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  1. YES. That was literally the only thing that stressed me out while watching the trailer. Damn it. Plus, it's completely adorable. (Season looks promising too - I love Dwight, I can't help it. I find him interesting.)
  2. CrazyDog

    Spring Baking Championship

    Corey's turn at judging was pretty funny - he did handle it well. And Lorraine actually made me laugh for a change. She's usually so unemotional. I was petty - I didn't hate Marqessa, but I was happy to see her go. I didn't want Clinton giving her a pep talk, lol. If a contestant wants to throw in the towel, let 'em. Sadly, I like the rest of the group, so I'll be a little bummed with who goes next. But sometimes this show is predictable, and I'm guessing Corey or Tracey will go next. Karina's and Saber's dishes were beautiful. I think Karina is my fav though.
  3. CrazyDog

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    I don't know, I kind of think they should stay together, and not inflict themselves on other innocent partners.
  4. CrazyDog

    S03.E17 Liar Liar, Room on Fire

    That was great, lol. Visible blood! I don't dislike Katie but it was nice to have her called out a bit for her lying. Loved the bit at the end with poor, sweet Greg still trying to have his salon, lol.
  5. CrazyDog

    S05.E21: Under the Taipei Sun

    I really enjoyed this episode, mainly because it was so Eddie focused. I just love him. It was satisfying watching the family realize how much he adds to their lives. "The wheels are really coming off this meal." Lol, Louis. The less said about Jessica, the better. I only liked the brief part where she finally admitted missing him. Very cool that we're getting to see his trip...I was going to be sad if he was just going to be gone for a few episodes. Maybe Jessica can take an offscreen trip somewhere for a season or two 🙂 The guy helping Eddie was interesting. I wonder if he'll show up again somewhere with his restaurant ambitions.
  6. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    I hope this is decent news for the show. I still think future seasons will be expensive. But...I'm hopeful that steady, if not crazy exciting, ratings will get us a S2 at least. Excellent cast, solid material to work with...c'mon Fox! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/passage-blacklist-top-midseason-dvr-charts-1198280
  7. CrazyDog

    Cobra Kai

    Woah, it's getting real in S2. A little soap-y but still looks good. I'm already scared of Tory with a Y. Could she have come along with Kreese? She's obviously skilled. Cool to see more girls getting in the ring, so to speak. Did I miss Aisha in there? Can't wait to see more of Demetri...I like him. I do hope we continue to see Johnny grow and eventually fight back against Kreese. I don't care if it's predictable, I want him and Daniel on the same side at some point. I don't need them to be BFFs but the series should end with them making peace with other and their competing philosophies. Oh Hawk.
  8. CrazyDog

    Tacoma FD

    Since I actually live near Tacoma, I had to check it out. Sometimes you just need a silly show to enjoy, and I thought this was pretty funny and goofy. The cast is very appealing. The actual Tacoma FD mentioned on Twitter that they would be looking forward to positive portrayals of the FD, and looking to enjoy some laughs along the way. Very cool.
  9. CrazyDog

    Million Dollar Mile

    I enjoyed this, all in all. The course was interesting and I love the neon look. But it's hard to see how the contestants will get far with the defenders having apparently practiced on the course. But it's a good summer show until ANW comes back.
  10. CrazyDog

    Cobra Kai

    I'm always so behind...I started watching this when it first came out and then got sidetracked. I just (finally) finished it, and LOVED it. I really wasn't expecting YouTube to put out something so good. They did a fantastic job of honoring the original movies, but have really added so much more to the stories, especially Johnny's. Adding more shades of grey to him and Daniel both is just great. I do love the humor and the drama around two men in their 50s who just cannot let this rivalry go. I love all the parallels with Johnny/Daniel, and Miguel/Robby. And Hawk is interesting (is he a Dutch in the making?) Though I find Robby's Prince Valium hair to be distracting. I won't repeat so much of what's already been posted, but I'm impressed. I hope season 2 continues to bring it. Yes, I loved it. I hope they'll release it when the series comes out.
  11. CrazyDog

    S03.E16 Insta-Friends

    I also just love Cooper and Tripp. I wanted Tripp to be in the family photo at the end! Cooper is just a great character. He could have been written so much worse, but he's such a decent guy. I like him and Oliver as friends, and let's face it, as Oliver's unofficial brother. And Greg is so great. He's just so happy all the time. I liked his friendship and his "D pics", lol. I didn't mind Katie being jealous at first, but she did cross the line into full-on mean when she was chanting Dane sucks or whatever it was. That was just uncalled for. Girls night out...ha. Just the same as breakfast, but with wine.
  12. CrazyDog

    Spring Baking Championship

    That was great. I think even the baker said "Thanks, Clinton!" lol. I'm not minding Clinton, though I will always miss Bobby. I agree with a lot of the posts here...Nancy is so repetitive with her main criteria...brown, or not brown. And Lorraine drives me nuts with her tiny tastes too. Though as someone who's not a huge dessert fan (and yet I watch this show, lol), I can't imagine all the tasting and sugar they may have to eat doing two judging rounds an episode. So I kind of get pacing yourself. I like Saber and Karina, and Riccardo seems to have some talent. Jordan is annoying me for no specific reason.
  13. CrazyDog

