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  1. Jesus, tonight's "Dead of Winter" episode. One of the saddest stories I've heard in some time. That poor, poor mother. Her story about how she spent her Christmas... There's a place in hell awaiting that sorry excuse for a stepfather. Good god.
  2. "We could call it Will & Grace Crush Babies." "And get Casey Anthony to do the audiobook." Oh, my god. That was dark. Karen and Jack "fighting" through whispers was amusing. I find the whole ASMR thing odd in general, but I liked how quickly they got into it. I also find the intense competition over schools weird, too, but not surprised Grace and Will would get sucked into that. I liked the kid. Shame things ended between Karen and that guy, but I'm glad they ended on good terms, at least.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll keep that in mind, then :).
  4. I love how deep that conversation with Mulaney got, with all the talk about anxiety and how to deal with the issue of what people think of you and things of that sort. Stephen's take on the people who don't like him because of the types of jokes he makes was perfectly stated. And it was really fun to see them bonding over music, notably the talk about David Byrne. I liked Mulaney's observations of him and his speaking style, and I got a kick out of his initial reactions to seeing his strange movements, because I had a similar reaction to that stuff whenever I'd see Talking Heads clips on TV as a kid :p. (And yes, Stop Making Sense is great.) Tyler coming out at the end was a really sweet touch, too. I've heard of Mulaney's stand up, but I haven't seen any of it. I should remedy that at some point. I also loved that we got a lengthy monologue last night.
  5. I sad in a discussion elsewhere that I wondered if the CM writers have been hanging out with the writers for the show "Evil", because that's two shows I watch now that have been mocking incels all over the place :D. It is a weird contradiction, yes-so often I hear Reid fans complain about why the show won't let him be happy, and a lot of them weren't fond of Maeve being killed and the prison stuff, either. And yet they then turn around and list their favorite Reid episodes, which often still have him in some kind of extreme danger (granted, considering most of the Reid-centric episodes involve him being in peril, they don't really have much in the way of lighter stuff to choose from when picking favorites, but still...). And then in the fanfic world, some of them put him through even worse than what he's been through on the show. But yeah. It was very nice to see him just actually have a genuinely happy, relaxed day for once.
  6. Loved this episode. I really liked what they did with the format here, and the way they balanced all these different stories. I especially liked how funny it was-Emily, Tara, and JJ having to deal with all these weird guys, and Emily going all out with the wine, and things of that sort, was hilarious, as was Kristy, Emily, and Rossi all teasing Matt about the crib :D. And Brian was absurdly entertaining, too. I snorted at the "deep throat" bit. OMG. And it was fun to see everyone on their day off, or at least, what some of them managed to get of it. Nice to welcome another baby to the BAU family, and I liked seeing everyone hanging out together in other ways. The stuff with Reid and Max, though. That was really fun and cute. I got a real kick out of seeing him getting so playful with her, and his interactions with her nephew were adorable. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out between these two going forward. I also liked seeing Reid talking to a therapist, and the moment between him and JJ was nice. As funny as Emily's interaction with Brian was, though, the fact that he does know all that about her fake death is still rather unsettling, so I do wonder if there'll be more to that at some point. Same with the Alexi thing. Couple little ominous elements to linger on in an otherwise generally lighter episode. But yeah. This was a really good episode.
  7. That was a really good interview with Cavett. I liked the way they joked with each other. I've seen reruns of his talk show on the Decades channel here and there, and I can see the influence on Colbert, yeah. The interview with Patrick Stewart was lovely, too. Great pair of guests last night.
