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  1. fishcakes

    S40: Yul Kwon

    That's a great interview. It would be wonderful if he could win and donate the $2M for ALS research and get CBS to match. I knew someone who suffered from that and it is a cruel, devastating disease. The person's mental faculties remain intact as they gradually become prisoners in their own bodies and then die. It's a horrible way to go. I'm not crazy about Yul's plan to maybe become a foot soldier to a power player, though. Yul is an alpha and all of the other alphas he mentions -- Boston Rob, Sandra, Parvati -- know it. They'll let him pretend to be a beta, but they're all smart enough to cut his throat before he can take over (assuming someone else doesn't get them first). I think he's better off with the other plan, trying to ally with the other outsiders. Either way, I am looking forward to Yul Kwon: Uncensored!
  2. That whole thing with his ex-girlfriend and Figgy gave me a lot more respect for Taylor, first because he decided to try to make it work with the ex- once he found out about the baby and also because he never once said a bad thing about Figgy. Figgy, as I recall, went on a social media tear about how Taylor was trash and promised to disembowel him at the reunion. Hilariously, she tried to launch into her prepared speech and Jeff shut her down with, essentially, "eh, no one made you have a showmance."
  3. I loved their answers to the Mathlete competition. "E = mc ...?" "Hammer!" And Emery just said pi for everything lol.
  4. Ha, yeah, he doesn't really explain it except to say that it lasted longer than they thought it would. Reading between the lines, it sounds like the ratings weren't good enough for ABC to commit to a full season so the show runners decided to end it now and have a proper finale. I'm not sure I'd characterize it "going out on top" the way he does, since this show's best season was, sadly, the first season, but I can understand why they'd want a real finale and not a midseason cancellation, possibly even leaving some episodes unaired.
  5. I loved Natalie. That moment where she's eating chicken parm in the bed with Jon and Jaclyn but then cracking on Jon's dumb ass in the interspersed confessionals was pure gold.
  6. Same. I thought he was going to be a bag of douche, but then we saw his friendship with Adam (especially that moment when Adam told him about his mom and Jay tried to hide his own tears) and then his reaction on getting voted out. Such a good guy. I would love to see him return. I was indifferent to Bret in the beginning, then I grew to dislike him, probably because I thought he was unnecessarily harsh to Hannah who was my girl that season. I loved him on TAR though. He and Chris were pretty unremarkable on Survivor, but they were good racers and edited to show tons more personality on TAR.
  7. fishcakes

    S40: Adam Klein

    I didn't dislike Adam when he played (although I'll always resent that he got ALL the votes when Hannah's game was every bit as good as, if not better than, his), but I've found him annoying since then because he can't seem to say anything -- even congratulating Taylor on his marriage -- without making it about himself winning Survivor.
  8. I hated Tyson in Tocantins, was indifferent to him in HvV, and loved him in BvW, and on rewatching all of those seasons, I realized that he hadn't changed at all, just my reaction to him. I think what it is is that he's got a sarcastic sense of humor and he doesn't modulate it at all or take into consideration who he's aiming it at. So when Tocantins Sierra -- one of the most fragile players ever -- is the target, he looks like a giant asshole. But when it's Gervase or Boston Rob or Parvati or anyone else who lets that kind of thing roll right off them, then he seems like an okay guy who jokingly says mean, but accurate, things. There are always little clues that he's a good person at heart (talking Coach off the ledge when he was crying because no one thinks he's really a dragonslayer, reaching back and silently holding Tina's ankle at the BvW reunion while she talked about her son who'd died only a few weeks earlier in an accident), but most of the time he can't or doesn't know how to tamp down on his sarcasm.
  9. Have there been bacterial infections on Fiji? I know that was common in Cambodia, but I thought part of the reason for staying in Fiji was because the beaches were cleaner.
  10. fishcakes

    S40: Ethan Zohn

    He does look better now. I was never a fan of the Sideshow Bob hair.
  11. Oh, I see what you mean. I was reading him as if he was saying that Jason and Scot were bitter and influenced the others to vote against Tai and Aubry, which struck me as absurd because, despite Jason being so certain Michelle would eliminate him as a juror because of his persuasive rhetorical skills lol, who listens to Jason and Scot? So I kind of see the logic in the new jury format, but, yeah, it wouldn't work on the extremely bitter (Lex and his fluffy blue mohawk come to mind here).
  12. Thanks for the link. I don't usually read much beyond the EW or Gordon Holmes stuff once a season is over, unless something heinous occurred that people are still talking about. I read that differently than you do. To me that sounds like he's praising her. He's not necessarily being sincere, but he's not saying anything negative. He's saying viewers will wonder how she won, and he's right. People on these very boards were upset that she beat Aubry and said that Michele didn't deserve it, and that was what I saw on other sites as well. (Personally, I've always thought that Aubry was overrated and that Tai was more deserving since he was the one who said Michele had to go or she would win, but I was okay with Michele winning. I was "anyone but Aubry" at that point, though I've grown to like her more with her subsequent appearances.) But Jeff says Michele got people to give her a million with a delicate game that didn't look like anything, so that translates to me as him giving her props for playing an under-the-radar social game. I do agree though that it's not his favorite way to play, at least not now; he was bigger on the social aspect of it in earlier seasons. He likes the schemers and the physical players because it's easier to showcase that kind of game, and since he's an EP I can't really blame him for that. Michele was a fine winner, but not a particularly riveting one. The bit about Scot and Jason is pure nonsense though. Why he's giving those two meatheads credit for anything is beyond me.
  13. I don't know if this is true, but Brenda said that she spent a lot of time singing songs so that she wouldn't get any airtime because the producers wouldn't want to pay the music royalties. No idea if she was serious or not, or even why she wouldn't want to be featured.
  14. Do you remember where you read that? I've heard it said before on the boards that he's disparaged her repeatedly, but I've never seen anywhere Jeff has said anything about her, and I'd be curious to see how he explains how the new jury format helps.
  15. A little bit of a UO, but I like Tony. He played a great game in Cagayan and is entertaining. I'm not necessarily rooting for him to win this season, but I hope he can keep from losing his mind the way he did in Game Changers because I'd like him to stick around for at least a little while.
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