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    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Nope. In passing, I use JustWatch almost daily; it's a database showing where TV series are available, both streaming and to buy. You can create an account (or sign in Google and Facebook) to remove the banner ad, track shows, and sync watchlists. Great resource! According to them, Masters of Sex is only available to purchase.
  2. I appreciate how the media usually refers to Carson with such breathless reverence as a former brain surgeon. Silly viewers couldn't possibly understand "neurosurgeon." Even considering his former career as a motivational speaker, I have to believe he was a much different person in his younger years than the befuddled slow-talker we see now. (As was I btw, but my word-finding difficulty and forgetfulness do not affect national policy.)
  3. 2727

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I haven't liked Allison Janney in anything I've seen her in, including The West Wing. I'm fairly dogmatic about my biases and the widespread fan adoration and multiple Emmys only makes me more resistant.
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    S11.E13: Reunited

    Looking good will have to be her best reward because she was otherwise pretty much ignored. I love Shuga!
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    Pet Peeves

    Learn from my mistake -- Many dealerships also have online sales where you can get a discounted/firm price with no negotiating. I used the credit union option for my latest car but found out it would have been the same price and less hassle with an intermediary if I'd dealt directly with the dealer through their online sales. Costco and Sam's Club also have auto buying programs. Anything to avoid the dreaded haggling!
  6. Goodness! That's harrowing. Was your car not there when the guy took the fob? If he had stolen my most recent package from Amazon, he would have gotten a $5 inflatable pool float and a can of cashews. Change of subject ... I think it's finally dawned on me that, at 68, I'm not the danged target audience for YA shows and should stop even trying to watch. Fictional teenage problems are no longer of any interest to me!
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    The All-Episode, All-Topic Continuum

    I loved Leslie Winkle and Professor Proton. :-)
  8. 2727

    S01.E23 Irish Goodbye

    That's why I liked Joey. As the godfather, he got things done and his shrewd, "I got a guy" street smarts and self interest were right out in the open. I have to believe he's the most financially successful of the brothers and if he isn't, I don't want to know about it. But Peggy and Mike were the all stars for me. Mike especially crept up on me and Michael Cudlitz did a fantastic job bringing humanity and humor to a fairly stereotypical sitcom dad role.
  9. Julianna Margulies. Entitled diva who thinks entirely too much of herself.
  10. 2727

    S11.E12: Queens Everywhere

    Now that you mention it, I couldn't tell you what style of drag she favors. Is showgirl a thing? Headpiece drag? Borderline pageant but not really? I adore her and would love to see her perform or go to one of her meet and greets, but now I'm wondering if the lack of focus is partly what held her back a bit on the show; i.e., she doesn't fully know who she is as a queen yet.
  11. 2727

    The Aquarium

    Run for the hills! The penguins have toppled their cardboard fortress and are swarming! The poor keeper was hot and sweaty after having to identify four of them. "I used to hate birds!" Cute, indeed. A zookeeper was on a podcast I listen to and the hosts were wondering why on earth animals in a zoo would need to be trained. To do what? Watch the zoo shows, folks. They're fun, cute and informative!
  12. 2727

    S11.E12: Queens Everywhere

    Michelle criticized Vanjie during the facekini challenge for her ill-fitting stirrup pants and not wearing a breastplate, but that was more in keeping with her "proportinizing" hobbyhorse. I don't know any drag performers and therefore speak from ignorance, but I don't fully understand the flat-chested look. The queens go to the trouble of a full face of makeup, an uncomfortable tuck, feminine clothes, huge wigs, high heeled shoes, corsets, padded hips, thighs, or butts ... but draw the line at breasts? And then wear very low cut tops that show off their bony sternums, none of which is ever mentioned during judging. Is it supposed to be androgynous? Queens like Raja and Ongina embody that, but I don't understand it on Vanjie or even Aquaria, tbh.
  13. 2727

    S11.E12: Queens Everywhere

    Okay, Ru specifically said that the queens did their raps in "one uninterrupted take." Assuming the segment wasn't edited for us later (and if it was, why?): A'keria; 35 seconds Brooke: 35 seconds Silky: 15 seconds Vanjie: 35 seconds Yvie: 23 seconds Interesting. Dusty Ray Bottoms was the guest on Yuhua's channel this week, and Dusty's aghast face when Silky flopped her legs open and showed her undies was everything. Dr. Reverend Untucked Silky Ganache.
  14. 2727

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    I love N&J, but this is just not the show for them. (Or anyone?) Setting up the homeowners as being in dire financial straits and somehow "worthy" of our sympathy, then wildly overspending makes me itch. Some flip shows remodel an entire decrepit house on what these guys blow on a couple of rooms. Why do N&J make a point of explaining to the homeowners what the "actual" cost of the renovation was without donations? Those scenes just seemed aimed at making the homeowners feel like charity cases. I rewatched today and the copper sink was actually $2400. Sloppy recall on my part! In passing, Jeremiah is so high-waisted that he looks like a doddery old man when he tucks his shirts in. It's cute.
  15. 2727

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    If the homeowners were too overwhelmed (lazy? dumb? broke?) for years on end to get a wheelbarrow, rent a truck and take the backyard garbage to the dump, they could at least have gotten a skip and hired a day worker to fill it. It's not an impossible dream! The layout was still awkward, what with having to walk through the dining area to get to the future master bedroom. The huge ugly fireplace didn't get updated, either. Kind of disappointing, guys! I wish the prices of some pieces weren't shown because it irritates me every time. $3,500 for a sink, oy.