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  1. Maybe instead of over easy it’s more universal to say over light. I’ve heard it both ways, but for some reason over easy just sounds like it could have developed in American slang.
  2. I guess my favorite part was when David insisted that he and Lana are definitely still engaged, but they are no longer together. Or maybe it was when David said the reason he used the pay site to talk to Lana and other women was to ensure he WASN’T being scammed. He is unbelievably dense, a total lost cause.
  3. I’ll bet everyone who has ever had the misfortune of working with Lara in the past was watching this episode yelling, “SEE?!??? This is what I was telling you about, she’s IMPOSSIBLE!” Her parents must have taken encouraging her to stand up for herself way too far if she was already bucking up at her teachers in grade school. Basically, she admits she’s always been an asshole, but she’s trying to wrap it in paper that looks like “strong woman who takes no shit”. We all see through it, and I can’t imagine who, besides her parents, have ever found her obnoxious attitude to be endearing.
  4. Lara is making my stomach hurt. I want her to get off the boat as soon it docks and keep walking. If I had to work with her I would have the hardest time not punching her in the throat. Sandy’s seething hatred for Hannah is going to make getting rid of Lara difficult, which is a shame. I am totally Team Hannah on this. Kiko seems like such a sweetheart. I’m glad Hannah was able to offer him the semi-save on forgetting the additional plate by implying it was due to the half-serving request. Malea seems to be doing a good job so far, and I like her clear communication.
  5. That New Orleans officer does need a vacation, and I need a break from him, too. He’s SOOOOO sarcastic all the time, and has basically had it with everyone’s shit before he even speaks to them. I didn’t like the way he treated the people walking from the convenience store back to their motel. He actually said flat out that they don’t have the right to a courteous interaction with the police, but I disagree. They were never discourteous to him and he was a jerk from the second he stopped them from walking and minding their own damn business. I don’t know if he thinks he’s funny and clever, or if he’s acting out for the cameras like a kid would, but he needs to dial himself down several notches.
  6. For me, the whole series was about people desperately wanting things they could either never have, or that they got and wish they hadn’t. So much unhappiness in every episode - it really drained me. I appreciated the unusual beauty and mystery, I was invested in many of the characters, but it left me with a sore heart. I wish the final episode had resolved the Enemies story. I need to know how George rowed back home with one arm, why the banished robot needed fire and to eat fish, and how the banished robot’s life was somehow supposed to be better with two arms. Nice sentiment, but it’s still completely alone forever.
  7. That poor delivery guy that Adam was yelling at. Ugh, Adam is THE WORST. He did indicate on WWHL that he won’t be working on boats anymore after this, so that’s something. I’m still mystified as to why luxury yacht life is being combined with sailing when it causes the luxury items to be thrown around and broken. I think the two different types of experiences should be separated, and that it’s weird to put such an enormous yacht at such risk by making it a sailboat instead of just a motor vessel. Im tired of being subjected to Georgia’s affected style of singing. I don’t think this show is going to propel her into musical stardom.
  8. I would like to see Ramona and BH’s Sutton in a cage match to the death. Both of them so rude that it’s mind boggling, while going around pointing fingers at everyone else telling them how rude they are like Captains of the Manners Police. Ramona berating Tinsley the second she walked in about the way she left her room knowing Ramona didn’t have a housekeeper was rich. The only thing that is clear from all the bitching Ramona has done about how her guests didn’t clean up her house is that she should have hired help. WHY DIDN’T SHE HIRE HELP? She literally shit on the floor of a mansion and left it there for someone else to clean, but she doesn’t think it’s necessary to hire anyone to help keep her own house in order during a drunken party weekend? Then Ramona had to tell Tinsley she walked down the runway too fast??? Ramona is the last person who can tell anybody the right way to work a runway, I mean come on, the hypocrisy is blinding. I was hoping to never see Ramona eating an oyster ever again, and then to add in her making sex noises while exercising? There is almost nothing about Ramona that doesn’t make me sick. LuAnn is like a grifter, going around stealing services from people who are being paid by someone else. I would be impressed by it if I didn’t think she’s such an asshole. Maybe next week they will show her crashing a wedding just to eat some free caviar and snag a floral centerpiece for her apartment. I like the shorter hair on Sonja, it takes a few years off of her face. Dorinda is such a miserable downer now. Hard to believe this is the same person from her first season. I still really miss Bethenny.
  9. Thank goodness Kyle heeded the advice to remove the “pedestrian” (?) votive holders from the table, or Sutton would have had a FIELD DAY criticizing them. Perhaps Sutton would be more comfortable on Southern Charm with the other assholes that pretend they have manners and use them as their excuse to be mean. Growing up in the South I have seen my fair share of Suttons in the form of mothers and mothers in law of some of my friends. In fact, my own MiL tries to pull that bullshit on me sometimes, even though she was raised in a tiny house in a poor neighborhood in Kentucky, just a few years removed from her own mother growing up in a shack with a dirt floor. She now wears full length real fur coats if the weather dips below 70 degrees, covers herself in flashy jewelry, speaks loudly in what she thinks is a posh manner, and tries to school me on all the “right” ways to do things. Little does she know my maternal grandparents were legitimately wealthy and lived in high society where manners were a big part of life, and taught to all of their grandchildren, but we were also raised how to be polite and use certain forms of etiquette without awkwardly shaming other people who didn’t. Southern women putting on airs and acting fancy as a vehicle to make digs at others is highly unattractive, no matter how much real money they might actually have. i wish Kyle hadn’t gotten new teeth, I find their fakeness distracting. First cosmetic procedure she’s had done that I think was a miss, her real teeth were fine. Now she and Ramona both look weird with their blinding white chompers.
