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  1. I wondered the same. Especially since they love to list former DCC's accomplishments.
  2. Fair enough. She's not a fav of mine, but I think much of the Vic stuff on this board gets majorly exaggerated.
  3. The FB group is a different contingent. If you consider the demographic of the FB commenters, it makes more sense. Before someone asks, check out a few of commenter's profiles. You should be able to figure it out.
  4. Arrrgh. Just watched Holly P.'s last season. Even though she royally messed up, I still miss her. That season is what prodded me out of lurkdom here because I was so upset over her leaving the team. That girl could dance. Any genre.
  5. I think Rachel W., Bridget or Caroline could carry point. Although my personal fav is Bridget. Her energy is infectious and girl can dance. Re: Maddie Not being mean, but I hope she retires. She's come a long way but she will never be point material to me.
  6. My point had nothing to do with what the average viewer thinks though. 🙅‍♀️
  7. Add me as being another hard disagree on this assessment. Jalyn is a very strong dancer and that is what SG is all about: the elite technical dancers of the squad (as has been mentioned on the show numerous times).
  8. That was hands down the most ridiculous thing I've heard while watching 13.5 seasons of the show.
  9. Nope on Maddie. Possibly on Amy. Most likely on Heather. Point is a joke this year. Instead of sparkle and "it" factor, TPTB caved to avoid drama and went with seniority. Kash made it over vets more senior than herself and IMO, they should have continued using this method.
  10. Well look at it this way. At least they are driving home safer than when they were doing so in the wee hours. As someone who has driven home on fumes after an 18+ hour shoot day, I do see that as a positive.
  11. Shelly did. I understand what Erica was trying to do. But due to how she left the squad, it always felt retaliatory to me. 🙅‍♀️
  12. You definitely aren't alone. Although I can name all the rookie TCC's, this season is very blah. A first for me since season 1. Many have expressed (off board and on) how meh this year has been. I'm hanging in but barely. I miss the excitement and chatter here of seasons past.
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