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  1. So much for Nick, Michele, and Yul having a pregame alliance.
  2. I wasn’t going to be happy either way. My old school peeps are all gone!
  3. Sandra did that to herself, she got too cute. Denise was savage and I loved it. The editors aren’t being kind to Wendell but I still like him, Michele’s whining is annoying as hell. We need 90 minutes.
  4. Ekaterina Kurakova, Polish figure skater
  5. Love that idea! My fantasy medals: Dance - G:Chock/Bates S:Papadakis/Cizeron B:Gilles/Poirier Pairs - G:Sui/Han S:Boikova/Kozlovskii B:Pavlieuchenko/Khodykin Mens - G:Nathan S:Hanyu B:Jason Ladies - G:Sherbakova S:Mariah B:Rika
  6. I agree @redpencil but they don’t want athletes traveling either. ”a lot of people coming from different countries, it’s an indoor space, there’s 1000s of people, there has just been pandemic declared in the world so we think it’s best scenario to protect population.” Quebec health minister McCann ”2020 [championships] could be held later in the year but in any case not before October 2020” from press release
  7. They’ve cancelled Worlds. It’s not surprising but still sucks. I feel bad for Chock/Bates who had a lot of momentum and a great chance to medal and the US ladies who had a chance to get three spots next year.
  8. Great tense episode, definitely vintage Homeland. I think my heart stopped when they showed the taliban going after the helicopter. How on earth does the other chopper not see what happened? Do they still have that rule that you can’t kill a president on TV? I remember that being an issue on Season 4 of 24. The VP staying in the oval definitely stood out. He clearly has his own agenda but I’m thinking he’s a smokescreen and not actually involved. I agree Tasneem looking that salty was very unrealistic. If they are involved, they certainly didn’t give it away this episode. Very excited about this season so far.
  9. That was really offputting. Please never do that again. I’m pretty sure they’ve been doing it all season. I kind of like it especially since we are never getting opening credit again.
  10. Just vote out Rob. I don’t get it.
  11. Oh Vancouver, I didn’t love Evan or Plushy. Scheherazade is one those pieces of music I’m so over, too. Didn’t love when Michelle did it in Salt Lake or Davis/White, (at least they were great). I will forever be Team Nancy, Team Michelle, Team Elena/Anton, & Team Yuna.
  12. They didn’t mention an expiration date
  13. I’d love to see a Parvati blindside but I’m sure this is just a misdirect for a boring Danni vote.
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