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  1. Irritable

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    She didn’t suddenly turn mean, either. They were together something like 6 months before we saw them on the show together, and what we saw was them happy. When the bloom was off the rose, they both got nasty. I don’t see how it’s possible to notice Craig was a bad partner for Naomi without also noticing that Naomi was a bad partner for Craig. They enjoyed each other’s company greatly, until it became unavoidable that their life plans and goals didn’t line up. They had fun, that’s what Craig remembers. They ended up fighting a lot and had an ugly breakup, that’s what Naomi remembers.
  2. Irritable

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    You cut off the rest of what I said, which was that they had fun in the FIRST YEAR they were together. After that it turned into a shitstorm of them treating each other like shit, on and off camera. It was evident in the beginning they were extremely happy together, lots of laughing and enjoying each other. Craig’s flaws became evident and he had no sense of urgency to better himself, so she got sick of him, they imploded. I don’t see the giddy, fun, just happy to be in the same room together vibe with Metul, and if you don’t have that in the first part of a relationship it’s probably not coming later.
  3. Irritable

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I wonder if during the time of the hookup with Kathryn he was dating someone, and was trying to prevent that person from finding out? Or maybe he thinks sex with glasses on doesn’t count as actual sex? I thought Metul was humorless and controlling the first time we saw him when he was telling Naomi what to do at the gym like he was her hired trainer more than her boyfriend. She’s been shown trying to adapt to his life, even joking about trying to become more Indian. What does he do to adapt to her? I’m guessing nothing because they both consider him perfect. Bleh. Also, the back of his head is flat, do you want flat headed babies, Naomi? In a small way, this validates what Craig was saying at Cam’s House, he just said it badly and mistakenly believes Naomi was happier with him. I think Naomi probably had a lot more fun with Craig...the first year that they dated, but ultimately his complete lack of drive or self discipline overtook the fun and she became miserable. Now she’s with someone who has plenty of drive and self control, but lacks in fun and wants to dictate what she does. So Craig is right that she is not having the same kind of good times with Metul that they had, but wrong that she’s wistful about dating Craig. Right now she insists she’s happy as can be because Metul has a good career and a tightly scheduled and regimented life, but their vibe together does not say relaxed best friends in love. Craig needs to smoke weed more than anyone I’ve ever seen, good lord. Yes, Whitney is spoiled and whiny, but there’s no reason to lose his mind over it. Did Craig put this trip together himself? He’s acting personally offended as if the others are shitting on “his” trip, but if the man can’t figure out that to be able to fill pillow orders he has to actually make the pillows, then I doubt he could pull together a trip for a crowd on his own. Kathryn can stop wearing those faux black leather pants any time now, that would be great. I can see that she’s very self conscious about her weight, but there are plenty of casual styles that would look great on her besides pleather leggings or heavy, clunky formalwear. She’s not fat, she’s just thicker than she’s comfortable with, and doesn’t seem to know how to dress a size or two up from her previous size. That tight swim dress bathing suit was not the right choice, either. And her job is stylist? I would love to help her pick out a new wardrobe. She’s struggling. Lil Craig in his taco bed bundle was precious. As much as I wish Shep had rescued a mutt instead, I can’t fight how cute I think Lil Craig is, he makes my heart swell. Sometimes I think Chelsea’s dick is a little too big. She’s wasting her time swinging it around with this group, none of these guys are interested in “manning up”.
  4. Irritable

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Oh wow, his shit must be seriously coming apart if he’s selling the plantation. I would think he would sell anything and everything possible before this, so he’s scrambling hard. GOOD.
  5. Irritable

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    Kitson’s is a discount store, I guess? It looks very low rent. I’m not understanding what the big honor is to have her lackluster window featured there. I dislike Dorit and PK enough that I’m here for whatever Camille has to say about them. I feel alone in the universe on this, but I’ve enjoyed seeing the women get along well without LVP in the mix. I don’t miss her.
  6. Irritable

