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  1. Yep, I'm still thinking he's guilty, too. That stuff with the unknown DNA is odd and curious, and I'm all for investigating that angle further to see where it goes. But the husband was definitely NOT doing himself any favors with his odd behavior and his lies and the footage of him going to numerous dumpsters to drop off trash and whatnot. I was especially struck by his actions after his daughter called to tell him she wasn't able to get a hold of her mom. Okay, so he gets that call, and he calls a neighbor to have them check on her bike and whatnot, and tells them to call 911, and then
  2. Laws like that have never made sense to me. If you have to warn people about a prisoner's release, or put them on a list and monitor them, to me, that says they're clearly not rehabilitated enough/safe enough to be released back onto the streets. Just leave them in prison. (Mind, I know there's the issue of overcrowded prisons, which explains some of that, but maybe if we stopped putting people in prison for minor, non-violent offenses, for instance, that might help solve that problem at least to some degree.)
  3. Eek :(. That makes sense, though - it's your kid, so it's different.
  4. I don't have that kind of injury and I still very much relate to this. I can't see video of people suffering major injuries - I always have to look away. My sister broke her wrist when she was a kid, and I got one glance of it before I was like, "O-kay, don't need to see that again!" Ironically, when I was a very young kid, I talked about wanting to be a nurse when I grew up. Given my above attitude, good thing that didn't happen :p.
  5. Oh, absolutely. You're right that this is sadly nothing new at all - like you said, there are plenty of episodes just like this out there. Just another example to show people who still don't seem to get it, is all (though, then again, if they don't get it by now, I don't know if they'll ever be swayed, but still). Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
  6. Tonight's "Dateline" episode should be played on a loop for anyone who still, in this day and age, can't seem to comprehend or understand why women don't come forward after being raped. Also would be good to play it for those who don't get why there's such a push for police reform. 'Cause WOW, the Waterbury police department came off hideously awful in this story. That dickhead excuse for an officer berating and threatening Donna with arrest...he's lucky she, or her husband, didn't haul off and punch him square in the face at some point. What a fucking asshole. So basically, he's just wi
  7. I loved how that was something of a running joke throughout the episode, both with the Olive Garden waitress and then Kenny mentioning a similar situation at the Cheesecake Factory. Flower had some great one-liners this episode, too. Calling Elias "the Monopoly guy" and her definition of a follower being someone from the cult who marries a guy named Bruce. And when everyone was suggesting ways to help Jay and Sam with their financial woes, she suggested robbing a bank :p. Nice continuity there, given what we know about her history.
  8. "Soap" is hysterical. That show went all out and bless them for it :D. I love watching old sitcoms - they take me back to my simpler childhood/teen years, and I have a lot of fond memories of watching a lot of them with my family. The sitcoms from the '60s and '70s bring back memories of watching Nick at Nite with my mom and dad when I was little :).
  9. Seriously, can the world catch a damn break already, for the love of all that is good? Sad to hear about Louie Anderson, too.
  10. Oh, damn. Wow. Sad to hear that news. My mom had the song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" on a mix tape - I remember hearing that song all the time when I was a kid. I imagine she and my dad probably had a couple of his albums, too.
  11. I loved Sam's reaction to everyone talking about the logistical issues with that. "Yeah, that's the problem with that plan."
  12. Trevor explaining the whole thing about Geraldo and Capone's vault was great :D. "Okay, now imagine Geraldo having to vamp for two hours." And I loved Alberta's response to that, too, complaining about Capone being "clingy". Now there's a story I'd like to hear more about! And then later, him suggesting to Sam and Jay that they turn to Bernie Madoff for financial help, was a good touch, too. Also loved the awe at the concept of a factory all about cheesecake, and Pete confirming how great it is. I really love those little moments that give a nod to the respective time periods the ghosts
  13. "Satan is building the two of us a garage right now!" "What'd I do?" "Oh, come on!" LOL :D. Ooh, I was wondering if that ending with Al and Riley would play out as it did. Hmmm. Shame that Riley's efforts didn't pay off quite the way he'd planned - I wonder if that means this storyline will come up again down the line. 'Cause between this, and the burgeoning relationship between Lizzie and Professor Williams, as well as Al's college studies, some of the issues they've touched on thus far this season regarding Riley and Al's recent struggles regarding their mental health issue
  14. He has the best reaction shots to whatever Stephen's talking about or the clips he shows :D.
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