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  1. Later in filming, as in this interview: https://www.refinery29.com/amp/en-us/2021/06/10527906/cruel-summer-episode-10-jeanette- A few more takes here from the showrunner about Jeannette is good person making a bad decision, and how she (and Kate) are better, stronger people in 95. Kate, yes, absolutely. But I don't know if they're seeing the "Jeanette is a sociopath" takes or what, and are trying to backtrack, but they certainly have a different view of how they presented Jeannette than how the audience has seen her with that ending.
  2. And this is where the writers failed. That ending scene went beyond "misguided" IMO. They could have left Jeannette more option to interpretation by ending with the interview. I think the scene with her emulating the court lady on the TV was the most damning, but other scenes didn't show her as someone with no empathy or guilt. Even her last convo with Kate she was showing some emotion, and at least to me, it read genuine. But yeah, if they meant to show Jeannette as merely misguided and "not a bad person", they completely boffed it with the final scene and that unforgivable decision
  3. I think it's sloppy writing, and essentially, we have to conclude something like this. There is a complete disconnect with the police shootout narrative told on the news, and Kate killing Martin. The police would know Kate killed Martin. So I think we have to assume the family helped suppress that info, which still seems pretty implausible. Through the series, I thought they were layering things nicely with a potentially complex plot, but they really lost some of it in the finale.
  4. I guess I have the UO regarding the finale - I was disappointed. I think the show worked best as a feature of two flawed girls, both victims in different ways - pressure, failed by their parents, attacked by society and the media. While the show definitely showed Jeannette being "off" it was in a way that could have been attributed to going through her own traumas, and being a frankly, obnoxious and self-centered teenager. To end the series with Jeannette being a true villain alongside Martin, it lost me. It wasn't needed, and I think it took away from Martin being the true evil of
  5. I'm not really sure if I'm really in the mood for a new crop of awful people. But yeah, maybe it will be a little better with Kass gone if they can start casting actual people instead of their set personalities. Sigh.
  6. There was a passing comment (from Joy, I think) in the earlier episodes that Kate's biological dad passed away when she was little. Was she drugged the one time, or multiple times? I honestly don't remember though I thought the show alluded to it happening more than once. The show has been pretty vague with what it's alluded to with Martin and Kate, though I think it may be as simple as they just don't want to show more, and are letting the ads and PSAs at the end speak for themselves. Though I also initially thought that Martin's comment about this part being over soon may have r
  7. This photo makes me ridiculously happy.
  8. This is such a complex story. I felt for Kate in this episode, and it's such an honest look at PTSD. Her reaction to the girl trying to escape in the old film was heartbreaking, as well as the scenes with Martin taking away her hope, and the scene at the end was absolutely horrible. It still seems like Kate's story is fairly straightforward. I don't blame her for lying to the police about going to Martin's house willingly. While it may complicate things for the lawsuit, even if she did lie, she was a still a minor imprisoned and abused. It doesn't change what happened. But she
  9. Interesting episode, and I guess I'm in the minority of still liking Jeannette (for the most part), and having some sympathy for her. She is definitely a flawed character - she lies way too easily, has a desperate, obsessive side, and obviously also has a wild side that likes the thrill of doing illegal things, but she does have redeeming qualities, like her friendship with Vincent and her heartbreak over her parents losing faith in her. She's been no princess through the series, but I still cringe at her dad's comments in the previous episodes - telling Angela she might be a sociopath, a
  10. This definitely felt more like a mid-season finale, than the actual season finale, but still a good episode. I like Gabby, and am glad she left, but since we saw her in the car tearing up, I don't think we've seen the last of her. She needs to stay far, far away, and be the anti-Tara. I am really liking the take of this series, with the brother with the potentially brighter future, being the one who is now fitting the easiest into the Mayans life. It's tragic, but interesting. EZ and his smarts, had he not made that one fateful decision, could have left Santo Padre and had a life wi
  11. This is such a weird show. It does seem like Cassie and Jenny have become side characters to the E Network drama of the ranch family. Congrats Cheyenne, I guess? Enjoy the toxic ranch, legal problems, and getting doted on by dear old murdering dad. I still love Jerrie though. I think the actor and character have a calm presence that balances some of the campiness of the rest of the story. Jerrie was traumatized and she's quietly battling through it. I love the addition of Lindor, as eccentric as he is. I'm just glad he doesn't (yet) appear to be a secret bad guy, but truly work
  12. I'm disappointed! It had a good run, and was a nice feel good show with a solid cast. I wish they hadn't ended on that kind of cliffhanger, but at least everyone was in a good place. Greg, FTW, always.
  13. Yay for the renewal! I just got caught up on the last two episodes, and yikes it went dark. Poor Steve, that one hurt. And for his final words and presence to be right at EZ...have some extra PTSD, EZ. Caring less and less about Adelita and her child cult. Same with Emily. The last seasons she had a plot line, but she's barely left her rich prison so far this season. I am curious as to the next scenes between her and Galindo and what she remembers. Poor Hank, with the loss of both Steve and Nails. He and his mom are so cute. "What's her name? Hammer? Wrench?" Oh EZ
  14. There's still the disconnect between the shot we the audience heard, and the escape / rescue. The gun shot was evening / night, and then we saw the news footage of Kate being escorted (I assume) out of the house in the morning. So if the gun shot we heard is indeed when Martin was killed, then maybe someone else killed him, or Kate did, but something delayed her rescue to the next day / morning.
  15. This show is so confusing, and I'm here for it. Whatever the ending, this is show that will definitely require a re-watch. I agree that Kate is definitely not the stuck up rich girl that would normally be the stereotype, but I am really hoping there's more to Jeannette's story too. I don't 100% believe that Jeannette is the super obvious villain, and Kate the hero. Obviously, Kate has suffered trauma. I don't think there's any doubt about that. But there's more there. Martin is a creep, but even his character was interesting this episode. The show continues to imply assault, and Kat
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