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  1. Kip Hackman

    Superstore In the Media

    A little uneasy about this. Hope it doesn't become another Paul Lieberstein situation.
  2. Kip Hackman

    S03.E17 Liar Liar, Room on Fire

    Saw this for the first time during last week's AH episode. Walked into the living room, looked up at the tv, and got very confused. And then I figured out it was a commercial.
  3. Kip Hackman

    NFL Thread

    Eh. The reason I mentioned 1978 was because that was the year the Jets switched to the Kelly Green uni's with new logos. Those were the Jets I grew up with. This new look reminds me of that. I hated when they switched back to the SB/Namath-style uniforms. To each their own. Regardless, I've been a Panthers fan for the past 25 years, and the Jets are now a distant 2nd in my fandom. So I'm not a typical Jets fan.
  4. Kip Hackman

    S03.E16 Insta-Friends

    Finally got around to watching this. I could watch 30 minutes of Thomas Lennon working in Cooper's basement.
  5. Kip Hackman


    I'm out. Made it through 5 minutes of the second episode, without laughing (or even cracking a smile).
  6. Kip Hackman

    NFL Thread

    As someone whose first NFL game was Jets-Dolphins in 1978, at Shea Stadium, I absolutely love the Jet's new uniforms. Except the black. Don't like that.
  7. Kip Hackman

    College Basketball

    At 72 years old, Coach K needs to think about hanging it up. He's gone all in on the "one and done" thing for a while now. He doesn't out-coach opponents anymore, he just out-recruits them. And while the "one and done" players aren't completely going away, the best of them are going to be heading to the NBA. So, no more Kyrie Irvings or Zion Williamsons in Durham. 2015 title notwithstanding, Coach K might've been better served if he had stuck to what had been successful for him, instead of trying to be John Calipari.
  8. Kip Hackman


    A little rough, but most pilots are. I'll give it another shot. A bigger concern is the ratings. They were pretty low, even by NBC standards.
  9. Kip Hackman

    S04.E13 Lovebirds

    Basically, NBC wanted to prop up Brooklyn 99's ratings, so they gave it a "Titan Games" lead-in (instead of Superstore/AP Bio) for a couple of months. It worked for a little while. Good episode. I lol'd at every version of that tattoo. Still not invested in Amy/Jonah, but I appreciate the fact that the show is taking the Office/Jim/Pam approach with them: We rarely see them as a couple outside Cloud 9, and their romantic relationship is mostly hinted at during workplace conversations.
  10. Kip Hackman

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    They really need to drop A.P. Bio. It is killing NBC's Thursday night. Since it returned, B99's ratings have dropped to FOX level lows. Thank god for dvr's & streaming.
  11. I guess Anna-Kat is in the new Quentin Tarantino movie: ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)
  12. Kip Hackman

    NFL Thread

    Um, someone would've picked him. He was projected to go in the 4th round. Seattle drafted him in the 3rd.
  13. Kip Hackman

    S04.E11 Steps Challenge

    Further proof - The more employees involved, the better the episode.
  14. Kip Hackman

    S09.E14: Found

    From what I've read, the season was originally supposed to end with Fiona going to the AA meeting. So the writers had always planned on Fiona spiraling and bottoming out. Emmy's departure only changed how quickly that arc was resolved.
  15. Kip Hackman

    S09.E14: Found

    Considering how important Fiona has always been to the show, I found her send-off to be underwhelming. I guess I'll check out S10, but I feel like this is a show that ran out of story a few years ago.