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  1. You are SO right. Jenna is an AWFUL boss. A good boss would realize that Madison was traumatized by that pig charter (you know the one I'm talking about). A good boss would take Madison aside and ask if she was okay, that she did a great job with those pigs and tell her the next time shit like that goes down to get HER or the captain up. Madison should NOT have had to deal with those pigs by herself, no way.
  2. Yeah Soulja Boy, not very smart. I thought the video sucked too, as well as his "performance." I think the women were right, Lisa's probably been sending Usman $$$, which is why she's so possessive. I am going to defend Yolanda. A lot of folks on Twitter think she's dumb as a pile of rocks, and some think her story isn't real. I would not be surprised if her story is real, especially after reading this story. I believe these scammers deliberately seek out women and men who are recently widowed. If Yolanda mentioned that she just lost the love of her life, that admission was like blood in a sea of sharks. Those scammers just came running and probably love bombed the woman. Yolanda probably thought she had met Mr. Right. Not smart to send nudes though, and because she's not giving up any $$, they turned to the next scam, threaten her with the pictures. Stephanie and Erika: I think Stephanie is one of those people whose online persona is completely different than their real self. Not an issue, unless you get into a relationship with someone who thinks that persona is real. I wonder if Stephanie explained that to Erika, probably not. I feel bad for Rose because I could tell that she didn't want any part of Ed. But she wants a better life for she and her son, sad but shit like that happens to women in the USA as well.
  3. That wasn't disturbing to me, it was childish. He was pissed at the show for setting him up with Taylor. If most of his relationships have been interracial, he was probably upset that he was set up with a black woman, especially a reality show/Instagram wannabe with a busted wig. (sorry, had to throw that in)
  4. BTW, did Katie think stealing a golf cart was "hood rat stuff?" Really Katie?
  5. I didn't see crazy at all. A person being angry doesn't mean they are crazy. I saw his facial expression as, "see what just happened." As if the producers had asked both he and Taylor to please go on the couples retreat. I'm confused as to what "normal" anger is. I mean what is normal? What is "scary" anger? To who? To me Brandon's anger was, "Why did you pair me with HER?" And then when it came out that she's a reality fame whore, it pissed him off even more. I can't say I blame him. If Brandon were a woman, would the anger still be "scary?" I think by the time this episode was filmed, the producers knew this season was a wash out. So what they were trying to do was to salvage the season. "Just come on the retreat, it'll be fun." What would happen if Brandon and Taylor and Meka and Michael did what Mindy did in the midst of the season, and say their respective marriages were over? No one in production would be happy if that had happened. I mean if Meka is SO upset that Michael keeps lying to her, why is she still there? Why is Taylor still there if Brandon pissed her off THAT much? I'd like to know.
  6. I am confused. What is so scary about a person expressing anger? Anger is a normal emotion. True, Brandon is a man-child, but still. I don't see Brandon as being violent at all. What has happened that expressing anger, even if it's yelling has become scary? As for how Brandon would be with no cameras, I assume he's living right now with no cameras.
  7. At first I thought Brandon was acting like an ass to production, then I saw production and that changed my mind. Production is fucking shady. What would have happened to their little show if Brandon, Taylor, Michael and Meka went the way of Mindy and said, "get me out of this bullshit marriage?"
  8. I am very glad that luck has been brought up. You could be the greatest human being ever, and still end up with a jerk. Two people go to a party, one meets their soulmate, the other meets a serial killer. It's all about luck, good and/or bad.
  9. Don't forget Mindy. Though I wonder why she took so damn long to leave Zach. I just wish Meka would tell the experts that they should take her sham marriage and shove it.
  10. In the first season, Vaughn, who was married off to Monet said that his celebrity crushes were Halle Berry and Paula Patton. Monet looked like neither woman. Like I said in my previous post, these people are selected for drama period. Which is really cruel because they are messing with real people's lives here. I think she tried to get on Temptation Island. I'd LOVE to see her and her wig on Naked and Afraid. She'd probably tap out on day 1.
