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  1. I remember that in the very early seasons, Jeff would say to the jury something like, "and you haven't discussed your vote with anyone else?" and they'd all say they hadn't. But I don't remember if she said that before they voted, or if it was at the reunion before he read the votes. I kind of think it was the latter because they didn't want spoilers getting out. I know that there have been unconfirmed stories about Ponderosa people lobbying for votes for someone in the F2 or F3, so it seems like they do talk about how they're going to vote. Probably the only rule is that they can't talk about
  2. Ohhhh. I completely missed that. Yeah, that's not a good sign.
  3. I wasn't going to watch (partly) because of her (and partly because handing out aprons is so boring), but then I did, and I was sorry. She makes my skin crawl. There's this wrong-headed idea that when older women sexualize younger men, it's somehow empowering for the women and therefore okay, but it's actually just as gross as when men do it to women. And knowing what a terrible person Deen is and how she's treated people who work for her makes it horrifying to watch. Maybe she figures that predatory old broad is a better image for her than racist sack of shit, not realizing tha
  4. Some, but not all, winners have also gotten a cookbook deal as part of the prize. And the "coveted Masterchef trophy" (it's STUNNING!)
  5. Wasn't Steve also the person who ate the punishment squid sandwich without barfing or complaining? That guy is one to to watch.
  6. That elimination made no sense. Jay seemed kind of dopey and hapless, but Alex brought up raw chicken then lied to Gordon at least twice about who told him it was done. Alex and Antonio are the worst kind of people to work with because they lie about everything and when you confront them with it, they'll lie and deny saying the thing they said 30 seconds earlier and act all injured that anyone would question their sincerity. You have to get rid of those people because they will backstab you every single time, and other people will let them because it's easier to let them get away with their BS
  7. I don't know, I thought she was more subservient with Gary than with Booker, but Gary did seem to genuinely love her or at least the version of her that she let him see. Honestly I think her best guy was boring Fred; it's just that they were completely wrong for each other. It's too bad the reboot has written him out of existence. It would have been interesting to see them as friends now and see what each of their relationships with a grown Andy are like.
  8. I thought that story arc was strange because Jackie didn't seem all that interested in actually doing the work of being a cop; she just liked saying she was one. There was that time she completely ignored the two guys fighting in the Lobo until her partner came in and then she acted like she was on top of the situation. IRL, I suspect Jackie would have taken the desk job just so she could keep telling everyone she was a cop, but they needed to make the Gary breakup look more dramatic I guess. (And my unpopular opinion is that she was right to dump Gary -- or let him dump her, depending on how
  9. I don't think Ben even made them loathe him; they just did it because they were terrible babies about him overhearing them targeting him. Ben was also really immature, but we didn't find that out until WaW. Compared to Chrissy and Devon, pretty much anyone would look like a functional adult.
  10. I was prepared to be mad if they let the 18-year-old high school girl on the show. Not because of her cooking but because of the, "I put school on hold for this" nonsense. Taking a semester off college? Fine. Essentially dropping out of high school for a reality show? No no no no no. I can't believe her parents let her do it. I hope she was able to go right back to school and make up the time for however many days she was gone to audition, but who knows. Instead of telling her she's "not ready yet," someone just needed to sit her down and talk some damn sense into her. Even if the whole thing
  11. It's also pretty obvious that someone is going to get an apron when the producers took the trouble to go the person's home to get footage of them cooking in their own kitchen for the introduction package. Mostly I hate it because it's so boring. It's especially bad that we have the contestant introduce herself, talk about what she's making, and why cooking is her PASSION, then a couple of judges come out while she's cooking and we get the same thing, then she takes the dish into the judging room and we hear it all for a third time. Parsnip puree doesn't get any more interesting just because yo
  12. I don't usually use a thermometer unless I'm cooking a cut of meat in a way I haven't done before, but I'm used to my stove and oven, so I know how long it takes to get to the right temperature. If I were in a different kitchen I'd be lost. After I saw someone explaining that Gordon knows how to tell not just doneness, but different temperatures by touch alone, I tried that (I found some webpage that explains what a rare, med-rare, medium, and well-done steak feel like by comparing them to different places on the palm of your hand), but I couldn't do it. It all felt the same to me. Did Mi
  13. It looks like a kid did it with Microsoft Paint. Are they just calling the season Survivor 41? Considering some of the dumb themes they've come up with, that might be for the better.
  14. Wasn't that in the previews for next week? They always have those super dramatic previews that make it look like someone cooked a human arm or something, then when the episode airs, it turns out to be a minor mistake like they used the same tasting spoon twice.
  15. Maybe it's the clothes. On HK, he's mostly in chef's whites and looks okay (although that short sleeve jacket he wears makes him look like a dentist from the 1950s), but on Masterchef he's in his own clothes and he seems to really like tight pants. Every once in a while he'll appear in a super loud shirt too. Also, Gordon is a double-dipper. I'm waiting for someone to scream at him that it's like putting his whole mouth on the plate.
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