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  1. They both seemed very set in their beliefs (conservative vs liberal is my guess). Damien interrupted her explanation by saying he admired her for sending money home, but that wasn't really the point. He's likely content with the current status quo, but she has a personal frame of reference for income inequalities, government corruption, immigration laws, etc. Some couples are happy rubbing along with opposite political views, but it seems like just another spike in the road for these two.
  2. Take a drink every time Jessica tries to sabotage her engagement and fails!
  3. Yes, Jessica, we're all very impressed that you can add in increments of ten. Aside from (again) drinking too much and throwing herself at Barnett, I softened a bit towards Jessica this episode. She does seem to have a fairly adult life aside from romance, and she ditched the baby voice. I can't believe she and Matt didn't have those sorts of conversations before, though.
  4. I'm tapering off on Drag Race in general, so yeah. I'm not paying to watch all stars. I probably will pirate the new HBO show with Bob, Shangela and Eureka, though.
  5. Don't you mean Snaz Daddy?
  6. This is painful. Lost had fewer recaps and flashbacks than this dumb show.
  7. 2727


    I hope Thursday is right about the towpath killer and Molly Andrews. I hate seeing him so dejected and Morse doesn't freaking know everything! Would serve him right to be taken down a peg, the old sex scoundrel. Does Thursday usually call Strange "Jim?" It sounded off to me.
  8. Someone on another discussion board said none of the participants were attractive, which fine. He went on to claim that a couple of the women were "thick" and I wondered if we were watching the same show. We have seen them in their bikinis and there's not one bit of jiggle. I hope he was just trolling because jeez.
  9. I hope the woman in the previews shown running away in her wedding dress is Jessica. Mark deserves better.
  10. She cracked me up reflecting on the possible dangers of kissing thin lips. I love that neither of them have dated outside their races before and how calmly and intelligently they're exploring what that means. Really pulling for them.
  11. She was very excited to marry a different guy two days before! You are second choice, Mark. The point of marrying blind is slightly undercut when everyone's good looking, but then I wouldn't want to watch anyone's face fall when they finally meet each other, so it's probably kinder this way. The wiki shows 13 male and 15 female participants, so there were a lot we didn't see. Makes sense if nothing happened for them, but still. It says something about the isolation, reality TV pressure, and intense focus that so many of them did pair up. Since this is produced by the same company that does Married at First Sight, I'd love to see the MAFS "experts" interview these folks and make their own matches. Would they get any of them right?
  12. Thinks he's all that, pffft.
  13. The fake office meetings and pep talks are awful. I've been watching it on mute with CC because I can't stand Aaron's voice* but still like seeing the transformations. I was surprised they managed to shift the house with all the marble statuary, even with the significant price drop and restaging. I have enjoyed Unsellable Houses with the twin sisters. They do nice work and have an interesting business model of paying for the renovations and then splitting any excess profit with the sellers. * I'm a former speech/language pathologist so the full on vocal fry probably bothers me more than most.
  14. I've been watching Supervet and am so in awe of Dr. Fitzpatrick and the dedication he has for animals. I was looking to see if he'd been awarded an OBE or other honors and ran across some speculation that the Britney Spears song Toxic was written about him (one of the songwriters is a former girlfriend). On one hand, I admire him so much and don't like to think he's any kind of ass in his personal life, but realistically I also don't see how he could possibly maintain a romantic relationship. He often sleeps at the hospital due to his long hours and also runs businesses that market the products he's patented. He films the show and makes talk show appearances ... it's not surprising that any girlfriends would inevitably be lower on his list of priorities than animals.
  15. My primary interest this season is deciding who's the worst: cruel, narcissistic Zach, unbending, tight-lipped Meka, or petulant, unstable Brandon. Don't forget lying, move-to-another-room Michael. Katie Petty now coming on strong. Or is it actually Pastor Cal continuing to prop up and enable the mental torment.
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