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  1. I would not have guessed after the first episode that Katie would be my new favorite. I mean, the bar is low, but she was great this episode. Loved her less than subtle smackdown, essentially boiling down to Stop Being Bitches, damn. Sarah's a drama queen but that pile on was pure mean girl. Kit acts as bitchy as she looks, and Victoria showed way too much glee at getting to berate someone. Ick. I missed the first date, and from reading here, I'm glad I did, lol. Serena is stunning and seems reasonably down-to-earth for this show. I want to be at that picnic, that setting and the animals were just gorgeous. Matt had the hiccups. Cool.
  2. Wayne Brady is a treasure. And Whose Line Is It Anyway is still going strong. It's a fun show, and it's great for a laugh in these depressing days. I love seeing WB show up on TV, even on Hell's Kitchen. Topic, I used to love this show, but it's not really suiting me at the moment. The chefs are generally annoying, the food waste, the generally negative tone, etc. But how awkward was that chef at the end. Yikes. He just wanted out. The blond woman who won at the beginning is definitely one of the contenders. There always seems to be just a few, and the rest are just TV fodder. I'll watch for now, for her and maybe Declan.
  3. I really like Christian as well. He may not be as polished as some of the other chefs, but I enjoy his personality, and I'm glad he's getting some additional appearances. I also love Justin Warner. He's mellowed a lot from his more obnoxious days. He won me over awhile back when he competed (coached?) on some episode with kids, and ended up paired with a seriously talented kid chef, who was a total mini Justin, and cooked some really creative food. Justin was kind of in awe of him. I watched the pandemic GGG last night for the first time, and liked it well enough. It does crack me up watching the chefs describe their own food though. Love that Jet won! I used to like Antonia more than I do now. She was fine last night, but she can come across as really negative and arrogant at times. Sounds like Beau has been in the bottom a few times though? Aww. Poor guy cannot string a pasta necklace.
  4. So at the end of the season, the cops are called, and all the Cobra Kais are sent off to juvie for fighting and destruction of private property? Oh, wait, lol. I do so love this show though. As has been mentioned, Johnny and Miguel are the heart of the show, but Daniel's moving trip to Okinawa was right up there. LOVED seeing Chozen and Kumiko again. They were just perfect. And I didn't even care about the contrivance of the woman Daniel saved years ago being the one to save his business. And the tributes to the continued presence of Mr. Miyagi were lovely. I really wasn't looking forward to the return of Ali, but her cameo hit all the right notes. The ongoing bit about Daniel being, in some ways, as much of a hothead as Johnny add to his character. I feel bad for Robbie - he may be annoying, but from his teenage perspective, he is being abandoned left and right. Mom in rehab, Dad spending more time with Miguel, Daniel turning him in, etc. But there really wasn't much remorse shown for what he did to Miguel, and I think that could have been covered a bit more. I'm 45, and fictional Tori scares the crap out of me. What a psycho. Get that girl some help, stat. Loved Amanda taking a bigger role this season - she's a fantastic character, and a nice dose of reality to the rivalries, and standing up for her kids. Oh Hawk...I get his turnaround, but I would have liked to see a bit more reconciliation with him and Demetri. "Sorry for breaking your arm, bro!" "No problem, dude!" - all is forgiven? Great season. Final scene was just perfect.
  5. MJ is stunning. She looks almost natural compared to the other heavily made up women. I hope she sticks around for a bit, though she seems to be getting the talking head / exposition role already. Too many left to know all their names, but it is a beautiful group. I like Mari, Abigail, Chelsea, Khaylah, so far though, based on not much. Victoria...holy hell. Are the producers messing with us and not showing what's setting her off, or is she really that crazypants? It's hard to see her "enemy" acting the way Victoria said, considering Victoria already seems to have broken her. If Victoria weren't completely kazoo, I think I'd see her as a cute, normal looking woman, but her personality makes her ugly. Obviously her stylist hates her too. WTF was up with that dress? I mean, seriously. Yikes. Oh Matt? That's right, there's a bachelor drifting around here somewhere too. Handsome, nice, just maybe not meant for this trainwreck of a show. But seeing how unfamiliar he is with the show, he sure has the script down. That plane ride looked fun, and the paintball game would have been great had not been for the sake of winning a dude's time. And while wearing wedding dresses. Cringeworthy.
