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  1. Ahhh tell them to go fuck a duck if they don’t like it! Earning a Ph.D. is no small feat, and the people that I know don’t want to refer to me as Dr. Chips are the exact people who I insist call me by my title. Yeah, I know, I’m petty.
  2. OMG @Nysha! That’s the best laugh I’ve had in weeks! I haven’t been on much with my uncle’s memorial and my niece having her baby, but I’m thinking about you guys. For everyone who is sick, or has a sick loved one, I’m really hoping and praying the best for you and your families.
  3. TFOH! I’m 39 and people honestly ask me if I’m 30 or 31. Damn she aged like a pumpkin.
  4. You know what’s really sad about this latest post? If David wasn’t suck a lazy, shiftless schmuck, he could probably earn a decent living as a carpenter and provide well for his family. Instead of working hard at a stable job he’d rather play with colored paper. It’s a damned shame.
  5. I don’t remember if we needed park tickets for that day or not since it was 2013. And it wasn’t $100 but again, that was years ago, and the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I know ticket prices have skyrocketed in the last few years, probably to filter through demographics, so I can’t say it’s a good deal anymore. I’d like to ride Avatar and see the Star Wars stuff, but if we go back to Orlando, I’d rather do Universal. Their roller coasters are much better IMO, although their service is not on par with Disney. The next family vacation will probably be another cruise or back to Gatlinburg once we feel it’s safe to travel again. Who knows when that will be. I just cannot risk my safety for a little fun.
  6. We did the Christmas Party one year and it stormed so bad they canceled the parade. We decided to stick it out since we’d driven eleven hours to get there. Disney provided a cute little mini parade to announce the cancellation once the rain slowed. Then the weather cleared enough to see the fireworks and castle lighting. Then they had the parade too and we had a prime viewing spot right across from the square dance band. I rode Space Mountain four times in a row with no wait because most people left due to the weather. Considering you can access the entire park for just the cost of the Christmas Party ticket, or at least you could back in 2013, it was a great deal.
  7. @SunnyBeBe I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. It sounds like she died peacefully and surrounded by loved ones, even if not physically, so I hope you can take some comfort in that.
  8. As long as they use non-acetone remover, she’ll be fine. Ask me how I know 😬
  9. The Naked Gun trilogy was on a few weeks ago. I watched it and laughed like I’d never seen the movies before. Whenever Nordberg gets stuck under that bus I lose it.
  10. The ginger snaps are delicious too but they have a strong flavor.
  11. @magpye29 I’m so sorry for the abuse you endured, and even more so that you had to do so in silence. Family dynamics are complicated at best, and sometimes family just sucks! My grandmother, my mom’s mom, was always pretty mean and favored some of her eleven children over the others. The uncle that just died was not in the clique, and it really haunted him his whole life. She still won’t admit any wrongdoing on her part even though she made him walk around in public in a dress as punishment as a child. I get not wanting to talk to your mom about it as my mom just tried that and it made things worse. As Iyanla Vanzant always says, sometimes you have to meet people where they are, and sometimes you have to leave them there.
  12. Well Sophia got a new, age appropriate toy and what appears to be a new nightgown over her clothes, so I guess that is progress. They shouldn’t have had a party during a pandemic, but it’s not like they've been social distancing or wearing masks anyway. If these chucklefucks are going to congregate then let it be in their personal petri-dish.
  13. @magpye29 I love Windmill cookies...or as my nephew used to call them, treadmill cookies 😅Have you tried the ones from Trader Joe’s? They’re pretty darn good.
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