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  1. Todd & Jeni seem to be where it’s at right now. I really hope Alexa & Brandon can have some success this season.
  2. Actually she is still skating. She partnered with her boyfriend Balasz Nagy but he’s been injured for some time.
  3. Yes that exhibition from the awards was gorgeous. I’m dying to see their programs this weekend, they will be competing in Finlandia, I haven’t heard anything about music choice or anything.
  4. Papadakis & Cizeron’s new programs
  5. Midnight Blue is the pattern, thr music choices are "street dance rhythms". They chose at least two different rhythms from hip hop, jazz, reggae, reggaeton, blues, funk, swing, krump, popping, or disco.
  6. I’ll also put in a good word for Peacock. You can subscribe for just two months ($10 total, $4.99 x 2) and watch every Grand Prix plus the finals. I subscribed for maybe four months last season and watched everything plus nationals and worlds, well worth it.
  7. Champs Camp was this past week and Alysa and Vincent have officially been chosen to go to Nebelhorn to confirm the third spot. I don’t think that surprises anyone but it’s official now.
  8. I didn’t know Karen Chen had a brother that was in ice dance until this weekend. Him and his partner won the dance event at the JGP this weekend.
  9. Full pairs short program Cranberry Cup Full Pairs free skate Cranberry Cup Full men’s short program Cranberry Cup Full men’s free skate Cranberry Cup
  10. Well, it looks like Vincent and Alysa are the clear front runners to go to Nelbelhorn to confirm spots. Mariah really had a rough go and Amber withdrew after the short. I definitely recommend watching Green & Parsons’s new free dance from this weekend. Very well done, says they took a lot of inspiration from Martha Graham. Cain-Gribble/Leduc had to withdraw because she got COVID (she’s better now) but their new short program is up on On Ice Perspectives’s YouTube channel.
  11. Really enjoyed the short programs today, I watched like six hours of skating! Pairs: Jessica & Brian landed their SBS jumps! I still don’t really love this short program but I’m so glad they skated clean, don’t agree with them being in third. I really like Alexa & Brandon’s short program but their still out of sync a bit and missing that connection with each other. I really liked Audrey & Misha’s short program…very interesting mashup of Toxic and Survivor covers. Ladies: Audrey was my favorite, Alysa was fine and deservedly in first. Amber has a great program, she was hes
  12. The relay team is just an embarrassment at this point, I realize there was a problem on one of the handoffs but the last guy just got smoked, was this the B team?
  13. I wonder if FIG might consider something similar to what figure skating did with the compulsory dance in ice dance, where they basically combined the compulsory dance with the original dance and made the rhythm dance. I’m not how they could do it, but you could have some sequence in each event (minus vault, of course, they could all do a compulsory vault) that everyone did in a preliminary round. Just a thought… I do agree with a lot of you that I would rather see easier gymnastics done cleaner than harder gymnastics done poorly.
  14. So does Simone withdrawing bail out Tom Forster?
  15. Yes! The boys did it! Poor Abby, just slow off the blocks.
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