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  1. Heh, the same could have been said about the people who sat around the Cheers bar (Norm!), except that show had much better actors and was a lot more fun, IMO.
  2. Oh, I thought they were assholes as well. I just focused on Ben on this particular episode.
  3. Well, if the movie/tv execs need a snot blower, he's their guy!
  4. Wanna take bets on how long it's going to take before he's humping Maggie in the janitor's closet?
  5. Yeah, and what really pissed me off is that Bailey's husband Ben actually laughed about it. Asshole.
  6. The problem I had with Koracik was that it was clear that the father was distressed and uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Koracik didn't seem to care. Jackson noticed it and he did care, which is why he did what he did. And regarding this particular case, if Schmitt didn't like what Jackson did, he could follow Quadri out the door.
  7. Actually, I think it's the man child who needs to grow a pair and drop Meredith. What a pompous ass she is.
  8. Who didn't guess right off the bat that Bailey was pregnant? Koracik continues to be a dick. A sad, bitter dick. STFU Meredith. What a selfish, privileged, entitled bitch. The only people who didn't annoy me were the ones at the other hospital. I think it was a good move on the writers' part to shift some of the action there instead of Seattle Grace Mercy Death Hospital.
  9. Ohwell

    S3.04: Triggers

    I don't want to see actual sex scenes between these two; I don't even need to see them in bed together. However, they seem to be missing what I'd call "playful intimacy" and perhaps it's because they're just not that comfortable with each other. (Yeah, I know Peter Krause had a lot of fucking scenes on that other show, but that's not what I mean.) Frankly, Angela Bassett looks like she'd crush a guy's balls in her hands.
  10. Time constraint? It'd probably take about five more seconds. LOL
  11. It's the dumbing down of America, and unfortunately it's not just her show.
  12. I'm tired of it, too. It's as if Middle Americans are the only true, hardworking people. My teeth also grate whenever I hear them saying "white working class." 😒 However, one thing I do think is strange is when I hear an MSNBC person give the time and say something like "10 Eastern, 7 Pacific" and never mention the other two time zones. If I lived in middle America, I would be upset about that.
  13. It's not that he's sporting a beard, it's that it doesn't look neatly trimmed. And as for the hair, since he's balding like his brother, he should just get a neat haircut like his brother did. Harry has always looked scruffy and unkempt to me, so, there you have it! 😄
  14. I noticed that, too. She seems to think she's the hottest thing on the planet. Not! I cannot stand that clueless, wide-eyed look she gives and I hope the new doc gives her the brush off. However, I said earlier that I feared a Choi/April/new doc love triangle and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. I'm also tired of boneheaded hospital employees getting injured and not being prevented from working until they're completely healed. Will gets bashed in the head, but swears he's ok. Natalie still has some kind of memory issues, but swears she's ok. The hospital administrator basically says/does nothing. The only thing she's done is to finally stand up to Maggie and tell her to go home.
  15. I might wear small, cheap studs to keep my ear lobe holes open, but no way would I wear any kind of hoop, no matter what size. Someone might want to snatch them out of my ears. 😨 Otherwise, no other jewelry. But then I don't plan on ever going to prison. 😱
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