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  1. I quite liked when she did the "friendly Kitty" workshop two seasons ago rather than just being harsh on them. I like seeing her do technical kick work and work across the floor with the girls - I really love that. Her pre-finals solo stuff where she insults the girls tho is always a bit same-y.
  2. This episode is always pretty boring. I found Bret funny looking - maybe it was her makeup. Malena just isn't a good enough dancer. I like Kat, love Chandi, she has a great look. Enjoyed the veterans' goodbyes - not entirely sure why we had to watch them perform thunder without poms tho - so random. Like Charm a lot. Phil's dance party is sadly a bit tired now. Psyched for finals.
  3. I'm not reading these threads because I'm avoiding spoilers but is anyone else DREADING the "fit men cook" episode that we will inevitably get as per Kelli's social media. Vomit.
  4. I HATE the new promo picture with Alannah, Daphne and Ashleigh - they all look so straggly, it's the worst promo pic in years.
  5. The new song is HORRIFIC. SO SO BAD. Who wrote those lyrics? It is humorous how dire it is. I'm so bored with Victoria but enjoyed the strong dislike vibes coming from Lily. Charm seems cool but I have no idea why they intro'ed her three times??? Yay Shelly and Phil - also Judy is way better value than Kelli is now, she's way more fun and funny. LOL on the "these are your future best friends" but "I didn't recognise my rookie sister's kid" - come on Kelli! LOVED that we didn't get the yes/no/maybe explanation but didn't love how much they banged on about the board!!!! Literally the most straightforward concept in history. TAKE AWAY: I feel like there are so many girls trying out again and so few spots on the squad it doesn't really feel like a new season, just an extension of last season?
  6. Anyone know if/when the podcast is coming back?
  7. I didn't think "50-yard-line Kelsey" should have made the team at the time but I'm glad she did. I feel like I'm anti VK at the moment but am open to redemption. Ultimately the show made her look TERRIBLE so let's hope it was a humbling and clarifying experience. Lots of us were probably assholes when we were 18. I'm rooting for her but I'm rooting for a different version of her if that makes sense. Hopefully being Brennan's boot buddy will help as Brennan is much older and has a very mature approach to DCC life and can help Victoria become more resilient.
  8. The Cowboy fit promo HAS to go. I can't believe a single viewer has seen that awkward product endorsement and thought "gee I definitely need to become a member." Waste of goodwill for the brand and so boring for the viewers. Any of the staged convos between the girls is always horrendous - they're beautiful and I LOVE them but they can't act.
  9. 1) LOVED Gabby, really sad for her 2) Holy moly VK has lost a LOT of weight SUPER quickly. Respect to her for that but that'll be hard to keep off. 3) I was rooting for Malena a bit but her solo SUCKED and I'm SO glad she didn't make it back now. She had a YEAR to prepare and came back with a random bit of half-assed improv. 4) If I was someone like Lily I would have ZERO faith in Kelli's process. 5) The diversity stuff is BS. The team looks so BORING and old school for being so white. It was more diverse in the eighties. They need to make it more diverse. 6) Still sad that the solos were so blah this year.
  10. Anyone know what the footwear guidelines for solos are? SO many of the girls can't seem to turn / are slipping around - why aren't they wearing jazz shoes or something they can't dance in???
  11. With one or two exceptions these are the most boring solos we've had in years. Disappointed 😞
  12. Tina is. BY FAR. my least favourite guest. She's always so mean but adds zero value.
  13. I hated her in the Breelan season but have liked her a bit more since then. I like it when she does dance and showmanship feedback with the videos but can't STAND the fitness bits etc - the spin class and the injury prevention class were boring and cringeworthy. She does know what she's talking about with showmanship but the rest is such filler BS.
  14. 1) I think the incessant prep class industry is reducing numbers - girls who may have tried out before are going to a prep class, appreciating the standard and dropping out 2) the girls this year don't seem to be so preoccupied about being in shape - maybe they dodged the topic of VK's weight so much and were so lenient that people forgot what assholes they can be 3) it feels a little lacklustre this year? maybe last year was so high that it seems less good in contrast ALTHOUGH - I kind of love a shitty rookie class from a CMT/reality TV perspective as I just yell at the TV and enjoy the drama
  15. I'm honestly a little shocked at the Rachel W dislike - I think she is outstanding on every front and completely adorable!!!