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  1. I feel very parental towards Ashley and Michael and sincerely root for them to do well. They have three businesses now that we've seen -- their real estate office, the Kettle B&B, and now the ice cream/sandwich shop. It's a lot. The reno turned out nice and I hope it's successful, but any kind of restaurant is a big gamble at the best of times, never mind during a pandemic. I don't have kids and am having a hard time seeing the appeal of a fairly small party space that doesn't include some kind of crafts or activities. People can easily have cake and ice cream for 8-10 kids in th
  2. It's more realistic, I suppose, but I'm always surprised at how long these renos take -- several months in many cases. I mean, I assume Brett has reliable contractors and subs he regularly works with, not like me scrambling through review sites and getting estimates, then workers not showing up, making mistakes, etc.
  3. Ashley's a loud talker for sure. Part of her charm. ☺️ I'm sure being on the show means they need to buy more homes at once than they normally would, but the most recent flip in that "up and coming" neighborhood was probably not the best financial decision. It was right next to that shifty looking cement block building, and that's only what they showed us. The house turned out beautifully, as always, but my guess is that they didn't make anywhere near their $15K profit guesstimate. The saying isn't bad location, bad location, bed location.
  4. The worst thing about the bathroom floor is that the words weren't freaking centered in the room! They were squished off to the right and would be partially covered up by a bath mat, anyway. But I love Ashley and the way she adds extra touches like the stenciled kitchen runner and the copper stair risers from last season. Sometimes her ideas make me squinch up my face a bit, but I appreciate her exuberance and hard work. She and Michael are fun to watch even when she's have a mini pregnancy breakdown, and I love how sweet he is to her. I'm very happy for them, especially when Ashley said
  5. I echo many of your sentiments. The staging on the Barrymore house was the worst I've seen on any of the thousands of real estate shows I obsessively watch. This season was a small boon during a craptastic year because everyone was getting along, even Flagg and Altman. Their odd couple dynamic as co-listing agents was fun. Tracy and Flagg being pop-in neighbors also amused me. Lovely to see Edith's joie de vivre and connections still working for her grandson from the grave. "I will be introduced to my children when they're five." Not enough Bobby!
  6. I think Jimmy is a genuine, upbeat, outgoing person as a rule. He's doing well at home even though it's evident he'd rather be back in the studio. Technically speaking, his video and audio are pretty good. I saw a British comedy/current events show called The Ranganation that was extremely well done from home. The studio was set up in the host's garage with professional graphics and sound, and with remote camera operators and a director. The panelists and guests were on nice large monitors. I enjoy Seth but he's the worst technically as far as just sitting directly in front of a fixe
  7. I'm enjoying seeing the 8G band members in their homes and appreciate them moving around! There's an amusingTwitter account that's been rating the backgrounds of newspeople and others broadcasting from home -- what else do we have to do?
  8. I've been rewatching the previous seasons, mostly to track Patrick's varying facial hair. I really want a special of him modeling all the garments he said he'd like to wear: glittering harem pants, silk robes, beach shorts with pom poms. The progression since 2013 from pattern pinning to pattern weights is very noticeable. Esme is more enjoyable to me than May, just because she has more personality. Patrick seems to defer to her more than he did to May. I only vaguely recalled the contestants and who won except for season 3, where I even remembered some of the specific garments. That
  9. Not free, but it's available to buy it on Amazon!
  10. I was most looking forward to seeing Bob, Trixie and Monet but ended up being thoroughly entertained. The celebs, whoever they were, ended up being adorable. I love the "put regular people in drag" challenges anyway so this was made for me. Insights, tears, oats-feeling!
  11. Yay! I'm stupidly excited. Joe is back as host. I like him but Claudia will always have my heart.
  12. I'm glad none of the queens pulled out the I don't know Madonna very well excuse. When it comes to foundational drag icons, I don't care how young or "not from here" they are, the careless ignorance is annoying. Now, if that moment happened and the editors hid it from us, my blood pressure thanks them. If that moment happened and I missed it, don't tell me!
  13. Trevor! Look at the camera when you talk! His eyes and head keep swiveling all over the place when he's interviewing someone. He's seemed tired and a bit low the last couple of recordings where he's wearing the green sweatshirt. I like seeing the correspondents do a bit together. Being retired, "What day is it?" is almost exclusively the only thing I ask Alexa.
  14. David Spade has an app with sound effects that he's been using to throw in some laughs, crickets, sirens, etc. It's meant to be funny but also surprisingly helps with rhythm/pacing so that everything's not just joke > silence. It's one thing if the hosts are basically just riffing to camera, but reading monologue jokes off a piece of paper is awkward. At least Fallon's wife often gives a quiet chuckle. Bottom line, I'm grateful all of them are not only doing something but managing to make it entertaining!
  15. Trevor was a guest on Fallon's online show last night.
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