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  1. jnymph

    The Keepers

    So I'm 58 years old and never in my life have I wanted to witness anybody being tortured and die. I'm even on the fence when it comes to the death penalty in this country. But guess what ? Everything's changed after hearing about this monster from hell Maskell. I've only watched up to this episode, and I'm unspoiled on how this story ends. But I know one thing. The only possible way this can end in a satisfying manner for me, is that Jean leads all the women that were abused by him and together they slowly cut off his penis. Then they stuff it in his mouth and tell him to receive the "holy fucking spirit" himself. Then they cut off his balls and stuff those in the mouths of the other men that participated in the abuse. I would pay good money to watch this event and I'd be cheering and I'd be happy. Never in my life did I think I'd be capable of desiring such torture to another human. I can't believe I just typed that. BUT IT IS TRUE.
  2. jnymph

    Lost In Space (2018)

    Damn. I'm really in the minority. I enjoyed the first season. And I loved Parker Posey as Dr. Smith; this is the most entertaining character to me. I'm old enough to remember the original if that matters. The only character I found annoying was Judy, because I feel she's miscast. Mostly because she's too young for Don.
  3. jnymph

    Small Talk: The Doghouse

    Awwww thank you CHENOA333, xoxoxoxo
  4. jnymph

    Small Talk: The Doghouse

  5. That was incredibly emotional for me too. I was gutted watching them share such a heartbreaking moment over a poor neglected dog. : ( In a way, it was nice to see how "human" these incredible bad ass rock star women (that pull wolf hybrids out of floorboards) can be ! They cried; and then jumped right in action, to do what they had to do. I AM IN AWE. MY HEROES !
  6. jnymph

    S06.E08: Chapter 73

    LOL, Yes! It would have made more sense for the dog to have been the one that killed Frank too. A reincarnation of the dog he killed in the very first scene of the series. Revenge. A dog takes down the House of Cards. Heh.
  7. jnymph

    S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    I used to really like MJ. I liked her sassy bravado and how she owned her curves. But as of late, every little thing has to be so damn dramatic and all about her. I do believe she's self medicating as well. At the risk of sounding like a prude, the wedding was disgraceful. And I say that mostly because it seemed played up for the cameras. So stupid.
  8. jnymph

    S06.E08: Chapter 73

    Sigh. I had such high hopes for this season. What a colossal letdown. I only kept watching for the dog. The nameless black lab. At least he survived. I shouldn't care but a few things really bugged the crap outta me: Doug kissing Janine; and then him petting the dog and Janine saying "Why don't you leave him alone?" WTF was that all about? Made zero sense. And the conversation between Mature Claire and Young Claire about Lucifer. HUH???? OMG. This was more disappointing than I ever imagined. :(
  9. jnymph

    S06.E05: Chapter 70

    I feel I’m the only person on that planet loving this season!
  10. jnymph

    S02.E05: Game Day

    What is going on with this Darlene and the baby thing? Will her and Jacob somehow end up with Mason's baby? I really enjoy the Ruth character. She's got some great lines.
  11. Finally got around to watching the wolf dog rescue episode. WOW! M2 is a BAD ASS ROCK STAR ! More later, trying to digest it all.
  12. jnymph

    S04.E07: Something Stupid

    GAH ! The Gus/Hector dynamic makes my hair stand on end. It's that chilling. Anyone else notice the kitchen knife that Gus was holding (rather lovingly) when discussing Hector with the good Doctor? Another *shudder* from me. Vince Gilligan is TOYING with us; making us think Jesse was driving up to buy a burner phone. I also first thought the cop driving up looked vaguely like Walter White for a split second when he first got out of his vehicle. He is TOYING with us, I tell you ! And I love him deeply for it : )
  13. jnymph

    S04.E06: Pinata

    Think I'm in the minority, but I completely get (and love) Kim and Jimmy as a couple. They're both intelligent and charming. As far as attractiveness level, I'd put them both in the same league. Neither are stunners, but I'd definitely peg them as cute..... adorable even. : ) I really enjoyed Gus's creepy story telling time to Hector. Loved the focus on the Hector's hand. LOL ; )
  14. jnymph

    S04.E03 Something Beautiful

    In regards to the unwanted vacuum cleaner gift: I kept thinking of that Robert Forster character in Breaking Bad. The guy Saul knows that 'cleans up' peoples backgrounds & makes them disappear, used a vacuum cleaner supply shop as a front. I couldn't help but think of some sort of connection there. I still think it was Kim that wrote the letter. Her reaction was just so weird to be anything else. eta - too many "couldn't help but think" quotes.
  15. jnymph

    S04.E02: Breathe

    Anyone else notice the "DINGS" Vince Gilligan is teasing us with ? For example: The elevator in the hospital "DING" ! LMAO Aww. Kim loves Jimmy so much. It's so sad knowing this relationship can't end well. : ( She needs to give him that letter from Chuck though. That's up to Jimmy to decide what to do with it.