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  1. I wonder if FIG might consider something similar to what figure skating did with the compulsory dance in ice dance, where they basically combined the compulsory dance with the original dance and made the rhythm dance. I’m not how they could do it, but you could have some sequence in each event (minus vault, of course, they could all do a compulsory vault) that everyone did in a preliminary round. Just a thought… I do agree with a lot of you that I would rather see easier gymnastics done cleaner than harder gymnastics done poorly.
  2. So does Simone withdrawing bail out Tom Forster?
  3. Yes! The boys did it! Poor Abby, just slow off the blocks.
  4. Rowdy said it wouldn’t have mattered, she was maybe a half second off her winning 100 time, they were 1.5 seconds from bronze. Not sure if Torri Huske struggled or if in general, it was just not a good combo. I do feel the 2019 team and having Caleb swim the butterfly is better but maybe they just don’t have confidence in a female freestyler. I do love the relay and look forward to the track and field version, too. Are these a new type of goggles in general? I just feel like there’s been more goggle imprints around the eyes after swimming than I can ever remember seeing.
  5. Thanks for posting, the link also contained his very thoughtful response.
  6. He’s definitely best during the side by side chats with Tirico but considering this is his first real opportunity in the booth, I think he’s doing fine. Granted my expectations were pretty low, I expected him to be pretty dry but I’ve enjoyed him. I’ve enjoyed Elizabeth Beisel, too. She’s got a great personality.
  7. healthnut

    Tennis Thread

    I agree Joke deserves to be the 20 club but I still don’t care for him and I probably never will. I’m ready for someone, anyone to take this man out this year.
  8. I have lots of thoughts on Grand Prix assignments: 1. C/B & H/D going head to head right out if the gate at Skate America. Usually they split them up and they don’t go head to head til Grand Prix final. Meanwhile G/P get a free pass at Skate Canada. 2. No assignments for Calalang & Johnson. Jenni and Todd posted a clip them yesterday just to make sure people know they’re still together. 3 Chelsea Liu & Danny O’Shea getting a spot at Skate America. I didn’t even know they had teamed up and then On Ice Perspectives release a video from their short program the same day. In
  9. healthnut


    So here’s my thinking…are they trying to maximize Simone’s medal chances? She did medal in bars at worlds a couple of years back, right? If Riley were to go she’d be in the event finals over Simone, whereas Simone probably makes top 8 without her, yes? Giving her a shot (albeit probably slim) at another medal.
  10. healthnut


    They actually had her outfit in the official NBCOlympics Instagram account so they must be egging it on.
  11. healthnut


    What on earth was Nastia wearing? Happy for Grace, like Tim said it didn’t matter who they chose, this team is winning gold. Can’t disagree with their decision, Makayla makes sense as the +1
  12. healthnut


    I completely agree with you. There was an opportunity but no one really took it. I do think Sam’s experience is worth something and it seems like the floating chip in his elbow bothers him the most on rings and pommel and he won’t do either of those at the Olympics. Seems they’re kind of weak on vault. Too bad they couldn’t have another spot for Donnie. So does Brody have a chance to medal in AA? I remember a couple of really strong AAs from Russia and one or two from Japan in 2019 but I didn’t see Europeans this year and no clue if the Japanese guys are still around and healthy.
  13. I’m so glad Simone pulled through and qualified for the 50. Those who are more up on swimming camps, is she out of contention for the 4x100 relay or can they still select her? Phelps always swam in it and I’m pretty sure he didn’t swim the 100 at trials.
  14. healthnut


    Jade is going to take the individual spot because if she had taken a team spot, the US would’ve lost her individual spot and only five would be able to go. So Jade won’t be on the four person team.
  15. It’s not a strong discipline for the US for whatever reason. The US men haven’t gotten a gold in that event since 1984.
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