca never worked outside the home after having kids (which honestly I feel was just the writers being lazy. There's no reason Rebecca wouldn't have gotten at least a part-time job once the kids were in middle school). Kate and Toby have two small children, one with special needs, so childcare for them would be probably be more than what Kate makes at her job.
  10. Tess has just become the absolute worst character this season. When she started whining about the bridesmaid dress (and why is she a bridesmaid, by the way? I know Madison has no friends but neither does Kevin so it seems like they'd only need Kate and Randall up there with them), I was hoping Beth would tell her to shut the hell up, but no such luck. Fingers crossed that her apology means that they're done with this terrible version of the character and she goes back to being a tolerable human being next season. And is Annie off shooting Shazam 2? Is that why we've barely seen her la
  11. Man, I wish we could attach a poll to this thread. What do you think it's going to be people? Will the wedding go through or not? I'm going with "yes" but that's just because I like Kevin and Madison together. Guess we'll find out in a few hours.
  12. Normally, I would agree with you but I think there are two things to consider here. One, all of the local adults have known each other since high school (if not all of their lives) and seem to be in the same expanded friend group. So Freddie isn't just a neighbor or something, he's someone Kenny's been friends with for years. Freddie had to have either visited or called him in jail, so they must be (or were) somewhat close. And as we've seen, Kenny isn't exactly the smartest or makes the best life choices, so I could see him thinking it's fine to let his junkie friend go through his house
  13. For everyone asking, first cousins once removed are your parents' cousins or the kids of your cousins (it goes both ways). Second cousins are the kids of your parents' cousins. So Erin's first cousins once removed are John and Billy, her second cousins are John's kids. *In case you can't tell, I come from a very large extended family, with all the cousin types.
  14. Maybe John pulled the gun on Erin, Billy tried to wrestle it away from him and accidentally shot her instead? Would explain why he sounded so heartbroken when he said "I killed her". Or he pulled the gun on Erin only intending to scare her and then his jittery self accidentally shot her. Either way, I'm guessing Billy's shooting of Erin was unintended and was probably initiated by John. John and Billy are brothers and Erin's dad (Frank?) is their cousin. So Billy and John are Erin's first cousins once removed.
  15. I'm guessing maybe the son saw John sneaking back in the house the night Erin was killed and assumed he was having an affair. Back when John was having an affair with Sandra, the son probably saw him sneaking in and out of the house multiple times, so he just assumed that's what was up this time. John told his dad "Lori thinks I'm having an affair" and when the dad asked, "Are you?", John didn't answer. That John, always getting around outright lying. I mean, he can honestly say that Billy did confess to him (he'll just leave out that he's involved in the crime) and doesn't correct his dad
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