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  1. She's part Japanese = typical build is long torso, shorter legs. I agree that hair is costumey looking long. YES ditch the fried extensions. Gina is just not a very pretty person DCC level without all the contouring, fake hair, fake books, etc. Hate to say it but her looks are all store bought. Gabby looks AMAZING and I cannot say enough how glad I am she has her life in order. I want her to stay so bad. Tess does not have implants They sure look like implants. I think Gina looks great, she’s always had great abs now her hair looks much better, I do agree, she’d look great with a bob, though.
  2. healthnut

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    Peacekitty...Did you watch John Carroll’s interview with Survivor Specialists? I’m actively rooting against Kama just to save this season. Still, I don’t feel like there’s anyone to root for. The most likable people are on EoE, or maybe it just feels that way because we know the most about them. Why on earth did Lesu try to target each other? Could they really not get Joe & Aurora on board? Misfit alliance of 7 > Kama 6 oh well
  3. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    Actually, US Nationals is in January and is always up against the first or second round of NFL playoffs which air on Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoons which is the same time the primo figure skating events take place, men and ladies free skates. March Madness is a big deal, no doubt, but a small fraction of the NFL playoff audience and I imagine, a lot less overlap.
  4. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    I think NBC should do the same thing with skating they do with gymnastics. Post the entire competition on YouTube for free. Let the sport get a following again instead of waiting for a US lady to be relevant.
  5. healthnut

    S02.E18: Emergency Contact

    I don’t really care for the evil turn Alec has made considering what a saint he was before but if Dr. Bell isn’t going to be evil, I guess someone has to be shady. The Mena/Micah relationship was always weird so I’m fine with it going away. It was way too soon for him to ask her to marry him anyway. I like Mena and Dr. Austin’s working relationship so I’m not ready for it to be complicated by them getting together yet. Love Jane Leeves, I forgot about her completely, her character really took a backseat during all the Quovadis stuff. Could care less about Julian. I’m glad she’s alive but Devon just broke off his wedding, he doesn’t need to be in another relationship.
  6. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    Wasn’t Michael Weiss always trying the quad lutz and two footing it every time? I never understood why he didn’t just do a toe or salchow. I agree the US needs a female star to spark casual interest again. It sure as heck isn’t Bradie or Mariah. Nathan won’t do it anymore than Evan did in 2009/2010. It’s gotta be a lady.
  7. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    Looking at the short dance when you can compare the dance teams easily since they’re all doing the same pattern, P/C are miles ahead of these other teams, it’s amazing. Clearly S/K are the anointed ones to challenge them, whatever. Like someone said above, they bore me to tears, I prefer S/B. It’s sad that in a season where Chock & Bates and Piper & Paul have improved so much they end up finishing lower at this year’s world than last year.
  8. So when is the banquet when these are announced? My guesses: VOTY: Lacey, I’d love to see it be Tasha or Amy ROTY: Geez, who knows, I’ll say Brennan
  9. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    Who has seen the rhythm dances because I haven’t but I have a hard time believing Sinisita & Katsalapov were not grossly over scored.
  10. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    How much is the Gold Pass for future reference?
  11. healthnut

    S06:09 Feat Socks NYC

    Those two were a mess. Community was a bad idea and that didn’t help. I agree with several of you that the real takeaway from this episode is how poorly Everkin is doing (and Ellison but I can’t remember that episode). Guess MLB and Marvel didn’t come through.
  12. healthnut

    Rob Has A Podcast: Survivor Edition

    Anybody else listen to the Spencer interview? Definitely no recapping of the episode here, but at least Spencer seems to be in an okay place.
  13. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    Officially, stationary lift was not stationary so it was downgraded from Level 4 to base value, lost 4.3 points Their program components were very high, high 9s, beat Chock & Bates by over almost a point there.
  14. healthnut

    Figure Skating

    Holy Moly. Hubbell & Donahue just got 4th at Four Continents. No fall, but hammered in Technical elements over a downgraded lift and spin, crazy. Chock & Bates win.
  15. healthnut

    S05.E10: Don't Go Dark on Me

    What did Famke do to her face? Cheek implants? Botox? She looks strange.