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  1. I didn't see it either. This was posted end of March, without glam makeup.
  2. Now I love her even more. She is exactly as I'd hoped. So down to earth, well spoken and relatable. I no longer have a favorite. I am seriously going to miss Bridget. 😥
  3. Dayton posted this on her IG story. I absolutely love her dress! @ShellyB, was this for her prom?
  4. What time do the podcasts usually begin? I want to check this one out because BRIDGET. EDIT: Never mind. I found the time: 3PM
  5. Your announcer made me think of the super cute videos this guy has been sharing on Twitter of his dogs Olive and Mabel. ""Mabel, with no recognition, no recall whatsoever..." 😂
  6. I'm not good with anything reptilian. This alligator lizard gives me a freaking heart attack whenever he pops out of my vegetable garden.
  7. Right there with you lady. Wasn't the first Texas Coral snake he's found in his yard. Scary AF. I CANNOT HANDLE SNAKES!
  8. So where are we at? Only 6 rookie spots open? That's a super small rookie class if no vets get cut.
  9. No. No eat bunny! Aside from the coral snake, my brother in Austin also found this in his yard. Thankfully not near the snake.
  10. Hey - a fox is still cool! Good on you for rescuing the injured skunk! I forgot to add opossums to my list above. We've had those as well. It's been interesting seeing all the wild things showing up since there's been so few cars and traffic.
  11. Happy Hump Day everyone. So what critters have you seen in your neighborhood during quarantine? My 'hood has seen coyotes, Cooper's hawks, Great Horned Owls and my personal favorite, a gorgeous India peacock I have nicknamed Freddie Mercury (no, not for Kelli - just seemed to fit).
  12. Didn't know this so thanks for her background info.
  13. I had forgotten Kelcey and Bridget were boot buddies. How fun that they both won!
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