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  1. not to be a dick, but does anyone celebrate birthdays or holidays anymore? i'd need that as a survivor, just as a positive to look forward to in such shit days. i need some gd thing to look forward to
  2. ok just me and against the general consensus here, but enjoyed this epi. I have shoveled out serious snow oh 30+ years, so it's a weird quiet world you live in during snowstorms. scary yes but kinda cathartic too, and I think (?) that's where the writers were trying to go. the isolationism and how frightening that can be. judith and finding dog, yep as a pet owner that would so be me running off to find. Negan pursuing Judith, he's built a bond so yep wanting to protect/help her. first question: ummm k Eugene, the flue and the buildup problem, dude you can't work out a solution for that???? YOU WORKED OUT MAKING BULLETS. chimney sweeping should NOT be above your intellect. second: OMG ok we're making this a daryl/carol/zeke drama re romance.....get it but man timing is AWFUL. get to a safe place THEN figure out who's heart will go on. third...I do like Negan's pirate attitude, the total eff it let's figure it out and roll with it, kinda me at work. not efficient, but entertaining.
  3. seriously, i can't imagine how friggin nasty everyone's hair is. not to mention the BO unless they've got a huge deodorant supply stashed away
  4. AGREED on some of the pike faces, without a good distinct hairstyle kinda tough to figure out who from who. Can't paint Daryl to blame, Henry well yeah a large chunk of it. I don't mind Tara unlike the majority, sorry she died, ditto Enid. Trying to protect the group, wrong place wrong time, wrong team member.
  5. I see Negan somewhat going off the deep end in a repentance measure, and giving his life to save a bunch of the groups he's wronged thus far. it's a typical awful effer gives a last good move to turn things right measure.
  6. Michonne trusted WAY too quickly someone who she hadn't seen in awhile.
  7. well just watched it. still working thru it, but it got to emotionally, not sure why (it wasn't the SL tribute, tho that was fantastic.) I'm feeling kind of sad for Carol, tho I'm at a loss to understand why - other than she's just joined a much bigger universe.
  8. Not to change things up, but what do you think was on Daryl's MP3 playlist pre zombies? I'm thinking a lotta John Cougar Mellencamp
  9. Best James Bond title song: Goldfinger. Then probably Thunderball or Live and Let Die. Your opinion?
  10. agreed, those 60 seconds impressions he does??? friggin amazing. and if he can bring that talent to a slow moving WD character, just wowzer. he can run away with the lead roles.
  11. abs. Ross Marquand is a great actor, and they could so put him in a lead role and he'd frigging kill it. wish they would.
  12. agreed. granted a post apocalyptic world would be weird, but women do communicate way way better than guys. and so far has seemed either too direct or confrontational. there's little bonding going on, which in that world i would think would strive to surface more than ever. take michonne - yes needs to take charge, but seems there should be a mirroring bonding thing with someone to bounce the days problems off of, since Rick-coral is gone now. maybe as an older single guy i am wrong? but that's what seems to be presented to more as typical gals, middle age, dealing with sh*t the world and dudes hand us. you. all.
  13. I don't mind Tara.. She's not great, but not awful either, just kinda keeping the status quo. She seems competent, as opposed to Maggie who got queen status and decided her way or the only way attitude.
  14. agree. as a cat owner many times over - cats are NOTORIOUS natural predators. cats would be the first to find the safe place to sleep and relax. a zombie is way less dexterous than a mouse, but a cat would totally be in charge in a cat/mouse situation. unless you had a giant herd of zombies dropped from a cat OUT of earshot, a zombie taking a feline is OUT of the question. ditto dogs for that matter, tho dogs being more forgiving MIGHT give a zombie a chance to friend-pet it.
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