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  1. fishcakes

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    It's possible that the prize was going to be $2M, but Tina and Ethan ruined it before it was announced. Before the show was even cast, the rumor was that the prize was $2M, and then Tina and Ethan made a stink in People magazine about how $1M wasn't enough. Tina said it should be $2M, and Ethan claimed that having former winners back made the prize worth $5M, which is hilarious considering that he only won Africa because Kim handed it to him instead of Lex. I think the TPTB didn't want to look like they were caving, so Jeff gave a statement that if $1M wasn't enough for them, they could stay home. Ultimately, the prize was only $1M, but this was also the season that the Fan Favorite money Rupert won was $1M and paid for by the show, not Sprint. (After this season, the FF prize was only $150K.) So I don't know if the rumored $2M was always supposed to be divided between the winner and the Fan Favorite, or if they only decided to do that after Tina and Ethan's sad little extortion attempt in order to discourage future players from thinking they could dictate prize money. The funny little P.S. to the story for me was that when the Fan Favorite prize was announced at the reunion, each player had to make a video for the voting site, saying why they should win it. Tina acted completely above it all in her video saying, "don't vote for me, I don't need a million dollars. I already have a million dollars."
  2. fishcakes

    S05.E22: No Apology Necessary

    This was a weird episode for me. The first half was really funny (reminiscent of season 1 funny) and then it all ground to a halt when the girl showed up. But I did laugh out loud at "ACT NATURAL!" leading to Eddie and Emery hugging, Louis lying across the foot of the bed, and all three of them grinning like maniacs.
  3. fishcakes

    S31 Rupert and Laura Boneham (Married)

    Laura looked about the same to me, but Rupert does look thinner, especially in his face.
  4. fishcakes

    Past Seasons Talk: The Tribe Has Spoken

    Even without getting caught looking up in the trees, he was so bad at that! "The idol is definitely, by far, on the ground." LOL.
  5. fishcakes

    S04.E16: Easter

    When Cheyenne said, "no, bitch. You caught," I was hoping Amy would say, "and you fired." She doesn't have to put up with that. Mateo should also try being nicer since he's trying to scam his way into a promotion and raise that Amy will ultimately have to sign off on. I don't get the problem with a security camera in the break room, although it probably shouldn't have been hidden. That's where the employee lockers are, so if someone is going to steal something and sneak it into their bag, that would be the place where it happens. There are cameras everywhere now, so it's not really that shocking that there would be one in a workplace common area.
  6. fishcakes

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    This was a fun first episode. I don't watch BB so I don't know any of them except for Rachel from her previous TAR appearances and she's never bothered me much although I might need earplugs for when she and her sister are doing a Talking Head. I also feel bad for any dogs who might be within earshot because good lord are these two ever screechy. Biggest surprise is that Colin and Christie are still together. I would have guessed those two parted company years ago and never think of the other. But together with two kids and they seem really happy, so good on them. The meditation room made me snort laugh though. I'm another one who can't remember Art and JJ, but I've found a lot of TAR teams in the last several years to be not memorable so I'm not surprised. I only remember Tyler and Korey as being on the race, but nothing else about them. I loved Floyd but not Becca on their first season. I don't even remember her being pissy with him when he lost his passport; I only remember that she was really kind and supportive in their last episode when he was dehydrated and couldn't complete the task. So I think she's a good person, but she has an annoying personality. I went back and forth on her in this episode. Right off the bat, she looked directly in the camera and bellowed, "DOOOHKYOOOO JAPAAAAAAN!" and I was like, ugh, she's back, but then she and Floyd were so cute in their TH, joking about dating and what not, so on balance, I like this team. The Garanimals Afghanimals! I always loved them and now there's an offscreen Pablo the Cat who stands to benefit, so this is the team I'm rooting for to win. Bret and Chris are okay. They played fairly lackluster games on Survivor and I don't expect much from them here, but they're okay. Oh, I said that already. I can't get excited in any direction about them. I'm not a Rupert fan by any means, but I feel sort of tender about him now that he's aging and still wearing that terrible shirt and being his consistently mediocre self. In person, I'd cross the street to avoid him so that he couldn't condescendingly explain something to me that I already understand far better than he does, but I don't think he's a bad person. I don't want them to win, but I hope they get far enough into the race that it's not humiliating for him. I could have done without seeing his unpixelated junk in the bodysuit though. Corrine and Eliza are the only two I don't like. Corrine described herself as "100% that bitch," which is accurate and nothing to be proud of, but people like her always are. Eliza is worse to me, though. On both her Survivor seasons, she was picked on to some extent by the others and I get the feeling that she goes through life like that, but instead of it making her empathetic and kind, it makes her a wannabe mean girl. She's like the kid in school who gets bullied and then the bullies decide to adopt her and make her their minion and she's all for it, picking on the fat kid. Oh! She even did that this episode talking about Rupert having a beer belly, then they cut to a clip of Rupert putting something on his sandwich and asking Laura if she had more mayonnaise. I think this was supposed to make me laugh at Fat Rupert, but instead it made me feel bad for him. It will be fun if Corrine and Eliza turn on each other, then flame out spectacularly. That was funny to me only because most people in Tokyo speak at least a little English. When I was in Japan, my Japanese was so plodding that the locals would usually take pity on me and start speaking English. Once when I was trying to call the airline to confirm my flight home, I messed up the city code and ended up getting some random person's house and even that person spoke English. However, if I saw a bunch of maniacs running around screaming, "DOES ANYONE SPEAK ENGLISH?" I also would pretend I didn't. A few years ago, there was an American reality show called I Survived a Japanese Game Show that had Americans living in Japan and competing on a game show. The winning teams got rewards like dinner at a traditional inn or visiting a shrine, but I thought the "punishments" for the losing teams were more fun and would make good tasks for TAR. There were things like working at a pachinko parlor, making mochi, or harvesting seaweed. More day-to-day stuff and not necessarily touristy things.
  7. fishcakes

    Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    I haven't seen her since she was on Friends more than 10 years ago looking pretty much the same as I remembered, but I just did an image search for her and I agree that she looks quite different now. I don't think she looks that much older, but the shape of her face and features are not recognizable. If she just popped up unidentified on something I was watching, I don't think I'd know it was her.
  8. fishcakes

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    Oooh, sorry it sucks so hard. I'm not ready to say this is the worst season yet, but it's down there. When Survivor finally ends, season 30 Worlds Apart is probably still going to be the worst of all time, but this season is definitely shaping up to challenge the title. It's happened a few times. In Cook Islands, the losing tribe got a secret message that was to be opened at Tribal Council. After they voted out one person, they opened the message and it said they had to vote out a second person. Also once in each of the two Redemption Island seasons (22 and 23), they voted someone out and then had a surprise immunity challenge at Tribal Council and a second vote. There have also been a few times where tribes show up for the immunity challenge, and Jeff tells them that both tribes are going to TC, so the IC ends up being for individual instead of tribal immunity or sometimes just for reward.
  9. fishcakes

    S38 Tribe Tracker

    It depends on what the note with the extra vote says. Sarah's advantage specifically said that it was non-transferable, which Cirie couldn't seem to grasp ("but she gave it to me!") so Sarah letting her hold it meant nothing. If Aurora's doesn't say the vote is non-transferable, then probably Ron can keep it.
  10. fishcakes

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    I guess Wardog deserves to win, but only in comparison to everyone else. I mean, here's a guy who's in a six-person alliance in a tribe of nine, a three-person alliance within that six-person alliance, and he decides to trade all that in for no alliance and a reputation as an unreliable backstabber. And yet, everyone else still in the game is somehow a worse player than him. Maybe Devens is better, but no one wants to work with him for more than one vote, so I think he's doomed. I was trying to decide if Wardog taking out Kelley was a good or bad move and finally I decided it doesn't matter. He and Devens are the only ones playing now. Ron thinks he's playing but is incredibly ineffectual. Aurora is detested by everyone, has no chance to win, and yet is still somehow a target, which just shows that people are not understanding the point of the game. Gavin, Victoria, and Lauren are non-entities, waiting to be told what to do. Julie is there because psychotherapy is expensive. Pizza always looks terrible on this show, but piling all the slices up in a big congealed mound was straight trolling. It wasn't as bad as the napkin of spaghetti, but it was close.
  11. fishcakes

    S04.E16: Easter

    Air date: April 18, 2019
  12. fishcakes

    Survivor In The Media

    Yes, Neil was medevaced and hospitalized because of a staph infection in his knee and back. Also, Elizabeth, who was on his tribe and voted out early, also ended up hospitalized and had to have surgeries on her shoulder because of a staph infection. (She posted photos of this and I've read they're quite grisly but haven't seen them; she said had big areas of flesh removed and required plastic surgery after she returned to the U.S.) I remember someone saying the source of the infection was something on the beach where the Brains tribe was living, but there weren't any details and I don't know how accurate that was or if it was just a guess based on who got it.
  13. fishcakes

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    LOL at the slideshow. They clearly didn't do any research; it's mostly, "JT has been on Survivor a bunch of times," "Vecepia has not been in the spotlight since winning," or "Michele likes to tweet about Survivor." But it did produce two things that will annoy/amuse @peachmangosteen. The incredibly tooly photo of Adam, and the news that Bob Crowley wrote an autobiography, which, based on the looks of its Amazon page, was not wildly successful.
  14. fishcakes

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    He's said that he would only return for an all-winners season, but that was a decade ago. He's hosted a couple of documentary series since then and is now an executive at Google, so he might be over Survivor entirely by now.
  15. fishcakes

    S39 Spoilers & Speculation

    I'm looking at the list of winners and TBH I agree with Probst; there aren't 18 of them I'd want to see play again. If I had to cast 18, I guess my picks would be Vecepia, Jenna, Danni, Natalie W, Kim, Denise, Natalie A, Michelle, Sarah, and for the men, Yul, Earl, Fabio, Tony, Mike, Jeremy, Wendell, Nick, and if David wins this season, then David. If he doesn't, then ... Chris, maybe? But if you ask me who out of those groups I really want to see play again, then it would probably just be Vecepia, Natalie A, and Yul. Everyone else, even if I liked them at the time or thought that they were deserving winners, is just meh to me now. And there are people not on my list who I think would have been great in an all-winners season if it had been done years ago, but because they waited so long, they've already played too many times.