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  1. cyberfruit

    S11.E12: The Peaches of Tokyo

    All I have to say is: Why can't *I* be in Tokyo?? Why can't this be me, lord! #getmymoneyright2019
  2. cyberfruit

    Married To Medicine

    There was a quick teaser about it during the show, and Contessa is the link as a friend of hers is on the LA show. From what I managed to get in that 30 seconds, there's supposed to be an intro episode (with some of the Atlanta ladies) taking a trip to LA. That episode airs in March.
  3. cyberfruit

    Married To Medicine

    I was so disgusted at this exchange: Mariah and Toya telling Heavenly to "not say 'hit'." What the hell is this. Both Quad and Gregory literally copped to there being physical abuse in their marriage, but those two want to mince words about how? Is this *really* the hill y'all wanna die on?
  4. cyberfruit

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I wore dresses for all of my graduations (HS - master's), but the first two were not my choice. My mother is weird about women wearing pants for certain events. Don't ask. I actually really liked Anthony Ryan's, and could see myself wearing it -- but in different colors. I love orange (yes, it's polarizing), but that orange and that blue were too electric for me. However, I enjoy the top and the loose pants. Definitely needed a different shoe (glad Alyssa thought the same). That and Anya's outfit would have gone over well in humid climates, like the one I grew up in. If Sunny hadn't given the finger up to the challenge, Irina would have gone home and there would have been zero arguments from me. That fabric was hideous and the proportions were way off. I liked the red/white dress that sort of looked like brocade? It could have been so matronly, but the way the designer sculpted the fabric made it very interesting.
  5. That definitely should have been handled in private -- a private office with a therapist present. It doesn't surprise me to hear that he's being a grouchy bastard because he's tired and in pain, but that doesn't mean that Nene has to take it. Caretakers need care, too.
  6. The ladies are going to Japan? Oh god, here come the stereotypes from the more ignorant castmates. I'm going to give Gregg this one -- I'm with him on the fixation of that stain on the countertop because that would be me fussing all day, but then again, I also know that marble doesn't belong in kitchens. It's relatively soft and porous stone that is sensitive to acid, and therefore does not belong in kitchens. On home design shows, I always roll my eyes when someone demands it in their kitchen, unless they're upfront about the fact that they don't cook. Shout-out to quartz. Anyway, I have neither in my kitchen because I'm a poor, student loan saddled millennial, but this is the internet and I'm allowed the criticize things that I will never have.
  7. Marlo is mean. Not a "mean girl" -- mean. Keep wide berth around that one. Agreed on Shamari and the blonde; she was stunning with the black bob. I'm getting tired of the blonde/dirty blonde look, personally. It reminds of me the early 00s when every girl in school dyed their hair honey blonde/light brown like Beyonce circa Crazy in Love, and damn near everyone's hair color matched their skin tone. It doesn't work!
  8. cyberfruit

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    Thom's color palette is up my alley, for the most part. I love greys with hints of color, but where he loses me is in the editing. Sometimes with his reveal I want him, or someone on his team, to treat the accessories like jewelry. "You know the old saying, before you leave, take one off"? Before you reveal the space, take one vase away.
  9. Eh, I'd rather see older women (no disrespect, but they're mostly older to me) own up to being sexual creatures than to beat around the bush about it. The dares on the bus were cringy, but I was laughing right along with them. Also, it was clear Kandi was gonna go there -- she owns a sex toy business. She knew the ladies wanted her to take it to 11, so she did. RHOC's Tamra (especially Tamra) and Vicki talk openly about needing, wanting, and having sex. Maybe not to the degree of their favorite positions, except for Tamra, but this isn't exclusive to RHOA. If I remember from years back, Teresa talked about her favorite sex toys for Juicy Joe, but I haven't seen RHONJ in a long time. I don't watch RHOD.
  10. cyberfruit

    S04.E01: All Star Variety Show

    Gia's geisha performance was so pretty and I really enjoyed it. Too bad her personality is so odious. A part of me just adores Farrah, as whiny as she is. I was dying over her burlesque outfit (yeah, it sure did look expensive), but sad she couldn't shake off her nerves. That being said, she didn't belong in the bottom. Naomi...alright. I didn't watch her season because I'm one of those people who've been around since the beginnings of Cameroooooonnnnn and that purple hued set with the vaseline filter, so I got burnt out by season 6. Other than having legs for days, I didn't find her interesting at all and her makeup takes her into uncanny valley, for me. She should have been in the bottom, tbh. Valentina's lipsync look straight out of an early 00s Latin pop music video, jerky dance moves included, so congrats. Give the crown to Latrice.
  11. cyberfruit

    Cowboy Bebop (2019)

    It's too bad the old casting for a live action Bebop never got off the ground because Keanu Reeves would have been a perfect Spike.
  12. cyberfruit

    Married To Medicine

    Bon apple pleats aside, Curtis better be thankful he even got a damn plate.
  13. cyberfruit

    S11.E03: A New Edition

    That couple song...yeah. Shamari was pitchy, Ronnie was flat, but they were grooving like they had a hit. I want that kind of confidence in life.
  14. cyberfruit

    Season 7 Discussion

    Fetanyl?? She would be walking around in a literal stupor, or straight up dead, if she were taking anything that strong. That stuff is killing folks up here (Massachusetts). Hell, fetanyl killed Prince. And of MJ were using any of those heavier substances, we'd see it in her face. Plastic surgery can't hide opiate usage for too long. Mixing Xanax and alcohol? Yep, I can see it. Weed on top of those two? Wouldn't put it past her, but I also wouldn't be surprised if she actually didn't smoke. Anything heavier than that? nah.
  15. cyberfruit

    S11.E1: To Love and to Cherish

    But that wasn't the real Porsha. Porsha is a lot, but she's been pretty consistent since her divorce.