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  1. Decent finale, but this should've been over with, last week. Congrats to Tiff. She was good tv.
  2. I figured it was coming, but Gina's return did nothing for me. If anything, it only highlighted how much better the show was without her. Anyways, good finale. Kudos to B99 for staying great until the end (unlike, say The Office). Looks like I don't have anymore network sitcoms to watch anymore.
  3. Really? To me, this was the least tense DE, ever. Five against one. Things should get interesting now, though.
  4. Wow. Did not see that coming. I know Mac Jones has looked good, but I wonder how much this Covid test fiasco factored in.
  5. Not a fan of the 2 episode per week burn-off. NBC did the same thing with Parks & Rec a few years back. It'll be over before you know it. (title of my sex tape)
  6. Kip Hackman

    NHL Thread

    I used to go to 4-5 Islander games a year with my Dad. This was roughly '75-'83. Good times. Also got to see the Nets with Dr. J quite a few times. Loved the ABA.
  7. And Jenna Fischer was right there with him. At least until she got the boot. Money talks, I guess.
  8. That was a damn good show. Was very disappointed when it got the axe. As far as the reunion goes, I could've watched 2 hours of them sitting around and talking. Most of the other stuff was superfluous.
  9. Kip Hackman

    The NBA

    What a crappy end to what was once a promising Hornets season. They were a fun watch, until Lamelo and Hayward went out. 🙁
  10. Not surprised, but I will miss this silly little show. Didn't discuss it too deeply here, because it was never that kind of show for me. Just a fun way to waste 30 minutes. Geez, with AH, Superstore, and Brooklyn 99 getting the ax, I'm running out of network sitcoms. 😕 Take care, everyone!
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