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  1. My 91 year old grandmother loves Pit Bull... because he wears suits 😀
  2. Eh... that didn't bother me much. For all she knew he could have moved to the US and his parents forced him to speak English. There are many other things that annoy me about Myrla
  3. I used to work with a woman named Brett. I probably wouldn't name a baby girl Brett but I've seen some female Bretts in my day
  4. That's an interesting connection, given that Mindy Kaling is involved in this series and her character in The Office was obsessed with his
  5. She probably has a heater in her hand while this is happening
  6. Great... I am tempted to spend $5 a month for this shit
  7. Thanks... I had just gotten that image out of my head🙄
  8. Do we know how much wealth they really have? Anyone can rent a boat for a few hours
  9. This is interesting. I've been generally sympathetic to Jake and appreciated his humor even though he wasn't perfect in his relationship with Haley. I'm not surprised those are the people he rolls with but I'm disappointed
  10. I actually don't watch Couples Cam regularly but from what I have watched the only interesting drama is pregnancies among other life changing events. Erik and Virginia could totally be doing this for the money but the producers of this show could view them as something new for us to watch.
  11. JLaw

    S04.E13: Suspicion

    I suspected the same thing
  12. I wonder if Shota goes a different way if he did not have immunity. He knew he could mail one in and he did
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