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  1. Just Here

    Veronica Mars Revival

    Veronica Mars: Theme Song Sneak Peek • A Hulu Original "We shared the most intimate thing two people can share. A television series on UPN." Veronica Mars: Season 4 Theme Song Lyric Video(Covered by by Chrissie Hynde)
  2. Just Here

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    (Temporary) Rule Change: For knock-out matches during the WWC, if the games goes to a penalty shoot-out ("Kicks from the Penalty Mark"), goalkeepers will not be automatically given a Yellow Card for stepping off the line early during the shoot-out. This change only applies to the shoot-outs and not for regular penalty kicks (during normal and extra time). I suspect that a goalkeeper could still be shown a Yellow Card for repeated encroachment during a shoot-out, as that could constitute persistent infringement. Here's the direct link to IFAB's statement: Temporary dispensation: no cautions for goalkeeper encroachment during Kicks from the Penalty Mark (21 Jun 2019).
  3. Just Here

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    Yes. Here are a pair of recent articles on the Argentine WNT's struggles with their association (the "AFA"): BBC article and Guardian article. The lack of support, especially by such a well-funded association like the AFA, was a lot more egregious (though, sadly not surprising) than just not playing any recognized matches.* Another team at this Women's World Cup, Jamaica, also had over two years of recent match inactivity (dropped from FIFA's rankings in June 2017 due to 18 months of inactivity, returned in June 2018). *It's not unusual for senior women's national teams from smaller countries, e.g. most of the Caribbean nations in CONCACAF (the continental federation for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean), to only play in the qualification competitions for the Women's World Cup, which leads to three years of match inactivity for those teams. Other continental federations, namely UEFA (Europe), have larger and more comprehensive qualification tournaments, so the European senior and junior (U-20, U-17, et cetera) women's national teams are much more active.
  4. Just Here

    Sneaky Pete

    Variety is reporting that the show has been "canceled." The article does not mention the source of this news (no "according to" or "confirmed by").
  5. Just Here

    Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs: Don't Call him Sir!

    Amazon Prime Video currently has the 1986 TV movie Prince of Bel Air (IMDb ) currently available free for Prime members, which like the following year's Summer School stars Mark Harmon as the main protagonist with Kirstie Alley as his love interest and features JAG's Patrick Labyorteaux as a supporting character. Harmon stars as the owner of a pool service company who takes a sheltered boarding school student (Labyorteaux) under his wings after being asked by the student's rich father (the late Robert Vaughn) and meets the student's artist cousin (Alley) in the process. It's a light and predictable romantic comedy, but still fun, and worth watching, especially for fans of Harmon. Two technical caveats: As mentioned, it was a TV movie, so the aspect ratio is 4:3. And, at least when I streamed it, the audio was signficantly out-of-sync in spots.
  6. Dora and the Lost City of Gold (August 2nd)
  7. “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O'Donnell had an emergency appendectomy on Friday (The Post and Courier - Charleston, SC)
  8. Just Here

    Rings Like A Bell: The Cast Topic

    Kristen Bell is on the cover of the latest People. Online article with interview videos: Dax Shepard’s Sobriety Is Everything to Kristen Bell: It 'Allows Me to Have Him in My Life' (People) .
  9. Next year is the end of the road for the Winchester Brothers: Supernatural to end with Season 15 (THR).
  10. Just Here

    Boy Meets World

    William Daniels was at the Emerald City Comic Con ( EW), along with other stars of the show. A couple photos, via Instagram:
  11. Just Here

    Stargate Origins

    For those with an Amazon Prime subscription, this is currently free on Prime Video as a single 104 minute video, "Stargate Origins: Catherine." It wasn't great, but it was worth watching. Though, I wasn't a fan of the planet being "Abydos All Along" nor the mind-control instructions at the end (which undercut the plot and motivations of the original film). Spirited Catherine didn't bother me too much. If this had been developed into a full series, I think Catherine would have become the original "Black Widow" of the Gateverse.
  12. That detail is in the 204 page affadavit (PDF). Huffman's section begins on page 72 while Loughlin's starts on page 88. Since I didn't see it linked above or in the TVLine article, additional DOJ documents for the investigation are available from this link: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/investigations-college-admissions-and-testing-bribery-scheme (at the bottom, after the list of persons charged).
  13. Just Here

    Whiskey Cavalier

    If the "team" was a joint law enforcement task force based in the United States, the CIA officer could theoretically be given a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal badge, which would give them law enforcement officer privileges, but that ain't this show. And, honestly, I'm not sure what this show is yet, since we didn't really see the "team" working as a proper team. But, the show seems to be about an espionage-y team that works outside the United States. That scenario is classic CIA territory and not at all FBI territory, especially as the FBI has no true law enforcement jurisdiction outside the United States. The FBI does work on investigations outside the States and liaison with foreign law enforcement agencies, primarily through legal attachés who are based in embassies (FBI.gov summary). Yet, this show makes it look like the FBI has a mini field office in the Paris embassy. So, the whole FBI vs CIA thing doesn't really work for me. If they wanted to do antagonistic agencies where overlapping jurisdictions actually make sense, a joint team with the CIA and some other foreign intelligence service, say the U.K.'s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or "MI6" in Hollywood jargon) would work much better, drama-wise. (And, on the business end of things, could perhaps open up the option of a joint production to spread out the financing and risk.) Also, an option for antagonistic inter-federal agencies would have been to make one of the leads work for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which is under the Department of Defense. Like the CIA, they have a Clandestine section. * * * I guess the show is just going to overlook the fact that the NSA Guy kinda paid off a Russian mercenary to kill someone (the helicopter pilot). They didn't give Ana Ortiz too much to do except confirm the identity of a CIA operative over an apparently unsecured phone line. And, how did she even have access to the file? Speaking of bad OPSEC, the characters' codenames are based on their initials (Foley mentioned this in an interview). Also, discussing your latest op in the public lobby of an Embassy is not a good idea.
  14. Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (March 15, 2019) Also features Linda Lavin. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the executive producers.
  15. IMDb (owned by Amazon) has just launched a free -- with commercials -- film and TV streaming service, called "Freedive" (Mashable article).