  11. Last night’s episode was certainly…interesting, but not really in a good way. I don’t think Michael, Brandon, Zach, Taylor or Katie should have been picked for the show. Michael and Zach are liars, Brandon is a spoiled manchild, Taylor wants to be on reality TV and Katie is still hung up on her ex. These people were picked for the drama factor alone, I’m sure of it now. I’m trying to figure out who is shadier, Taylor or the producers. The most interesting part of the show, for me was Brandon basically breaking the fourth wall, telling the producers that he didn’t want to do the show anymore. How could that producer tell Brandon not to touch the equipment when it’s on his body? WTF? And what was up with Taylor not wanting Brandon to leave the bathroom? I thought she was done playing victim/martyr, I guess now. Here’s what I think happened. By the time of the “Couples Retreat” the producers knew this season was toast. One couple was done, two couples were very close to done and one was teetering. Only Ashton and Jessica were okay but the show could not continue with only one or two couples. They had to get the others there somehow. Taylor keeps saying she wants to move forward, all that means is she wants to stay on the show, maybe she hopes that some baller will see her and fall in love, or that she’ll get a part on Love and Hip Hop, if they ever decide to do a DC franchise. Brandon and Michael looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there. Very interesting. I wonder if the producers tell the men that most of the viewers are women and they’ll look like jerks if they’re the ones who say they don’t want to be in the marriage anymore. Maybe, maybe not, but I do remember that when Keith told Iris the Virgin that he wanted a divorce, some folks were mad AT HIM. WTF, I mean what kind of fucked up show would pair a man like Keith who was not a virgin with Iris the Virgin who was saving herself for marriage? Cruel for both parties. I also think that the producers and the “experts” convince or manipulate the participants to “just keep trying” even when everybody in the universe can see the marriage is toast. Maybe that was why it took Mindy so long to pull the plug. If Taylor complained about Brandon to me as much as she complains to everybody else about him, I’d ask her, “Why the hell are you still there sis?” TV? Fame? The one person I feel for in this is Meka, because I can see her getting smaller and smaller each day as the marriage is wearing her down (notice Taylor isn’t worn down at all, even though she had on the old wig last night). I think. Meka really, really wanted to get married, she really thought the show would do for her what she could not do for herself, instead she got stuck with a liar and a jerk who had no business being on the show in the first place. And another thing. Why didn’t anybody call bullshit on Michael when he made the statement, “I’m the first one in my family to get married?” That itself was such bullshit. Really Michael, the first one EVER? See, he started off the whole thing with a lie. One more thing. I think Taylor called Brandon the "b" word, but I also think she called him the "N" word. Funny she was back to wearing the busted wig. I'm glad Mindy got the hell away from that circus.
  12. I watched this last weekend. Damn, what a train wreck, but I was there for it. I don't need someone to root for when watching a movie or TV show. I only need someone to root for if I'm watching sports, and not always then. I like watching shows for the subject matter and this show was certainly interesting, I could not look away. Joe and Carole to me, are two sides of the same coin. Both want attention, both use animals in order to get that attention. That "Doc" person was running some kind of bizarre cult, he was like R. Kelly with tigers. All of these people realized that there are many folks who love taking photos with lion and tiger cubs and putting them on their social media. Joe is in jail because he's stupid. You cannot go around making videos saying how much you want to blow someone's head off, and then make videos of what you would do to said person. Can't do that today Joe, even if it is just a joke, that's how Kathy Griffin got in trouble. Someone on YouTube reviewed this show and said that they need to put all of them in jail and then film that for a reality show. None of these people gave a shit about the animals they were supposed to help. Yes, I think they should lock them all up.
  13. I am annoyed with Jenna, that's a given, but I am starting to not like Georgia either. I can't stand how Jenna treats Madison and I have a feeling that Georgia might start lighting into her too. I have a feeling that Madison might be suffering from PTSD (see, there I go making a diagnosis!) from those pigs who were on the boat, you remember the pigs, those awful people who drank like fishes and one of them actually picked up Madison, as if she were a doll, even though she told the guy to put her down. They were awful to her, especially when they returned from the club with a whole bunch of drunken guests. I think Madison should have woken the captain up ASAP and told him to deal with the situation, she probably should have woken up Adam too when they started demanding food. She should NOT have had to prepare food for them, that's not her job. I think that experience rattled her, especially when no one even mentioned that she did a good job, that she exhibited grace under pressure. To me she seems different than she did before the pig charter. It doesn't help that she doesn't have a supportive boss who is more interested in getting into the chef's pants than she is in doing her job.
  14. Lisa is a troll. She looks like an ugly hobbit. I think Lisa might be giving Usman $$$$, which is why she's so possessive
  15. Why does everything have to be a diagnosis? Not everybody is the same? What happened to people just being I don't know, "different?" I get tired of everything being some sort of shit from DSM whatever.
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