    S04.E04: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

    The carpaccio looked and sounded delicious to me, I would order that in a restaurant. I’ve always wanted to try that dessert, too. Not excited by the idea of the spaghetti and meatballs no matter how good they are, but overall it did seem like a great dinner and I’m glad the guests had one decent meal on that boat. Jack and Travis are adorable. Anastasia really has her shit together. Hannah hasn’t gotten on my nerves once yet this season.
  7. It frustrates me that the point was continually lost in the hurricanes of yelling and LuAnn flouncing away. No one is ripping you a new asshole for going swimming. It is not self absorbed asshole behavior to go swimming. Coming home after swimming and admiring yourself on a poster you have no doubt already looked at a thousand times before, and then complaining about being last to get a massage IS THE ASSHOLE BEHAVIOR. Complaining that you didn’t get a blow out because the hair dresser didn’t have time to get to her because she was late IS THE ASSHOLE BEHAVIOR. So is: Demanding the best room at Dorinda’s and throwing a fit when you find out Bethenny asked for it first. Complaining that Bethenny had to leave before her Halloween performance because she went on late, and then saying she wished Bethenny had been there to see her succeed, when Bethenny WAS THERE. Acting like the other women being there didn’t even count because Bethenny left. Saying Bethenny shouldn’t have gone home to relieve the babysitter, because all Bryn was doing was sleeping. saying, well I’m going to go swim/to a meeting/need some sugar for my coffee while a friend is breaking down in front of her, but she demands constant “what have you done for me lately?” support from them. Treats AA meetings as another performance and thinks she is there to entertain the group, which makes them happy. The other stories of pain and enormous REAL loss just roll off of her because she’s not listening when it’s not her turn. She’s the kind of person who is just waiting for other people to stop talking so she can hear the sound of her own voice again. Defends ignoring what other friends were going through in their lives because she was in a bad place, but can’t be bothered to ask about them when she’s in a better place because she’s a stah, dahling. LuAnn is completely tone deaf when it comes to her “music” and feeling out a room. Bethenny’s realization that she did so much to help LuAnn when she was legit off the rails and a danger to herself, and then to have Lu act like she deserves a spa day every day because being sober is hard, when the person she relied on so much emotionally needed the same help but didn’t get it, and died? Yeah, I can see that setting of a bit of hysteria. If LuAnn had not behaved in such an entitled way and complained that the luxuries being handed to her weren’t luxurious enough, or big enough, or she wasn’t always first in line and getting first pick of everything, Bethenny would not have snapped. If she still says at the reunion that they were mean to her and attacking her for being self absorbed just because she went swimming, I’m going to pop a blood vessel. When have we ever seen LuAnn be charitable, truly charitable, or go out of her way to help s friend in need? I can’t think of a time in ten years. All the other women can set themselves aside when they are needed, but LuAnn is just a taker, and it’s hard to be friends with someone who operates that way every single day. Even Ramona can manage to show up and comfort her friends when they are struggling. There are many narcissists throughout all the RH franchises, but LuAnn is a malignant, toxic narcissist. That’s the difference, and why she IS worse than the others. She hasn’t even tried to learn how to pretend to feign interest and empathy. The only times she’s engaged in a conversation about someone else is when it’s ugly gossip.
  8. Irritable

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    When Hannah said she wasn’t going to give Luke the rose, he looked like a startled, confused fish that was just yanked out of the water by a hook.
  9. Irritable

    Paradise Hotel (US)

    Meeeee toooooo!!!!! It was poetic as hell. And while I never really liked him, he never actually did anything shitty the whole time. He was loyal to both of his roommates and dumb enough to believe they would be loyal to him, too. I didn’t know it until it happened, but I think this is the only result I could have been really happy about, so yay I guess!
  10. Irritable

    S04.E01: Pardon Your French

    So far I absolutely LOVE Anastasia. She’s intelligent, great work ethic, very can-do without complaining, good personality. I’m nervous because usually when I like a reality tv person this much in the beginning they end up behaving horribly later and causing me to change my opinion. Mila is the actual worst cook I’ve ever seen. A 10 year old could put together more appetizing nachos than she did. Canned corn and bagged shredded cheddar is a huge hell no, she’s taking every nasty shortcut in the book. I’m not sure even drunken frat boys at 2:00 am would want to touch that pile of garbage. A real chef takes the guest request for Mexican food and does a gourmet interpretation using high end ingredients. I think she even used the Old El Paso seasoning pack on the meat!!!! Any true chefs out there watching her do these things last night must have cringed so hard they fell off the sofa. I love hearing the guy from Liverpool speak, he really does sound just like the Beatles. Makes me want to travel to Liverpool just to go sit in public places and listen to the locals talk to each other. He might be an ass, I can’t tell - British people can always fool me into thinking they are all awesome just because their accents charm me. So far Joao does seem genuinely humbled and self aware. Maybe suffering a solid heartbreak was actually good for him. The guests are so nice. I always feel bad when the good ones get the short end of the luxury yacht experience. I want things like getting left waiting at the dock and being served garbage food to happen only to guests like the women who lost their minds over waiting for a bowl of peanuts, or the ones who said eating out of bowls is for poor people. These lovely guests deserved true gourmet food. I think the season looks good! Glad the show is back.
  11. Irritable

