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  1. Not sure where to put this so hope this is the right place. I don't wish an injury like this on anyone. Can't imagine how painful this felt on so many levels.
  2. Seriously who knows? 😁 With the way this year's management has been going, the inmates might as well have escaped the asylum.
  3. I keep wondering how many upper vets (Tess, Maddie, etc.), now wish they had just retired already. Did they stay because they want ProBowl that badly? In a COVID year or years? Not being out on the field dancing point, whatever, plus in masks, can't be nearly as much fun.
  4. I don't think most of us hate Victoria. Dislike is different.
  5. You would probably like Gracie's. She loves Victoria.
  6. I know everyone has looks they favor. It's all good. "Blender" definitely nails it for me though. 😉
  7. Yeah.....not seeing the attractive part. At all. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Ah yes. The video that showed Vic's poor fan kick technique. This is another reason I find she dances heavy. Note how Caroline's fan begins from the proper position. But Vic's beginning is cut short, she's leaning back and no relevé of her supporting foot.
  9. I will never get the allure of Tess. I don’t find her attractive at all and her dancing is so basic and boring.
  10. Yes, I understand that. I just like that she did speak up. I have a funny feeling had she remained just one more year, she would have found a way to make her feelings known.
  11. I don't really care when Bridget spoke up. The fact that she did, is what resonates with me.
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