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  1. I was reading up on that area on Wikipedia and apparently, quite a few drownings have happened there over the years :(. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Piru Judging from the picture on that page alone, it does look like it'd be a tough area to search in during the day, let alone at dark. It's understandable why they have to wait until light to resume the search, tough though it'd be to have to make such a call.
  2. There's having a different opinion, and then there's saying things that are objectively not true. The former I can deal with, the latter, not so much. As the old saying goes, "You're entitled to your own opinions, you're not entitled to your own facts."
  3. I feel like that's part of the reason why women are so drawn to these kinds of documentaries and stories. Either it's happened to us or someone we know, so hearing these women's stories can be cathartic and relatable in that way, or if it hasn't, it's educational and informative for us in a lot of ways. Right?
  4. Agreed on all of this. They did really well with the tension in these last few episodes especially...you knew what was coming and it made every awful moment leading up to this (and the few bittersweet and happy moments as well) all the more upsetting. My stomach just kept sinking further and further the closer we got to the final act in this crazy story. Funny you mention the Scarsdale murder scandal-I just caught an episode of some show about that story this morning. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, indeed.
  5. Condolences to you and your husband as well. That's rough. My heart breaks regarding the news about Naya Rivera. So surreal and awful. I just feel so bad for her poor son.
  6. So true :). You either related to them or wanted to be like them, and you wanted to be friends with them. You could feel like you'd be accepted in their group, no matter who you were.
  7. Some of these I did not know about. Neat to learn something new here :)! Neil Finn of Crowded House does backing vocals on Sheryl Crow's "Everyday is a Winding Road" (and in that same vein, the drummer from Crowded House, Paul Hester, was the inspiration for the song). And Sheryl Crow later returned the favor and did some backing vocals and accordion work on Neil's album One Nil (or One All, as it was later known in the States).
  8. Oh, my god. I'm glad the child's safe. I hope they'll be able to find Rivera as soon as possible, and bring her back safe and sound.
  9. When my school choir took a trip to New York City when I was in 10th grade, I kept thinking about those books and Stacey while I was there, as well as Mary Anne's excitement to go there :D. One day the tour bus we took passed the Dakota apartment building, and when the tour guide asked if any of us knew what the name of that building was, I knew the answer, thanks to those books. I also think of Stacey anytime there's discussion of the movie Mary Poppins, or I see it on TV or something :).
  10. I've always thought the one shot of the boat sticking almost completely straight up in the air against the clear night sky was super eerie. Partly because you know half of that boat has already gone underwater and anyone trapped on it is most assuredly dead or dying, and partly because it just really hammers home the tragedy of this story, that a ship that was so mighty and big and supposedly "unsinkable" was being destroyed right before our very eyes. And all because it hit an iceberg.
  11. Wow. Thanks for the explanation. I can certainly understand sympathizing with Betty's anger and pain in and of itself, and even if someone thinks the killing was justified, well...I disagree with that, but okay, others have that opinion, whatever. But yeah, that's where their feelings on the matter should stop. If they honestly think harassing her family somehow helps their arguments for supporting Betty and demanding her freedom, then they sound just as messed up as Betty herself does. Like minds, though, I guess? I fully agree with you about the kids, too. Whether they testified against her or support her, I can sympathize with both attitudes. Some kids cut off any and all contact with a parent who commits murder, some try and keep the lines of communication open, some remain close and supportive. I can't even begin to imagine how complicated and complex a child's feelings towards their parent would be in the wake of something like this, so I don't feel it's my place to judge them for whichever decision they make. If their decision, whichever one it is, helps them learn to cope with and move past such a tragedy, then so be it.
  12. Annber03


    It's the whole thing of this mom getting on her high horse and criticizing Dan and Roseanne's parenting skills, while her own daughter was the one who was helping to make the drinks. Her child wasn't innocent, either, so Darlene's comment was just kinda quietly pointing out the hypocrisy of the mom's "How could you let your kid be so irresponsible?" tirade.
  13. I hope we get to see some stories about lost loves and people reuniting, or places that are supposedly haunted, or things like that. Those were always some of my favorite stories on the original series.
  14. I haven't seen Tiger King, but from what I have heard about it, this kind of comment speaks volumes right here. This is how I tended to read their relationship, too. Age gaps in and of themselves aren't automatically bad things if both parties are of legal age, but in this case, yeah, when I found out how much older he was than her, my brows went up a bit. And then the rest of the story just confirmed that initial reaction.
  15. And I'm sure the housekeeper would've just loved that. Not like they had any other important work to do or anything, right?
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