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  1. If a wife walks in on her husband having sex with another woman, the mistress is pretty consistently on top. If cable, the audience then gets to see her breasts, but if not, she's facing a bit sideways and we're still treated to her naked back. I'm sure that has happened IRL too, but TV leans on it real hard.
  2. I had a slight water leak from my A/C unit in the garage that, over time, seeped into the adjoining wall inside the house. The repair workers, among other things, removed the baseboards and set up three 4' tall heater fans that are blowing onto the wall in my breakfast nook to help dry it out. There is also a large hose taped to the floor for 13' that wraps around the kitchen faucet and drains into the sink, plus the bleach smell of the mold remediation process. And of course the workers are clomping over here once or twice a day to check the wall for dryness. The heater fans are about 80 db, so not terribly loud but certainly noticeable. They give off enough heat to raise the temp a couple of degrees inside the house. I've retreated to my bedroom with the door closed. How long does it take to dry out a wall, you ask? I don't even know, but it's been four shitting days so far. Now this is all before the bulk of the project begins, which is to remove the furnace, A/C and water heater in the garage and rebuild the wooden platform they stand on, which is buckled and peeling because of the water damage. That will require me going to a hotel for a couple of days because it's still in the low 90s in central Florida and I'm not about to sit in a sweatbox while repairs are done. I'M OVER IT!!
  3. Thanks, @car54! Dang HGTV for their stupid scheduling. I like Dave and Kortney and their contractors and corny landscaper. It's the only show I've seen that features a design assistant on camera. I think they have higher profits because they always add on, often more than doubling the size of a house. Kortney's color choices are generally not my own but at least she's not stuck in one particular style and it makes it more interesting to watch. To get this off my chest ... in one episode Dave kept saying there's no such word as "littler." YES there is, Dave! Little, littler, littlest. Spellcheck approves.
  4. The medical interactions were interesting to me. The nurse certainly wasn't mean, and I wouldn't even call her indifferent. She was just very pragmatic and unemotional. I found that to be very true to life. I thought it was pretty standard practice thee days to have someone trained as a rape counselor stay with the victim at the police station and hospital to provide guidance and emotional support, but I guess that varies by area.
  5. I blame the ugly uniforms! Baggy, rumpled khaki shirts and pants do nobody any favors. I was very happy to see on tonight's episode that their elephant babies are healthy and thriving. It's always interesting to me to see how much is involved in moving huge animals
  6. What a great show! I haven't been interested enough to speed binge an entire series in a while. I really liked some of the smaller moments, such as Karen and her husband working different shifts. It wasn't a plot point in any way, it just was. Easier to get minor details right when it's a true story, but they made things feel much more normal and lived in. Same with Karen being religious, although that did inform her character's personality and motivations. Was Wever supposed to be playing younger? Collette is only seven years her senior. It's not like there are age requirements for mentors, but some of the dialog made it seem like there was supposed to be a larger age gap. We know Collette is capable of pulling off an perfect American accent, but the actress who played Amber is also Australian and did a similarly great job. I saw her in the movie Dumplin' where she was not only American, but a small town Texan. I'm really bad at accents, so it always impresses me. I may have missed it, but did they ever find out the password to McCarthy's hard drive?
  7. My favorite scene so far is Karen yelling at her team members. I adore Wever to bits and Collette is bringing it as usual. Both are powerhouse actors and mesmerizing to watch. Episode one was too sad; I had to quit halfway through and skip forward to the start of the investigation. Looking forward to watching these two determined, clever, fierce women track down that rapist asshole.
  8. Will Felicity be required to complete her community service hours within a certain amount of time? 250 hours is around 5 hours a week for a year. It seems like we don't hear that much about celebrities volunteering their time for charities, maybe because it would be more disruptive than helpful depending on their paparazzi draw. Be interesting to see what type of organization and work Felicity chooses (or is chosen for her?). She obviously can go on with her life and career just fine, but her fame in the tabloids went from maybe a 2 to an 8 now, and this will still be one of the defining items in her obituary, however many decades in the future that is. I feel the most sympathy about the damage this has caused to her daughters and their family bond in general.
  9. I enjoy Stephanie Lee, a therapist who does a review of the show on You Tube. She was pretty salty this week about Keith saying no and was definitely on the side of the experts giving him the stink eye. Made me chuckle. Keith is certainly not blameless, but why should he wait around for a high strung motormouth who gets shrieky about dropped wedding rings, empty condom boxes, lemonade, pillowcases touching outdoor clothes, etc. I think he'd still have serious reservations even if Iris' precious hymen was no more.
  10. That she went into the Decision Room thinking her marriage/relationship was good just indicates how little she understands adult interactions, or even romantic love. I wish her well but don't have a lot of hope that she'll be able to break free of her arrested development when she doesn't even realize a problem exists. It's not about your virginity, Iris!
  11. Jamie and Beth opt for a basic Caucasian marriage, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf style.
  12. I also 100% regret that you were on this show, Matt.
  13. Her attitude towards Keith and their relationship on Unfiltered wasn't positive, either, so it's not a shock.
  14. While it was no surprise, I'm so happy for Greg and Deonna! What a great couple; I may have gotten a little teary. All good wishes to them.
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