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  1. I was just channel surfing and saw that Colin Donnell (Connor) is in a new Hallmark movie called "Love on Iceland." It beats being stuck on this show with Ava, so good luck to him in his career.
  2. That rumbling you hear is my grandma waking up from her eternal rest and getting a switch ready to whip that kid's ass.
  3. So I won't have to curtsy when I run into them at Walmart. *whew*
  4. Ohwell

    NFL Thread

    Also, he wouldn't have slapped a big dude on the butt either.
  5. While I'm pretty sure the Queen wishes nothing but the best for her grandson and Meghan, I do believe there's a sense of relief from her (and the rest of the Royals) that they've chosen to go to Canada.
  6. I'm halfway through and I'm gonna have to bail on this show. I know Lincoln Rhyme is supposed to be a genius know-it-all crime solver, but Russell Hornsby's stiff delivery of his lines just turns me off. I've seen him in other shows and I know he's a better actor than that. Also, I don't understand why he's so fascinated with the female cop who was too stupid to get out of the way of a speeding train and was damn lucky the train stopped in time. That wasn't bravery; it was just stupidity. And while the bone collector is creepy, I'm not impressed with him either. Michael Imperioli deserves to be in a better show than this.
  7. I've always associated Lee Iacocca's name with the Chrysler K car commercials.
  8. Ohwell

    NFL Thread

    OBJ is lucky that security guard didn't retaliate. I wish he had.
  9. Again, it could be a jealous ex girlfriend spouting gossip to "Auntie," just like a jealous ex boyfriend might spew gossip about a woman on MAFS. I still want to see for myself. And one more thing about "Auntie": I live in the DMV area and it wouldn't be surprise me at all to see her walking down 14th Street NW, stopping people to tell them some "gossip." Thank you. Just because a man's relationship with a woman on this show doesn't work out, that doesn't mean he's gay. I'm tired of that fallback trope.
  10. It was just stupid for Brooke to start a fight all by herself with TWO bitches in the room.
  11. And that's the crux of the matter. Could just be a jealous ex girlfriend spouting off. "Auntie" wants to get paid to run her mouth, just like the rest of these internet gossip people. I don't blame her for wanting to make the money, but that doesn't mean I believe her. We'll just have to wait and see how things play out.
  12. No, that's ok. I'll just wait until it happens. No way am I listening to that woman.
  13. It's one thing not to be attracted to someone--that's certainly understandable--but it's how Jamie handled the situation that was bad. I mean, how would she have liked it if Doug had collapsed and acted horrified upon seeing her?
  14. Yes, not to mention the inflated hospital bills.
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