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  1. I take your point but the reality for everyone trying to bubble right now is that there's a limit to how perfect they can be - no one has done them before and I genuinely think people are doing their best in a tricky situation. There is no doubt that significant lengths were gone to in order to try and keep people safe.
  2. I found Cassie's comments fair. The fact that the test was a false positive really does change everything for me. The bubble clearly was secure because no one got Covid. I loved Hannah but I employ people who are constantly whining that things aren't Covid secure when they are just because they want to make a fuss and don't want to try and make things work. CMT/DCC went to extreme precautions to give the girls the opportunity to pursue their dreams - it sucks that Vets got cut right at the end but maybe those vets would have been cut at finals if they'd had the typical structure. I can't see Hannah getting cut at finals but maybe if she had a less than great attitude last season Kelli would have cut her like she cut Keyra for being late. I'm open minded about how this panned out and keen to see the CMT version so we can piece it together... I totally agree re comments on Tess and Maddie - I like them both so much but wish they'd retired so some of my favourites had the opportunity to shine as GL/triangle.
  3. I've swung back and forth a bit since the announcement was made. I was initially really sad but I've changed my mind a bit. I kinda feel for the management/show on the bubble - I know quite a few professions that planned for covid prevention really meticulously and then, inevitably, it fell apart as people are so bad at social distancing and it's impossible to mitigate for every circumstance. I feel like they did work really hard and clearly spent a whack of money to try and make the bubble work and it must have been so frustrating and disappointing that it didn't hold up. Ultimately whilst I find Kelli very narcissistic (esp as the host of TBAMFT) I really respect her as the director, she is really really good at what she does. She's a crappy host because she just wants to talk about herself and she would be happier if someone was asking her questions. Sure, there has been some nepotism ... that's life. It sucks but it's the way it is - I feel VK had a strong-ish second season, she lost a lot of weight and her dancing was generally pretty good. She's obnoxious and spoilt but she doesn't ruin the whole team. She definitely needs to have a makeup consultation and be introduced to a color other than PINK. I swear her whole face is painted with the same shade of pink. I don't think VK being on the team means that Kelli is totally bad at her job. These veteran cuts are a shame but Lily and Meredith were weaker and the others may have been cut at finals had there been a normal audition process. I find Hannah confusing in all honesty and it does seem like she was cut for objecting to the covid precautions -she's correct to do that but it must have been a stressful situation for management to deal with and the culture is so "yes ma'am" I can't see it going down well. I guess my only fear is that some of the commenting on social media about Kat and Victoria is leaning into cyber bullying... they didn't fire those four veterans but some of the comments direct anger at them and it must be pretty disheartening. I'm personally happy about the diversity on the squad - I hope they have more diverse choreographers and guest talent in the future too. It's good progress that they have a hair specialist as some of the hair consultations for the black girls was pretty embarrassing in the past!
  4. I feel for the girls - they hated the touchdown decks. Hopefully as there won't be so many fans it won't be as bad as it used to be, they used to get so much harassment and abuse from being so close to the fans and literally having to dance with their asses in drunk guys' faces.
  5. "We need to find PinkBlue their words" Ultimately I think Kelli is a bit of a bitch but she has run the organization amazingly and most of the cheerleaders really really respect her even if they don't like her. Really hope Hannah does a IG live or similar so we get the full tea around safety and stopping production. I've been pondering Kat a lot and ultimately I'm NOT here for people cyberbullying her for sleeping with a player - if she's not then it's cruel and if she is then that's her prerogative. It doesn't make her a slut or a whore and the contract rule is old fashioned and sexist. You can't say "it's a sexist rule but they should have cut her instead of Brennan"... it's just not relevant. I wish Brennan hadn't been cut but I think that the rule around fraterinization is ridiculous.
  6. OHhhh ok thanks - I was reading way in and thinking it was a comment about KJ wanting cardboard cut outs. Which isn't a crazy interpretation lol. But it feels a bit weird right? like it could be a total coincidence but if so it's pretty brutal.
  7. Yes I agree and I think some seasons it was painfully obvious that some girls were made last minute cuts to add to the drama of the show, they were never going to make the team and it was so cruel to get their hopes so high. Does anyone know the cardboard cut out significance on the insta stories (for sure as opposed to just speculation?) Also Kat's IG story got me thinking....
  8. Kelli has the title of producer but has limited final editorial approval. Similarly MTT producers are restricted in some of the team decisions.
  9. I feel like they could have just tested everyone and then they could have been in a bubble but not socially distanced? Are they changing the kickline do we think? Dill-bruykuh.
  10. I really enjoyed the podcast but was pretty unimpressed with the audio. I also HATE how on DCC podcasts they "go round" and ask everyone the same question. So boring and also so amateur, hope Kash steps it up because I like her so much. I also hope they talk more about the logistics of the bubble.
  11. If I were Kelli I'd have said that Vets had to be within the grace boundary of their audition weight to get back into TC this year given that there was no finals/audition round. I'd have wanted to avoid ugly convos in what would have already been a stressful TC.
  12. So when I saw your comment I honestly kind of rolled my eyes and was like "here we go, VK has ONE more bag than someone else and people are picking on her" and then I scrolled through the photos. So apols to you for eye rolling because she is RIDICULOUS. That is just an obnoxious amount of stuff for a work residency.
  13. Really pretty confused by this week. I get the WW2 stuff is interesting etc but it was SUCH a long segment. They're branding it as girl talk???
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