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  1. I totally agree that the DCC have been underpaid and believe that they are still underpaid. But I also do not believe that Erica did this for anybody but Erica.
  2. Just an observation, I hope that she got something from the Cowboys as part of the settlement -- she will never be able to put down the Cowboys as a reference. 🙂 As far as finding an attorney -- working on a contingency against the Cowboys probably provided plenty of incentive.
  3. I don't believe that she did it for any altrustic purpose. She did it because she was pissed off that she got fired (rightfully so), saw the Cowboys had deep pockets and sued with the help of an attorney who also saw deep pockets. She would not have brought the lawsuit had she not been fired. I agree with the poster above the lawsuit was retalitory-- I see it everyday in my practice.
  4. https://www.thedailybeast.com/dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders-settle-pay-dispute-entire-squad-gets-raise I watched the game on Sunday and when I heard that the Cowboys were worth 5 billion and at least three players had guarantees of 100 million plus, I immediately thought that any argument that budget concerns kept the squad to 36 was bullshit. Do I believe that Erica should have been released from contract for what she did -- yes -- she knew the rules and broke them. Do I applaud the result of this lawsuit -- yes but I also think they should be paid more.
  5. I have no arguments with Cassie per se and I have posted elsewhere that I believed that she had proven herself over the four years. My point was to use her as an example of some candidates/legacies are given something of a "pass" a la VK - VK was given a pass without having the proven track record of Cassie and only because of her mom. If VK has been anybody else, say Taylor for instance who repeatedly hedged the truth with Kelli. Taylor never would have made her way back into camp. I agree as a four year vet she was as one of the judges said, "no doubt a DCC," I think even Judy thought it when she was asked to leave the room "I would have thought she had the support of the judges." (I also happen to think that Judy being asked to leave the room was staged for the show -- an attempt to not show bias -- Jay may have been going out on a limb by voicing his opinion.) Further, as Cassie goes, it may be somewhat unreasonable to consider what she said or did as "tattling." I mean, seriously, what was she supposed to do - not talk to her mom?
  6. I thought it was kind of weird too. I think it was on Milan's podcast.
  7. Maybe -- but they didn't wash out of TC the first time out and then come back to TCC and not only make the team but make SG. They were also group leaders I believe. VK was excused because of her mom -- she is never going to get around that -- the same way that Cassie will never get around the fact that she made it back her last year after injury because of Judy. Jay was right -- if she had been other candidate she would not have made it back. (Yes, I know Danielle made back after injury, but maybe she shouldn't have. On the other hand, she obviously worked her ass off to get back to where she needed to be.) Unfortunately the hypocrisy and lack of consistency is rampant -- we can all bitch about it but there it is.
  8. and that is why VK will never being accepted as a "legitimate" DCC no matter how she dances.
  9. I have no doubt that Kelly approves of tattling -- its the way she is kept informed of what goes on with the team -- The rumor was the Cassie excelled at it. Couple of examples Minchew and Gina getting called out for being plastic and having RBF. Having said that -- if the girls aren't supposed to approach the K/J directly whatever is going on is probably filtered through the group leaders.
  10. Do we need three guesses or is it a given?
  11. Christina has definitely had work done -- she's not the first, she won't be the last.
  12. I agree about the editing and, if true, Charlotte should have a talk with CMT about why they are editing the show in such a way that it is giving the impression that less than "world class" dancers are making the squad and K&J are losing their collective minds. If you assume bad editing, it explains why Kitty is not on this season given how badly her bias was on display last season. PS - what 50+ woman goes by the name of "kitty?" i mean no offense, but she doesn't look like a "kitty."
  13. Not to mention she really knew her shit and played it for real. The last two really good solos for me - Melissa (nerd) and Lacey
  14. Ummm I am not sure why dancers like Meredith or Kat made the team especially if there were so many quality dancers coming through that K&J could take their pic. Meredith and Kat would have never made the team even as alternates. They are medicore at best. After Charmin again, I have to agree with her assessment that the last three groups she looked at were awful and should have been cut -- my only disagreement with her - Kat, I never would have given her a sticker much less two. On the other hand, given the obviously shrinking numbers showing up to try out means mathematically that fewer rock star dancers are showing up. Shrinking numbers means less rock stars are auditioning and making the squad. This explains, IMHO, why dancers like Kat and Meredith made the squad, why dancers like Christina are still on the squad and why Maddie is point.
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