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  1. "Being willfully stupid is not part of the Christian tradition." Louder for the people in the back, Meacham. Thank you. Also, the questions he has about this administration are the exact same ones I've been constantly asking myself and others these last few years (I loved his comment about "weaponizing narcissism"), so if he ever were to write a book exploring that aspect of this presidency, I would absolutely read that.
  2. Same. Though the way Annalise and Bonnie were talking this episode, I could also see them escaping together, too. I liked when Annalise talked about Eve. Aw.
  3. Well. Definitely wasn't expecting that reveal regarding Asher's murder. Puts quite the interesting little wrinkle in this whole messy situation. So now it's Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank against Michaela, Connor, and Oliver. Will be curious to see if the latter three take heed of Asher's parting words to them. As always, Annalise's mom pulls no punches and I love her for that. Also, show, don't scare me like that again with her just up and disappearing like that, thanks.
  4. My mom kept talking about how eerie the resemblance was.
  5. I love that Jack got to be Fred, Ethel, and Lucy at various points this episode. :D. That's great. And of course Karen would be Lucy in the wine-making segment :p. The ending was cute :).
  6. I love that story about how they met as well. It's so adorable :). And in a similar vein, it was sweet, during his tribute to John Prine last night, when he started talking about having a song of Prine's on a cassette tape when he and his wife were first dating, and how he learned the song on guitar so he could sing it to her over the phone. I mean...<3. On the note of Prine, Brandi Carlisle's performance last night got me all choked up. I honestly wasn't familiar with his work until the news that he'd fallen ill, but with the way people keep talking about him, and given what I've heard of his work thus far thanks to Stephen's show, I apparently need to remedy that.
  7. I'd had no idea there was a musical version of this until this thread, but now you all mention it, it makes obvious sense there would be one. Now I'm curious to read up more on that!
  8. I was watching that one earlier, too :D. I also love when Niles is trying to figure out how to do Pepo's voice and he bends his knees a little. And "the ice cream truck!" So many great moments and lines in that episode. ETA: Now watching "Three Dates and a Breakup" and I really love the talk between Frasier and Martin towards the end. Such a great scene. It's especially sweet considering Frasier's own feelings about Sherry, that he's willing to talk all this out with his dad.
  9. I loved when Conan and Stephen talked about their dads, and the fact that they both went to the same school that Fauci did. Talk about a small world.
  10. I like this movie, too. I remember watching it constantly when I was younger :). Strong cast, too. Lots of great names in this.
  11. Ooooh. That does sound fascinating. I'll have to look for that one.
  12. That's cool :). Lord knows they can use all the help they can get. Hope she stays safe and healthy throughout all of this, too.
  13. I've always liked that name, too (though I'm not used to seeing it spelled "Lidia"). In my case, I first heard that name when watching the "Beetlejuice" cartoon as a kid. I just think it's such a cool-sounding name.
  14. Further proof that truth really is stranger than fiction.
  15. "He's single because he wants to be. You're single because all the women had a meeting." LOL. Oh. That ending :(. Poor Dan. The talk he and Becky had was really nice and poignant (and really hit home on today of all days for our family). I love the moments when those two get to talk with each other. Whatever else happens between Dan and Louise going forward, I hope that they can get a chance to talk again, at the very least. Darlene's talk with Mark about not always noticing when he does good things felt very reminiscent of when Becky's good grades weren't a big deal to her parents because it was just so expected. I'm glad that Mark's going to get to go to that camp, though it's a shame that Bev wouldn't help all the kids out. No way would my grandma have acted like that.
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