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  1. I'm with you. My patience for this kind of idiocy ended a long, long time ago, and there was very little of it to begin with. People need to shut the fuck up with their ignorant whining and put on a damn mask and follow the regulations and mandates. And they need to be held accountable when they refuse to do so. I'm sorry to hear about what this guy and his family are going through. Sending comforting thoughts to them.
  2. LMAO at the "hemorrhoid surgery" bit. That was great. I do think there are valid issues to discuss regarding Shaun and Lea's relationship (mainly because there's still issues they themselves haven't fully dealt with, at least, not that we've seen, anyway), and I liked Glassman explaining to Lea why he's so protective of Shaun. But I did like Shaun trying to keep the peace throughout and speaking to Lea's parents later on. That was a good speech he gave them. (And I'm glad they called out the "vaccines lead to autism" nonsense point blank, too.) I knew Claire was concerned about Lim because she was seeing so much of her own past troubles in Lim's behavior, but I hadn't really thought about her comparing Lim's situation to that of her mom's. But that makes so much sense and definitely adds to the deep concern she's showing her. I agree that it's risky for her to be telling Glassman about such personal things, but she is also right that Lim's behavior could have a potential impact on her work and that of others, so it is good that someone else be aware of it. I just really hope they'll be able to pull Lim back from the brink, 'cause I don't want her going anywhere. Lots of tension throughout the episode in general, really. That case with his dad and daughter was pretty intense, too. I also liked Morgan and Olivia talking. And we got Shaun and Claire working on a case together again, which, yay :)! Been some time since that's happened, I missed that.
  3. I used to eat all of those, too :D. Nowadays, my favorites are Rice Krispies and Corn Chex. And sometimes I'll be in the mood for Cocoa Krispies, too. And I also like my cereal dry.
  4. Oh, my god, that's so cool! Congrats to you and your sweet kitty :)!
  5. Ooh. One of my big nightmare scenarios. I'm both looking forward to and a bit nervous about seeing this one :p.
  6. Oh, my god, so her mom might possibly still be alive? Wow. Oh, I hope that lead pans out (but oh, if it is her mom, then she'll have to learn the horrible news about what happened to her daughter :(). They found out that her actual birth name was Dawn, and they were able to trace back to her grandfather in New Hampshire, and found out he had a daughter named Denise, who was Dawn's mom. But he said the last time he'd seen Denise and Dawn was shortly after Thanksgiving in 1981, when they left with Terry. We know what became of Dawn/Lisa, but Denise has never been seen or heard from since.
  7. Oh, god, that case. Such a creepy story. I first heard of the term on an episode of "Criminal Minds". And then I remember hearing about it again on a show about twin sisters that both struggled with serious mental issues. One tried to kill her children and herself, but they all thankfully survived, and then a few years later, eerily enough, her sister killed her own children and then herself. I hope you're feeling better now! I don't get it, either. I feel like there's more to the motive behind this crime than what was revealed here. I was also amused by the discussions about Wicca and how it was seen back then as this scary thing that the media liked to hype up. I remember back in the late '90s, after Columbine especially, there were a lot of people who seemed to think that if you were Wiccan/wore black/were into the goth scene/etc. that you were a devil worshipper and/or school shooter waiting to happen.
  8. I liked when Chopra pointed out that India had had women in positions of power already, so when she saw Harris being inaugurated, her reaction was more along the lines of, "Way to finally catch up, America!" :p.
  9. My grandparents always called me Pumpkin when I was little, 'cause I was born in October :p.
  10. Shame to hear about Larry King. May he rest in peace.
  11. Well, that video was a blast to watch :D! Also, I want the dress the first woman who jumped out of the painting had on. Loved the song, too-gave me Stevie Wonder-ish vibes. And while we're on the subject of Jon and music, I'd also like to say that I really liked the band's version of "Maybelline" on Thursday night's show.
  12. Holy hell, the story about the Chameleon. Downright chilling. All those victims...all those poor children... Major, MAJOR round of applause to every single person who worked so hard on this investigation and explored all these various avenues and did all the tireless research and so forth. I'm so glad that their efforts have been paying off and people are finally getting some much needed answers. On the one hand, I wish Terry were still alive to feel the heat of this investigation and know that his other crimes would be discovered, but on the other hand, y'know, good riddance. I hope they're able to finally give a name to his daughter, and can find out who her mom was and what became of her, too. If the people involved in this investigation keep at the pace they've been going thus far, I imagine it won't be long before we learn those answers, either. I was also really touched by the meeting between the Honeychurches and Diane, and that Diane came to the funeral for three of the victims. I can sympathize with her feelings of guilt, but I'm glad that the Honeychurhes were able to assure her that she needn't feel that way. And poor Eunsoon. What a grotesque way to die. I was amused by the guy talking about how the cat litter turned out to be the key to his section of this winding case, though. That's gotta be right up there on a "Things a detective probably never expects to say" list :p.
  13. Detective:"Where's your ID? Duncan: *Gestures to his friends* "It's right here! These two guys are gonna identify me!" *Blinks, drops head on desk* Wow. Seriously, though, man, did this Duncan guy get enough breaks and squeak-bys or what? It's maddening that he always somehow seems to find a way to slip away at some point, and that he can put all the blame on everyone else and pretend to be the totally innocent one who was "manipulated" and "shocked" into being tied to the crime. How weird that his potential time of release could be in June-I imagine Ron's family has probably come to loathe that particular month. And stealing a deceased baby's identity to try and get a passport...that's pretty fucking low. Poor Mr. Miller. I could venture one particular, rather obvious theory as to why Duncan got very different treatment than Nathan did in regards to this crime.
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