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  1. As if his fat ass would run to anything that wasn’t a flashing “Hot” sign at Krispy Kreme. He probably sweats bacon grease. ETA: Jonathan (sp?)(as if it matters) might not be homely, but clearly the boy ain’t got the sense God gave cabbage. There has got to be better pots to dip his spoon in that don’t require Jill’s level of batshiticism. I’m sure Kaylee is a lovely young lady, but it’d be a hard pass for me.
  2. Yes! You summed up my poorly articulated thought perfectly.
  3. Just gonna throw this out there into the universe again…Can’t we give Jana her own thread? Yes, I know she’s boring, but aren’t all these fuckwits? Most of the conversations on this thread tend to be about her. The moment she announces a courtship or engagement, we’ll give her and her beau a thread. And if we’re being honest here, how is that any different from the patriarchal bullshit she’s subjected to in real life? Not trying to start an argument, but it seems hypocritical to me.
  4. That red Honda they just showed stuck in the water on the Weather Channel is in my area. I hope the water isn't too high for me to get home.
  5. I gotta admit, that’s probably the best outfit I’ve seen a Rodriguii wear. It’s not haute couture, but the top at least appears to be from this millennia and the accessories are doable. He or his family must have picked the outfit.
  6. Hey! I’m 40 and don’t have wrinkles. She looks at least 65. Her skin looks very dehydrated and sun damaged.
  7. Spurge has always looked like Boob to me. So does Jessa. Glad to see his suit fits.
  8. You forgot Rollback. Rollback Supercenteria Duggar
  9. Something tells me Jill gets a quarter of a weiner once or twice a week 🤪 If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the prayer closet.
  10. We must be siblings! I will literally cook and serve three meals a day, but rarely do dishes. My mom lives with me so she handles that. I also hate folding laundry, but mom doesn’t mind doing it for me since I work and she’s retired. I was my own laundry twice a week though. My mom also grew up in a house of 13 so she said no amount of dishes or laundry we generate will phase her. I think part of Jill’s problem is laziness, part of it is not managing time wisely, and part of it is being disorganized.
  11. Hopefully if Evie had RSV (and there’s a good chance she did), they caught it early and it was mild. Sick babies are do pitiful. One nephew was diagnosed early and had mild cold symptoms for a week. Another wasn’t so lucky and ended up in the hospital. Joy jet setting off to wherever Carlin lives certainly doesn’t help matters.
  12. I assume she rearranged the furniture to accommodate a bassinet, although at this rate it should stay permanently affixed to the side of the bed.
  13. I’m guessing RSV. Several tiny tots in my family had it recently. Thanks to COVID and the lockdowns, children haven’t been able to build up their resistance to it.
  14. As a former HR professional, and a former higer ed professional, the suit thing really doesn’t bother me. I know times and standards have changed, but you’d be surprised what people wear to interviews and professional settings. Comfort is prioritized over professionalism, public decency or just good manners. (A lady actually came to a national conference for a professional organization in see-through linen pants and no underwear in broad daylight!!!) I know of a local church where the minister delivers his sermon in velour track suits. Technically, it doesn’t affect God’s word, but it
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