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  1. Agree. That was hard to watch. Re: the next episode's preview: Since they are only showing the ladies first nights in TC, I'm not passing judgement yet. We've seen girls start out wonky and end up being powerhouses.
  2. Oh Amanda. Looks like you need to learn how to do the Texas tease girl... (thanks to @Weeklydcc for the photo)
  3. Could not possibly agree more. Here's your point girl.
  4. I will go with solid performance chops over seniority any day. I don't care if that's a rookie, 2nd year, whatever, over a 4th or 5th year. Place the strongest dancers up front. I guarantee it will bring up everyone's performances.
  5. Shelly addressed this saying there aren't really alternates for SG per se. Based on her reply, my take is they might need to cut the number down due to venue size.
  6. Amen sister. You are today's Forum Day Girl.
  7. It's a brand new number. Plus a new show group. They need to work out some kinks. Yeah, I know they are normally in better sync but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for this round. They have bigger fish to fry dealing with the uninspiring Amy and Maddie at point. Plus, I hate to say it but in some of the stills shots, Maddie's middle is already looking thick. Me personally, I'll take personality and oomph over milquetoast any day of the week. My eye is going to be drawn to the better dancers anyway. 🙅‍♀️
  8. The funny thing is the DCC FB page all think Amy and Maddie look AH-mazing. Oh and Victoria hung the moon.
  9. If you follow the forum, it has been shared by insiders that for Thunder, they will alternate point this year. Amy for part of the dance, Maddie the rest. Today's show group performance featured more than one dance so yes, varying girls up front during different dances. What many here are noting, is how both Amy and Maddie look lackluster when up front. So many here are disappointed we have an entire season of watching them lead point during Thunderstruck.
  10. Gina looks fine to me. I hope Judy sees that Amy and Maddie up front are being out danced. It's blatantly obvious.
  11. I mean it's so dang obvious there are stronger dancers out there than (especially) Amy and Maddie.