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  1. healthnut

    The Women of American Ninja Warrior

    Jeri was 14th, like Sandy would’ve qualified under the previous Top 15 rule.
  2. healthnut

    S11.E12: Cincinnati City Finals

    Flex has a track background, specifically heptathlon. And she’s definitely not short, at 5’7”, she’s one of the taller female ninjas. Not sure about Michelle Warnky’s background. Actually, only three made it: Dan Yager, Karson Voiles, and Jessie Graf.
  3. healthnut

    S11.E11: Baltimore City Finals

    Terrible episode. If Najee and Joe Marovsky can’t get to the ninth obstacle, it’s too damn hard. I would’ve liked to have seen if Drew could do it. So, we have four Vegas episodes this year. I guess that’s good maybe we won’t get so many fast forwards of Stage 2, although if they all fall on Wing Nut Alley anyway then it will be a lot like this episode. Please let next week be better, these last two episodes have been a real drag.
  4. healthnut


    Crazy enough Simone did the triple twisting double back she’s been working on at podium training but she did a double twisting double back dismount off the beam!
  5. healthnut

    Rob Has A Podcast: Survivor Edition

    If you have not checked out the Talking with T-Bird series they’ve been airing this summer, I highly recommend it. They’ve interviewed Gretchen, Helen Glover, Sean, Kelley Goldsmith, Judd, Scout.....it’s been really fun.
  6. healthnut

    Power in the Media

    They are splitting up the 15 episodes, they plan to air 10 episodes this year and the last five next year, I’m annoyed.
  7. healthnut

    S11.E10: Seattle/Tacoma City Finals

    In my perfect ANW world, the show would run two nights a week, one for the qualifiers and one for the finals, it would take six weeks to get through the pre-season instead of twelve and it would negate this stupidity of pretending they run the finals six weeks later. So this was the region Geoff fell in, I wonder if that’s why the course design was so upper body intense, they were expecting Geoff to be on it. Certainly would’ve liked to see him on it.
  8. healthnut

    S11.E10: Seattle/Tacoma City Finals

    After two relatively easy courses, this course was way too hard. Too many upper body obstacles, did they really think anyone was going to get past that ninth obstacle? They had a similar obstacle a couple of years in OK City, again after the flying monkey bars and it was only one ascent and I believe only Tyler Yamaguchi finished that obstacle. So why make it more difficult when no one could finish it before? As for the women rule, I’m glad the women are improving and it should get to a point where women who make it up the warped wall don’t make it to Vegas. The issue comes from LA finals and especially Atlanta, where you have women who don’t make it up the warped wall and get to go. I’ve always felt that people who get farther on an obstacle should get credited over people who just get there faster. It does seem like they are going to have an odd number of people running in Vegas, but I believe that’s been the case since they’ve had the women’s rule.
  9. healthnut

    S11.E09: Oklahoma City City Finals

    The women killed it in this region, finally! It’s been such a drag this year with only Tianna making it to the back half and that after falling on the second obstacle. Again, like Atlanta, this course didn’t seem too hard. I’m shocked no one boinked their head on the Snap Back. This Power Tower continues to be underwhelming. Did Thomas Stillings run this year? Did I miss him?
  10. healthnut


    I watched the US Classic highlights, I don’t know why NBC/Olympic Channel haven’t posted the event on YouTube like they do the others, they only posted a version with no commentary which was quite boring to watch because they never gave any scores. It’s going to interesting to see who makes the team next year. Of course Simone is in, and I imagine Morgan is a lock. Grace and Riley seem to be in good shape but I wonder if they’d like to have one more good vaulter or bar specialist.
  11. healthnut

    Swimming: Aquaman, Eat Your Heart Out!

    Regan Smith was definitely a highlight, I’m surprised she didn’t make the team on the 100m though considering she killed the relay. Simone was fantastic in her individual events and Lily and Caleb were amazing all around. This mixed medley relay is going to be nuts to watch next summer. I guess we don’t have any real standouts in the IM events right now. Poor Katie. At least she’s got tons of experience to rely on, she’ll be fine next year and that loss in the 400m will probably light an even greater fire, but she’s definitely going to have a full plate. Wish the best for Nathan Adrian and his cancer fight.
  12. healthnut

    Swimming: Aquaman, Eat Your Heart Out!

    Anyone been watching the World Championships this year?
  13. healthnut

    S11.E08: Atlanta City Finals

    I thought the ninth obstacle was pretty easy, I don’t recall anyone failing. I also don’t remember people having issues with traction on the last obstacle last year, which I still hate, by the way, because I fear someone’s head getting stuck...or worse. Poor showing for the women, I guess I need to start ninja training, I live in Tennessee so I’d probably be in this weaker region. When they were in Atlanta two years ago, the biggest name was Britney Reid.
  14. healthnut

    S11.E06: Cincinnati City Qualifiers

    I prefer they spread the women out, it made me so mad the first year they had the top 2 women rule and Michelle, Flex, and Alyssa were all in the city.
  15. healthnut

    S16.E06: Academy 1

    First time tuning in this season, I LOVE Laurie Ann from Making the Band days and I even watched her short-lived reality show on E! I think she’s a welcome addition and certainly a vast improvement over Paula and Maddie and whoever the young chick was, I forgot. I liked that they showed a lot of the routines. I agreed with all the eliminations, the two solos were very underwhelming.