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  1. I thought it was funny that they had this huge locked gate but then just a few yards away there is a fence with huge gaps. Heh. I wish we would have gotten more backstory on all the staff members. Like, Yao was an EMT that saved Marsha after being shot. How did he come to work for her here? What about the two ladies that make the smoothies?? Even Delilah. I’d love to here more about them, but there are just too many characters on this show.
  2. Sonny has never been more lucid than when he was seeing all those flashbacks with Mike and was like “The fuck?! I’m pretty sure that guy is a criminal and he sucks.” Kind of like when Sam was poisoned by cat poop and threw Sonny in that well after shooting him. Later they will say they were out of their minds but actually, it’s one of the only times they’ve seen things clearly.
  3. So don’t throw barware at me but I thought everyone mostly looked good at the wedding, with the exceptions of Maxie (dress) and Diane (hair was a mess, though I loved her dress). I think Joss looked absolutely darling. Monica looked great in that color. Loved both Trina’s and Willow’s dresses. Willow’s hair was kind of frizzy. (Were they short staffed hairstylists? There were a few hair issues.) The bride, well, a bra wouldn’t have hurt. It wasn’t a home run but it wasn’t bad. Best dressed: Olivia.
  4. Magnus is just gross, physically and especially his personality. I can’t believe Darby actually followed through marrying him. Yuck.
  5. Pretty much every time he’s on screen I yell “I call Jaguars!”. My husband just loves that;) I was thinking the same thing although with many medications you end up taking them for the rest of your life as well so is it really that different? I don’t know.
  6. Smike crossed over from just not caring if he ever remembered his past to actively avoiding anything about his past. Like, Jax made it quite obvious he know Smike and strongly implied Nina did too. Still, Smike didn’t want to hear it. I really hope this comes up when he finally returns to PC. He isn’t exactly some innocent bystander in all this. Jax has been really great lately. Loved his “you’ve gotta be shitting me” face when he found out Nina knew not only Sonny’s whereabouts but also Peter’s. This has turned into a pretty eventful trip for him!
  7. Love this so much. I love mysteries and love the old school comedy feel. I think the decision to cast two veterans and a young current star is genius, it brings in all demographics. I am also old so I had no idea Selena Gomez was an actress but I think the trio works really well. The best scene was the texting. “They don’t like it when you call for some reason”. Truer words. And then the repeated autocorrecting. So funny. I thought it was a little weird that Oscar’s dad was still the super. I mean if your kid went to jail for allegedly killing a tenant (even accidentally), you wou
  8. Oh yeah, her hair has been bad for a long time now. I actually thought her hair and makeup were decent for a change, albeit too casual for the occasion. Now putting her in that dress on the other hand…that was just mean.
  9. Agree. It was a little too much. Not surprised Olivia will be resistant to even the thought of something being different about Leo. Her dress today was killer though.
  10. Dear writers, Many of us have been watching this show for an absurd amount of years. We remember when Liz was in high school. We knew who her friends were. They were a huge part of the show (and my personal teen years). Please stop with all the talk about all the raves to which “Biz” dragged Teri. Let them have been acquaintances now adult friends. It’s unnecessary, but then again so are so many things lately. Love, Someone who has been watching GH too long and loved that particular teen scene too much. In other news, I don’t like the harassment of Harmony. S
  11. I liked the little descriptions for Marley and Eboni’s friend asking how much longer they needed to do this. That’s all I got!
  12. Didn’t Maxie lose custody because she lied about the baby being Lulu’s and then when Georgie was born she was like umm actually that’s my baby and Spinelli is the dad? I don’t remember all the details but for all of Spinelli’s faults I don’t thing he would have moved to Oregon or kept Maxie away from Georgie without Maxie’s blessing. Maxie went months and months without seeing Georgie, and James is seemingly always with Mac and Felicia (not just on this vacay). She got all flustered about having to take both kids to Texas since Spin said he couldn’t keep Georgie this one time. I’m not judging
  13. “When James was that little he fell asleep in my arms”. Where did your other kid fall asleep, the one who grew up on the other side of the country away from you. And where are these two kids right now?? Ummmm, yeah I’m going to need Maxie to shut up right now. Glass houses and all that.
  14. Jax comparing what Nina is doing to Sonny with what Valentin did to her…..Bazinga! That was so great.
  15. Has Kirsten Storms always been so nasally sounding? Her voice has really been annoying me lately. Has it always sounded like that? It’s like a high pitched whine. (Loving Maxie and BLQ though).
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