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  1. Ah, I was playing Wordscapes during the ep which shows how much attention I was paying, lol.
  2. I mean, I can relate. I feel bad for David, but it's frustrating watching him stumble through the season. I would love to see him win HOH and throw Memphis and Memphis' giant ego on the block though. I think Will looks OK in that pic, and I find it interesting that he's turned his face into Frozen, but he's fine with grey hair. I love the salt and pepper look, it's just interesting. He would have aged so well. They never did show the HGs in the same frame, did they? Will have to rewatch.
  3. I work for a skincare company, and was in a meeting last year (with a group of people! all in the same room! seems like years ago) and most were my age (40s) or younger and they were all chatting about the treatments and procedures they had done or tried out. It was kind of shocking, and I hadn't even heard of some of it. I had my first and only facial a couple of years ago, so obviously I'm a little out of the loop, despite my current field, lol. But when I see Botox and fillers gone pasty wrong, I'm happy with my lines. Or original packaging - I'm going to have to steal that one! Topic, the triple will eliminate at least one semi-alliance member, but it's still just kind of boring. They could take a shot at Labor Day since half the house seems slightly terrified of her, maybe Dani goes off script, or maybe Memphis or Tyler go. But at this point, are there really any shocking outcomes left? I suppose Cody going would be surprising, but that's about it. I am totally tuning in for that episode though. A triple will be fun to watch. See BB, all you had to do to reel me back in was to promise to evict even more of them in one night!
  4. Wow. So exciting and unexpected. Thanks 2020 Big Brother! Realistically there aren't a lot of interesting HOHs left that can even happen, but Cody is especially snooze. Oh well. I just wanna see Nic on the block once! She'll probably go during the triple and I'll barely get to enjoy it lol.
  5. I totally forgot today was even an eviction day until it popped up on Twitter. I love that they're as over the season as a lot of the viewers.
  6. OK, Nicole's made me laugh. And her DR afterwards. I'll give her a point for that. Day, Tyler and Xmas got pretty decent zings too. I can't stand Dani, but hers made no sense. The rest, meh.
  7. But I wannnna seeeee thaaaa! </Nicole voice> Well, actually, I cancelled awhile ago, but still.
  8. Why hide an alleged blowout anyway? Is this just about protecting the HGs from backlash? So bizarre. And frankly, if two HGs have been fighting for half a day, more power to them, lol. What a weird season.
  9. Termites? At this point, I vote to tent the house with all the HGs in it, lol. Other than that, I'm basically just reading here at this point, and mainly watching the show for the comps. And Zingbot, just because I want to watch them all sniffle and whine. More than usual, anyway. The contestants seem as bored as the viewers are, and my main takeaway from the last couple of days is that Lorenzo is actually a really cool name, yo. ...did she really say self-defecating? Because that's fantastic. ETA: On the Dani/Dick thing...I think they're both terrible. Yes, Dani had some major strikes against her having Dick as a father, but some of this is all on her. I think they're both just generally miserable, toxic people. I feel a little more bad for Dani, but I'm happy to never have to be around either one of them. I know people who grew up in some pretty horrible, abusive environments who have worked to create healthy behaviors and relationships as they grew up. It's no easy task.
  10. Last night was a bit of a hot mess. Even my SO who kind of half watches the show with me, and cares little about baking, said "that doesn't even look like croquembouche!" to more than a few of the creations, which was funnier at the time than it probably reads here, ha. I thought the first two creations presented looked halfway decent, but the rest...yikes. it seemed like the one lady (Renee?) had the same issues this week as she did last week so I was surprised she stuck around. I liked Michael not really playing the game during judging about his flavors. Paraphrasing..."Yup, nailed the horrible flavors you gave me. Not playing along as you pretend you're about to say something bad about them." I'm also missing John Henson more than in the first episode. Maybe it's just the COVID taint on everything, but the contestants seem to be having a little less fun this time around.
  11. Yikes. I'm not going to try and pretend I know what Memphis was going to say or not say, but I didn't hear him say it, and it's terrible to outright imply that he did. Am I missing hearing him completing the sentence? What a mess.
  12. How does anyone listen to that whiny vocal fry all day? O.M.G. That was cringeworthy, just because she wouldn't stop. The guy's tired, let him go to bed!
  13. I completely missed all of this - the news about Drew, that there was a new season, everything. WHOA. I had just started to watch the new episode On Demand, when I saw the comment in the main thread about something going on with Drew. I looked him up, am so disgusted. I admit, I was a fan of Drew, and was super happy when he won - and I hate that now. Not that there was anything on the show that would indicate anything like this, but still. I want to enjoy the new season, but it all seems tainted now, and not because anyone else is at fault. It's great that they managed to pull a season together, but it's just icky thinking that he was there, and they're having to edit him out. That poor girl and his poor wife. The evidence seems pretty straightforward and damning. Hopefully there aren't other cases as well, and it's great that the Ninja gyms are taking some actions to make sure nothing like this happens.
  14. I'm very glad to have this show back! I like Carla, but there's still a little warmth missing from the show with John out. He balanced the critiques and comments from the judges well. The episode flew by in kind of a blur. At least having one bake allows a little more time with each baker. No real favs or dislikes yet though I was a little surprised at the top 2 and winner. I also have no clue who the third judge is, and for some reason, her manner of speaking was driving me nuts. It may have just been something she was doing in costume though. It's definitely different but I'm glad it's back.
  15. I agree, I really liked her in the role. I don't know the other actress, but hopefully she gels with the cast. I love the whole family (Greg!) and think they fit together really well.
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