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  1. Well she did keep going on and on and on about how the guest was a "bitch" to her, so there is that. She's not St. Kate to me at all, especially after the way she treated Simone. Sure Simone was a shit stew, but Kate didn't know that when she immediately bonded with Courtney. I can't stand either of them, especially Courtney with her....tears. If Simone had been crying no one would have given a shit. But IMO, the men this season were crap and it started with their leader, Ashton who acted like a child, and his "bros" followed the leader.
  2. No one's saying that Kate wasn't attacked by the "bro brigade." Enduring those attacks doesn't make it okay for her to attack a group of black women.
  3. I don't think so. Kate was a total witch regarding those guests. Yes, they bonded with Simone, she's a black woman and they were black women. Nothing wrong with that. Kate bonded instantly with Courtney and no one had a problem with that. It seems that when we black women do ANYTHING, we're slammed. Kate was upset because the guests liked Simone more than HER. And now she wants to sleep with nasty, disgusting Tanner.
  4. I loved this and thought it was funny.
  5. I just feel bad for his family. A man and his 13 year old daughter are dead.
  6. An interesting review, especially what she says about what Jack told young Randall, how the good kid had to suck it up, while everybody has to deal with the "not good kids."
  7. Hopefully Tony (the new guy they were interviewing) will show Dennis who's boss. I hope Ashley leaves SOON. Her standing there laughing while a girl was getting her ass beat showed me just what a nutjob she is. I wouldn't have suspected her as "60 Days In," I would have just thought she was a nutjob. Nobody was asking her to stop the fight, but when it was over, she could have at least gone up to the girl who got the beat down and asked if she was okay, you know, acted like a human being.
  8. I cannot lay the blame solely on the experts and claim that participants are all doe eyed ingenues. These people signed up for a reality show that has been on for multiple seasons. The episodes can be viewed either on Lifetime's website or even on YouTube. Reality shows are all about the drama, using editing and producing to create drama so the ratings will go up, that's it, that's what the show is about, ratings and money. If someone finds true love in the middle of it, well that's a plus.
  9. I agree. These people are adults, no one held a gun to their head and forced them onto this show. What I find interesting about this show is the randomness of it all. There are all these books out here, telling mainly women what they need to do to attract the "perfect" guy. Crap. The truth is that life is mostly random. You can do everything right, you can be the perfect person and still meet a toad, because that's life, it's a coin toss, a crap shoot, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. There are many attractive, intelligent, kind people who never meet their "soul mate." Doesn't mean anything is wrong with them, it's just life.
  10. The thing is, young black men DO get disrespected A LOT, especially by white people in law enforcement, that's not a lie. However, Dennis had to have known that the sheriff was a white man, so why agree to do the program? Another one I can't stand, Jennifer. She got upset with Shanese because of her food allergies. But Shanese begs a question, what would happen to a real inmate with her allergies? The only reason Jennifer is getting the attention isn't only because of the Holy Spirit, but also because she's an attractive, exotic looking woman. A few years ago, on the TV show "Catfish" Nev talked to a woman whose pictures were constantly getting stolen and used by Catfishers. She was an attractive black biracial looking woman; so Jennifer, it's not just the Holy Spirit.
  11. I don't think it's about being fake. A lot of people confuse "keeping it real" with being rude. A lot of people think that common courtesy is being fake. To me, common courtesy is being open, not shutting the door because you're not turned on in the first fifteen minutes.
  12. I don't get too angry with the experts because the experts can only work with what the producers give them: The participants have to be willing to be "married at first sight." They have to sign a release agreeing to be filmed for eight weeks, and probably have to agree to come on various Married at First Sight spin off shows like "Happily Ever After" and "Couples Couch." They have to be people whose jobs allow them to be filmed for eight weeks + whatever else may come up. They have to be people whose families are on board. On this season, only Mindy's sister is on board and last season, one of the men's (the basketball player) families didn't show up at all, none of them. And they have to look good on camera. So the pickings may be slim. We don't even know how many viable participants they have to chose from.
  13. Here's my unpopular opinion. Marriage has always been about the marketplace, "I have this, you have that." If you have a good job, you wouldn't be attracted to a homeless junkie. And I never knew there was an age restriction on marriage. So a person has to marry someone in the 10 year age range or else it's "creepy?" Good to know.
  14. I don't think you're wrong. To me it all has to do with boundaries. People just have different boundaries. If you watch House Hunters on HGTV, there are couples that might want their own bathrooms, at least their own sinks.
  15. I'm with you 100%. Years ago I saw the Michael Moore movie "Bowling for Columbine." There's one part of the movie where he brings up fear, that in the US the news media is hell bent on scaring the shit out of us, screaming DANGER at every corner. That awareness could make a person feel more sensitive to things. Another reason I think, is that unless you live in a major city, you probably don't come in contact with a whole lot of people on a daily basis, so the thought of being on an airplane or on mass transit could fill people with anxiety, just because they're not used to it. I live in NYC, years ago when I took the subway to and from work, in the summer I might take a shower when I got home, especially if it was humid. I don't know what the weather was like in Panama that day, I remember when I was there about 14 years ago, in January it was pretty hot and humid. I think Zach might be one of those people who gets a pass because of his looks. He can be rude, he can say things in not a nice way, and he'll get excused because of his looks.
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