  8. Oh, god, yeah, that "Paula Zahn" episode was crazy. Six wives, and at least half of them were dead under mysterious circumstances. And he got freaking acquitted on the...fourth one's death, wasn't it? I felt for that poor woman's mom, when she was talking about how he'd kill again. But yeah, his story sounded pretty fishy from the start. Seeing a stranger in the hall and yet he still has time to go get his gun? The guy doesn't automatically try and take him out the way he did his wife, or fight him, or something? And then that video where he was describing the shooting-that would've been a huge tipoff, too, especially with the way he was all, "BOOM! BOOM BOOM!". You could tell he was clearly trying to make himself out to be this big, tough, badass, and he was way more descriptive of the events of that night than I think many in that situation would be. Like, I think a lot of people, if they were doing a recreation of a traumatic event like that and explaining it to the detectives, would probably be more like, "It all happened so fast, I just remember chasing them one minute and then the next, they were on the ground" or something to that effect. Either that, or they might be too emotional to even speak about it at all, or if they were able to remain composed enough to give a detailed account, they wouldn't try and dramatize it so much, the way this guy did. But yeah, thank goodness he was eventually nabbed. Shame it had to take multiple wives dying in order for him to finally wind up in jail.
  9. I share Harris and Max's initial disinterest in football, though I did like the others getting Mark into it as the episode went on (and Mary's little bear hat was super cute on her :D). And the rivalry stuff amused me, too-I live in Iowa, and we don't have a team of our own here, so a lot of people here either pick the Vikings or the Packers as their team as a result. I've definitely seen both sides go after each other like that many, many times. I do agree that the family was awfully aggressive towards Becky's date, though. I agree he could've perhaps worded some of his comments about getting way too invested in football a little better, but I also agree that some sports fans desperately need to take it down a few dozen notches. But that can be said for anyone who gets way too obsessive and intense about something, so... The conversation between Darlene and Ben at the end of the episode was funny. But yes, I do think it's worth it for them to consider the issues involved with trying to keep a magazine business afloat in this day and age.
  10. I love that scene from the Get Smart movie, too :).
  11. My mom and I were enjoying the interview with him quite a bit, too, yeah :D. I loved his comments about rodeos, and doing tourist-y things on holiday* ("Where are all the locals?" "They're at work."). I also always like it when celebrities talk about how totally unimpressed their kids are about what they do for a living :p. *The tourist part really got me because when I was in 10th grade, my school choir had taken a trip to New York City. Before the trip, we got this big ol' lecture about how to not behave so much like tourists, to blend in, what to do and not do, all that stuff. So what happens when we go? We wind up behaving like tourists :p. And we're from small-town Iowa, no less, so...yeah.
  12. Yay, a happy outcome for Shaun and Carly :D! I liked the way he tried to reassure her when she was all upset about their patient, and I'm so glad that case ended well. I know Carly acknowledged that her issue had to do with the stuff with Lea, but I also sense that it was hard for her to really get into the mood with Shaun in part because of everything that was happening with this patient, and her struggle to adjust to working on somebody directly like this. I mean, they got a call during their attempted night together about the patient-that's a mood killer right there if ever there was one. But it's so nice to see them finally sorting stuff out at long last and taking that big step forward. I do wonder how Shaun and Lea will adjust to not living together anymore, though, and what that means for their friendship going forward. As for the other case with Angie, I had a feeling it wasn't going to end well, especially after the happy news regarding the boyfriend's cancer, but damn if I didn't get all choked up at that ending anyway. I liked the mom and Angie's boyfriend consoling each other at the end, and I'm glad Angie and her boyfriend got one nice happy evening together. And of course Melendez was prom king. Of course :p. I liked his response when Claire talked about spending her prom night in the drunk tank, too: "Did you see Park there?" LOL. Also, Claire looked absolutely gorgeous in her prom outfit. I like the idea of her and Melendez working out some of these issues through running together, too. I like how he's helping her through all of this. And I'm also really, really glad that we got a moment between Shaun and Claire, too, with them talking about their respective losses. It was brief, but it was nice. I hope we get more moments like that between them going forward. I'm just glad to see Claire actually talking to people about her problems, instead of holding it all in. She needs a.few hugs. I'm also liking the stuff with Glassman trying to help Morgan. Their scenes together have been interesting so far. Good episode. Nice mix of bittersweet and happy.
  13. Good lord. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that at such a young age, @saber5055.
  14. This song is so gorgeous.
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