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  1. Vincent will be at Nationals, he is switching to Lee Markell & Lori Nichol in Toronto and taking a break from Brown. Vincent Zhou Coaching Change
  2. Boikova/Kozlovskii were fantastic today and edged out an almost clean free skate from Tarasova/Morozov. They are Russian national champions. Pavliuchenko/Khodykin ended up with bronze. Scherbakova stepped out of her quad flip but otherwise was flawless and repeated as National Champion. Kostornaia was a little shaky today and ended up second. Trusova and Elizaveta had rough outings and ended up third and fourth, respectively. Medvedeva withdrew from free skate without boot issues and says she won’t skate anymore this season and work on upping her tech content.
  3. So Zagitova will not be at Russian Nationals, she is taking some time off...
  4. I keep hoping that it will be folk dancing. First of all, it will be a stretch for a lot of these teams & some of them need a stretch. Secondly, I'd love to see them all in native country costumes. The music theme next year is Folk and the pattern is Ravensburger Waltz.
  5. James did Battle of the Blades so they pulled out of their Grand Prix assignments. John Zimmerman is their coach (former Olympian and world medalist with Kyoka Ina) and Sylvia Fontana is Kevin Amoyz’s coach. This is really bad. I think Cipres’s career is done.
  6. This is true but they did lose levels on a at least one lift and step sequence, their tech BV was 43.59 whereas P/C, C/B, and G/P all had BV of 45.84, that’s another two points.
  7. Nathan was INCREDIBLE today and Hanyu definitely ran out of steam, he looked exhausted the last 60-90 seconds of his program and his choreography had no life. He’s not conditioned to do that many quads but he did a beautiful quad loop and quad lutz to start his program. ETA: Nikita & Victoria got hammered on levels and ended up sixth. Chock & Bates beat Hubbell & Donahue decisively. I suppose H/D did some things to their free but it’s still boring to me, least favorite of the free dance for me.
  8. VERY interesting Rhythm Dance just now: 1. P/C 2. H/D 3. C/B 4. S/K 5. S/B 6. G/P Chock & Bates are only a point behind H/D and will be in final group....
  9. Nathan killed it. Hanyu was so close to skating clean but stepped out of his quad toe and didn’t get the combo in, cost him about 12 points. Would’ve been neck and neck otherwise. Kevin Amoyz skated the short program of his life and everyone else made mistakes. The pairs was short program was really good. Sui & Han are in first despite a touch down on their throw triple loop. Everything else was flawless. Boikova & Kozlovskii missed a level on their throw triple twist otherwise they would’ve been in first. Looking forward to ladies and ice dance tomorrow!
  10. ISU streams them live on YouTube, get a free VPN app and change location from US to Canada.
  11. If Chock & Bates beat them at Grand Prix Final, I absolutely think they will be dethroned. I expect the the US judges to go with the team they think has the best chance to medal at Worlds. That being said, I expect H/D to come with a retooled free dance and win the bronze but I’ll be cheering hard for C/B.
  12. Don’t sleep on Boikova/Kozlovski, they have the highest point total this season. US pairs are a mess as usual but Alexa & Chris were even worse than usual. Not impressed with Carriera & Ponomarenko at all. That flamenco free skate is tired and not a good vehicle for them.
  13. I can’t wait for this show to be over, the writing is so bad and now they’ve killed Asher. My one hope was for Masher to end up together.... I’m just here for Conner and Oliver at this point, everyone else can die.
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