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  1. Really pretty confused by this week. I get the WW2 stuff is interesting etc but it was SUCH a long segment. They're branding it as girl talk???
  2. It should be in your podcast player? I use pocket cast (it's now called just for kicks if that helps?) 1) I knoowwwwwww. I'm not a Kelli fan because of her entertainment opinions - I want to know about DCC! Like I really really want to know about DCC. 2) Ugh lol. She brought up Tina last epi and I just cringed. I think Haley needs to intro herself a bit more in terms of "and this is what I do within the cowboys org" as opposed to just a random member of the Jones family... I quite enjoy her contributions but she really needs to bring it back to CHEERLEADING.
  3. So.... the podcast has been refreshed and is pretty different! What are people's thoughts? I do NOT miss Shannon asking the girls if they have a boyfriend (for the thousandth time)! He was not my best thing. I thought Courtney got a lot better towards the end of TBAMFT but she was so into the girl talk she forgot to cut the cheerleaders off when they got boring (cue twenty minutes on Molly losing her phone on calendar shoot... the dullest story ever!) I like Kelli a LOT and wish Judy spoke more, I enjoy Kristi too - I thought I wouldn't love Hailey but she's ok. I just wish it was more about cheerleading! The oscars spiel went on for SO long and I know it's Kelli's biggest deal in her life but I could have done without it. Hope they keep the podcast but have more cheerleading segments - I was SO SO happy to finally hear about Amy's probowl experience!
  4. That's exactly what I said when I saw it - yay wholesome genuine story rather than contrived sobstory, this was way more moving. I liked Julia at the beginning but feel she deserved to be cut. TINA. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH. It wasn't even that she was doing the moves which was bad enough it was the way she was doing them so obnoxiously which made me cringe for Victoria - it's so obvious that VK has expected to be a DCC her entire life and this makes it so clear why. Kat has improved massively, I feel like Meredith is still a huge dance risk tho.
  5. I enjoyed this episode but I have to say I prefer watching the girls learn THEIR pom style rather than quite random stuff that fans never get to see (I guess maybe showgroup performs these pieces?) I think the odd bit of guests choreo is cool but I prefer when they learn game pieces. Taylor seems so BLAND to me. I feel like Victoria is having to be uber duber loveeellleeeeyyyyy to everyone and it feels a bit forced even tho I don't hate her. I thought Kelli asking Madeline about her reasons for auditioning was an interesting and sincere interaction. Christina is looking a bit old for this team now? And still tired, I feel like they should have probably cut her at auditions based on what we've seen so far. I think Kat and Meredith are both pretty useless and I'd fire them if I was choosing the squad. I was quite moved by how proud Judy was of the girls and getting praise for her choreo - it's her life's work and I love seeing people take so much professional pride in their craft.
  6. A bit of a weird episode IMO. I feel like the new structure just leaves them a bit flat. Also yawn on Gilly's promo. Yay Cheryl Burke tho. Meredith is attractive but not a good dancer and looks kind of old IMO? Kat is shit and annoying. I felt for Savannah because she is MUCH improved dance-wise. Have enjoyed seeing her profiled the last two epis (she's my husband's fave lol) Love having Kash back - really really liked her routine, the pacing was amazing and it was so much less cheesy/more modern than some of the other dances whilst still being DCC. Would not agree for Caroline for point tho! That was BIZARRE. I know who gets point but if I could choose it would be Gina - she is the most reliable dancer even tho she's not my fave DCC. I didn't like that in show group auditions they spliced so much between the groups because (unless there was a huge mistake) we didn't really get to see who was outshining the other girls. Love Rachel A and Rachel W - they are gorgeous. OK ultimately i HATE the new format. I don't care that the girls can leave earlier- if the meetings were done in a timely manner it wouldn't make much difference by the time the other girls had packed and changed. I feel like the dramatic structure of the show is gone.
  7. It feels like they're under profiling Victoria now. Loved seeing Savannah!
  8. Was it me or was Kitty in the shot before the final office visits? sitting at the front of the studio. Not enjoying the girls being hauled out of rehearsal - prefer the old format with the team goodbyes. Liked the amount of dance though, really enjoyed the circle and seeing all the tricks. The veterans visit... the performance was pretty bad! Was great to see all the veterans tho - although I hate when Kelli makes out she's assessing them... like how bad can you be at being friendly and signing photos????
  9. Yeh I loved the drama of them being picked out of rehearsal but missed the drama of the omg who will she call it and the girls' goodbyes.
  10. Her kicks were terrible tho. As bad as I've seen in 14 seasons in TC.
  11. I thought it would be thunder but it looked like it wasn't?
  12. I thought so too and they do really teach fast. I'd find the fact that they have a move on almost every half-count tricky, you have to be so agile!
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