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  1. My first reaction was, "There's no way they're doing a baby story. This must be a series finale." But maybe they will. Beats having to think up another career for Katy (party planner, lasagna entrepreneur, mommy vlogger).
  2. Wow, a lot of things happened there at the end. After all the behind-the-scenes drama, I wonder if there's gonna be a sixth season.
  3. Well, that was pretty much perfect. Take care, everyone. It's been fun.
  4. The cast of Superstore reflects on the show’s legacy as a working-class comedy Lauren Ash on clocking out of Superstore for the last time
  5. One of the set designers talked about this on SM recently. Looking like it's not gonna happen.
  6. Well, it looks like they wrapped that up. I wouldn't expect to see anything more on that front. Sandra was awesome last night. I think I'll miss her the most.
  7. Bumping this thread, just in case anyone wants to speculate on the finale.
  8. I was starting to wonder if America would be back, and I'm glad she will be. It would've been weird to end it without her. A little surprised that NBC let the cat out of the bag. Maybe they're hoping for a ratings bump.
  9. That might've been my favorite episode of the season. Everyone had at least one funny line. Even Tony. I especially liked the meta "cancellation" discussion. I get the idea of Amy coming back for the wedding and reuniting with Jonah, but they could've done all that without introducing the Hannah character. So who knows?
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