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  1. That might've been my favorite episode of the season. Everyone had at least one funny line. Even Tony. I especially liked the meta "cancellation" discussion. I get the idea of Amy coming back for the wedding and reuniting with Jonah, but they could've done all that without introducing the Hannah character. So who knows?
  2. Good question. If you read between the lines of Ben's IG post, it seems like filming during Covid may have been much more of a strain than they had let on.
  3. Superstore: Season Six; Cast of NBC Comedy Film the Series Finale
  4. I'm actually starting to think that Amy/America doesn't come back. It's the only way this makes sense. It will definitely make re-watches a little weird.
  5. Meg Donnelly and Giselle Eisenberg recently posted that AH has wrapped for the season. So I wonder how many total episodes we're looking at. 13? 15? And where does "Graduation" fit into the count? I've seen it listed as the first episode of S5, and the 21st episode of S4.
  6. I wonder how many episodes they have left to shoot. I haven't seen anything online that indicates that they've wrapped.
  7. Watching Patrick Mahomes run for his life brought back unpleasant memories of Cam Newton and SB 50. (Cotchery caught the damn ball)
  8. If I learned anything this season, it's that I hate the Patriots more than I hate Brady. Was rooting for the Chiefs, but didn't lose any sleep over the Bucs winning.
  9. Did not see the Nia twist coming. Poor Jonah. 😄
  10. No problem. I was responding to the post just above mine.
  11. Jared Goff signed a guaranteed contract for $110 million. I don't feel bad for him. Not even a little bit.
  12. Spoiler-ish content about the remaining episodes: SUPERSTORE Bosses Tease an Unexpected Rivalry, A Holiday Twist, and a Cloud 9 Shakeup
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