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  1. I can't recall not liking a DCC to the extent I can't stand Victoria. At least Cassie earned her way up the DCC food chain. For me, TPTB plan of featuring Vic as some bright, shining comeback star, utterly backfired. I can't stand things shoved in my face especially when they come off entitled or featured ahead of more talented, more deserving veterans when said rookie hasn't earned that recognition. All I see are teeth, gums, bad lipstick color and a rats nest of hair. I'm already plotting for a digital wild horse emoji I can pop on the screen wherever Vic is so I don't have to watch her. I honestly don't think Victoria knows what to do with her long legs. Either that's due to bad training, lack of self awareness or both. How interesting would it be to see her cut from Show Group next season ie: Jalyn. But we all know pigs would have to fly before that ever happens.
  2. Something I noticed in the “Underneath the Tree” video but never posted. Victoria's fan kick looks somewhat off and heavy to me. The fan should begin to her far left as Caroline does. Victoria never begins far left cutting the fan circle short. Also her supporting leg never hits releve & remains flat footed. Notice Caroline & the other girls are in releve. If you pause the video you can see it. These are quick screen grabs so not the best image quality but at least illustrate my point.
  3. I must be watching something different. Bridget always looks good to me. I've also never seen Bridget pop up too soon in formation or fall out of a turn.
  4. You can go listen to her podcast here if you want: Milan Brahney - Balancing being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Student, time management, and the sacrifices one must make to do something you love
  5. In my comment above I wasn't referring to showy costumes. Just something more than practice clothes. It's weird how Victoria gets presented as their crown jewel but others look like an after thought. Just my two inconsequential duccats worth.
  6. Crystal was point?! Wow. Glad I missed that. Nothing against you, but I found her to be one of the least attractive DCC's ever.
  7. My initial take was since princess Victoria wasn’t involved, TPTB didn’t give these girls anything cool or pretty to wear.
  8. So when did Cersten make her IG private? Does she read this forum?
  9. Jenn cheered from 2013-2017 and was named Rookie of the Year.
  10. Same in most cases. But the James Franco one where he's going at himself on the mirror while grunting like he's shagging someone....#Nope. Can't even watch and I'm no prude.
  11. I have to leave the room when that god awful thing comes on. It’s right up there with that inane trolly, trolly, trolly ad they used to play to death.
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