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  1. quangtran

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    Does the show actually do this? They have a running joke about Bex being a 7. They have a running joke about women finding Greg so sexy. They treat Valencia and Nathaniel like they are both 10's. Entire plotlines and songs were written around how hot the men are. Other than people constantly complementing Bex's boobs, it seems like there has been a conscious effort to place praise over the supporting cast over her own character..
  2. quangtran

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    The Raging Waters episodes covered this. Greg and Bex has clearly changed a lot since when we first saw them in season 1, but still faced the same hurdles of his misanthropy and her not being able to deal with adult problems without spiralling. Not buying that for a second. It is a huge leap to conclude that Josh and Nathaniel have both lost their one true love just because they haven't had other love interests. I'll be disagreeing with a lot of what you wrote, because the show clearly is aware of the grossness of the whole Bachelor setup, and the dates were shown to be emotionally draining on her after the second one. But on a macro level there isn't anything gross about a single person having romantic date with other single people, especially compared to Bex's old pattern of running off her dates to sleep with other dudes.
  3. quangtran

    S04.E13: I Have to Get Out

    That where I see this plot going. Rebecca was perfectly happy to be an extra in South Pacific and Moby Dick, so her simply being allowed to contribute in the smallest possible way would be a good enough hobby for her. It couldn't have been her dream or passion given that she did it on a whim. Starting up Rebetzels was more about her not wanting to be a lawyer. I kind of figured that this that musical theatre was the solution to her problems since literally day one, given that the butter ad asking "when was the last time you were truely happy", she flashed back to her the singing South Pacific number (and mistook her last happy moment to be with Josh and not being in a musical).
  4. quangtran

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    I see no problem with this story structure. There's no drama or conflict in detailing Greg and Rebecca's few weeks of couple bliss, so they can keep that off-screen and do a concept episode on Nathanial instead. That that IS what they showed us, in that both the show and Bex focused completely on her relationships at the expense of her therapy. She was making all the right decisions in some aspects and just assumed that it would be enough.
  5. quangtran

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    SMF and David Hull were both upgraded to regular in season 3, but Hull was quietly placed back to guest star status in season 4. Also, Josh wasn't really the male lead. He was barely in the pilot and wasn't developed into episode 3. Season one had just as much Greg as it did Josh. Also, the show perfectly explained why Josh's role was reduced. When Bex stopped obsessing over him, he became "irrelevant", thus became a supporting player like Valencia and Heather.
  6. quangtran

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    Nathaniel was given a lot of screen time since his first episode in season 2, and Josh was pushed into the background halfway into season 3. Second, Josh was clearly never intended as the endgame love interest or a lead character, with the writers always being addement that Paula was the second lead. This episode make it clear how the writers have struggled to find a place for White Josh, given how Maya, Jim and Tim have all done more singing on the show. WhiJo not directly being a friend of Bex or a a co-worker means he had no place in this episode or last week's. Getting Over Jeff was a Paula-centric episode, with Bex and Josh having smaller roles. That was part of the gag. Marcy had a squeeky voice in the dream (and kept saying "I'm Marcy") based solely on Maya's impression of her, Greg's douche personality was purely because Nate was jealous, and Bex constantly telling Greg he is funny was because Nate heard them laugh.
  7. quangtran

    S10.E13: Whanex?

    Maybe my standards have dropped due to me hating last week's so much, but I liked that and I thought it was cute. I should have predicted where it was going, but I chuckled when the two successful kids and two burnout kids walked out on stage. I'm glad Glora has finally concidered a career again, because it seemed like she was content to be a trophy wife for most of the series. I can't help but like the photoshoot storyline because it played out almost exactly like MF plot I envisioned in my head, where the Dunphy family are act as stock models for a real estate campaign.
  8. quangtran

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    I like that Scott didn't let Paula explain away with ridiculousness and outright told her she was wrong. I get so tired of shows like Modern Family where stories end with characters having a vulnerable moment to justify schemes or lies. Babies are notoriously difficult to work with, so it wouldn't have to wait long to film a naturally crying baby (or if the baby is crying too much, an actor is forced to with an empty cot or stroller).
  9. quangtran

    S04.E09: I Need Some Balance

    I've grown to hate the way the writers never seems to tell us why we should side with Darryl. Bert has been trying to create a friendlier work enviroment, everyone (including Nathaniel) has been receptive to this, and Darryl has a problem with it because people now like else? And then he attacks Bert for no reason?
  10. quangtran

    Media for Mrs. Maisel

    I don't see the similarities either. Heck, I'd go as far as saying that the cheographers were going for opposite dance language, in that Nitty Gritty is all about them shuffling left and right, while Pink Shoelaces was all about them bopping up and down.
  11. quangtran

    S02.E07: Look, She Made a Hat

    You don't agree that he did all that because he wanted to sleep with her?! Even though that's exactly what was shown on screen? Declan: Are you sure I can't get you to sleep with me? Midge: Nope. Declan: Even after I told you my sad, lonely story? I mean, my God, that was my very best line.
  12. quangtran

    S02.E07: Look, She Made a Hat

    It doesn't have to be just one thing. Also, the writers intentionally undercut the loftiness of the scene by making it clear that him showing her tha fabled painting and giving her the long spiel was a move to get her to sleep with him.
  13. quangtran

    Bull in the Media

    I'll be one of those throwing some flak. - Women who are harassed are in no way obligated to confront and appease those who are harassing them. Speculating that she was defensive or confrontational does sound like victim blaming. - The whole "somewhere in the middle" argument doesn't work when there's video evidence, and is guesswork based on absolutely nothing. - I call bullshit on this case not raising awareness and diminishing other stories. So much of this discussion of forums and reddit has been about how harassment isn't just Hollywood and politics, but everywhere. She's very much another example of a real women who lost her job.
  14. quangtran

    Bull in the Media

    No offense, but I think this argument is a complete load, and in this case clearly not based on reality. Michael was/is protected by the network because he was their star. so clearly him making making stupid and lewd jokes isn't going to get him fired and accused of molestation. If that does happen I'll gladly come back to say I was wrong.
  15. quangtran

    S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    He does all these things. I know several realtors who runs several bussineses. Phil never stopped selling houses. He went out on his own and tried to sell the house full of bees after getting kicked out of this old group, and tried to sell a house to Chris Martin after owning the magic shop.