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  1. 9-1-1 Moved to Midseason Not really a surprise, considering the uncertainty about when they'll be able to start shooting again.
  2. Loved it. I did not anticipate how happy it would make me, just seeing everyone together again. You're 5,000 Candles in the Wind, Parks.
  3. Apparently, that's gonna be Garrett: We should probably have a Speculation/Spoilers thread for this stuff.
  4. They said that they're just starting to talk about "possibly" bringing in a character, "at some point" next season. So, no. They don't have a set plan to bring someone in.
  5. Doesn't sound like they've got a set plan to bring in someone new.
  6. Recent interviews with the showrunners appear to contradict this.
  7. It was a visual gag. Amy's outburst during her interview doesn't work if we haven't seen the room full of Latina women.
  8. I hadn't considered this before last night, but the writers really had Dina lean into the idea that Jonah makes no money, and has basically nothing to offer, other than being Amy's support system. And would anybody be shocked it the white, upper class, business school dropout got offered the job? And, as story lines go, would Manager Jonah really be all that different from Manager Amy?
  9. 'Superstore' Bosses Break Down the Amy & Jonah Finale Cliffhanger and America Ferrera's Return (Exclusive)
  10. Yeah, they don't need to overthink this. Glenn makes the most sense. And it's the best way to make it feel like the same show we've been watching for five years.
  11. According to this article, the writers and actors found out the same day we did (just before the start of filming episode 19). Superstore's Ben Feldman Reacts to America Ferrera's 'Sad' Exit, Admits: 'Timing-Wise, I Was a Little Surprised' Maybe that's why last night's final scene felt a little "tacked on". To me, anyway.
  12. Makes no sense to me. There's one episode left. They're gonna make us wait 3 weeks to see it?
  13. Given the underwhelming 9th season, I kinda wish it had only lasted 8 years. Despite that, it was a show that my family & I really enjoyed. But I've never had the desire nor the inclination to revisit it via streaming or syndication. As far as the progression of characters (or lack thereof), that seems to be something that a lot of sitcoms struggle with. "American Housewife" comes to mind. It does suck that all the old Middle episode threads disappeared, because there was some great content here.
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