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  1. The stuff between Josie and Emily was kind of odd. I thought Keanu would go far but based on the challenge her elimination made sense. Sam's celebration was so over the top but I liked it.
  2. Kevin was surprisingly bad tonight, I can understand ejecting him. It made sense to eliminate nobody else. Megan took it too far for wanting to punch him in the throat. Trenton is looking stronger now, Steve would have not messed up had Kevin been able to cook the salmon faster. Brynn was less annoying tonight by a lot, I think that this will be a season with only two guys in the final 7. Keona has stepped up a lot now tonight.
  3. While Sam had a very bad night, Payton was the right choice to be gone. He had been up for elimination on both teams. Brynn is crying a lot now, Kevin is getting stronger now. I think that Trenton and Steve will make it quite far, Keona grabbing the chips randomly made me laugh.
  4. I thought Morgana would go further but tonight was really bad. Sam didn't come across as bad as I expected, Victoria was a lot better tonight. The blue team actually won a service, they did really good tonight. I think Antonio being in the dining room probably helped a little, I do not see Payton lasting much longer. The chefs forget the orders a lot more than with the regular seasons.
  5. I can understand Steve using the punishment pass due to the type of reward it was. The blue team is a disaster but Steve and Trenton look quite skilled. Antonio was irritating but a bit less than last episode, I think that Alex was not ready but Victoria was more deserving of elimination. The team swap seemed quite big, but the blue side has been so bad so I understand it. I am not surprised that Brynn was switched out by GR.
  6. I think Jay was eliminated to previous performance. Antonio continues to be irritating, him calling GR baby was so moronic. The foot stuff at the beginning was very random. Steve refusing to use the punishment pass was a great idea.
  7. Matthew should have been eliminated over Ava but I am glad he is gone. Working in a kitchen is very different than posting food on Instagram so I had a feeling he would not last. Steve is showing talent, Antonio is one that I feel will be irritating through the season. I think that with younger chefs we are getting more chefs talking about how hot Gordon is it seems.
  8. The one guy refusing to the proper ribeye was being really moronic, there seems to be more focus on the previous seasons than usual. There isn't one person I totally despise yet individually.
  9. Had a feeling Kori would take this, she comes across as more professional than Mary Lou. Marc came across better than I thought he would, Amber was extremely irritating tonight. I wonder if the Cody/Mary Lou stuff had something to do with the decision or not.
  10. The finalists seem to have more respect for each other than in previous seasons. Mary Lou and Kori were the right choice to make it through. I can see Amber and Marc causing problems with their respective teams.
  11. Declan was a bit over the top with the sexual comments at the beginning, I thought Cody would make it further but he really struggled tonight. Mary Lou and Kori for the finals hopefully.
  12. It was time for Amber to go. I think they have the right final 4 now, I think Kori comes across as more professional though. I don't see anyone who doesn't deserve to be there but nobody that stands ahead of the others by a lot.
  13. I thought Nikki would have advanced over Amber. Amber is getting more irritating now, especially tonight and the last episode.
  14. Amber is getting more irritating but with Marc gone I expected it. Cody is looking quite strong, I found it a bit hypocritical of Amber to talk about Cody's arrogance when she was not being particularly humble either. Cody and Mary Lou as a couple does not bother me at all.
  15. Marc was even more obnoxious than Episode 4 and 5, very glad he is gone. I found it pretty funny when he called Cody tough guy when he was acting like one to be honest. Surprised to see Jordan have two good dinner services in a row and I was surprised to see Declan mess up.
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