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  1. I think Juliana has plenty of female features. There are a lot of women out here, especially young women who aren't 36-24-36. A woman doesn't have to be "curvy" to be a "real woman."
  2. The name of the game today is self promotion. You can be on a reality show be an Instagram Influencer or a YouTuber. It's all about building making money, promoting yourself, building a brand. I can't hate on any of these people, especially young people because labor sure doesn't pay what it used to pay and college costs are out of control. If they can make coin doing this, then go for it. Most of them won't make it anyway.
  3. The thing about a cult is that you can get kicked out if you do something wrong. In AA, if you don't follow the suggestions, you don't have to leave AA, everything is a suggestion; you don't have to get anybody's permission to do anything. Not having a relationship in the first year is a suggestion because in the first year of recovery, people are fragile. Think about it, you drink to get through life, if you feel uncomfortable, you drink, feel anxious, drink, feel happy, drink...So then you go to AA, you're not drinking, you have to figure out a way to get through life without alcohol, that can make a person vulnerable, plus you don't know who the hell you are without drinking everything away. I know I was a mess when I got sober 32 years ago. I didn't follow ANY of the suggestions, I got in a relationship but nobody told me I was bad, nobody kicked me out. I'm just glad I didn't drink, I've seen a lot of people drink behind relationships, both good and bad.
  4. You should see some of the stuff in Goodwill on the UES of Manhattan, a lot of sample size clothes worn once and taken to Goodwill.
  5. Actually that IS how life works. Many people get jobs because of WHO they know, not what they know. Randall said this is who my mother is, and I can teach her the software. No different from someone being hired because they know someone or are related to someone in the organization.
  6. What's interesting about this comment is that we know from the flash forward that either Tess or Annie is still on the scene, I wonder what happened with Deja, since she is featured so much. I think I know why Deja is featured so much on the show. She's a teen and perhaps to many viewers a teenager's story is more interesting that a little girl or a tween's storyline, at least it is to me. Just because people are on a TV show from day one only means they've been on the show since day one. But, I wonder about what happened 20 years ago between Randall and Rebecca that seemed to upset them both.
  7. From what I have heard about reality shows, I think they can sign away their rights to sue each other for anything that happens during filming. If they do sue I imagine Bravo will let them know there will be consequences, like they'll be kicked off the show.
  8. I had a friend who NEVER purchased clothes in a store (except underwear). Everything she owned was from a thrift shop or a church swap. Everybody always commented her on how nice she always looked (tons of cashmere sweaters). So Nanny can miss me complaining about "used" clothes. She's ignorant.
  9. Why does everything have to be a diagnosis? Antonio probably saw it as easy money. He probably tells himself that it's okay because it's not like he's stealing little old lady's pocketbooks. I wonder if he still works in that club.
  10. There are scammers all over, even in the good old USA. On Pillow Talk, I laughed when Dean and Tarik said, when Robert came on screen, "Brooklyn's in the house." But if she turns up her nose at "used" clothes, she's a bigger fool than I thought.
  11. Candiace was wrong to throw the drink at Monique. But Monique raised the stakes by putting her hands on Candiace's wig. If Monique threw a drink at Candiace...no harm no foul. But when someone raises the stakes that's another story. I think Bravo will tell Candiace to squash this nonsense, I don't think the women are allowed to sue or charge each other while filming.
  12. Eva has the right to bring her children wherever she wants to bring them. Case closed. It's not that big a deal at all. I feel bad for Porsha but then again I don't. It's not like she was going with Dennis for YEARS before she got pregnant. She didn't even know the man. And Dennis didn't even know her, so both of them are stupid.
  13. I think it’s possible for a white man to fall in love with a black woman. We’re not unlovable.
  14. That’s it. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what he looks like. They might make it. I think marriage has been romanticized. Throughout history people have gotten married for reasons other than love...even today that happens.
  15. I don’t understand why Juliana was denied a Visa when Anfisa was allowed to come here. Maybe if Juliana came from Eastern Europe it would be okay.
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