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  1. So far I like Elyse. I like that they are not ramming her down our throats a la Babs last year.
  2. I think it’s very normal to bring your own pillow when going somewhere. I don’t bring sheets, but my face isn’t laying on the sheets. Plus my pillow is way more comfy than hotel/ other people’s pillows. Dorinda didn’t deserve an apology from Tinsley but it just reiterated that Tinsley is in a completely different class than these other bitches. Completely over Leah. She’s a crazy destructive drunk. She tried to act all street when she’s actually a rich kid from Connecticut. Nothing about her feels authentic at all.
  3. Yeah but I don’t think Tinsley’s version of expensive or budget is anywhere near how a normal middle class person would classify those things. I said this in a previous episode post but dear lord I would love to be put on Tinsleys budget. It would be rough, but I think I could muddle through somehow 😉
  4. The jealousy dripping off these women regarding Tinsley is pathetic. She was born into money. Even if she didn’t work a day in her life, which doesn’t seem to be the case, who gives a shit?? She was born into that privilege. It’s nothing to be proud, embarrassed, or ashamed of. It just is. She should just own it. She got a college degree, worked at various enterprises, and had done a lot of charity work. That’s more than a lot of rich snobs. Leah was right. Tinsley owes no one an explanation. Especially not Dorinda, she of the spittle on her lip and drunken slurring. No class whatsoever. She’s beneath Tinsley. Dorinda and Lu were both obnoxious about going downtown but I have to say that bath house did look dirty and gross. I’m a poor and I wouldn’t want to go there. Looked like an indoor pool at a moldy motel. Sonja has gained weight. It’s just a fact. I still like Ramona. She can cut you, but she also knows how to apologize, self deprecate and honestly most of the time she’s right.
  5. NOBODY outside the burgh seems to understand it’s not like an hour behind Philadelphia. Nobody. I did my grad work there, I’m from NJ, I had no idea it was 400 miles away and closer to Ohio than Philadelphia. I’m from New Jersey! I know how far Pittsburgh is. Pennsylvania is a WIDE state, lol. I travel to Illinois to visit my husbands family each year. We road trip. Nearly half our trip is getting through PA.
  6. I don’t know if I will be able to continue watching this show if Dorinda remains onboard next season. She’s so miserable. And mean in that high school mean girl way that is just pitiful for a middle aged woman. I have gotten to the point where I don’t give a shit about her pain anymore. Get help, don’t get help, I don’t care just stop shitting on people for god sakes. Leah was so right that Dorinda is obsessed with Tinsley. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tinsley was the first and last person Dorinda thought of each day, with envy. It’s disturbing, and not fun to watch. Speaking of disturbing and not fun, Sonja. My god what has happened to this woman. She’s embarrassing. To me it’s not funny anymore, it’s extremely sad and uncomfortable. Again, I pity her. I have been where Tinsley was at the winery, where you are just trying to get your point across but no one listens and then you get louder and everyone calls you hysterical and of course then you become hysterical. She is so much better than these ladies. I would love for her to start a Chicago housewives franchise. It really didn’t make me feel good watching this episode. I watch these shows (NY & NJ) for the hot messes and yes, the arguing and ridiculousness. This episode didn’t entertain me. I felt angry and disgusted
  7. Forgetting about sizes, I don’t believe BL would have that type of dress in her closet judging by her everyday preferences. Color me shocked but I really liked the scenes between Ava and Sonny. It kind of makes it worse that he (aka the writers) has it in him to be gracious, but chooses not to.
  8. This morning during the 10:00 hour Hoda did make me laugh because they had on some chef from his home and when they cut to him he was like oh sorry I was changing a lightbulb. Hoda was like oh yeah I know you’re so busy and important. Ha!! I mean come on guy you know you’re about to go live on national television maybe be prepared.
