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  1. I love Ed and his unabashed love for his mom. A season full of Eds wouldn't be great TV but having one decent, goofy rookie who has a heart isn't a bad thing. I'm sure if he returns, he may be a little more cutthroat. Cutthroat for Ed, at least. Briefly seeing Kyle humbled by his own dumbass move was fun. But the teeth...yikes. Why. And the conversation with Amanda...it's 2021, is it possible he's that clueless about pregnancy and childbirth? I kind of feel bad for his partner. Hopefully he was just playing it up for the cameras. I also love Emanuel the vampire. Devin continues
  2. What was that? I have a fairly low bar for entertainment (I mean, I still watch Riverdale)...but this was just bad. I did enjoy Cody Fern, but even he couldn't save this.
  3. That is a great article, lol. The way they're poking fun at each other in a nice way. They're pretty adorable.
  4. So Gi-hun was mistaken in thinking they could split the money without Sang-woo?
  5. There could technically be more than one winner though, right? At least it was ambiguous. It was just mentioned that as players were eliminated that their money would be added to the pot. But Gi-hun thought that he could split the money with Sae-byeok, as long as they both agreed to end the games. Or would ending the games result in them being able to leave alive, but without anything? I don't recall, and I don't want to rewatch, ha.
  6. I finally finished this too, and while a fantastic series, it was not an easy watch. The "games" being presented as some sort of fair, equal opportunity chance to the hundreds of players, while never revealing that there would be a mass execution in game one was so anger inducing. The players may have known more about what they were getting into when they "chose" to return, but there is no denying that they were not given the full truth at the beginning. Not to mention the idea of "choice" in the lives of these characters is very complex. Ali, Sae-byeok, Ji-yeong, and the hus
  7. This was a sad and moving episode. It really fit to have Dave and Tina connecting, while Calvin helped Gemma deal with her grief. I really love this whole cast.
  8. Call me crazy, but I'm still enjoying the show. The teens...yikes. Main teen girl has possibilities, but her crush is leading her down a bad path. Sure, why not sell stolen drugs? That will end well. I did find the scene with the teen boy at the police station to be pretty creepy - he was at least trying to do the right thing before he got spooked by the whistling accomplice. Are there any cops / troopers in Montana that aren't corrupt? Same. She has such a quietly dignified and smart presence. I'm glad she got her PI license (a bit quickly, but hey) and can stick around the agen
  9. I haven't seen the UK version, so I didn't have to worry about comparing it to anything else. I really enjoyed it - there are a lot of characters, but they're all distinct, and it was easy to get a sense of their personalities. I don't understand why the basement ghosts are seemingly stuck there, but I'm sure we'll learn a bit more. Their exasperation every time the lights were turned off made me laugh. Yes! Sometimes a light show is all I want, and this fit the bill. I hope it sticks around.
  10. I did laugh at Adina turning the processor on every time John went to speak, lol. And then, after a long day, fell asleep with 10 minutes left in the episode. I'm sad to see Sherelle go, but she is very talented and sounds like it was just the time constraints of the competition that got her. Megan is my favorite so far. Her personality, her talent, everything. I hope she goes far.
  11. I thought her explanation was beautifully done. The brothers are amazing. I loved the look on Malcom's face when he hit the home run. He'll be a great coach for the kids. The show is definitely leaning into some more serious topics this season, but still keeping some of the funny. The preview for next week looks rough though.
  12. I knew Todrick Hall by name, but really nothing about him. He sounds fairly awful. How did they even meet up with him? Claire and Derek are cute, whether just as friends or something more. *shocked face*
  13. Despite that dickish move from Zac, I feel like he's softened his criticisms a bit, compared to some older episodes. I would love to see a bit more baking feedback at times too, but that would probably require adding to the length of the show.
  14. If the rest of the interview didn't exist in nature, I would give her the benefit of the doubt, but...
  15. Wow. That is most definitely an interview of some sort. "Xavier won by knowing when to lose and winning when he had to, and was liked and admired by all in the house. How many times have we ever seen that? In addition to winning all nine votes, not a single negative comment was made from any juror when it came time to insert the keys! If that's not proof of God and miracles, then what is?!" Yes, when I think of holy miracles, I think of a lack of petty comments from a jury on a fairly trashy reality show. I'd assume she was joking, but based on the rest of the interview, maybe not.
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