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  1. I never thought Mike Johnson was all that. Even though I'd never seen or heard of Matt James before now, I'm cool with him being the Bachelor.
  2. Honestly, they seem more like cousins to me, maybe even brother and sister. I know it's not gonna happen, but I wish Anthony would be gone for good if there's a season 2. Poor Clive Standen, too bad Vikings doesn't need Rollo anymore.
  3. The best part of this episode was the look on Robin's face when Anthony told her that his secret wasn't that he was in love with her. I cackled like a hen. I do a lot of channel surfing on Thursdays before I give up and settle on watching this schmaltzy crapfest of a show. A prime example of hate watching, lol. I won't care at all if it's canceled.
  4. I view the whole "Greg and his double ovens" as a lighthearted joke. Not only is he a nice guy, but...but..........He's Also Got Double Ovens! And he's got a lovely home.
  5. My point was that he was probably relieved that he wasn't chosen.
  6. So far, surprisingly, the most fun and interesting couple to me are Steph and AJ. I like how easygoing they seem to be with each other. Please don't blow up on me AJ. Greg is the best catch ever on this show. I like Deonna but I'd forgotten how annoying that squeaky voice of hers is. Same thing with her sister. Jamie and Doug ought to be ashamed of themselves, but they have no shame. We do not need to see that birthing spectacle. Jamie and Beth are still toxic and uncomfortable to watch, I don't care how "happy" they try to appear to be. Keith and Kristine, Austin and J
  7. There have been discussions by panelists, spokespersons, etc. in the past few days explaining and giving opinions on what "defund the police" actually means. So I don't think the world is "too stupid to get it" because it seems it's still up for debate and discussion.
  8. I find myself watching Kimmel more than Colbert now. Never could take too much of Fallon.
  9. My favorite Bachelor was Juan Pablo because it was evident from the beginning that he wasn't serious about finding a mate. He just went along with the program and had fun with it. I did wonder though how he would have reacted if he'd been selected by whoever the Bachelorette was (don't remember her name) when he was on that show. He probably would have said "Oh shit! How do I get out of this mess?!" LOL
  10. Loved that shot of her wearing shades in the tub, LOL.
  11. I'd like to see her break away on a run in those ridiculous outfits. The drag would slow her down, or the shoes would break her ankles. LOL
  12. Rachel isn't the only one covering the pandemic. I've watched CNN and MSNBC over the past few days and they now seem to be splitting coverage between the pandemic and the protester coverage.
  13. I remember Anoop and I liked him on Season 8. Glad to know he's been getting gigs. I remember he brought the house down by unexpectedly singing Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative."
  14. I loved the Bruce Lee episode. I took tae kwon do years ago and it gave me flashbacks to my "badass" younger days. 😄 At the very end they did show his wife, daughter, and various others who did voiceovers, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
  15. I never liked Terry Crews because the only "talent" he had was his dancing pecs. I don't know about his kerfuffle with Gabrielle Union (not a fan of hers either) so I don't care. The tweet was tone deaf and stupid.
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