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  1. Annber03

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I was thinking the same thing. Denial is a strong thing, I guess? I had to laugh at how stupid her husband wound up being when the investigators were asking to see his phone. I can understand him wanting to allow them to look through it, to try and make himself seem cooperative and all that...but then he makes a point of telling them he's cleared his search history. Yeah. That totally won't make them raise an eyebrow, nooooooo. To say nothing of the fact that yet again, people, things are never completely deleted from the internet! I love how, in cases where people are caught via internet searches, they're never even remotely subtle in what they search out online. It's just all out there in detail. And then he openly told one of his girlfriends that he wanted his wife to be hit by a bus. I'm hoping once she heard that she was like, "Aaaaaaaaand I'm out." Anywho, yeah, thank goodness his wife survived, and that her son was thankfully spared falling ill, too. I've heard a few cases about people being poisoned in this manner. Truly sadistic stuff.
  2. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    Yes, I have, and yes, it is. Some of the ads for their shows are very unsettling-which, granted, given the topics involved, makes sense, but still.
  3. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    It wasn't mentioned in the episode, but reading that Wiki page, the thing that really gets me is how the house was described as unkempt and smelling of urine. I suppose Theresa could've done some serious attempts at cleaning before the CPS people visited, but even then, if the house was as in bad of shape as described, I'd have to think there'd still be some hints of that lurking around, and the investigators would've had to smell something off at some point along the way. And if she didn't bother cleaning the place, and they came inside and still didn't notice the bad smells and the messy nature of the place and whatnot, then they clearly need to hire more observant people. My mom found it frustrating that they conducted the interviews at the house. It's so much easier to try and cover things up and lie there. They should've brought the kids down to the station or some other place and tried to talk to them there. Maybe they might've been a little more honest in another setting, away from the watchful eyes of their mom. I fully agree with a comment above that William could've, and should've, taken the opportunity after leaving home to tell somebody, but at the same time, as the Wiki page noted, when Terry first tried to tell police and a therapist, they didn't believe her. Suesan tried to contact CPS and, well, we saw how well that effort worked out. So alongside the fact that he was afraid of meeting the same tragic fate as hsi sisters, I also get where William might've felt, "What's the point in telling anyone? Nobody's listened to or helped us thus far." I totally understand your not wanting to watch that show anymore after hearing stories like this. It's tough to hear, and I honestly don't know how the hell the people who investigate this stuff for a living deal with it sometimes (as we've seen with some of these shows, some of these cases haunt the investigators as well). You gotta do what works for you.
  4. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    My heart broke during the part towards the end where he talked about wanting to be a better parent than his mom, and said, wryly, "I know that's a really low bar to set." I'm honestly amazed that he is doing as well as he is despite everything, but I admire his attitude very much, and I wish nothing but the best for him and his family. Lord knows he deserves it. I remember first hearing this story on an episode of "Cold Case Files" years ago, with Terry being the one talking about what happened. Due to her being present for so much of the abuse that happened during the times William was away, she went into a lot more detail about it. Truly one of the most horrifying examples of child abuse that I think has ever been documented. Thank god Theresa can't hurt anyone else anymore. I can't imagine what it must've been like for the family of that woman she was a caretaker for, too, having to learn about her past like that. For anyone who's curious, the Wikipedia page on Theresa Knorr goes into detail as well, both about the abuse and what happened to Terry and Robert later on. I can only hope the other remaining child has managed to move on as best they can as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theresa_Knorr ETA: Damn, this "Impact of Murder" episode that follows the "Evil Lives Here" one is equally as depressing. Gonna need to go find something happy to watch after all of this.
  5. Annber03


    It was hot here last week, too, though not for nearly as long as I think it was for some other parts of the country. We mainly had two days in particular of some real miserable temperatures (Friday in particular-our high was 92 and our heat index was 111, so...). It's a lot cooler here now, though-tomorrow's supposed to be heavenly temperature-wise (and weather-wise), and the rest of the week will be warm, but not uncomfortably so. So that'll be nice.
  6. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    At first I was worried for his wife-when he was telling her to get in the car as they were preparing to leave the police station, I was like, "I wouldn't go with him if I were you." Had he not been caught, I shudder to think of what he could've done to her, too, with time. But yeah, when they started talking about him going to the other woman's house, and they kept going back and forth between his driving there and her tending to her sick daughter, I could actually feel my stomach sinking and my heart racing and all I could think was, "Oh, god, please, please tell me this isn't going where I think it's going...". To take them both down like that...I just... There's no words. I honestly don't know what the hell his thought process was. As the episode noted, he could've just, y'know, come clean to his wife, taken responsibility for the child he fathered with the other woman, and sorted things out from there. Not an ideal scenario, no, but it's what any sane, rational person would rightly do. But nah, better to take the batshit insane route instead, and destroy a whole bunch of lives in the process because he was too stupid and self-absorbed to stop cheating/use protection/etc., I guess. Fucking psycho.
  7. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    Holy shit, the newest episode of "Forbidden: Dying for Love". That guy is an asshole and if there's a hell, there's most definitely a spot waiting for him.
  8. Annber03

    The Good Doctor in the Media

    Considering how things ended with Shaun and Carly last season, that makes total sense, of course. Very happy to hear that news-will be fun to see how things play out between them next season, and hopefully this means we can learn more about Carly on her own as well. Shame to hear that about Tomita, though, 'cause I like her. At least she'll still be on the show, so that's good.
  9. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    ...the fuck?!?! That'd make quite the premise for a horror movie.
  10. Annber03

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    My favorite of those is one I keep seeing on TV late at night (seriously, I'm pretty sure they show it at least once every single commercial break) where they're talking about how not being able to "make it to the end zone" is a "big deal". While the voiceover guy's talking about that, they show a clip of a couple. The woman is staring out these huge windows (that aren't at all covered despite it being daytime and therefore making it easy for anyone in any other buildings to look into the room and see that she's just standing there in her underwear) and though we're seeing her from the back, it's clear she's not happy. Meanwhile the guy's sitting on the bed, in nothing but his boxers, rocking back and forth like a sad little boy, all the while clutching a pillow to his chest. It's absolutely hilarious.
  11. Annber03

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    Yes, it was :D. "Oh, look! A bunny!" Liked his take on the Epstein story, too. Yeah, somebody clearly really needs to explain to Trump the concept of, "Once something is recorded in some form, it's out there forever." Also, I love the show's graphic and music when talking about "The Squad".
  12. Annber03

    General True Crime Shows

    This is pretty much how I feel as well. The 18 year old may well have been a decent guy, but yeah, I wouldn't feel comfortable letting a 14 year old date an 18 year old, either. Just too much chance for issues and risks, and I find it hard to believe that the 18 year old couldn't possibly find other girls his age to focus on instead (unless, of course, they notice that he doesn't seem to be mature enough for them, if he's showing interest in a 14 year old). I also think we really need to impress upon people that Romeo and Juliet is NOT a how-to guide. It's called a tragedy for a reason.
  13. Hear, hear :). Wishing him all the happiness and good things.
  14. I have yet to see "When They See Us", but given how much I loved Vera Farmiga in "Bates Motel", I'm thrilled to see her getting an Emmy nomination. I'm also pleasantly surprised to see Kumali Nanjiani getting a nomination for "Twilight Zone". Well deserved :). Honestly, there's quite a few actors from that show worthy of a nod. And I'm happy about the HTGAWM nominations, and John Oliver and Stephen Colbert's nominations as well (not surprised about those last two, mind, but still, yay).
  15. Annber03

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    "Oh, shut up." Pretty much sums it up. Bless you, Stephen. That rant was fantastic.