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  1. soapmaniac22

    S13 E13: Game Day

    I honestly think that’s the most relaxed I’ve seen Kelli and Judy during pregame rehearsal. Kelli just remarking that if she was jinelle she’d be nervous AF and Amber and the yard line. Usually they’re screaming all over the place.
  2. soapmaniac22

    S13 E13: Game Day

    Between Judy crying over Lacey and Kelli making sure to hug Brennan before she went out the first time, they really got me in my feelings. I know we talk about how they don’t care about anything but the brand but man, the little things shows you how much they love and care about those girls.
  3. Oh Judes crying over Lacey retiring got me deep in my feels
  4. Also they really played “no tears left to cry” with Malena walking out...I snorted bc the timing was terrible lol
  5. Oh my, Malena’s cut was really awkward to watch. But like, I think it’s the realist reaction I’ve seen since Meagan’s in season 5
  6. I concur with this. I live more on the western side of KY and the accents from Eastern KY are a hella lot more thick than over here. Like her accent is pretty much spot on to where she's from. They are def more "country" over there. But with Kentuckians, you'll have hit and miss accents too. Mine isn't very pronounced, but 15 miles away from here, people still say "warshing machine" and have an accent that could rival Kash's. And I find that my accent does tend to get thicker when I get around people who don't have one as bad, or maybe it just sounds more pronounced IMO. When I heard her say she was from KY I was like oh def must be Eastern. It's a whole other world on that side of the state, I think American Idol Gives back did a campaign there because it's rough.
  7. Honestly during VKs cut, I couldn’t think of anything but her mascara lol. Like, sweetie, if you were going to wear that at all football games, we were gonna have a Blank space T Swift situation. Also when it was all gone, she DID finally look 18.
  8. I thought it was mature of her to tell kelli it was okay, bc clearly she could understand she was struggling to cut her
  9. Judy was more upset about Dayton’s cut IMO. but I also think Dayton to her may be what VK is to Kelli
  10. Oh sweetie, WATERPROOF MASCARA. i wear it on the regular bc I’m such an easier crier that I never know when I’m gonna burst into tears
  11. From KY also and YEP WE DO. I use a spoon at work for my cream cheese on my bagels.
  12. I loved that scene with Madeline and Marshall. CMT PLEASE MAKE MARSHALL A REGULAR. I think him being there really got some of the girls to loosen up bc cameos are such stressful days for the rookies.
  13. I also kind of think, based on what happened with Kalyssa, Milan, and Alexandria during the season, she's hesitant too. I mean, Brennan, Taryn, and I forgot who was cut before her, would have been on the team if they'd quit that they were going to. Which is also why I snorted when Kelli joked about someone wanting to quit when they make decisions. I KIND of get a little bit of her hesitant decisions? It's like one girl is good at something, but not that great at another and another person is like the opposite of it. Like Malena would be a good ambassador, but her dancing isn't consistent. VK would be an ok dancer, but her body and poise is nowhere near ready. They loved Kristen because she would be a great ambassador, but her dancing wasn't there. But at the same time, I say just cut them and tell them to take the year to really dial it up. I kind of think guilt may play into Kelli's hesitance to cut Malena. She quit a REALLY good job to try to make the team and she's well-spoken but I think the improvement that Kelly THOUGHT would happen during training camp just isn't there.
  14. As much as I love Tara, I do agree that there seems to be something off about her. It looked like she was out of place when they were practicing Thunder and had to scoot over a few times and doesn’t look as enthusiastic or energetic as last year. I wonder if she’s been distracted by something? THATS EXACTLY WHAT I DO LOL
  15. I love rewatching past seasons. I actually workout to them because it’s incredibly motivating LOL
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