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  1. I might feel bad for Emily had she not so smugly declared that “her and Sasha were going to work!” Yeah, cuz your cooter is different 🙄
  2. I don’t blame Kid’n’Play’s parents. They wouldn’t be shacking up at my house either.
  3. Natalie is an asshole, a bitch and a harpy! The trifecta of personality fuckery. Jeez!
  4. Motherfucker!! Who mentioned refrigerator-built Angela and now she shows up like Beetlejuice?
  5. In all fairness, Porn Granny looks younger and more alive than Jasmin.
  6. Anfisa? Oh she’s way worse. She’s like Azziza from a few seasons back.
  7. Any age or any physique can wear an a-line or ball gown. It’s a matter if finding the right cut and details for you. Sleeveless, mermaid, or sheath dresses on the other hand... I won’t even go there.
  8. So you go wedding dress shopping but don’t wear a girdle? Whah???
  9. According to my sister’s co-worker, she looks like she has biscuits in her cheeks.
  10. That is one huge baby! I look at him and see the Stay-Pufft Marshmallow Man.
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