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  1. It's still not allowed in general, but Liana got an advantage that lets her ask someone if they have an idol or advantage, requires them to tell the truth about it, and if they have one, they have to give it to her. I think this has to happen at a tribal council, but I'm not sure about that part. It would have been more interesting if she didn't know who had an advantage, but she knows about Xander's idol and extra vote and she's seen the note that came with Xander's idol, so unless she's dim, she's figured out that Shan and Naseer also have idols.
  2. The editing is a bigger change to me than all the new twists/advantages. When Naseer said the goat on astroturf thing and they flashbacked to him finding the idol, that was at least the second time they did a flashback to reveal something to the audience that previously they would have shown in more or less chronological order. They did it when Brad found the advantage by the fire and I think there was one other time, but I can't remember the specifics. That, and conversations being intercut with THs about and photos from the players' home lives gives the whole show more of a scripted feel. To
  3. As we're getting to know everyone better, I'm liking them less. Shan's evil theme song was cute the first time she explained it and insufferable now. Genie, who I loved, lost me when she took votes against Brad so personally she said she wouldn't cook for the tribe anymore; it's just a game until other people are playing it, apparently. I'm down to rooting for anyone on Team Blue minus Sidney. Her tantrums are entertaining, but she seems more suited for Real Housewives than Survivor. Speaking of egos, Tiffany turns out to be good at challenge tasks that involve finesse, but then she ruins
  4. fishcakes

    S41 Ricard Foye

    He's starting to grow on me. He did seem like a villain in the first episode, but now that we're getting to know everyone else and how either untrustworthy or bad at the game they are, he is coming across more like a rational player. He may or not like a person, but he's not letting that govern his voting decisions.
  5. When she walked in with no weapon and threatened them, I knew a bare-knuckle fight was coming, even though realism dictated that one of the guys would have just pulled out a gun and shot her on the spot.
  6. Poor Abraham. The reason he got voted off last week was because he targeted Tiffany for being useless, and everyone else took that as evidence that he was playing too hard. I hope he had time to put up a big I TOLD YOU SO banner before Voce arrived at pre-Ponderosa.
  7. When she was sitting on the beam not moving and then fell off, I wondered if she had passed out. I thought they were going to have to bring the lifeguards out to rescue her and I felt really bad for her because four or five days with no food and bad sleep makes that understandable. But afterwards when she said she only slowed them down my "1 or 2, maybe 3" minutes, I lost all sympathy. What we saw was edited and it took several minutes. So she had to have slowed them down by more than that, but it's not like 3 minutes is insignificant in any case.
  8. I went from liking almost everyone to wanting to take the entire yellow tribe and clonk their stupid heads together. Why would they keep Tiffany? She's bad in challenges and she's completely unreasonable. She kept saying, "what if Xander has an idol?" Evvie and Liana would explain that he didn't and how they knew, and she'd reply with "no, I'm saying WHAT IF," and that happened at least three times. I don't think it's a matter of her being worried that he had another idol, she just refused to process what they were telling her; she even said in a TH that she didn't understand how the secret co
  9. fishcakes

    S10: Palau

    I liked her a lot too. They did the schoolyard pick for teams that season and she almost got eliminated before the season even began and then she turned out to be a real asset to the tribe. She was well-liked and good in the physical challenges. It was Ulong, which got demolished, so she never had a chance, but I would have liked to see her return again.
  10. It was a fun first episode and I was surprised after the first hour that I was liking everyone. But then Ricard started his inexplicable grudge against JD and put an end to that. I thought I wasn't going to like Shan the evil pastor, but her evil theme song was so cute, especially when the Survivor musicians played their version of it over her TH. JD seems like a really nice kid, but he's too eager and he also can't tell a story to save his life. When his tribe wanted to know what happened when he was off with Danny and Xander and he started with being on the boat and hair blowing in the
  11. At the end, I thought Autumn would win, since the judges said the best dish in each round was Autumn's canape, Kelsey's appetizer, and Suu's entree, and then both Gordon and Aaron thought Autumn's dessert was perfect and that Kelsey's had a couple of issues. So I was a little surprised that it was Kelsey, but overall I don't care. I was pulling for Suu but didn't expect her to win. They probably don't choose the winner based on the finale night dishes alone, and Kelsey has been the most consistent, although personally I find her food the least interesting of the the three. Pretty dull sea
  12. Megan is a better leader than Trenton but she had no chance with that team. Trenton had four solid, albeit annoying, chefs; Megan's only really good chef was Steve. Emily is just okay, and Josie and Victoria are useless. She had the sense to pull Josie off the meat station after she'd borked it twice (though why she put her there in the first place is a mystery), but when Kiya repeatedly messed up, Gordon had to tell Trenton to call a meeting and then all Trenton did was whine to his team, which somehow worked? It seems like Gordon has repeatedly helped Trenton the last two or three weeks in a
  13. All four of the contestants were good enough to keep up with the chefs, so as far as I'm concerned they're all worthy of the MC title, but I agreed with the choices in each round. Even so, when it was down to Alejandro and Suu, I was thinking it probably didn't matter which of them got into the semis, since I can't see either of them beating Kelsey or Autumn. I love Suu, and her food (when they've actually shown it to us, which wasn't until later in the season) is what I'd want to eat over the others' dishes, but she does tend to get flustered as does Alejandro. I wonder if Alejandro draining
  14. I guess I'm rooting for Megan now too, but she's been almost invisible the last few weeks, so I don't know if she really has a chance. I kind of remember liking her at the beginning of the season, but she's faded into the background as bigger personalities have emerged. I think we're gearing up for a Trenton/Kiya showdown; she hates him and he's generally arrogant. For someone who couldn't figure out he was eating tuna even with Gordon repeatedly saying "T - U - N - A" at him, he could maybe be less impressed with himself. And then he explains it by saying he doesn't eat a lot of raw fish. Oka
  15. I think it's likely that Kelsey made a traditional French onion soup, which uses water instead of stock and is therefore a little harder to make if you want something really flavorful. I have no way of knowing, but the reason I think she didn't use stock is because in the short amount of time that she had she would have had to use canned stock, and Gordon will almost always chide them over using something canned or frozen, even if the end result is good. It's pretty impressive to me if she made a soup good enough for Chef Ludo to say he'd serve in his restaurant out of primarily water and onio
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