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  1. My mom thinks it's weird that they use the "Candyman" song in that ad. I don't really get the connection, either, other than I guess the phone's color makes it look like candy, or something?
  2. Right? I feel bad for the guy, too. It's tough coming in and replacing someone who made a role so memorable.
  3. "Personally, I like the second Darrin much better." :p.
  4. Aw, that face :)! Happy birthday to Harper!
  5. I remember that "Forensic Files" story, too, yeah. So disturbing. Excellent point. And if the allegations were true on top of that, then she'd have to deal with everyone knowing about something she was struggling with, which would've just added to her trauma. I also liked your reminder that Joey seemed to be the instigator of everything. He definitely should thank his lucky stars, 'cause had Jon found him that night, he would've surely been among the dead, too.
  6. I liked the discussion between Clarice and Julia about how all the press about the murders had such a negative impact on transsexual people, and the struggles they had to deal with as a result of that. That was a good, powerful scene. And unfortunately for Julia, it seems there's more of that pain to come. Yeah, I'm interested to see where that goes, too.
  7. It still boggles my mind that Jon was so afraid of going to jail for the molestation accusations, but didn't seem to care about going to jail for murder. I guess in his mind if he's going to jail it's going to be for something he actually did, rather than something someone claimed he did, but still... It's very strange logic all the same. And if you want to prove that you're not the kind of awful person that people are accusing you of being, murdering three people is about the most wrong way imaginable to prove that. I was surprised that Sandy's mom was murdered. She didn't seem to have
  8. Next week's the season finale. I've seen one site seem to officially confirm the show's return, but I haven't seen that confirmation any other places thus far. But I'm guessing other sites will make that confirmation official soon as well.
  9. I grew up on Nick at Nite programming-my parents would watch the stuff they aired on there, so I'd just watch it with them :). A lot of the shows I wound up liking myself as well, but yeah, there were some that probably didn't grab me much, either, but I just watched them 'cause hey, nothing else on. For me, I think when it came to raunchy stuff that went over my head, most of that came from movies for me. I remember seeing the movie Look Who's Talking a lot as a kid and there was a lot of stuff they talked about in there that I didn't understand at the time. Course, even with the
  10. Agreed. I liked their talk. Ben didn't seem entirely placated by Darlene's reassurances at the end (understandably so), though, so I do wonder what that'll mean for them going forward. As for the "Jeopardy" thing, I liked Neville helping Jackie figure out a way to tell off her mom :p.
  11. I don't have them, either, so I've been generally lucky to avoid that stuff as well. I have heard "Baby Shark", though-a few years back, when I was doing some temp work at a tax place, I was working there one Saturday and the mall was having some event for kids in the main area of the building. They played music, including "Baby Shark", and from where I was in the mall I could hear it. My heart goes out to any parents who've had to put up with that song :p.
  12. I love Mchelle Obama. That's it, that's the post :).
  13. Thanks for the video clip, you're right, it does look even nicer in color :). I like the design of it. I like the song she's singing, too. May have to check out this movie sometime.
  14. That makes perfect sense. I think you nailed it with that description :). I'm glad Grace's performance proved cathartic for you. I hope things get better for you with time.
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