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  1. Sorry is Ozark-gate just that some DCC went on vacation and got drunk (whilst not on the job/ in uniform?)
  2. Between "VK's not the villain" and "she chose to step away rather than apologise" to me it sounds like there has been a real disagreement and it's not about weight. VK has proved that she can lose weight and keep it off, if she got out of shape in off season I think they'd have just warned her and said "you're putting your audition at risk".
  3. I like seeing the ladies do power pom/DCC style best. It's cool to see their varied talents but some of the routines do seem so random I can't imagine them being used for show group let alone sidelines. I really like seeing the girls side by side to really compare them and we can empathize with the judges more in terms of who they cut. I'm also just really intrigued as to whether they are relaxing the standards for weight bc it's out of date or they don't show the weight critiques any more? Or maybe they just let it slide because of Covid - @ShellyB has anything changed? TBH the we
  4. I'd have more "dance offs" like they did this year - that was my fave part of the season.
  5. 1) Kelli handled Lily's cut really badly and I'm not surprised she felt she had to be more direct with the next ones 2) I appreciated all of the Ladies' responses -they were personal 3) IT WAS SO HARD WATCHING THEM ALL GET FIRED FROM A JOB THEY LOVE. The audition process is way less agonising - this was so sad and I honestly was miserable for them even if I agreed with the cuts. 4) Did anyone else think the "direction the team is going in" point meant that the vets think that some of the rookies are good dancers but bad role models? That's how I took it in the whole "America's
  6. On the whole I agree - it's kind of the like the crazy Miss America interview questions when they ask things like "How would you resolve the Venezuelan refugee crisis" and I'm like dude the State Department hasn't figured that out - y'all think Miss West Virginia has the solution???? But it does make for good TV when they get stumped!
  7. Yeh I think that's so silly. Like sure VK is an insanely annoying reality TV character and is clearly a bit obnoxious in real life but nothing suggests she's a bitch or a bad person - she's spoilt and obsessed with DCC but that's her parents' fault. She's definitely maturing. The fact that they're friends with her reflects well on them - they clearly are able see the good side in people. I get that people think they're suck ups but Lisa has been on the team for a year - no one can be fake that long.
  8. 1) I LOVE features like the dance off - I like it when you see the weakest girls under pressure, it's usually when we get to see the most dance and also when we get to appreciate why people get cut. I practically cheered when they said call backs. Love love love. 2) Lily didn't look good at all. 3) Alora Rose was FINALLY tolerable - she's clearly coachable but if she hadn't been a rockette Kelli wouldn't have give her all this time. 4) I don't really get the Lisa hate - she's a little awkward and intense but so are lots of people... it's not the worst quality. 5) Hannah an
  9. I agree that the content wasn't high volume and it wasn't a very DCC audition in terms of musicality (slow dancings vs moves on every half beat). But it was artistic and they made it seem goofy and malcoordinated and tone deaf. I honestly feel it was so so hypocritical after Kelli's whole "oh this singer sings about racial injustice here's a video from her".
  10. Tough watch. I never rated Meredith as a DCC style performer but I was really sad for her. Really shocked by the edit they gave Kristin's solo - it was an artistic piece and they made her look so so bad. I feel like it's a warning shot to other dancers not to do political pieces - am I being melodramatic? Does anyone know if the weight standards have changed? I personally don't mind the ladies having more attainable figures but it's definitely a different aesthetic - are they being lenient because of covid or has the overall standard shifted? I also think they should be making
  11. Overall impression is that whilst the rookie class are potentially quite great, the atmosphere at TC isn't conducive to a good team. Everyone seems really on edge. I would have cut Annabella, Claire and Alora - it feels like Kelli is so wedded to having a rockette on the team when she should have been cut by now. I hate that they're making cuts so slowly. I also feel like there are almost certainly "dunt feet in ower yoonifomm" cuts coming - some of the girls have different builds and Kelli always likes them teeny tiny. Love CHARM. She is so great. Really a huge fan of Sydney
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/26/sports/football/dallas-cowboys-fans-stadium-covid.html?surface=most-popular&fellback=false&req_id=317427717&algo=bandit-all-surfaces&imp_id=672880232&action=click&module=Most Popular&pgtype=Homepage
  13. YAYYYY IT'S BACCCKKKKKK 2020 sucks but if they'd cancelled MTT I would have been done. Thoughts: 1) There was too much of the virtual audition process shown but not as much as I'd feared 2) This show works best when they use real footage - staged conversations between KJ and between the girls don't work at allllllll 3) YAY PHIL 4) IDK why people don't get why the girls are wearing masks - obviously the hotel cleaning staff/chefs etc aren't living in the hotel so they're going home every day and there's still risk of exposure. I honestly think they did as good a jo
  14. I take your point but the reality for everyone trying to bubble right now is that there's a limit to how perfect they can be - no one has done them before and I genuinely think people are doing their best in a tricky situation. There is no doubt that significant lengths were gone to in order to try and keep people safe.
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