  10. Getting cancer is a good thing that saves our lives from deadly infection? Wow, Aaron, cool story, bro. Funny how they went from the cool, likable couple last season to the pair of annoying nutballs this season. I really can’t stand Sutton, and would like to see her get kicked into the sun. She claims to be polite, but I don’t know how polite it is to be the one who keeps making the record scratch to a halt throughout a dinner party. Her self-importance is exhausting, and her bangs look like clip-ons. She can call Teddy rude all day long, but Sutton is the giant asshole here. It’s very off-brand for me to not give a ton of slack to someone for having a cat, but I’ve got nothing good to say about this new hag except that her house is pretty.
  11. I’m just starting this season now, and so far, by the end of episode 2, I’m seeing David as so much more dorky than I did on his first season. Some of the women are out of his league physically, and would probably say no if he asked for their number in a bar, but him being a low-rent Bachelor brought in the camera hungry women. Jennifer constantly popping up and trying to flirt with him, and begging for another chance, it’s all so terribly uncomfortable to watch. Vanessa is still gorgeous. I hope she picks a good one!
  12. All of this week’s Ed scenes were exactly what I needed. They reminded me of the golden Pole days of yore, and every time he slipped and flung a container of pig food through the air, I howled with laughter. It was like a Chris Farley sketch, right down to the perfect delivery of SONOFABITCH!!!!!! at the end. Conversely, all of Geoffrey’s bullshit has me furious. Oh, you don’t like to talk about the bad shit you did? Boo boo! I really believe that he chose to tell Varya about the drug arrests only because he didn’t think she would be very upset about them, and write it all off as him being young and desperate - he was absolutely not expecting the reaction she had. Yeah, the woman at the candy store has never seen Lana because that photo is not Lana. Does that woman look like she eats a lot of candy, David? No. The person you have been talking to who makes regular trips to a candy shop is not going to be a tiny waisted model, it’s just simple math. But there is no math in the world simple enough for David to comprehend. You can’t even tell the man the roads are so bad they will bust open your tires without him being surprised and blindsided when the roads are so bad they busted open his tires. I just FF past everything Stephanie and Darcy. All the Darcy stuff is just a repeat anyway. Her whole life is a repetitive loop of unhealthy decisions and desperation, it seems. It was very satisfying to watch Usman’s mom say a CAPITAL NO to Lisa and just get the hell outta there. I hope so much this all turns out to be a scam he runs to keep his family in free goats.
  13. I wish I could have seen what Meka would be like with a decent partner, because I haven’t disagreed with a single word she’s said, but DAMN has it been hard to listen to her. I watch LIVE PD, and sometimes when a guy is getting arrested his woman is in the background just machine-gun yelling at the police about the situation, and nobody listens to her words because of the woodpecker-to-the-head delivery. I’m glad there is one couple doing well, but when I look at Jessica I just see Ryan Reynolds’ unfunny, bland younger sister. Her giggle drives me nuts. But at least she and Austin are happy. Katie is an unbelievable, wretched shrewhag, and I want to kick her straight into the sun. Every time Derek apologizes to her I want to yell NOOOOOOO!! Do not give her what she wants!
  14. “So, Michael, do you love Maria?” ”................................................yih.” Well, I’m convinced! I wish instead of tussling that Chane and Chon would have discussed how all their problems are actually Lacey’s fault, then both dumped her skanky ass and left together to get a beer and talk more shit about her while she stands around at home whining about how unfair it all is. But I have to say, I do not like the way Chon picks on Chane with schoolyard bully tactics. He of the brown front tooth made fun of Chane’s teeth? And made fun of his job where a hard hat is required? And made fun of him not having a set of matching luggage? I’m pretty sure Chon carried his belongings out of prison in a garbage bag, too. That kind of provoking is bullshit, and Chane was a lot more mature in those moments than Chon was. It’s shocking to me that Tony broke the rules of no prostitutes and random phone checks, even after signing that legally binding document telling him not to!! At least Angela is definitely done with him this time. She and Sarah should get together and have coffee to talk about how definitely done with their losers they definitely are. Two strong women. Who are DONE. I just want Andrea’s kids to somehow be ok after their lives have turned into chaos because their mom insists on clinging to Lamar like a human ankle monitor.
  15. I’ve been binging these seasons and at 50 years old I am still somehow naive enough to have not understood that Lacey and Chane having sex 5-10 times per day was for her video cam porn business... I mean modeling. Now I’m wondering if that was part of why she “chose” him over Shon - his youth and virility means more money coming in. Just when I thought she couldn’t possibly gross me out more.
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