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  1. I think nick was completely correct in calling June selfish. Many people put their lives in the line to get her and the baby out, it was basically a big fuck you to all of them. I understand her wanting to save Hannah (plus there wouldn’t be much more of a story if she escaped), but right now Holly needs her more. She’s just an infant, how long did this whole escape even take? Emily couldn’t feed her, and making that escape by herself would have been harrowing enough even without a baby. I think the van took Emily as far as they could, then she had to make the rest of the journey on foot. Also I think June told Emily to call the baby Nichole so that when word gets back to Gilead they will know the baby got out. I’m so happy we get to see Commander Bradley Whitford again but where is this all going? Two seasons now have ended with failed escape attempts, one deliberately so. I feel no sympathy for Serena or her missing sliver of a pinkie. She didn’t give a shit when she was helping her husband rape his handmaids or a litany of other sins. Now it’s affecting her and she’s outraged. I know that’s a very human reaction, but I still don’t care. She did one thing right by letting Nichole/Holly go. June is way too kind to her. She’s a better person than I in that regard, but she still should have left.
  2. I was thinking the same thing! I was just listening while doing something else and she was even slurring her words.
  3. I know we are supposed to hate Cyrus and all that but seeing Laura lay into him after all the various criminals she protects because they are just Such Good People makes me root for him. She has every right to hate him for what he did to Lulu, but what a hypocrite. I have to say I laughed when he called Leslie out on her affair and she was all like “oh, THAT married father”, like there were so many she couldn’t even remember. Ha! That hair is awful on her as well, she looked like the wicked witch. I apologize, I am usually not this critical of women. This show just brings out the best in me I guess <shrug>.
  4. Even though that was absolutely humiliating and I can empathize because she’s a human, I can not sympathize. She seemed a-ok with facilitating rape, verbally and physically abusing June and Rita, not to mention that yes, this was the society she helped to create. The only way I would start to feel for her and the hell she’s living in (of her own making) is if she starts to repent and see the things she’s been complicit in are wrong. I don’t see that happening. June gave her more concern than she deserved. I just love Janine. Once again, I’m reminded how the Wives are really the most worthless women in this fucked up society. The handmaids have the children, most of the time not even biologically related to either eventual “parent”, the Martha’s do the cooking and cleaning. The econowives do all that stuff too, presumably. The Wives don’t do anything. Worthless. Eden is a child and was obviously indoctrinated into this fanatical world. I feel badly for her, but she’s also annoying as all get out. I don’t think Nick is treating her badly at all (again, child bride statutory rape aside because this is Gilead and it’s fucked up).
  5. Ok so I haven’t watched nor commented in forever but I’m finally figuring out how to use my Hulu Live TV and watched yesterday. Seeing the fight between Carly and Jason....ummm...is this show actually Going There with these two?? I definitely felt they were leaning into something more than friends, and I really haven’t seen that probably since the Sarah Brown days, at least on Jason’s part. And even weirder, I think I’m here for it. It would maybe kick some life into the stale Sonny/Carly/Jason dynamic.
  6. I am super late to watching this series, but I took that question as a fact finding mission to see if June was actually able to birth a child. They were obviously in short supply and by knowing June was able to have at least one healthy child it was possible she could have more. Justt a general comment which I am sure has been addressed ad nauseam, but if handmaids are literally responsible for continuing the human race in Gilead continues, why are they treated like such shit? I know all women are treated like shit in one way or another in this fucked up society, but if any of these women can be considered useless it’s the wives. The handmaids have the babies, the Marthas do all the cooking and cleaning and probably help take care of the children. The wives don’t really do anything. They should be lowest on the totem pole.
  7. I finally joined the 21st century and subscribed to Hulu, this is my first show. So far I’m loving it. I’ve never heard the term “rising sophomore” so I don’t know if that was something people said in 1997 or not, but I am loving the clothes, the car phone, “the Rachel” haircut, all of it seems very 90’s. I love Reece Witherspoon and she does play Type A characters really well. Elena is annoying as shit but I have to say Mia was kind of a bitch too. Love Kerry Washington but not a fan of Mia. Love the appearance by Pacey too (what is his real name??)! I think Elena doesn’t like the nickname Izzy because she didn’t get to choose it. Literally all her children have nicknames, probably chosen by her. And of course Pearl is going to have a crush on asshole older brother, and sweet Moody will be broken hearted. How very high school. I actually think Moody is cuter than Tripp.
  8. On election night I watched NBC because I really enjoy Savannah and Lester, and (small voice) I don’t mind Chuck Todd or Kacie Hunt either. Was I the only one?? Anyway yesterday I watched badass trifecta Joy, Rachel, and Nicholle, along with Brian whom I also love. All I can say is all these hosts and guests are killing it. They are going around the clock and are being really careful with results as well. Bravo to them. Haven’t seen any Joe and Meeks and I’m fine with that. Kornacki and his uniform-well I’m old so I would like him to dress a little more professionally, especially on nighttime programs. However, he is so adorable and obvious geeks out on all this shit as much as I do so I can’t hate on him too much.
  9. That’s true, but Ramona acts like an asshole while they’re filming all the time (they all do to be fair). So I don’t think an act of kindness would solely be for the cameras. Plus as others have pointed out, various cast members have said she stays in touch and keeps up the friendships even when they’re not filming.
  10. I think the show kind of started out like this. Back in the first season, many of the HW’s worked - Ramona, Bethany, the one that lived in Brooklyn (sorry name escapes me). I think even Jill worked for her husband’s carpet shop? But as with all these shows, the more time they’re on the less real they actually get. Yes! As I was reading your post, I was thinking the same exact thing! Remember when Jill showed up on Scary Island and Beth was doing an impression of her with her really nasally annoying voice? Now I find Beth 1000x more annoying than Jill ever was. Even with how shitty this season was (literally and figuratively), I still don’t want Bethany back at all.
  11. I remember this and I even remember during filming Ramona going to Beth’s apartment with a book and saying she was just going to sit in the other room so B could have her space, but Ramona would be there if B needed anything. I thought that was really nice. For all her asshole moments, I think Ramons does put in the time with friendships. And even though she has the finesse of a chainsaw, I have to admit she’s usually right.
  12. I thought Congress was both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Like, they are all Congressmen/women, but some are Representatives and some are Senators. I could be 100% wrong though (happens often).
  13. It’s even more interesting that she said at the birthday party that it looks so fun but she just doesn’t drink. Not like “oh it grosses me out” or “I have no desire”. It made me sad that this girl wont’t even allow herself to have a fun cocktail, maybe because of the effects she’d seen alcohol have on her mother. Off topic but Kelly Clarkson has also been wearing zero makeup on her show and I really don’t like it. More power to her and sorry for being shallow, but I just don’t think it looks good. As far as Heather, I get so embarrassed for her with all the “Holla” stuff. It’s So Dated.
  14. Generally I would agree with this, but it’s Dorinda and knowing what we know now I think it’s very fitting karma. She was sitting there with that shit eating grin, all smug, thinking her apple was So Secure. And then fired days later. Couldn’t have happened to a better person.
  15. I think this comment shows so much self awareness and I really admire that you are able to admit this. Usually when we have such strong feelings about someone it is indeed about our own issues, not the other person. I only wish Dorinda could have like .01% of this same awareness. Seriously! Being bipolar is a true medical condition. What about all the other antics. I think being bipolar is the least of Leah’s problems if her daughter has watched the show. And it’s a terrible cycle as well - Leah acts like a child therefore Ramona treats her accordingly; Ramons treats Leah like a child therefore Leah acts accordingly.
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