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  1. Kelly really had Destinie’s cracked out treasure troll ass shook...done shook! She might gave stung Kelly temporarily with the engagement, but that comment about the other girlfriends rattled her chains. She couldn’t bounce back so she left. Also Destinie has no chin and is going to look like Tom Turk by the age of 40. (My apologies to the turkey community. They don’t deserve to be besmirched by such a skank.)
  2. In keeping with her big sister, Publicity, I’m thinking Property (aka Prop), Opportunity or Persnickety.
  3. It’s a KS/MO thing. If you’ve ever heard Nelly talk then you know what I mean.
  4. That is very true. I’d always heard it was bad luck to bring anything for the baby into the home before it is born. She may believe this, but I would think that moving to a developing country would call for better planning even if you are upholding religious beliefs. Apparently running to Walmart in the middle of the night is not an option, so she probably should have planned better considering mom is half a world away. I’m not knocking her religious beliefs but how exactly was she planning on getting him home if mom was always expected to bring the carseat? Did she assume she’d go into labor on her exact due date and mom would be able to book a flight and arrive in time for her to be discharged? I need her to make it make sense.
  5. I really, really, really HATE Ari. She’s whiny, condescending, rude and ignorant. Where do I even start with her? Let’s start with this carseat. I don’t doubt that the carseat was strapped in properly as long as the car had seat belts. Not all infant carseats require a base, and I know from personal experience that this model can be used without a base. There are slots on the side to run the seatbelts through. If said carseat was so important to her, however, her annoying ass should have brought it with her when she came. She could have checked it at the gate. I don’t know what customs limits there are but Ethiopia had an active international adoption program for years. Surely the airport staff are accustomed to a white lady flying in with an empty carseat. What kind of chucklefuck moves to a developing country in their third trimester and doesn’t bring baby essentials: diapers, bottles (never assume breastfeeding won’t be problematic at times), a carseat, clothes, blankets, nursing pads, a baby grooming kit? Most of that would have fit in a large suitcase. As for the mohel situation, I have two words for Ari: Beta Israel. There’s around 25,000 Ethiopian Jews, surely she could find a mohel in the capital. I also think 99% of problem with the hospital, staff and delivery is she looked around and didn’t see enough white faces. At every turn it’s like she couldn’t believe she was getting competent medical care by Africans. I guarantee she would not have been that snappy had she brought the baby to be circumcised in some rural hospital in West Virginia or a war-torn area like Sarajevo. I’ve dealt with her kind plenty in my career. What a snotty bitch. Yes, Biniyam is annoying, but he’s not the new parent, Ari is and it is clear she doesn’t know a damned thing. I took his speech about the breastfeeding not as him saying her milk was inferior, but him telling her she needs to maintain a balanced diet for her and the baby. And he was right. Yes you need water, but you also need protein. I don’t have children but I have had basically the same surgery only to remove fibroids and not a baby. Protein is your friend in recovery lest you want to look like Alfred Hitchcock. That anesthesia will leave you bald in a few months. Brittany is delusional, Kenny is a cry baby, and Deavan takes entitlement to a whole new level. If she weren’t so busy trying to force a relationship so she can sit on her ass as a stay at home mom and get help with that demon seed child of hers she might make better decisions. All I see from her are demands but no contributions and no action to improve the sitatuon.
  6. That son was pretty tasty! Why haven’t we seen more of him? Stanley Roper and Ralph Furley called and they want their suits back.
  7. It’s FaceApp. It takes 5 seconds and no I’m not sitting here spending all day photoshopping Duggars. I’ve FaceApped several of them because I can see lots of similarities in the siblings. They’re all full siblings so they have to either look like Michelle and her side or Jim Bob and his side. Switching the genders really highlights how much they favor to me. YMMV. And glitches or kinks you find in the system would have to be taken up with the fine folks who created this entertaining nugget of AI.
  8. I think it’s because Justin, Joy and Jer look like Michelle and not blockheaded Jim Bob.
  9. All I can see when I look at Justin is Joy and Josie. And here’s some physical proof that they favor.
  10. @Turquoise I’ve had fibroid surgery twice. Robotic laparoscopy after lupron injections first and then open myomectomy ten years later. I had about ten removed the first time and 23 removed the second time. The open myomectomy was pretty painful some days, but recovery was manageable and the improvement in my quality of life was well worth it. I honestly get the waiting and frustration, but it is a process. My second operation was done by a GYN that specializes in fibroids and she was able to get them all. It was definitely worth the wait to have her expertise.
  11. Justin and Claire: Diary of a Sad Fundie Cougar Justin and Claire: Won’t You Take Me to Cougar Town
  12. I’m guessing they announce the engagement around Thanksgiving with a wedding around Valentine’s Day at the latest.
  13. You may be on to something there. Now the question is are there two “Annas” switching out and playing one person like Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen, or one person playing two Annas like Patty Duke playing Patty and Cathy? Thinks that make you go hmmmmm.
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