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  1. This thread is a spoiler zone. No spoiler warnings needed. 😉
  2. I guess I'm interpreting this differently. Which is what we all do here. We all have our own opinions. 😊
  3. Just my opinion but nah. It's boring this season. It's like K&J know they caught a lot of heat from last season so have made a point to go in the opposite direction this season which I find ultra boring. 😴
  4. Maybe that's it as it appears near the mouth. Originally I wondered about the chin. Wasn't it more pointed? I have no idea why I'm so fascinated by this other than she does look different and I haven't been able to pinpoint it.
  5. I am still trying to figure out what's different about Madeline M. other than her hair color. Something in her face does not look the same.
  6. I caught that too and wondered if they fill Hayley in prior to bringing in the ladies. My guess, considering who she is, would be yes.
  7. Deleted since quoted poster deleted their original post.
  8. My take is Haley is being groomed to take over for Kelli. 😐
  9. As a die hard fan of this show since day one, I'm trying to get into this season but so far, it's been a major yawn-fest. 😴
  10. But the names are all listed under each lady in each row.
  11. I agree. But I did miss judge's panel. That's a great tool for seeing how intelligent or quick thinking (or not!) the ladies are ie: Lauren's reply of splitting a Bandaid down the middle when asked who she would give it to between two people. Maybe part of judge's panel will be shown as a flash back or something.
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