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  1. Because I'm running out of stuff to watch, I checked out this most recent episode. The quarantine aspect and face masks makes it pretty creepy, but holy cow, that was the fakiest pass out by...Aaron? Lol. Silly show but they're pretty funny to watch.
  2. Really? I mainly only caught Screaming Batshit Bayleigh 2: Electric Boogaloo and totally missed that...so it must actually be a thing? I'm glad I'm old enough that I just stick to "awesome" and "grody". Regarding the season, I *think* they might be able to pull it off, but I'm still very curious how the production staff will be handled / protected. The quarantined HGs are the least exposed once they enter the house. (Also waiting hopefully for baseball, but given they can't keep their spring training facilities virus-free, I remain skeptical. Going to be a very weird summer, but I want everyone to stay safe.)
  3. "Lottle" was my main takeaway from that post. What? But as we potentially begin this new and exciting chapter of BB22, I'm so glad you're all here to take this new and exciting journey with me. We'll have ups and downs, the good and the bad, the Wills and the Boogies, and we'll get through it together. I wouldn't change any of my life experiences, except maybe watching BB15. We'll grow as BB fans, as humans, because that's what we are. If you prick us BB fans, do we not bleed? Because we're human? Yes, we are. So let's tackle this new chapter, adventure and journey together. Buckle up BB22! We're comin' for ya. And never forget...PAIN DON'T HURT. Love you all lottles. Regarding your second point, this was all that came to mind: ETA: Did I get enough sleep last night? Why no, I did not, lol.
  4. Is it some reality TV guy thing? At least they all seem to fix it post-show. Why none of their friends told them to change it before going on TV is a mystery though...
  5. Holy cow, thank you @IndyMischa. Josh on, Frankie on, Mark doing low-grade porn. 2020 continues it's swath of destruction. And on top of all that...MCRAE? That might be the one that gets me to cry mercy. I just have a visceral reaction of complete and total disgust towards him, and BB15 in general. He is so disgusting. Just...NO. And JC? I can't believe they would entertain having him back right now. I swear I already forgot who Holly was. Short-term reality TV memory loss FTW. BB better have some other names pending to balance out the evil. Dan being coy on Twitter.
  6. I just loved Jay on The Challenge. I rarely watch Survivor, so that was my first time seeing him, but I get why he's a favorite. And he seems smarter than the average reality show contestant, which is always fun to see. He could do well on BB, and he'd be a physical threat.
  7. Not gonna lie, when I saw that picture, and her broken foot, I just started laughing. Of COURSE she has a broken foot. I don't know what I want for a new season. I still have some OK thoughts about past contestants (Dan, Tyler, Derrick) so I really want them to stay the hell away so they don't ruin it, like every "beloved" contestant that gets recycled on The Bachelor, and erases all goodwill they once had. But Swaggy, Baleigh, Josh? They've been somewhat tolerable on The Challenge, but that's with extremely limited screentime. And they were just ON Big Brother. Frankie? God, no. But a new season would definitely be a nice distraction from the current dumpster fire that is 2020. And I admit I got excited seeing this thread get active again! Glad to see all the familiar names posting 🙂
  8. I missed the trivia part...must find it On Demand! It makes me laugh and weep (even more) for the future (TM Ferris Bueller). My love of Wes dimmed a bit after the obnoxious stunt with Kailah, but it returned in this episode. And WTF, am I starting to like Johnny a bit? That must be Challenge Stockholm Syndrome. At the end, they looked like the real people they are, and not just their challenge caricatures. It was kind of cool, and they both showed some class. I wanted Wes to still pull out a win though. It was funny when they cut to all the other competitors, and they looked so...young? Scared? Immature? I don't know, the nostalgia really was strong on this one. I enjoyed the elimination, mainly because it kind of looks like fun. I would have liked seeing them go head to head in a full on brawl though, and they probably would have preferred something like that too. Damned if I'm not actually hoping for a Johnny win.* ETA: Shut UP Josh! Damn. How does he manage to be both bland and annoying at the same time? *I reserve the right to change my mind next week.