    Spring Baking Championship

    Lol! And you would have my vote to win the whole thing.
  14. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    I was nervous about it getting renewed, but I'm surprised they have it listed this way. The ratings were pretty decent. I would guess if anything, the cost of future episodes/seasons could be more of a concern, considering it wasn't a huge blockbuster. Curious that they have The Orville listed as more likely to renew.
  15. CrazyDog

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Showing my age, but that name will always make me think of Top Gun.
  16. CrazyDog

    All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

    I'll chime in! I'm not sure how I came across this film, but I also really enjoyed it. The 70s look and feel was cool, and the music was great. It wasn't anything groundbreaking, but it was entertaining. I don't think we need spoilers on it, since it's so old, but just in case....the one thing that I kind of liked, but was also a bit frustrated by with the ending, was:
  17. CrazyDog

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Hannah B. as the lead? I. Cannot. Wait. This will be such a trainwreck. The producers are just phoning it in casting-wise, aren't they? But if Hannah also jumps a fence or dumps everyone at the end, all will be forgiven. Colton set the bar high, lol.
  18. CrazyDog

    S05.E17: These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

    As usual, I really liked Eddie in this episode. Loved seeing him thrive in the truly horrible apartment and going to buy olive oil for the meal he was cooking, lol. He and Louis are my favorites, along with Eddie's friends. I could definitely get on board with a Louis and Eddie show. I was totally lost on the Emery storyline. I don't remember a big plot with him and Louis over volleyball. And he quit volleyball, and started line dancing? In a bar? Was that supposed to be some sort of all ages class or something? It was just odd. Evan still totally annoys me. I miss Marvin.
  19. CrazyDog

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    "Just a humble, decent dude." I swear, that's about one of the best compliments ever. And as others have said, when lovely, funny random stories and anecdotes come out not just from the people who knew him best, but also from those who just crossed paths with him briefly, it says so much about how he lived his life and how he treated people. He will be missed by so many.
  20. CrazyDog

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    I'm a few episodes behind, but I had been hoping for more Fred. With the total insanity that is Riverdale (and I like it), Fred Andrews brought such a refreshing sense of calm and sanity to the show. Luke will be missed so much. I can't imagine trying to replace or recast the character.
  21. CrazyDog

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Oh, this is way too sad. I feel so bad for his family, friends and co-workers. He seemed like such a nice guy and that's what makes this one hurt so much.
  22. CrazyDog

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Damn. He really seemed like such a nice guy. His poor family. Just way, way too young.
  23. CrazyDog


    I think the husband is pretty hilarious. Same with the parents. It's still an odd show, but I'm liking it OK. But it's so weird how Gary Cole just disappeared.
  24. CrazyDog

    The Passage

    When Richards had Lila kidnapped, because she was a "liability", did he not know about Lacey? He must have, so that was an odd plot hole. But I could see where his men would have had a LOT more trouble kidnapping badass Lacey, lol. She must have an idea what happened to Lila, so I'm curious as to where she is. Brad must have told her where Project Noah was. Also agree on Lila running into the woods being a crazy bad decision. I really, really doubt the show would go there, but on Twitter, someone asked the actress who plays Lila if there was a chance she was exposed to the blood of the woman who was bit, and she just said very good question. Hmm. Still wondering about the fiance, lol. Wouldn't he be a wee bit worried about her by now? Poor mystery guy. The show really should have just kept her single. Poor Amy. I'm glad, and a bit surprised, that the show continues to acknowledge that Amy *just* freaking lost her mom. So many shows would have been glossing that over by now. Her sharing her grief with Brad (and his for his daughter), just makes their bond all the stronger. The last episode continued to humanize Shauna - her friendship with Sykes did feel real. But I'm not sure I understand what she thinks Sykes could do for her after she turned, as she mentioned feeling abandoned. Betrayed by what Sykes did TO her, and not being honest about the risks she could get turned into a bloodsucking monster? Sure. I'm not convinced that Babcock won't circle back to good at some point. Will both Lear and Sykes die for some sort of redemption? And I still like Richards and find the actor interesting to watch, so I'm glad he finally came around to wanting to help Brad and Amy, though I think his days are numbered. I cannot stand Guilder, and he just has way too much power right now. I have a bad feeling (especially with no renewal news yet) that we'll get some cliffhanger with him and Amy at the end of the season.
  25. CrazyDog

    Media Ninjas: ANW in the Media

    Has anyone ever attended a show? For the first time, it's going to film in my state (WA), and it's soooo close to my home, and it's so tempting to try to get tickets. Though by now, I think I'd be so far at the end of the waitlist, that it wouldn't happen. I believe Lance will be there for sure, not sure who else.