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  1. Speaking of JoJo, I love, by the way, that the song she danced to tonight was one that came out the year she was born.
  2. "The Right Snuff" - Well, that backfired pretty spectacularly on Alex in the end, didn't it? And not just him, but the world as a whole. Good job, dude! I actually had to look away during the scene with Ted's death, that was...eesh. That poor reporter, accidentally showing that footage for all to see. Course, it probably looked comparatively tame to what the news would be showing shortly afterward. "Sibling Rivalry" - This one was kinda fun :D. Some interesting twists and turns throughout, and I liked how they slowly revealed each new aspect of the story. Poor Ms. Porter, though, first sh
  3. I was wondering what happened there! I thought at first it was some issue with our area station - it's out of southern Minnesota and they've had some storms this evening up that way, so I wondered if there was some kind of glitch or something. But yeah, if they were trying to change some aspect of what he said, that was a really awkward way to go about it.
  4. My mom was wondering the same thing :p. She wasn't keen on her dresses, either. Especially the second one - she was like, "It's all too...much...". Heh, I did not know that, but yeah, that definitely puts a different spin on her situation. I'm curious to see how long she lasts, 'cause I don't know that this little redemption tour is going to work for her the way she hopes it will. But then again, considering some of the other people with questionable/awful pasts who've stuck around longer than they should've...who knows. I never saw that show, either - I've just heard the nam
  5. "Jojo and Jenna" is a bit of a tongue twister :p. But they're fun together - I agree their first dance was a little hectic at times, but I'm interested to see how they do this season. Overall, a pretty good start to the season, lots of decent to strong dancers here :). There's quite a few couples who could be frontrunners as time goes on, and many of the contestants seem to have their own fanbases, so...yeah. Could be interesting to see who fares best from this bunch.
  6. Interesting choice to put Kenya, who's wearing red, on a couch that's also red - when I first saw her sitting there I was like, "Holy crap, is that all part of her dress?" and then I looked again and realized she was sitting on a couch :p. I liked her dance, she was good.
  7. Yeah, for the most part, people have been pretty good so far. Martin, though. Wow. That was...um...interesting :P.
  8. Yeah, I really liked Jimmie and Emma, too. They could be a couple to keep an eye on as the season plays out. As someone who grew up loving the Spice Girls, I'm automatically rooting for Mel C. :D. I look forward to seeing how she does, too. And in regards to Melora, I know her from both "The Office" and "Monk". Her resume in general looks pretty impressive. She was good, too. Olivia looks SO MUCH like her mom, holy crap. Watching Suni and Sasha now - Suni's really adorable, I like her :). I think she and Sasha are going to make a really cute team.
  9. LOL, same. I especially tend to think this whenever I'm in a discussion in one of my fandoms somewhere, where people are sharing opinions they think are totally unpopular and it turns out that no, actually, they're pretty popular. In fact, they're usually about topics that have been hashed out countless times already :p.
  10. I just love the way the dog immediately rests its head next to her on the bed and looks at her, like, "Hello, I am here to take care of you."
  11. Oh, man, this needs to happen now :D. That would be truly wild.
  12. Good point. Which is pretty freaky, then, if that's the case. That's what someone else suggested in a discussion over at the show's subreddit, too. That makes a lot of sense, I like that idea :). I can definitely see that being a possibility, yeah. Someone in the other discussion mentioned above also wondered if maybe Abby had manifested herself as Maggie, to further mess with Ben. Which I could totally see her doing.
  13. He can fuck right off with that insane nonsense.
  14. It was :)! And yeah, that scene in the apartment when the influencer guy was asking her if she could stand up or scream was legitimately terrifying. I was genuinely frightened for Sheryl there.
  15. That's putting it mildly :p. Lexis has a tail? Leland and this influencer guy and Sheryl was just a continuous stream of "WTF?". And Ben and Vanessa, holy shit. I actually had my hand over my mouth at that reveal. Uhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah. At this point, Ben, I'm thinking it's well past time to cut ties with this woman. There's no coming back from that. Yeah, the way they were dancing around when they left the apartment seemed to indicate they got some kind of youth serum or something. I could see Sheryl being terrified at first because she didn't know what the hell they were injecting her w
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