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  1. I'm laughing so hard at this time. Deavan seems to see herself as a Disney princess. Confused here. I once worked in a maternity ward as a volunteer and I remember seeing the doctor coming into the room to circumcise babies that were there. Ari didn't do any research on Ethiopia. All she cared about was having sex with an "exotic man."
  2. I want one of those "Black Girls Vote" buttons. I wish someone would say to Karen, "Karen, Dorinda on RHONYC said some awful things to everyone, especially Tinsley. Her mouth was just as nasty as Candiace's. Yet, none of the NYC housewives ever resorted to physical violence. What do you think of that, Karen?" And Wendy was right about Monique's "blacking out." If Monique blacked out, why did she run around back outside to try to "finish Candiace off" and had to be held back? And Karen wants to defend that behavior.
  3. I liked the politics because they were speaking the truth and politics will happen whether you want it to or not, especially if you are a black woman. I didn't like Robyn's wig because Robyn doesn't look good with a lot of hair. Come to think of it, most of them look like ass sporting those Rapunzel wigs. Let's see some more natural looks, please. Monique is trash for doing that. Leave other people's relationships alone. When people mess with others relationships there is usually something the matter with their own. Monique a "round the way girl?" I thought a round the way girl was that, a GIRL. If Robyn's hats are satin lined, she will sell many hats. All types of curly girls need hats like that, especially if you have 4C hair.
  4. That's what I DETEST about Ari. People get upset when foreigners come to the USA and don't want to do things OUR way; but it's fine for Americans to go to other countries and STILL want things OUR way. Talk about ugly ass Americans.
  5. Bini said, it's not a law in Ethiopia to have a car seat. Does Ari even know where she is? To me Ari, Brittany and Jenny are three peas in a pod. All of them probably thought it was "cute" being with a "foreign" man. They probably thought it would be "exotic." Now shit is getting real and they can't deal. But I really detest Ari. To me she seems to be a person who is in another country and wants everything to be the way it is in the US. Ari, if you wanted things to be like in the US, then STAY IN THE FUCKING US. I didn't like the sheep either but I didn't have a baby with an Ethiopian man and decide to have the baby in Ethiopia. This is HIS CULTURE and you are in HIS COUNTRY so shut your fucking pie hole and deal. Is Ari a vegetarian?
  6. I don't think the pills enhance her ability to play chess. I think the pills keep all of Beth's feelings at bay so she can concentrate on chess. A lot of people who are recovering alcoholics will tell you that alcohol saved their life at the time. Saved them from being a crazy mess because of shit that happened in childhood. When they got sober they were old enough, and had the tools to deal with the mess of their childhoods. To me Beth comes across like a person in shock, her expression hasn't changed since the very first scene, at the scene of the car accident.
  7. She was talking about Rick Ross. I think her show should be cancelled.
  8. I don't think Karen or Christina really want that. I think what they want is a man who will "read" them, not a man who feels "I can't tell her she's acting like a fool because I don't want to offend her." Amani isn't married to Miles, she's married to Woody. And when she said "Woody and I's marriage" I knew exactly what she meant.
  9. I don't think Woody mumbles at all. So, it's not a requirement that the participants live in the city where they are filming? ChristinA lied to Henry at the reception about where she lived. I don't know about the gay/blackmail email. It's kind of like Michael and Meeka. What's true, what isn't? Hopefully Henry will bring it up during decision day because right now he's the only one talking about it.
  10. I'm watching a previous episode. Brett's humor isn't harmless snark, it's nastiness. "OH your bathroom is SOOOOO PINK." "Oh, anybody who RENTS is throwing their money away!" Just an insensitive jerk. He needs to go live in the wilds of Alaska where he can be with his true love, himself. I have a question about ChristinA. Did she give a fake address when she applied for this show? Where was she really living in NOLA? Did she actually apply from California? She lied to Henry about where she lived, she probably lied to the producers as well.
  11. I hate to think of Malia being a captain. What a nightmare.
  12. People lose their BS meter when it comes to certain people. Mer was attractive, she dressed well, she was well spoken. Some people view those things as character assets.
  13. Love this post. Monique took the bait and lost it. It's a good thing that she's on a reality show, because if this has been somewhere else, the police could have been called and it could have gotten ugly.
  14. I think you got it. I listened to Karen again yesterday and I think I understood exactly what she wants. She wants to let Miles know that she's not one of these black women who grew up seeing women do everything because there were no men around, she wants Miles to carry his share of the load.
  15. I've been watching "Next Generation" and I don't like most of these folks. To me a lot of them come across as upper middle class white people who look down on "the city" (even though the city is probably how most of them made their money to afford their land, cabins and expensive equipment)
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