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  1. I always picture our posts driving the mods and admins to their secret bar lounge, lol. 🍹🍺
  2. Although I don't prefer this photo of Gina (she has had much better, ie: Bimini last year), I wouldn't consider this shot on par with Kalyssa's soft porn.
  3. Are you maybe thinking of Tara? She did fall during SG auditions last year.
  4. Yes. Just re-shared it above your post.
  5. If you're talking about this kick line of Vic, it's still posted. Did you perhaps mean a different kick line video?
  6. I doubt it's a problem. I'm sure others haven't yet seen it. 😉 As for your other observation, I'm trying to stay out of it, lol.
  7. No prob, wasn't sure! Things are moving fast, lol.
  8. Yes. See my latest TCC grid re-posted above.
  9. go4luca

    Past Seasons

    Yes, I am aware of that but think her statement could mean that or something else. If dance helps her heal from whatever happened, then I'm happy for her.