  9. I wouldn’t. Randall is a good man, no question. But he has shown that he holds a lot of resentment for always showing up. He did it out of obligation and now feels like everyone owes him. I think this was proven by the way he guilted Rebecca into the trial. If you want to be there for someone, do so openly and without expectations. No one appointed him the family caretaker, he chose that role for himself. Also, Kevin may have been a dick in the past but we have also seen times when he was there for Randall. I really haven’t seen Randall do that in return. I had a lot of infertility problems and had my one and only miracle baby two years ago, so I related to Madison. I’m glad she is getting her miracle. I think Kevin will be a good dad. I really don’t care if they get married, stay together, get divorced, etc. I’m just glad they are getting their chance to be parents and I think they will both be good at it. Older Kevin was hot!!
  10. You know what Kevin and Randall both said fucked up things during their fight but the difference was Kevin had the decency to feel badly immediately. It was all over his face. Randall is on his high horse and didn’t think he did anything wrong. He couldn’t even be a man from the start and admit what he did. I’m so over him. I like Madison. I always felt she was a much better friend than Kate deserved.
  11. I understand Randall wanting Rebecca to do the trial and I even understand how he thinks she may “owe” him, but voicing all this to Rebecca is not ok. It’s ok to think it, but not to actually guilt her into it. Randall was a good son up until that very moment.
  12. Acting like viewers don’t understand basic geography is probably my biggest (only?) bone to pick with this show. Everyone travels across the country like it’s not a full day of travel, Pittsburgh to Alpine to Philly like those places are not hours and hours away from each other, etc. All those activities in one day in NYC?? Nope. Plus, if they were going upstate, NYC is NOT on the way from Pittsburgh. Ugh. Anyway.
  13. Randall’s pain and guilt are real, but it’s not fair for him to inflict it on everyone around him by trying to control everything and everyone. He had all the means to get into therapy and possibly medication years ago, but chose not to. Instead, he’s been holding on to all this control and anxiety. It’s sad, but again, he shouldn’t be taking it out on others. If anything, Kevin was the neglected son. Randall was a mama’s boy and Katie girl was all dad, but everyone just thought Kevin was living a charmed life and he would be fine. Even a couple episodes ago when Rebecca said she needed him because he’s the fun one, I was kind of offended by that. He is more than that. I also thought Kevin was 100% in the right to mention he was the one paying for everything so he should also have a say. It was harsh, but Randall won’t listen to anyone but himself so I really can’t feel bad. I had no idea Mandy was this good of an actress. I absolutely love her in every era. The scene at the painting was so beautiful and poignant.
  14. Ok so usually I suspend disbelief with how quickly these people travel across the country, from Pburgh to Philly to Alpine and back again (all in one day no less), etc. But this episodes wonky timelines threw me right out of the stories. First Kate sprung this trip on Toby with one night's notice, even packing the next day for a trip happening literally that day. How long was the trip? A day? A week since she said Madison was coming over all week for the dog?? And then Rebecca decides she can come on the trip that very morning. All this will a ten month old baby in tow. Ummm......huh?!?! Speaking of said ten month old, am I to believe Kate and Bec went for a swim sometime after 9pm and then to a nightclub/restaurant/wherever some time after that and.....baby just slept in his stroller this while time?! I was so distracted by this that I really couldn't;t get into what should have been a great couple scenes. At least say this resort has a daycare or nanny on call or something. Like I said normally I just go with it because it's a tv show and it doesn't matter but in this episode I had to call bullshit!
  15. I remember when Beth had some type of internal problem going on where she had surgery and Ramona came over with a book and said she was just going to sit in the other room in case B needed anything. I thought that was really nice. I think that’s why I still like Ramona even after all these years on reality tv, she’s bat shit but I think deep down she cares. She gave Leah good advice. As far as not being able to understand Jacques, maybe it was an audio problem at the venue. Sonja said she couldn’t hear anything and she was sitting in the front row. Or maybe they are all not as cultured as they like to think (Ahem, Dorinda).
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