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  1. I really liked this episode, to me it wasn't filled up with manufactured drama. I think Karen needs to realize that SHE picked the two lousy men who did her wrong. Perhaps she's the one with a bad picker. But she's looking for things to be wrong with Miles so she can justify her distrustful nature.I I feel for Henry. I don't think it's strange that he's never left the country before. I didn't get my first passport until I was 23; I know many people who have never left the US, there are so many interesting and beautiful places in the US to visit, it's not unusual to me. There used to be a YouTube video called "Adult Lap Swim" about members of the Columbia University swim team, teaching adults how to swim. In the comments section of that video many adults wrote the reasons they never learned. One thing I did like was to see the two black couples enjoying the water! Take that to the ignorant people who many years ago believed that black people couldn't learn to swim. (I used to hear that crap when I was a teenager)
  2. I think Josh could have handled it better, but I get where he's coming from. Who wants a needy partner? Who wants someone with more issues than Vogue? I think their problem was they had sex way too soon.
  3. I think one of the issues is that people equate marriage with being an adult. I feel that's behind a lot of the pressure, people don't want their friends to think there's something wrong with their children and in turn something wrong with them. Even on that YouTube channel, it sounded like there was a lot of prolonging adolescence going on. And sometimes I find Kimberly very condescending.
  4. Maybe, but I think a lot of shit gets put on menopause that has nothing to do with menopause, and this is from someone who's going through, or has been through it.
  5. To me, Leah is trying too hard. There is a reality show playbook today that says if you aren't interesting and outrageous, you're gone. Leah wants to secure her spot for next season, so she jumped on the hot mess express. I think Dorinda is in a lot of pain and she's trying to drink it away. Is she an alcoholic? Only time will tell. Right now, she's a very heavy drinker. I think Dorinda hates that she's not where she thought she'd be at her age. I think that's why she went after Tinsley. Tinsley is in the beginning of it all, engaged, going to be married, have a family, etc. When you're older you know that eventually it will end. Dorinda is a widow, she knows that if you live long enough, you see that nothing lasts. That's true. I thought it was cruel for Dorinda to bully Tinsley, let the woman have her time, because it's not going to last.
  6. Thanks for that. But the thing is, there was nothing those women said that doesn't exist in the US. In the US there is a scale on who is and who isn't desirable. And there is a caste system: if you go to a private school doors will be open to you that may not be open if you go to a public school. People go crazy to get their children in the "right" preschools. So caste exists in the USA. I've also known women who got advanced degrees to be more desirable to a higher earning partner. I once knew of a woman who was very intelligent but had some health issues. The man she eventually married was considered "beneath" her by her family. For her, he was perfect because he was willing to accept her health issues, where as men who were in "her class" did not (example, she could not have children, which was a HUGE issue, but her husband already had children). And the irony, my friend was slim, tall and fair.
  7. In life, sometimes you don't get your feelings validated. But why should Josh have to deal with what some other guy did to Cathy? Cathy came with suitcases and trunks. She needs to deal with her issues before thinking about getting married. Josh on the other hand needs to know it's not right to tell his mother his relationship problems. Why is it creepy? KC needs to learn the word boundaries. She barely knows the man and she's cleaning his house? Stuffed animals aren't hurting anybody.
  8. I have to disagree with this. That photo looks like it's from the reception, it looks like it's in a hotel or expensive restaurant. In some cases the wedding can be a low key affair and then people come to the reception dressed to the nines. Proper wedding attire is usually for a church wedding IMO, and even then not always. I think Leah is between a rock and a hard place. She's the new girl in the cast. On reality shows, if you're low key, people will see you as "boring." So she may feel she has to be outrageous to secure her spot on the show. However she has to be careful because it can backfire. On RHOA, Shamari DeVoe was the new cast member one season. She got very drunk more than a few times, at different occasions, she was gone the next season.
  9. Watching this online, in HD and these women, except Luann, have the WORST skin, especially Dorinda. Ugh.
  10. Dear Dorinda, if you snap at people who talk about your drinking, you've got a problem lady. Go to AA!
  11. I think it's his house. He does have money, that's why Stacy is still there. His house was a party house. I don't think we've seen the last of them yet.
  12. Why should the woman agree with Mishel? I didn't. I didn't get what her point was. She kept saying how betrayed she felt. I didn't see it. I thought it was rude to walk out just because someone didn't agree with you.
  13. Nothing to be ashamed of. I'm intelligent and educated and don't think I should watch PBS and documentaries and read all the time. What I like about this show is seeing how these couples are moving through life, especially during the pandemic.
  14. Libby is an idiot. She is married to Andrei, she has a child with him. Why was she screaming at Andrei, "Don't yell at MY FAMILY." Isn't Andrei her family?
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