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  1. Glad Dorian won, continue to not be a huge fan of Shaun. I think if Nick hadn't undercooked his fish, he likely would have won.
  2. Glad Anthony and James won, wasn't a huge fan of the candy cane task but the rest were really good.
  3. Noah was very lucky tonight, he is gone next. Nick has shown a lot of talent, I could see him winning.
  4. Dave's comment about Gordon Ramsay having nothing on him was ridiculous, James and Anthony will likely win and I hope they can do it.
  5. James and Anthony putting happy faces made me laugh. That bus ride was a bit much, I hope James and Anthony can win if not them Sarah and Sam.
  6. It was time for Bri to go, I had a feeling if Subha was going to plate better that he would have the best dish. Nick's chowder looked great, Joe's comments about Minnesota were a bit much.
  7. Glad to see Anthony and James still in it, surprised to see Lauren and Joanne do so well.
  8. I wasn't sure if Jamie would be able to win but he should have outlasted Bri for sure. Joe was being so ridiculous this episode.
  9. Seeing Grant was awesome, I prefer these challenges to the team challenges. I think Gordon dislikes the speed that Subha is going at.
  10. Irina did well today, was not expecting this. It was time for Trish and Amy to be eliminated.
  11. After hearing Bri's comments, I think she was more than friends with Fred. Bri should have gone home, I get the sense that Shari, Dorian, Micah and Sarah will be the Final 4.
  12. I could see Micah not picking Subha and trying to get Dorian out. The blue side deserved to lose if Ramsay's help can't even save them.
  13. Starting to like James and Anthony, Trish and Amy are one of the luckiest teams I've seen in a long time.
  14. Wuta was a nice guy sad to see him go. Bri really has to been gone soon with 3 straight times in the bottom group. Surprised to see Micah struggle, Fred is starting to be a contender.
  15. Dorian has stepped up a lot, Renee deserved to go. I could see Bri be eliminated next episode, she has been circling the drain recently. Gordon seems to go on about it being the 10th season more than he needs to.
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