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  1. I don’t care how well Marissa dances. Her looks instantly kill it for me. Gurl is fugly as h***. I literally laughed out loud when they cut from her walking up to the hotel to a sign saying “duck crossing”.
  2. You can also check out Philo which carries CMT and is $20 month.
  3. She wasn't on Dance Moms as far as I know. Her bio at Barbie's dance studio said Marissa studied with Abby Lee. Not that she was in the company.
  4. The pink and red dots are too close in color on this chart (for me).
  5. She's flat out awful. Even worse than I previously thought.
  6. Someone really needs to take Marissa's Tik Tok privileges away. She makes herself look even more inane with each successive video. Please let her be a one and done. My god she is ugly.
  7. I agree. Not most Senior, not most "status". Give it to the one who has the most sparkle, strength and talent to carry the position.
  8. Everyone is free to believe what they choose. I definitely believe it.
  9. So you break one of the Cardinal Rules and you get front & center on the season's banner. #WorldClass
  10. I'm just going to sit back and laugh at all the editing. They do it every year but I have a feeling this season will be off the charts with the manufacture quotient.
  11. Having seen Marissa's recent Tik Tok video, I am shocked she is even still on the team. Kelli needs to perform a clean-up on aisle 7 STAT. Marissa is not only ugly but extremely gross as well. p.s.: I don't have a link, Perhaps who shared the video on FB will share it here.
  12. Not sure where to put this so hope this is the right place. I don't wish an injury like this on anyone. Can't imagine how painful this felt on so many levels.
  13. Seriously who knows? 😁 With the way this year's management has been going, the inmates might as well have escaped the asylum.
  14. I keep wondering how many upper vets (Tess, Maddie, etc.), now wish they had just retired already. Did they stay because they want ProBowl that badly? In a COVID year or years? Not being out on the field dancing point, whatever, plus in masks, can't be nearly as much fun.
  15. I don't think most of us hate Victoria. Dislike is different.
  16. You would probably like Gracie's. She loves Victoria.
  17. I know everyone has looks they favor. It's all good. "Blender" definitely nails it for me though. 😉
  18. Yeah.....not seeing the attractive part. At all. 🤷‍♀️
  19. Ah yes. The video that showed Vic's poor fan kick technique. This is another reason I find she dances heavy. Note how Caroline's fan begins from the proper position. But Vic's beginning is cut short, she's leaning back and no relevé of her supporting foot.
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