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  1. They need to bring in more family members again. Alex's sister should be introduced. Bring back Thatcher. Show us Maggie's parents.
  2. Does anyone know how early Netflix usually starts teasing/promoting their shows? It feels a bit early for a teaser poster if it's coming out late this year or early next year.
  3. Sad about SaRa but saw it coming weeks ago. I'm hoping they'll bring her back early next season for an episode, just for a proper goodbye, if anything. I'm confused by the wording of both her and Shonda's statements though. "Time off" implies she might be back. Is it possible she's leaving to do something on Broadway and will make a return once that wraps up?? I hate to say it but I really did love this episode wholeheartedly. The sister scenes were just so much fun - proof that you don't need disaster and death to make the show enjoyable. This is what I want to see more of...compe
  4. What if they pull a switcharoo and have Maggie and Nathan hook up and Meredith and Andrew. That would be so weird. Meredith as a cougar.
  5. From everything we've heard, including how much Milo filmed and how much Matt (and Alan/Nick/Tanc) are filming *especially* for 'Fall', I'm suspecting a Rory/Logan endgame.
  6. The Jo thing is probably that she's been applying for fellowships at other places. Really curious about the church scenes though.
  7. 12x24 is apparently called "Family Affair", directed by Debbie Allen.
  8. Does anyone hate the new location they use for the exteriors of the hospital? It looks nothing like it has the past 11 seasons.
  9. I think Canning's scene at the end was the ultimate foreshadowing for the ending - they'll pull a switcharoo and Alicia will somehow end up going to jail in the series finale.
  10. I find it weird that Bootsy is back, especially because he was only in season 2 of the show. I'm glad Alex Borstein is back, and I almost feel like she'll be playing a brand new character again. Odd that Sherilyn Fenn/Anna isn't coming back, I really thought they'd bring her back. And Liz/TJ not being there feels really strange to me because of how much they were in season 6.
  11. I don't think TJ is in it. Wayne Wilcox (Marty) wasn't invited back either and he very much feels like a part of the GG family (the Palladinos love him, etc). Wish he was coming back esp. after his awful story in S7.
  12. The "cliffhanger" thing re: the final four words makes me think that Rory telling Lorelai she's pregnant is a likely final scene.
  13. Seasons 1-3: Year 1 Seasons 4-5: Year 2 Season 6: Year 3 Season 7: Year 4 Season 8: Year 5 Season 9: Year 6 Season 10: Year 7 Season 11: Year 8 Time Jump: Year 9 Season 12: Year 10 I'm still curious if they're gonna write in Stephanie and Jo taking their Boards at the end of this season or if they've lost track of what year they're in.
  14. Don't know why but I still get the feeling that SaRa is exiting at the end of this season. I hope I'm wrong though because I do love Callie and I miss Calzona. Wish they'd announce the contracts so we can just know once and for all...
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