    S11.E10: Shalloween

    Dorinda said something about turning to drinking after Richard died, and we all know the atrocities that occur when Dorinda drinks too much, so the conversation with Hannah about those times in that apartment made me very sad. Hannah was an only child, trapped in a small apartment with her mother who was very likely sloppy drunk every night, while she herself was grieving for this man she adored, as well as the loss of her life as she knew it. Must have been so horrible for Hannah, and having gone through some similar things in my childhood, I will forever have empathy and compassion for her. I loathed the house I grew up in because of the things that happened inside. That kind of weight never really goes away...I’m 49 and still bitter about my shit when I think about it, even now that both of my parents are gone.This is still practically fresh for Hannah. I’m 100% with her on this. I found it ironic that Ramona was talking again, some more about how great she looks for her age and how her youthful appearance attracts a young crowd of people who want to hang out with her, and I was thinking damn, Ramona is looking super rough this episode, I think her age is really catching up to her face and neck now. HDTV is not forgiving, and I could see clearly every bit of her 61 years. She looks good for 61, but she does not look 39, THAT’S a fact.
  12. Irritable

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Right?!?!? When I saw the season preview I was so confused because I felt positive that I already fast forwarded through her wedding last season. Oh well, I’ll just do it this season, I guess. I already FF’d past all of her scenes this episode, And all of Robin’s scenes too, once I saw how gross they were going to be. What is craziest to me is that every season I absolutely couldn’t stand Karen, she made my stomach hurt, but it turned out that she was the only one I didn’t FF at all. I’m shocked by this! Monique is so boring to me, I’m tired of RH pregnancies, I just could not care less. Ashley doing sexy things with her elderly husband is too much for me to bear. Looks like I’m going to skate through this whole season only logging a total of an hour or two actually watching it. 👍
  13. Irritable

    S11 E22: Reunion Part 2

    Please put Nene and the rest of us out of this misery and give her another “time out” year or two off. Or more. She only gets worse the more time she is given, and no amount of apologies and groveling will ever be enough. I don’t believe for one second that Gregg is the nightmare to live with she wants everyone to think he is - especially when it’s clear what a nightmare she is herself. Yet, he apologizes profusely and goes on the reunion specifically to state for the record that he’s the devil and Nene is an angel, and she STILL sits there with pursed lips and pissy posture with not one kind word to say back to him. Please don’t try to act like this has anything to do with Gregg cheating years ago, because this is so obviously a simple matter of Nene doesn’t like what comes with having a seriously ill spouse. She thought it would be all sympathy (for HER) and support (for HER), but along with those things she also got the reality of caregiving for a person recovering from difficult surgeries and going through treatment, and none of it is glamorous, or rewarding, or easy. And it goes on for a long time. So she became bored and bitter and resentful and hateful and hyper-sensitive. And every time someone dared to wish Gregg well instead of her, she got a little angrier, and started to keep score. Eventually, there were no real friends out there in her mind, because none of them dedicated themselves 100% to the Poor Nene, Gregg is a Monster! campaign. You can’t be on Nene’s side if you also feel bad for Gregg. He’s not the victim, SHE IS. Man...fuck her. I can’t believe I ever liked that horrible selfish hag during Season 1.
  14. Irritable

    S11 E21: Reunion Part I

    Put someone like Nene to the test with hard times and the true ogre underneath shows up. It’s easy to be all smiles and humor when life is going your way, but introduce strife and the loss of life being FABULICILIOUS, suddenly its all scowls and griping and intolerance for the happiness of others. Nene, no one is jealous of you, but you sure are jealous of them because right now, their lives are good and they aren’t being dragged down by husbands who are fighting just to stay alive and trying to deal with all the new hardships that come with having special health needs and being forced to give up simple pleasures like ice cubes. I mean, seriously, do you know how devastated I would be if I could no longer have ice cubes in my drinks??? POOR GREGG! But no, Nene doesn’t care that his whole lifestyle has changed into something he never asked for, instead it’s how dare these ladies continue to move forward doing their own things and being friends with whomever they want while Nene needs attention that is more like worship because Gregg is now too busy surviving every day to escort her around and be her personal assistant. Yes, he gave her truly beautiful apologies for not supporting her enough during his cancer fight, but apologies don’t hold her purse or fetch her refreshments. Its time for Andy to face that Nene is no longer a fan favorite, to say the very least, Stop having her on WWHL and letting her school everyone on the right ways to support her. If everyone ceases to acknowledge her, she will surely flounce away on her own in a blustery huff, and leave a spot open for someone less sour and eye-rolly. I would even be open to “that bitch”, whose name I don’t recall, because she may be low rent but at least she’s funny. Unintentionally funny, but still.
  15. Irritable

    S11 E21: Reunion Part I

    Nene won’t support anyone who doesn’t support her, which to her is, “but what have you done for me LATELY?” Sure, you’ve been super supportive in the past, but you’ve had opportunities to kiss my ass recently and did not kiss it thoroughly enough, so I am done with you. We are watching the long, slow crash and burn of a malignant narcissist... eventually the narcissist loses the charming facade, everyone gets wise, exits, and the narcissist ends up alone. I would not be shocked at all if NeNe has no one left in a few years, when her well has run dry and there is no reason to put up with her nastiness anymore. Good for Porsha for letting it all roll off and just sitting in her own happiness.