  9. I don't have Hulu but I don't trust Netflix. If they do move it there, hopefully a set number of seasons is agreed upon. Maybe 4 or 5, max.
  10. I am really trying to be grateful for my job right now, but if I didn't value my privacy so much, and if I actually liked spending time on social media, I would kill to make a living shilling crap on Instagram. Except I'd also be terrible at it, lol. So never mind. I can't blame people for making some coin off their 5 or 10 minutes of fame. Are Fessy and Haleigh still together?
  11. Tati's cake was pretty (I loved the year lettering) but up close, it seemed a little messy. I do think if her flavors had been a little better and the cake had been done, she would have won. But, I do think she had the easiest decade to tie into a spring theme. Arin had the hardest to do spring with all the black and red. And the judges seemed more in love with both Arin and Sohrob's flavors. I want to try that milkshake cake SO much. Lorraine seemed blown away and it sounded delicious. I really like Arin, but (maybe just my own TV viewing habits) it reminded me of a Jughead /Riverdale cake, lol. I did love both Arin and Sohrob going with the prom king and king theme. I'm very happy Sohrob won! They were all a little underwhelming for a finale, decor wise, but still a solid season. No clue as to when we'll see another baking championship:(
  12. Oh, poor Jay. That looked bad...you could see everyone's expressions change pretty quickly. Loved TJ calling out the guys. Rogan is gross. He just is. Yes, it's strategy to go against someone smaller, but as mentioned, I'd love to see him shit talk against Fessy or Bananas. And the whole "I hate Jay because he kissed the girl I totally don't care about unless someone else wants her" thing...ugh. I'm sure he'll be proud of injuring someone. Nice math skills too, genius. The challenge should have been cool, but the first two teams...yikes. Jenna does not look good, and in a healthy relationship you shouldn't have to worry about what your partner is doing when you aren't around. That was sad to hear. Wes...lol. Yes, he's an arrogant dude but I will always have some respect for him having some brains and building up a solid career outside of the show. He plays his character well. And he just humiliated Josh. That was hilarious. Why would Josh think Wes cares about him at all? Man, I can't stand Jordan and his stupid, stupid hair. It should go into an elimination all by itself. WTF with almost literally waving his dick around? Bear and Kailah...hope it was worth it. I keep forgetting Melissa is there.
  13. Aww, Val. I really liked her and she just had an off night. I thought she'd be a finalist for sure. Overall, I thought it sounded like her flavors were right there with Tati's and she did more, IMO. Tati is talented but wow, that was underwhelming. She could have done so much more with beautiful peacocks. Not a fan of the wings. Loved Sohrob getting a win! His pool was gorgeous. I really would be happy with him or Arin taking it, even though Tati staying tonight leads me to think she may win. I had to laugh at Clinton pointing out the issues Tati and Sohrob had during the season, but he was still very nice about it, lol.
  14. Yeah, unfortunately, I think the next season might be postponed until...who knows. Even if we get a bit of a reprieve over the summer, I think it'd be tricky to get the show going in the fall when Covid The Sequel begins. Unless they force the contestants into a 14 day quarantine and test them pre-show...but even then, they still interact with the producers and some staff. Just seems iffy.
  15. Same thoughts on Grant...did the show get him more in name only, and he's only going to be around part-time? It's just odd. Beautiful location...the show is really finding some cool places to visit. But nothing really spectacular. The camera work on every ghost show drives me nuts. They have body cameras now, so let's see more from their perspective and get the real reaction as they hear or see something. I know there weren't a lot of visual events tonight, so more of a random rant, lol. Thankfully this show doesn't ramp up the sound effects like others, but there are still bits of music that get added when I'm trying to hear what the investigators are hearing. Frustrating.
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