  6. That's a really nice interview with CT. He seems accepting of getting older and sounds surprisingly mature. And for all that he's on TV, and ignoring that wedding special, he does seem to keep his private life private, which is refreshing. I can see how The Challenge, for some of the long-timers, might actually be a safe space of sorts. (Being on TV all the time is my personal definition of hell, but that's me.) ETA: WTF Bear, and his response is gross. Hope Georgia pursues this. And screw Cara Maria.
  7. Well. I'm a bit less excited to watch the finale now. Oh well.
  8. I love the candid stuff, and the behind the scenes. Duff and Nancy do seem to have a fun friendship going. And Jesse keeps growing on me. I will always miss John, but Jesse also has a fair amount of charm and fun with the show. And I really didn't care for him much during The Bachelor, so I'm a little surprised, lol. Can't wait to keep checking here for spoilers!
  9. Oh, thank you! Seriously, how did I forget that? lol. Go Lorenzo!
  10. I'm so bummed Lashonda left - you could definitely tell from her talking heads after the fact. It just wasn't her night. But Lorenzo gets yet another win! I'm preparing to be disappointed in the finale, since it does seem like anyone can take it with one solid bake, and he could certainly have a bad night, but he's creative, efficient, and so fun to watch. I'm absolutely rooting for him to get the win, and I'd love to see him on more shows as well. I'm a little surprised Megan is seen as a front-runner - I totally lose track of the standings and wins (except for how many wins Lorenzo keeps getting), but I keep forgetting she's there. I don't know, she just hasn't made an impression on me, and it seems like she's often in the middle. If not Lorenzo, I'd love Eva to win. Her dessert was beautiful last night. Was her cookie the one Duff went back for after she walked out? That's high praise. Julianna strikes me as similar to Jon - probably a fine baker in general, but the competition just isn't a great fit. I will be bummed if she takes the win with how many misses she's had. That was just a hot mess last night. I continue to think the judging is just weird this season though.
  11. TJ laughing hysterically at that shoe moment was the best scene in the whole ep. I didn't think CT was that rude though. They had to decide quickly, and I'm not sure of the quick and best way to blow someone off there, lol. I found Fessy's avoidance of Aneesa so cringy though. I continue to just hate Lolo on TV though. The crazy will emerge soon. She's just such a negative person. Nam is so pretty. Some of the rookies look pretty entertaining. While I love modern CT, I liked Lio making a big move. I know nothing about him, but he seems cool. Still love Jay. While I have a certain attachment to some of the vets, it's going to be fun to see the dynamics with this round of newbies. I'm liking the the theme and the pairings. I'm so happy there's no more claustrophobic bunker.
  12. I had no idea she wasn't with Jordan anymore. Interesting pairing.
  13. YAY for Lashonda finally getting the win! Her dessert sounded decadent. I also *loved* Lorenzo getting another win, but his cheesecake(s) just looked a hot mess. I was surprised he didn't get a little more criticism on that. So two bakers forgot ingredients tonight? And both Jon and Jamaal had some pretty serious issues. I like Jon a lot but maybe this sort of competition just isn't for him. Nice redemption though. I still love Eva and thought her cheesecakes looked pretty decent. Julianna made a grey cheesecake? Ugh. I did laugh at the division of them - not that I can even bake at all (I won't even mention messing up a premixed bag of Betty Crocker cookies earlier tonight) but I imagine mine would be divided something like that too, lol. I felt so bad for Jamaal - he seems like such a nice person. I wished everyone could have given him a hug before he left. Sigh.
  14. Wow. I won't even get it into here, but I am so 100% over that mentality. Go away forever, Cody.
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