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  1. Vanuatu was so mean. That jury was insufferably self-righteous and I hate the way they tore into Twila. I thought she should have won -- Chris would have been long gone without her telling him what he needed to do to save himself -- and she's someone I'd like to see play again, but I think she was too traumatized by the way the jury treated her to want to do it again.
  2. I ended up liking Reynold too. I think he and Eddie got a bit of a bad rap in the beginning because being allied with the other young women, it looked like either a cool kids club or a double showmance or something to the exclusion of the older group on their tribe, but as it turned out Shamar really should not have been out there for his own sake and Sherri was not the mastermind she thought she was. Once they merged, she did what she had to do to get to the end, which was basically be a barnacle, but it wasn't impressive. The first person voted off after the merge usually doesn't make the jury so I doubt that Corinne was deliberately kept off. And she's mistaken about her level of influence and powers of persuasion. Did she think she was going to rally everyone to vote for Dawn? No one liked Dawn, and I doubt anyone liked Corinne. If Corinne had made the jury, the only difference would have been that the vote would have been 8-1-0 instead of 8-0-0.
  3. The editors were really mean to Heidi, but she was such a conceited ass, I was fine with it. They'd do close-ups of her speaking while wearing her night guard (or Invisalign or whatever it was), where she'd be drooling while she talked about how hot she was. And I mean, eye of the beholder and all that, but I thought Heidi was one of the least attractive of the women out there and her implants were so bad, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Tarzan was her surgeon. Jenna was gorgeous, Shawna was super cute, and Christie had kind of an Elizabeth Moss thing going for her. Heidi's attractiveness was just that she was thin and blonde and would say things like, "oh, I would definitely kiss another girl if a guy asked me too. Wouldn't you, Jenna?"
  4. I think they should do the opposite of what they did in all of the early seasons and cast 14 Black people and two white people.
  5. I can't believe he included all those Sean clips and omitted the greatest Sean quote of all about shitting in the jungle. New Rotu had just lost a reward and John was being all sour grapes about it and saying they didn't want all those "high gas" foods anyway. Cut to a confessional of Sean saying, "he said they would crap their pants. But what else we got out here but time [looks around at the wilderness] and opportunity?"
  6. My guess would be Tarzan too. He defended Colton at TC and said he was sick of hearing about racism and that the fact that Obama was president proves racism is over. Tarzan was an old ignorant fucker. ETA: Okay, I tried to watch the video but I only got about ten minutes into it and had to quit. The varying volumes for each person was driving me nuts. I'd have to turn it way up to hear Sean for example, and then Cesternino would come back on AND BLOW OUT MY EARDRUMS. Disappointing because it sounds like it was an interesting talk.
  7. This is the first time I've heard that Clay said anything directly to Ted, and I doubt that happened because Ted was so mad at Brian that he was going to vote for Clay to win the million until Helen told him that Clay said something racist about him. Then at the reunion, Clay asked what it was he supposedly said and Ted said that Helen never told him specifically what it was. Both Clay and Jeff asked Helen what it was and she acted like no one was talking to her. She just stared straight ahead and wouldn't speak, and Ted looked at her like he was starting to realize she lied to him. Supposedly Brian heard it too, but when they asked him, he got this panicked look and said something like, "I think it was just a general comment." So I've always thought that Helen lied so that Ted would switch his vote and Brian would win. It's possible that later Helen and/or Brian told Ted that Clay called him the n-word, but based on what happened at the reunion, I'm positive he never said it to Ted's face. Holy shit. That would probably be Jonathan (who was eliminated before the game started along with Wanda) and Jeff (the guy who rolled his ankle). Bobby Jon was also in his 20s, but he was the last of the pre-jury group to arrive at Ponderosa.
  8. I'm going to try to watch this later, but if you've seen it already, do you know why T-Bird was asked to participate?
  9. Ha. I thought about Vince too and the rest of the no-collars and how odd it is that as between Vince, Will, and Joe, it turns out that Vince might be the least objectionable.
