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  1. I never liked Monique because of that "I have 4 homes" talk. I realize she was trying to best Gizelle but...no sis. If you talk like that, if your kids hear you talk like that then they'll talk like that to other kids and turn into a spoiled brat, just like Gizelle.
  2. I think Wendy described Gizelle perfectly in part 1. They were talking about how Gizelle really can't dress and Wendy said something like, Gizelle is so pretty she never had to try. About three years ago this comic strip was floating around about privilege and one of the things it showed is that when people have privilege all their lives, they begin to think they deserve it. The irony is that Monique's children (Monique has 4 houses, remember?) will have that same type of privilege. At any rate, the Gooniques are all screaming that Andy gaslighted (is that even a word?) Monique,
  3. Stephanie is going to end up like what's her name who married the tattoo artist from Jamaica, I think her name was Ashley? OMG, she slept with Ryan's cousin? Damn, his cousin is FINE, girl you need to drop Ryan and get with Harris.
  4. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you should SPEND a lot of money. That's how the rich stay rich.
  5. I once saw a documentary about something like this, so you're not wrong.
  6. Jovi, please put Yara in a box and Fedex her back home, what a entitled witch.
  7. I was on a YouTube video of Richie Skye who suddenly has become a Monique supporter, he's even taken the video of Gizelle calling him a "cutie pie" out of his intro. People, espeically a lot of black people like Monique for many reasons; first many black women have issues with light skinned and/or mixed women (many YouTube videos about that) but also because of what Monique represents: A working class girl who married the prince and now lives in a castle, that's a dream many women still want.
  8. I detest Monique, I never could stand her or her stank face. BUT, there's one thing I detest even more and I noticed this last night on the reunion: It's when the host isn't neutral and obviously takes sides. Andy took a lot of shots at Monique last night. I think he was VERY upset at her comment about, "if I'm fired, I wanted to finish her (Candiace) off." Which was what she also said on Watch What Happens Live. Wrong choice of words. She should have said, "I don't remember running after her, I was like...still blacked out." Monqiue strikes me as someone who does what al
  9. I think Chris S and Monique knew that Gizelle wasn't the one who started the rumor about their child, but she did spread it around and Bravo didn't touch it, so that was why Andy kept saying, "It wasn't on the show!"
  10. For some reason, I don't beleive this. She's probably holding out for more money. 💲 How many years did I read that Nene wasn't coming back, only to have her return until she didn't. I laugh at how everytime a person quits a job they always use the "family first" comment.
  11. I think this is a very interesting dilemia. Do you change the history of a character, or create a backstory because the character on the screen is a POC? If that's the case, what's the point of having POC in the show at all? Just stay true to the books and have everybody be white, so as not to make anybody uncomfortable? I'm not sure if that's better either. What I did notice about the show was its colorism that might have been intentional. Though there were plenty of brown skinned debutantes and brown skinned women extras on the show, the only ones who had speaking parts were either
  12. Here is my objective view of Monique vs. Gizelle. I think Monique sees herself and Chris as hard workers, as people who were not born into privilage but had to work to get where they are. Chris had to work playing football and Monique had to work to do whatever she did, include marrying Chris and settling into that life. I think she resents Gizelle because she sees her as someone who had everything handed to her and who will continue having everything handed to her. My mom had a friend like Gizelle, she acted like Gizelle and life just seemed to fall into place for her, while my mothe
  13. Chris and Monique look like they’re auditioning for Love and Basketball part two. Karen is taking her Grande Dame role too seriously. Monique’s binder was a big pile of nothing.
  14. Chris and Monique look like they’re auditioning for Love and Basketball part two.
  15. The editors of this show are shady. Monique said that, “ that’s why you ain’t got a man” comment. She’s nothing but a male identified shrew.
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