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  1. youtube has caught onto me and now 90DF HEA is in my alogrithim, which means I'm back. unfortunately. god dammit. the family libby: boring and contrived. angela and michael: again, why is angela afforded so many passes by tlc? she's a bully who think she's cuter than she is, and production laps it up. i applaud her for taking some major steps to get her health in order, but unless she cuts out the cigarettes and stops overindulging in heavy foods, it'll all be for naught. this is not a game and she has shown herself to not have much discipline. tiffany and ronald: echoing @Bra
  2. i don't get to watch the show anymore, so i follow it primarily through psychology in seattle and honestly? that's probably a good thing since brandon's a fucking twerp.
  3. she's looking a little uh...corspe-esque in a two of them.
  4. Yazan is a massive hypocrite and I couldn't stand the way he talked to her. Unfortunately, Brittany doesn't know when to stop talking (also, that snap of her potentially outing him? 100% fucked up and not okay, ever.) whereas he does, so I feel like his behavior is being swept under the rug.
  5. I've always rolled my eyes at this couple and will continue to do so. I'm not even sure why they were together in the first place unless Yazan really thought he was going to make a Good Muslim Wife out of her. I'm not saying that sex workers can't make good wives (there's zero correlation there), I'm just saying that Brittany ain't the one and he knew that. Was this a front for Brittany to get her name out there? This whole thing was a farce.
  6. jess' breasts look no different than that of any other large-breasted woman. large breasts are heavy, so they droop. perky boobs typically belong to people who either: 1: have small busts to begin with (like, less than a C-cup) or 2: went under the knife. expecting anything D and above (and she is D and above) to defy gravity comes with a hella supportive bra and/or a very good surgeon. signed, someone with barely a C-cup whose ex was a G-cup (we were in our early 20s, they drooped. nothing she could do about it)
  7. i hope this culminates in karine securing a some good paying gigs and earning enough money to get her + the kids the hell away from paul
  8. i pray that i never be as selfish and self-serving as jenny. i only got caught up on the show due to an all-day marathon but wow....their 4-month backstory? she's lucky momma didn't break her foot off in both jenny *and* sumit's ass. mentally, she's like a 20 year old.
  9. mom: why can't you tell the truth? brittnay: because...i'm into deep and i'm just trying to keep up above in my head (and Yazan's), instead of going under
  10. they've never been harassed by the DuoLingo owl and it shows
  11. we're looking for a hooptie model with hooptie prices, ma'am
  12. i'm so sad that i can't snark in real time with y'all anymore! consequences of cutting the cord (not ready to commit to live tv again just yet). hopefully i can catch up when tonight's episodes become, uh, "available"
  13. aww robert cuddling bryson and soothing him. robert's onery as hell, but he seems like a really good dad
  14. on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is cheesestick gonna fuck up?
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