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  1. I thought The Weight of Gold was good, not great. I also thought it needed to be longer and go more in depth. It tried to cover too many things so nothing was really covered well. I’m shocked they didn’t have any other interviewees besides athletes, no coaches or sports writers. The glaring miss was the lack of mental health professionals. I, too, thought they needed more athletes, it seemed to have mostly winter sports except for Lolo and Michael. Shocked they didn’t have a gymnast and while Lolo and Apollo are POC, it didn’t seem to have enough diversity either. I think ESPN could probably do a really good 30 for 30 on the topic and do it justice. From the skating perspective, Gracie was extremely honest whereas Sasha didn’t really add much in my opinion. She was whining about falling in the Olympics but it was like, Sasha you NEVER skated a clean long, literally no one expected you to win gold.
  2. I really enjoyed this season. Coach Beam was nowhere near the dysfunction of the previous two coaches. I don’t feel like we got to know as many players this season but I enjoyed following the ones we did. I liked Nu and I’m glad they had a lot of his family life. Dior was heartbreaking both by living in his car and his relationship with his dad. I was really invested in their games, it’s too bad they couldn’t make the playoffs but they had really bad luck at the QB position. It did not help Dior’s scholarship chances that he had to play QB for a stretch. I hope he gets a shot at Hawaii, again bad luck for him with the head coach leaving.
  3. I am disgusted. They found pictures of her on his phone, don’t know if there were others but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone else comes forward. I hope not but rarely is there just one victim. I feel sorry for the victim and for April, his long time girlfriend. Good luck to the parents having to explain Drew’s absence in future seasons to their young kids. ANW is extremely fortunate they aren’t in the middle of the season where they’ve heavily promoted him. Might be time to go pay Isaac another appearance fee.
  4. Breaking News: Alena Kostornaia has left Eteri for Evgeny Plushenko’s group.
  5. I remember Shawn Johnson’s parents took out like three mortgages on their house to pay for her gymnastics. And it worked out for them as she became a gold medalist but you never hear the stories of the parents who do that and the child doesn’t make it.
  6. Alysa Liu Announces Coaching Change
  7. The hell? So are we to assume that both Issa/Lawrence and Molly/Andrew call it quits? is that’s truly it for Lawrence, then he needs to written off, we don’t need to see Jay Ellis again. Perhaps there’s an off chance he doesn’t take the job because of the baby and stays and he and Issa stay together but I don’t see that happening. All I really care about is Issa & Molly repairing their friendship. ETA: I’m also really disappointed they went the predictable route with Condola getting pregnant.
  8. Boo on Keven getting back in to competition. I agree there was no way they weren’t going to have three rounds. I thought maybe when Gregory volunteered that would be Kevin’s demise, but unfortunately not. I don’t hate Kevin I just hate Last Chance Kitchen, especially bringing someone in at finale. It’s like Edge of Extinction on Survivor. YOU GOT ELIMINATED!
  9. Great article by Phil Hersch about the new values for quads with some thoughts from Nathan Chen. Potentially a big game changer for both men and the Russian ladies. Figure Skating Scoring Changes
  10. More specifically, she’s going to be training with Evgeny Plushenko according to International Figure Skating’s Facebook page. I’m shocked by this but totally here for it. I keep wondering why these girls are happy to stay with Eteri with so much competition there, they can’t all get proper attention.
  11. I would’ve been fine with Jamal killing Cassius, I’m not sure 50 cent us bringing anything to the show.
  12. This episode was so boring. I am so over flashbacks at this point. I do not care about Sam (or Vivian) he has been dead since season 1, can we focus on the characters who are actually alive still?
  13. He’s recovering from a heart attack, no terminal illness. She doesn’t get to live with Frannie or be in her life so she’s definitely giving up her life and living the life of a spy is no privilege. I hardly would call it having her cake and eating it.
  14. Loved the ending. I wasn’t so sure halfway or even two thirds through the episode but I thought the ending was perfect. And thank God, they didn’t kill Saul.
  15. Disappointed by some of the changes from the book. I loved the book but so-so on the series. The kids setting the fire was ridiculous. I didn’t hate Elena confessing. Why have Bebe end up in Niagra Falls? What was wrong with her flying to China like in the book? I didn’t even like May Ling crying because in the book part of what was so upsetting for Linda was that the baby didn’t make a sound. I didn’t see the point of Mia telling Elena about Lexie if Lexie was going to confess anyway. Some things I didn’t mind like Elena’s fling with Jamie or giving Bill more material. I preferred the book treatment Pauline Hawthorne’s prints but it I didn’t hate the changes in the series. Overall, I think they did the book justice enough. But as usual, the book was better.
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