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  1. Boo on Keven getting back in to competition. I agree there was no way they weren’t going to have three rounds. I thought maybe when Gregory volunteered that would be Kevin’s demise, but unfortunately not. I don’t hate Kevin I just hate Last Chance Kitchen, especially bringing someone in at finale. It’s like Edge of Extinction on Survivor. YOU GOT ELIMINATED!
  2. Great article by Phil Hersch about the new values for quads with some thoughts from Nathan Chen. Potentially a big game changer for both men and the Russian ladies. Figure Skating Scoring Changes
  3. More specifically, she’s going to be training with Evgeny Plushenko according to International Figure Skating’s Facebook page. I’m shocked by this but totally here for it. I keep wondering why these girls are happy to stay with Eteri with so much competition there, they can’t all get proper attention.
  4. I would’ve been fine with Jamal killing Cassius, I’m not sure 50 cent us bringing anything to the show.
  5. This episode was so boring. I am so over flashbacks at this point. I do not care about Sam (or Vivian) he has been dead since season 1, can we focus on the characters who are actually alive still?
  6. He’s recovering from a heart attack, no terminal illness. She doesn’t get to live with Frannie or be in her life so she’s definitely giving up her life and living the life of a spy is no privilege. I hardly would call it having her cake and eating it.
  7. Loved the ending. I wasn’t so sure halfway or even two thirds through the episode but I thought the ending was perfect. And thank God, they didn’t kill Saul.
  8. Disappointed by some of the changes from the book. I loved the book but so-so on the series. The kids setting the fire was ridiculous. I didn’t hate Elena confessing. Why have Bebe end up in Niagra Falls? What was wrong with her flying to China like in the book? I didn’t even like May Ling crying because in the book part of what was so upsetting for Linda was that the baby didn’t make a sound. I didn’t see the point of Mia telling Elena about Lexie if Lexie was going to confess anyway. Some things I didn’t mind like Elena’s fling with Jamie or giving Bill more material. I preferred the book treatment Pauline Hawthorne’s prints but it I didn’t hate the changes in the series. Overall, I think they did the book justice enough. But as usual, the book was better.
  9. Typically, they don’t show idol hunts that aren’t fruitful. Amber’s attempt earlier this season being a rare example. Players always say after the season they were all looking all the time, it just isn’t shown.
  10. I like Sophie a lot but I gladly sacrificed her for some real gameplay. This season has been so tame. I do think she has risen her status as a winner and I’m happy for her that she’ll be appreciated more going forward. Ben and Nick have zero win equity at this point. No one is going to vote them out because they want to drag them to the end. I don’t know if I would’ve bought Michele’s story or not but kudos to her for coming up with one. She probably had already thought of a story in case someone asked. I don’t know that I want to see an extortion advantage again but it was hilarious to watch because Tony is the perfect character for it.
  11. Nick is the biggest goat right now and Ben has to be number two. I don’t see a path to win for either or those two. Denise has taken a big back seat but that might work to her advantage, no one is talking about voting her out. I love Tony and I’ve been ecstatic every week he is still in the game. He really learned from his brief stint on GC. He may save this season. But who knows, he could get voted out next week with an idol in his pocket, but I think Tony is too observant and paranoid for that. The extortion advantage was entertaining but I’m not sure if I really like it, I’m not crazy about the Edge people having so much influence over the game but I did like that we finally saw someone have to beg for fire tokens.
  12. Yes finally! A game changing blindside! Let’s GO!
  13. We haven’t seen Sophie at all this episode no way she gets booted, it’s gotta be a Jeremy. But I hope I’m wrong, I’m ready for a good blindside.
  14. I’m so stressed! I can’t see Sophie getting blindsided with an idol but I don’t want to lose Jeremy.
  15. At this point Carrie is charged as an accessory to murder of two presidents along with a slate of other charges. This isn’t just about whether or not to betray Saul this is her entire life. She hasn’t seen Frannie since who knows when, I don’t want Carrie to die or rot in jail especially for false charges. But I also don’t want Evgeny to win, either. I still holding out hope she outsmarts him somehow.
  16. I don’t know what is going to happen but I know that it will not be pretty. I liked Evgeny until he took the flight recorder. Now I hate him. But still prefer him to Zabel. As long as he goes down next week, I’ll at least take some pleasure in that.
  17. healthnut

    S01.E09: Buried

    I agree Foster won’t make it out alive. I’d feel sorry for him but dude was dealing drugs in a prison. Good on Darius for leaving and I actually hope he and Marie get back together. I wouldn’t wait on someone in prison for life.
  18. Word is they did and it was 3-3-3 and then Tyson went home on revote but it was edited out. I believe they edited out a revote on Kellyn’s exit in GI.
  19. Enough with the whispering!
  20. Peggy & Dick were always my favorite pairing. Tracy Wilson always did a good job, too. Sandra is quite lovely on her appearances on The Skating Lesson but horrid when paired with Scott on NBC.
  21. Just feels like they are going out of their way to make Mia unlikeable. One of the beautiful things in the book was the relationship Mia had with Pauline & Mal, cutting out Mal and making Mia sleep with her mentor/teacher really cheapens their relationship. I also prefer the print in the book of Mia holding Pearl as opposed to Mia being pregnant. I guess they feel like they didn’t have enough time in a episode split with Elena’s (incorrect) backstory to develop the story better.
  22. I don’t think the FBI has anything to do with Asher’s murder, this is totally the agent working for the Castillos. Who knows if she worked for the Castillo family before or after she started working for the FBI. I’m hoping this revelation brings the whole gang back together.
  23. Even bough Evgeny is evil, I kind of like him. Carrie is Carrie, love her or hate her, she gets shit done. All that I need to end this season is spineless prez getting his ass handed to him. And please let Jalal get exposed as a fraud.
  24. Celeste Ng says she wanted Mia to be African American but didn’t feel like as an Asian American that she was qualified to bring the African American female perspective to the book and do it justice, so she left it ambiguous.
  25. Loving the music, it’s so nostalgic for me. Why do you have to put the music in spoiler tags?
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