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  1. I can't stand Candiace, she's vile and disgusting. She was born to privilege. Her mother is a professional. I hate how she drags Ashley for marrying an older man. Not everybody has a professional for a mother, Candiass, or whatever her name is. Candyass's privilege is nothing more than LUCK. She just as easily could have been born to two junkies. Instead of feeling superior to Ashley, how about being grateful for what you have? BTW, doesn't Candyass's husband have adult children who don't talk to him?
  2. Darcey is like an overgrown tween, except she’s a middle aged woman.
  3. She probably went back and licked it off the car, nasty heifer.
  4. Angela, you’re a gross pig wasting food like that.
  5. Ben, go home. Someone please run over Angela and that rats nest on top of her head.
  6. Oh great another secret. Zied’s sister is a bitch. Zied is a grown man, does this sister she have a job or a man or is she just a pain in the ass?
  7. I’m sorry, “cook my sister “ yes someone should cook that heifer.
  8. Which sister is more desperate or fame whoreish, Darcy or Stacy? Hard to decide.
  9. I don't know. I knew that Keith liked Iris like an older brother likes his little sister. Iris friend zoned herself IMO. I don't think Matt is a psychopath/sociopath or anything diagnosable. I think Matt came on this show because he thought it was another bullshit dating show like The Bachelor/Flava of Love/Rock of Love/Are you the one?/Temptation Island, shows where people go on to promote themselves, not find love. The problem was that many who do this show take is seriously, and Amber took it very seriously. I would never go on a reality show to find love, and most people I know feel the same way, I don't think most folks on this board would go on a show like Married at First Sight either. Matt was probably like, "why the fuck are any of you taking this nonsense seriously?" I don't think Matt is scum because he didn't take this shit show seriously, I think Matt is scum because when he realized Amber was taking it seriously, he didn't take her aside and tell her that HE didn't take the show seriously and wanted out. Amber would have been hurt, but she probably would have felt better that Matt was honest. Instead Matt was an asshole and didn't promote himself well at all.🤢
  10. Situations don't matter to real alcoholics. A person can have a family and still drink, because they're an alcoholic. I don't know if Travis is an alcoholic, only time will tell. I think Joao only likes women who kiss his ass and tell him how wonderful he is, anything less and he'll shade you.
  11. Loved what she said about all of the couples, especially what she said about Amber, how she needs to seriously love herself. Also It would be interesting if the couples had 8 weeks with cameras, 2 weeks without cameras and then make their decision.
  12. Well said. I really agree with the part I bolded. When I was growing up in the 70's, a lot of black mothers, and fathers too were aware of the stigma of being a single mother, plus add being black to that. Nothing wrong with being a single mother, it's just that there was a stigma attached to young black girls that you were "fast" especially if you had a large behind (I kid you not). It's not just black folk who tell all kinds of stuff to their daughters. I used to know a woman who was told that "only prostitutes and Gypsies have their ears pierced" so she never had her ears pierced. Now, to be fair, ear piercing was probably more about hygiene, but why not just say that? Why tell tales? I think Deonna is more into Greg than she lets on. She knows he's into her, but maybe she has seen (as I have) what happens when you let a man know how you feel a little too early, i.e Matt and Amber. Also there's the issue of the camera and these folks being produced. When Greg and Deonna were making their decision, Greg looked like he was about to start laughing and when I looked at Deonna, she too looked like something was funny. Probably the producers told them to drag it out for the show and they felt silly doing it. I think Deonna will stay with Greg because deep down she knows she might never find a better man than Greg. She may not be as into him as he's into her but I think she's grown enough to realize, "damn, I'm lucky to have this man."
  13. I don't get this, Iris and Amber are grown women, if they can't tell that a man is or isn't interested in them, maybe they shouldn't have come on a TV show looking for a husband. Maybe they should take baby steps and just date.
  14. True, but this is an entertainment show, not a serious experiment. It has no legitimacy, no matter what the show tries to tell you. The "experts" will do no such thing. This show is all about drama, like The Bachelor or the dating shows on VH1 and MTV.
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