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  1. A genuine whoa. This enforcement action is response to sexual harassment allegations against Gregory St. Johns, a director of photography, involving multiple victims (two are named in the complaint) that became public back in late 2018. This is the full list of named defendants (from the complaint, which is embedded in the above article, alternate direct link to PDF, via Deadline). Here's an earlier Variety article from October 2018* with more details about the situation: *Previously discussed in this thread when it was first published.
  2. I'd classify it as somewhere between a mistake and intentional (in order to make him look more authoritative, and thus increase clicks/pageviews). According to his IMDb profile, he does have an executive producer credit for the Batwoman's "Crisis" crossover episode, so calling him a "Batwoman executive producer" might be technically true, but is most likely misleading. * * * Regarding Rose's departure, I'm curious about the timing of the news, a week after CW's upfronts announcement. I suspect exit negotiations had been ongoing for at least a little while. Plus, imagine if this had happened during a normal year, with actual in-person upfront presentations. Would news about Rose's departure had come out before CW's upfront presentation? Or, would she just have been conspicuously absent, leading to a week or so of speculation and leaks? * * * I suspect that there's a very high probability the line "I'm Batwoman" will be used in the season premiere's cold open.
  3. It's currently free on IMDb TV: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105932/
  4. Stills of the Justice League photo: Regarding the Flash, Half of the his was blurred/smeared. The full photo: And, with the locket photo:
  5. Nancy Drew (2019) Current: Drama Suggested: Genre Ghosts and supernatural phenomena factor significantly in most episodes, so far.
  6. I know the producers say that they want to recast, but... Here's my solution: Bring back Astrophysicist!Beth (say, from Hell) and have her take up the Batwoman cowl after Kate Kane is killed by Alice!Beth. Make the second season Bat!Beth vs. Alice!Beth, with Alice!Beth killed off for good by the end of the season. Also, for production logistic reasons, they could give Alice!Beth a new face (essentially recasting her), though preferably not immediately (halfway through the season would make the most dramatic sense). If the show needs another LGBTQ character, they could make Parker Torres a regular team member.
  7. Lynee Renee (Alder) will officially be a series regular for season two. From Freeform's press release:
  8. Just Here


    Update on Maggie Haney: Via the OC Register: USA Gymnastics hearing on abuse charges against Maggie Haney opens Monday – "Hernandez is expected to testify, McCusker is not"
  9. He's Kealia Ohai's fiancé. 😉 Watt (IMDb profile) does have some on-screen acting experience, most notably playing the school soccer coach in Bad Moms. He was also in an Ang Lee film, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, as well as an episode of New Girl and a few episodes in an FX comedy, The League (playing himself in both TV shows). Outside of football, he has an active charitable foundation for children and spearheaded the raising of over $37 million for Hurricane Harvey relief (Twitter).
  10. Another trailer: A full view of Maverick's hangar (1:40 mark):
  11. From the linked article: Some ratings info:
  12. Veronica Mars: Theme Song Sneak Peek • A Hulu Original "We shared the most intimate thing two people can share. A television series on UPN." Veronica Mars: Season 4 Theme Song Lyric Video(Covered by by Chrissie Hynde)
  13. (Temporary) Rule Change: For knock-out matches during the WWC, if the games goes to a penalty shoot-out ("Kicks from the Penalty Mark"), goalkeepers will not be automatically given a Yellow Card for stepping off the line early during the shoot-out. This change only applies to the shoot-outs and not for regular penalty kicks (during normal and extra time). I suspect that a goalkeeper could still be shown a Yellow Card for repeated encroachment during a shoot-out, as that could constitute persistent infringement. Here's the direct link to IFAB's statement: Temporary dispensation: no cautions for goalkeeper encroachment during Kicks from the Penalty Mark (21 Jun 2019).
  14. Yes. Here are a pair of recent articles on the Argentine WNT's struggles with their association (the "AFA"): BBC article and Guardian article. The lack of support, especially by such a well-funded association like the AFA, was a lot more egregious (though, sadly not surprising) than just not playing any recognized matches.* Another team at this Women's World Cup, Jamaica, also had over two years of recent match inactivity (dropped from FIFA's rankings in June 2017 due to 18 months of inactivity, returned in June 2018). *It's not unusual for senior women's national teams from smaller countries, e.g. most of the Caribbean nations in CONCACAF (the continental federation for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean), to only play in the qualification competitions for the Women's World Cup, which leads to three years of match inactivity for those teams. Other continental federations, namely UEFA (Europe), have larger and more comprehensive qualification tournaments, so the European senior and junior (U-20, U-17, et cetera) women's national teams are much more active.
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