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  1. The thing that stuck out to me is that in the few minutes that Glenn became manager again, he was actually doing manager things. He was checking the stock, sending employees to clean up spills, and walking the floor to see what needed to be done. We hardly ever see Amy do any of that; she mainly sits in her office and talks to Jonah about how she's afraid she's going to lose her job. I mean, Glenn hiring Bo was not the greatest idea, but he's not much worse than anyone else who works there. Before last night, did we know Dina's last name was Fox?
  2. Her advantage was the worst of all those that have been offered. Other people could earn a straight advantage; hers was, "if you lose the challenge, you lose your vote; if you win the challenge, you get immunity, but you also lose your vote." It would only be a good offer if the person were really on the outs and had no allies, but for anyone in an alliance and who's probably safe, it's not worth much. I can believe that everyone who's been to Idol Island has kept the Rob and Sandra part of it a secret; I just don't get why they would. It's the possibility that they could earn an advantage -- which everyone has copped to -- that puts a target on them. No one is going to vote them out just because they got to talk to Rob and Sandra.
  3. This is shaping up to be one of those seasons where the tribe that goes into a shuffle or the merge with the majority falls to their own hubris. If Old Vokai doesn't stop thinking they've already got it in the bag, we're going to be looking at an F3 of Karishma, Dean, and Aaron. The whole "women's alliance" conversation was stupid. Noura proposed a women's alliance, Karishma was IN a women's alliance on old Lairo (or at least she thought she was), there have been attempts at women's alliances all the way back to season 1 when Stacey Stillman tried to form one with Sue and Kelly, who agreed to it, only for Sue to turn around and give a confessional saying, "the chicks think I'm doing one thing and I'm not. I got my alliance. I like mine." It's not stupid or sexist to consider the possibility that women might be forming an alliance because they have the numbers. It is stupid and sexist to assume that one actually exists because they have the numbers, but that's not what Jamal did; it's what JT did in HvV, with an assist by Rupert. And of course, a woman's alliance is arbitrary; all alliances are arbitrary; it can come down to nothing more than who you were sitting on the beach with on the first night, as Edna in South Pacific can attest. Tommy being super useful during the IC by repeatedly doing Hulk arms and screaming, "LET'S GO!" was a treat. It was a quick moment at the end of the show where they flashed his photo with his birth and death dates and something like, "Survivor Icon and American Hero." It choked me up a bit even though I'd already read about his death here. A couple of seasons ago, the locale started to look a little bit fake to me, but I think it's more to do with the show being in high def and me now having a high def TV. The colors are super bright now, and the blues and greens are so vivid it doesn't look quite real. On the flip side, you can see how beat up and dirty the players are. Even Rob and Sandra, who have it easier than the players this season, look pretty rough to me as if they haven't taken a good shower in a long while. The show really needs to address this. Dan is grabbing women's breasts and throwing his leg over them and therefore putting his crotch right up against them. Just as no one has to say, "please don't punch me in the face" before the show prohibits it, no one should have to say, "please don't sexually batter me," for it to earn the offender a quick exit.
  4. I was told this was a Wendy's.
  5. I wonder what happened in the 2000s that made people unhappy about the state of racial equality in the U.S. What could it have been? Welp, it's a mystery, I guess.
  6. My favorite Rudy moment was at the reunion when Bryant Gumbel asked him if he was going to continue to have friendships with the other players now that the game was over and Rudy hesitated about a half-second before saying, "naaah."
  7. fishcakes


    With BJ, it feels like it's more than just 1950s attitudes about married moms working, which weren't positive and a lot of that still exists today. However, last night they showed the episode where he loses his shit (again) because Peg writes him that the gutters need cleaning. He spins all these elaborate fantasies about how she'll either try to clean them herself and not notice that the ladder is broken so she'll fall off and break something, or she'll call the handsome and ripped handyman and end up sleeping with him. In his mind, she seems to be either an incompetent dolt or an unfaithful wife who needs him there at home with her to keep her in line and to stop her from sticking forks in the electrical outlets and whatnot.
  8. Yes, a lot of suspension of disbelief is required for these two shows, starting with season one of 5-0 where they decided to name themselves that because [something something football jersey Steve's dad] and everyone just pretended not to know that 5-0 has been a slang term meaning "police" for decades.
  9. I didn't notice the RBG necklace right away so at first I thought she was supposed to be Judge Judy who has recently been wearing her hair in an unflattering-to-her low bun. Once I realized that Amy was RBG, it made me wonder if Judy is trying to look like her too. I am almost certain, though, that RBG never spit out "YOU FOOL!" at a litigant, no matter how much is was warranted. Also, it makes me laugh that Jonah dressed like Woody and then was okay that it was interpreted as "toxic masculinity."
  10. I fell asleep before the end, but did they ever say who Mateo was dressed as? My guess was Fred from Scooby Doo, but it seems so unlikely.
  11. Man, evolution is taking forever.
  12. Ugh, Doris. I was hoping we'd seen the last of her.
  13. I love Noelani, but, MAN, that was the worst English accent I've ever heard. She sounded like she was doing a stereotypically offensive Asian accent. Loved: Flippa's mother ("Bring it in, four-eyes") and Tunde, Quinn and Tani becoming friends, and, of course, Eddie the happy, floppy lion king.
  14. I think I ate there once about 20 years ago, but maybe that was a Chili's. It's just American food but in grotesque portions with nonsensical add-ins (like Twizzlers in the margaritas). A similar thing happened in Gabon when Marcus and Crystal found out they had a mutual friend, or Marcus's friend was Crystal's cousin or something. Marcus thought this meant that he could use Crystal as a secondary alliance but then she voted him out. He was so bitter about it, which was hilarious because Marcus was a terrible person. Yeah, Jeff gets a lot of (mostly) undeserved crap for favoring athletic men, but it seems to me that he just likes active rather than passive players. He loves Ciera and Sandra, neither of whom are physical threats, but they were always making strategic moves or scheming and even if it didn't always work out for them, he at least admired the effort. The players who coattail and whine are annoying to him, and while I do think he could make more of an effort to hide his disdain, I get why it bugs him. Karishma's sad sack act is irritating me too, and I usually like the weirdo outcast or at least have some sympathy for them.
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