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  1. Thank you for posting this. This helps me to see GA is absolutely killing the PM.
  2. Deavon and Dad should run off together; and dump horrid Mom and son. Just kidding. Sorta.
  3. I sincerely like Jazz, I'd like to see this young vibrant soul go far in life. But her parents are doing her ZERO favors, they NEED TO STEP ASIDE and stop babying and helicoptering. Jazz needs to get out on her own. Then she needs to Stumble ! Falter ! Make mistakes, even BIG ones ! Then she needs to pick herself back up again. ON HER OWN. She will learn immensely. And I have to mention this every time I'm on this forum. I love Noelle.
  4. I just really like Noelle. She's so sweet, without the drama.
  5. Me too ! I'm in awe of the dogs/prison programs. Such a win-win. I certainly hope this is more widely facilitated. Fancy saying "thank you, and Good Bye to Tia = me cutting onions !! So bittersweet.
  6. Greg looked extra cute at their dinner date. I think he’s sweet, handsome and under appreciated by Jeanette. She needs to chill the eff out & enjoy him. Jazz needs to get on with life without Mommy & Daddy hovering.
  7. I can't believe this show would be abandoned. There's just so much more to Victoria's life !
  8. Well, that's probably true ! Yikes !
  9. Big Ang is the type of friend you want when shit hits the fan. She will pull out whoop ass for the ones she cares about.
  10. I'm watching. I have 2 more episodes left. I'm really liking it a lot !
  11. I'm so jealous, LOL. I've already rewatched the entire thing twice; and I rarely rewatch anything. Only other show I've rewatched is HBO's "Rome" (about 10, 0000 times. LOL)
  12. Well, according to this article back on Dec 18th; Daisy Godwin was still in the process of writing it. So they haven't even started filming yet. Phooey. It's going to be quite awhile. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a26518700/victoria-season-4/
  13. I couldn't possibly agree with you more.
  14. I swear Sebastian seemed like a person living in a dogs body. He has soulful wonderful eyes. So strange about the adoption/not adoption. Yes, Tia made the right call, that sweet dog is very adoptable and deserves a wonderful home. Poor Lizzie breaking down. Even the strongest of women have a moment. and need to 'cleanse' once in awhile. Bless her and the whole damn crew.
  15. Maybe I'm naïve, but I think something is getting seriously lost in translation between Anna and Mursel. Emily's Mom is so pretty. I loved her dress too. Thank God no Tania this week. I just can't with her and her Syringe.
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