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  1. Yes me too! Also, why does she pronounce her ex’s name as “Lander?”
  2. I laughed so damn hard at this episode! But my favorite was the hellhound… so perfect that he’s a Golden Retriever… I fell off the couch laughing at the squirrel roasting!!
  3. I keep waiting for the cast of “What We Do in the Shadows” to show up. I’d love to hear Nandor heckling Paul during one of his rambling monologues. I think Bev is kind of like Guillermo in that she’s jealous she’s not a vampire yet.
  4. Tiffany is so fucking stupid. Ronald gave her a golden opportunity by asking, “What is it I can do?” He’s genuinely asking. So ….. does she of the cold shoulders give him some insight, tips, examples? Nope. She tells him to …….FIGURE IT OUT. My eyes rolled so far in the back of my head, it hurt. I’m so sad for Daniel :(
  5. Tiffany and Ronald are disgusting:( ! I’m enraged to see Daniel being manipulated and stuck in the middle of their shit show. And I am not a body shamer by any stretch but Tiffany is ballooning waaaaay up, she’s huge ! I mean unhealthily so.
  6. I hear you. I’m concerned about that sweet boy.
  7. I’m having some serious qualms about this series franchise. I feel this is bordering on abuse of intellectually or developmentally disabled persons. I’m specifically thinking of Natalie and Asuelo. Not snarking, I truly believe they have issues.
  8. Honestly, I FF the Tiffany/Ronald scenes now, because I hate seeing those 2 beautiful kids being subjected to these horrible parents. It’s depressing. Now, the train wreck of Natalie & Mike is an entertaining hot mess I can enjoy without small children being toyed with. Only rats. No sympathy for Yara nor Jovi. Wear a condom for fuck sake if you’re not ready for a baby. She’s here now, so suck it up.
  9. On what planet do beautiful French women fall for fat, abusive day care workers who live with their Mom? Sasquatch Mike had more chemistry with Nutalie’s Mom, than with her. He ordered the wrong Ukrainian bride. Do they have cougars in Kiev ?
  10. Thank you for posting this. This helps me to see GA is absolutely killing the PM.
  11. Deavon and Dad should run off together; and dump horrid Mom and son. Just kidding. Sorta.
  12. I sincerely like Jazz, I'd like to see this young vibrant soul go far in life. But her parents are doing her ZERO favors, they NEED TO STEP ASIDE and stop babying and helicoptering. Jazz needs to get out on her own. Then she needs to Stumble ! Falter ! Make mistakes, even BIG ones ! Then she needs to pick herself back up again. ON HER OWN. She will learn immensely. And I have to mention this every time I'm on this forum. I love Noelle.
  13. I just really like Noelle. She's so sweet, without the drama.
  14. Me too ! I'm in awe of the dogs/prison programs. Such a win-win. I certainly hope this is more widely facilitated. Fancy saying "thank you, and Good Bye to Tia = me cutting onions !! So bittersweet.
  15. Greg looked extra cute at their dinner date. I think he’s sweet, handsome and under appreciated by Jeanette. She needs to chill the eff out & enjoy him. Jazz needs to get on with life without Mommy & Daddy hovering.
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