  10. Things not going well with Sierra?
  11. My guesses are HHH: Chrissy has immunity. Chrissy, Ryan, Devon vote off Ben. But contrary to the "Chrissy was robbed" narrative that seems to have taken hold, I think Devon would have won. Not sure what the vote breakdown would have been, but Chrissy didn't have a good social game and seemed pretty disliked. Ghost Island: Dom has immunity. Two possibilities: Either Dom, Laurel, Angela vote out Wendell and Dom wins. Or Dom and Angela vote against Wendell, Wendell and Laurel vote against Angela, Wendell and Angela make fire, Wendell wins the fire challenge, Wendell wins Sole Survivor. I think the first possibility is slightly more likely, but Laurel might have agreed to force a tie as long as she wasn't in danger. DvG: Nick wins immunity. Nick, Angelina, Kara vote out Mike. Nick wins. EoE: Chris wins immunity. Chris and ... the other two vote out Rick Devins. Chris wins. IoI: Noura wins immunity. Noura, Lauren, Tommy vote off Dean. Tommy wins? Maybe Lauren wins, as everyone said she was well-liked by the jury, though I think we just heard them say it after-the-fact and it wasn't really shown. WaW: Natalie wins immunity. Natalie and Michele vote against Tony. Tony and Sarah vote against Michele. Tony and Michele make fire. If Tony wins the fire challenge, he wins the game. If Michele wins the fire challenge, Sarah wins the game.
  12. I'm surprised no one has come in to slander Terry since you posted this. For a dull guy, he inspires a lot of rage. I don't remember Terry saying a ton of sexist things, but his reply to Aras during the conversation you mentioned did stick out to me because he said something about how of course he respected women and you could ask any of the flight attendants at his airline if that wasn't so, at which point I heard a collective "AHEM!" from all the women pilots at his airline. It could be that he cluelessly said similar, mildly sexist things around camp, probably calling all the women "gals" and whatnot. He seems paternalistic and out-of-date, but not malignant or anything. Oh that's right; I forgot about that scene. Yeah, for some reason Vytas blamed Aras for ruining his game. He was also so envious and bitter about Aras having previously won the game. It would have killed him if Aras won again, especially in a season that Vytas played.
  13. I never liked Aras until I saw Vytas. With a dick like Vytas for a brother, it's a wonder that Aras turned out as well as he did. I don't think Monica was bullied so much as she was, I don't know, disregarded. People treated her like she was stupid for sticking with Tyson and Gervase, but it's not like she had a lot of options. They wanted her as an extra vote, but she more than held her own in keeping the alliance afloat; she wasn't very strategic, but she was a challenge monster. But I think she's also kind of a dork? Granted my sole evidence for this is when she lamented that people didn't seem to understand her and she said, "have you never met a neat lady before?" I feel kind of bad for her because I think she's just subsumed her own personality to be secondary to Fuck You Brad Culpepper, and that's become how she relates to the world, but deep down she feels resentment that she doesn't get treated like a person in her own right and is instead just Mrs. Fuck You. Gervase was an equal partner to Tyson, yet Tyson gets all the credit. This happens a lot (Stephen and JT, Becky and Yul, Hannah and Adam), but in a way it's happened to Gervase twice. Even though he didn't get to the end in Borneo, he and Joel were pushing for Pagong to stay together in a five-person alliance at the merge, but when people talk about it now, they say things like, "Joel was the only one on Pagong who knew they needed an alliance," and that's simply not factual. I suspect that if Joel and Gervase had managed to hold all of Pagong together and get to F2, that Joel would get all the credit. On the other hand, Joel got voted out over Gervase's cow comment, so maybe it evens out.
  14. Vytas didn't seem to care about Aras at all. There was that one scene where Jeff is asking them if playing the game together has helped to heal their relationship and Aras is all tearful and looking at Vytas in this super sad "boy needs his big brother's approval and love" sort of way, and Vytas just keeps being an angry asshole. But then Vytas reads the room and sees how everyone is sort of disgusted with him and he immediately puts on this fake loving persona. Also there was his confessional about how he likes to tell women about his drug addiction and how he went to prison for robbing someone at an ATM because "women love a bad boy." He had seemingly no remorse about how he terrorized someone and stole from them; he was more about how could he use the story to his advantage. Sociopath. Then when he came back for Second Chances, I remember him chasing after women and trying to give them back rubs. Also showing off yoga moves which mainly seemed to consist of him thrusting his groin around. In a post-season interview he said something like, "Shirin didn't like me because I wouldn't flirt with her." Yeaaaah, I'm sure that was the reason. They're like the original version of Dom and Wendell.
  15. All these years, I had it stuck in my head that it was Candice who said it, maybe because there was another duel, where Candice walked in giving him the middle finger. Ha, that was great. He was so upset no one was paying attention to him that he quit the game.
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