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  1. Ooh. I like this theory. Certainly sounds about as plausible as any of the other options discussed thus far :D. Also, "fuckdemon" is a great term.
  2. Legit laughing out loud at this :D. That's fantastic. Yes!
  3. Speaking of "Shattered", this week's episode about that hostage situation at that electronics store was intense as hell. I don't think I let out a breath the entire episode. What a frightening story.
  4. Yeah, given he asked her point blank if he should be worried about Ben, I think it's clear what at least one of his reasons, if not the main reason, was for that "gift". And if and when he meets David, he'll probably only push the idea harder.
  5. "Of course it's dumb, you literally let the sun shine where the sun don't shine!" OMG I'M DEAD 😄 . Wow. I could've easily gone my entire life without ever learning about perineum sunning. Or hearing any of that about Brolin. Just. Why? On a significantly less WTF note...damn, Pelosi and Biden ripping off those gloves today, I see. But as an Iowan, I did enjoy Stephen's take on my state :D.
  6. Good riddance to that creep. Damn. That whole storyline freaked me the hell out. Way, WAY too real. Soooooooo, Renee. She seems intense, to say the least :p. For all the issues between her and Lemonhead (...yeah...), Lemonhead was right to be concerned about the relationship between them. Conflict of interest, and all that. For a moment when Renee was coming on to him, I thought maybe she was trying to test his resolve and commitment to his new life as a means of trying to prove to those suing that he really had turned over a new leaf. Clearly not the case, though. It'll be interesting to see how things play out with them going forward. And speaking of David, guy's had quite a history! The thoughts that must've run through Kristen's mind as she heard all of that. In some ways, Ben looked a bit surprised by some of that information, too, but in other ways, it also kinda looked like he was aware on some level of some of it, at least? He seemed to keep looking at Kristen like he knew how tough it'd be for her to find out some of this. Thinking she and David will be chatting about that more at some point. As for other topics, first things first, I think Andy looks better with the beard. Since this show's season will wrap up well before spring arrives, I wonder if they'll end the season with her planning to take that trip, or if she'll change her mind/something'll happen with her and Andy before then. That cat's constant screeching kept startling one of my cats :p.
  7. That guy's rap sheet is going to be crazy long when all is said and done.
  8. I would watch "My Drunken Personal Attorney" :p.
  9. Damn. I'm sorry you went through that, @dshgr.
  10. Agreed. I really hope we get some conversation of that sort between them going forward. They've always been good sounding boards for each other, and "get" each other on a certain level, so this would be a good opportunity for them to connect further. It'd be nice to see them being there for each other through their respective grief and pain. I think you're spot on with this. Indeed, I've never been in that situation, so I always feel it's not my place to tell those who have what they should or shouldn't do in that regard. I can perhaps imagine how I might deal with that stuff if it were me...but that's me. Every person, every family dynamic, every situation is different, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. I can understand those who have a hard time cutting off toxic family members, and I can also very much understand those who just want a clean break altogether. Every person should do what's right and healthy for them, and others should only ever even consider getting involved if the person specifically asks their advice. And even then, at the end of the day, whatever choice that person makes still needs to be their decision and theirs alone. Regarding Lea and the romance talk, yeah, I didn't get any romantic vibes from that end scene, either. The only time I felt any hint of that sort was when she brought him down to the river for a swim, and even then, if there was any interest, it was on Shaun's end, and briefly at that. He's known her longer, so her comforting him at the end made it easier for him to relax a little and finally just let out his emotions. It was a really sweet, deeply touching moment between two friends.
  11. Add me to the list of those who agree with you. I think the same thing every time I see that commercial. (In my case, there's also the fact that I'm not really a jewelry person to begin with, so if some guy I was dating plopped jewelry down for me that early, and it was that kind of super fancy stuff at that, it'd just make me feel even more uncomfortable.)
  12. My mom was watching with me, and she even said at one point, "Don't go into a motel room with him!" :p.
  13. He was nominated for a Golden Globe a couple years ago, but no, he hasn't won anything for it thus far. How the Emmys keep overlooking him all these years, I will never understand.
  14. Good call. Yes. They definitely deserve to be here. I did get the sense, in some moments, that his mom was just as much a victim of his dad's abuse as he and his brother were, so on that level I feel that explains some of her behavior and defense of him. I almost wonder if she felt some slight relief that he was dying, too, so she could finally be free as well. But still, yeah, I wouldn't blame Shaun one bit for not being eager to see her if she ever does show up in his life again. God, that scene was so hard to watch. It was like kicking a puppy.
  15. ...oh, Shaun... Damn. That was...intense, to say the very least. The visit to Steve's grave and the funeral flashbacks, Shaun getting a hug from his mom, his dad leaving him with those awful, awful words... Just rip my heart out, show, why don't you? I liked the subtleties in Glassman's words and actions this episode. In many ways I think he needed to ease up and not put so much pressure on Shaun, but when you think about his own history with his daughter, it makes his reaction all of this a lot more understandable as a result. And I am glad that he was there for Shaun throughout all of this, in ways Shaun's own dad never could. This was a nice throwback to how their relationship was at the start of the show. I also liked Lea being there as well, as a balance of sorts to Glassman. That ending with her coming to comfort him was touching. Though, yes, it'll be interesting to see how their interaction here plays out going forward... Just. Wow. Yeah. That was some serious emotional overload, that storyline. I wonder if this is the last we'll see of Shaun's mom. As for the other stuff that happened this episode..."Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Probably someone else's." Easy there, Morgan. But yay at that ending, with Claire going to talk to somebody. I liked her interaction with the football player, and their talk about wanting to do right by one's mom. Okay. Now I need to go find something lighter to watch! Look forward to the show's return in about a month or so, then.
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