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  1. I'm happy there is someone else whose TV viewing habits include the NFL and 90 day fiance😀. I feel seen!!
  2. I'm just glad i wasn't the only one who thought it...
  3. I just hope he gets out from under the clutches of Urban Meyer... Boy is a talent
  4. I'm just glad Steven got his first NFL win last week...
  5. As a man who once had a crush on someone who played Women's basketball... he won't find anyone who plays for his "team"
  6. As an owner of a fivehead I feel attacked....
  7. I like how they humanized Scott Foley's character with the interactions between he and his daughter
  8. Maybe he takes after this guy....
  9. I haven't had the time to suggest a subtitle but I will admit I would feel skeezy about naming it after something related to the storm. I know they are a trainwreck but the storm affected more people than Victor
  10. Is it me or was Corey's Spanish not that bad when he talked to Jenny? I know he busted out the translating app towards the end but it wasn't terrible
  11. This reminds me of the 40 Year Old Virgin when Andy says boobs feel like sand
  12. Jesus Christ on a cracker... I spent less than that on a 3 week trip to Europe
  13. Congratulations on your sobriety!
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