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  1. 😆😆😆😆. Oh, were you serious? I don’t think it will be very long....I mean Wiley will be added to the Quartemaine daycare and promptly forgotten. Willow broke my heart. What a fantastic job the actress did. Almost makes up for what a busybody she’s been lately.
  2. Eh. I don’t know. My sister in law is a stay at home mom. She has four boys. She stopped working when she had her second. She always thought she would go back to work when they were all in school full time, but never did. Once they started school, they started activities, she got involved with volunteering at their schools, and there was always something to do. So she never went back. She’s not a princess sitting at home eating bon bone though. I mean, I’m not saying that never happens, but not on the regular. Also I think a lot of the resentment towards nannies is cultural. I volunteer at a nursing home and my friend and I went there on Halloween with our kids to visit with the oldsters. The nurse who showed us around was from the Philippines and when she saw my friend had three kids she said in her country they would have a nanny for each kid. She wasn’t just talking about the super rich either. I think here in the US we just think we need to do it all on our own for it to “count”, or maybe we are a little resentful we can’t have more help. I know I am guilty of the latter sometimes since family all lives out of state and even out of the country.
  3. Huh? I just got sunflowers last week for Valentine’s Day. This is the year 2020, everything exists! Well, I don’t think it would ever cross Hoda’s mind to do that, so that’s why she thinks it’s so amazing.
  4. Seeing Bill wearing a button down and blazer to dinner and that Neanderthal Joe G in a bright yellow T-shirt just solidifies that these are two completely different classes of people. I thought it was funny that Bill got so bombed on the boat, he doesn’t seem like someone who gets much time off or who normally lets his hair down so maybe he needed a break. Jackie is a walking fashion disaster. I don’t think she’s worn one thing I’ve liked this whole season. Jack, Melissa and Margaret are all desperate for a story. Yawn. I’ll take Jennifer any day, at least she keeps shit interesting. Oh I forgot Jen and her burping! Heh. It reminded me of Sofia Vergara on Modern Family and how her character gets the “nervous burps”. As far as Teresa and the boutique owner “telling” Danielle to pull Marge’s hair....did they have a gun to her head?? I mean I can see the owner guy jokingly saying “Hey maybe you should pull her hair” and then T being all yeah, do it....but as a joke. D actually decided to go ahead and do it so it’s on her.
  5. Couldn’t possibly have said this better! I am so tired with everyone over sharing absolutely everything! I think if a person feels comfortable doing so it’s good to share when something monumental happens, because it’s true that it could help someone else who may feel alone. There is a limit however. I feel like Valerie is just being exploited. And I can’t even get started on St. Maria and her completely screwed up family, how did she ever become an authority on life??
  6. Oh god they finally put Sam in something other than black and it’s yesterday’s “outfit”. Eh, at least it was different? Add me to the camp that hopes Nelle will get away with taking Wiley. After all his bullshit Michael doesn’t deserve a kid and selfishly I really don’t want to try and keep track of another child who is never seen. Carly can miss me with being all smug about Brad and Lucas leaving to get away from big bad Julian. Lady get a clue.
  7. So true! I’ve been thinking this myself. She was so...grey and pale when she was with Michael. She looks great now though. If anyone can make me start to root for annoying ass BrookLynn it’s Lulu. I just can’t with our girl reporter. Also a random observation but I turned on the tv the other day and Wally Kurth was on Days of Our Lives. I don’t watch that so not sure what type of role he was playing but I didn’t know actors could be on two different shows at the same time, on two different networks no less.
  8. In a normal situation I would be totally against the forged note, but he was being messed with and having his case sabotaged by the DA so I kind of thought it was fair game. The player, in this case the DA, got played. I don’t think he will get in trouble for the forgery since he made it look like it got mailed to him. I did enjoy all the prisoners working together to make the note. As far as getting life in prison and other completely absurd sentences for a first time drug felony, yes that happens. Reform of this practice has actually become a pet project of celebrities like Kim Kardashian.
  9. I agree. I really enjoy the weekend shows. Dave Price is our local weatherman here in the NY area and he’s a great addition to the national show in Dylan’s absence. I really feel Kristen, Peter, and Willie are more professional than the weekday “a” team, while still being relatable.
  10. Ok so we all laugh about how Jenna can’t say her “t’s” and she claims it’s because she’s from Texas—well today I was listening to a podcast and the lady was also from Texas and she was doing the same damn thing! Saying “impordant” like fifty million times....Texas peeps is this really a thing?! I couldn’t even concentrate on the podcast all I could think about was Jenna!
  11. Totally agree with all of this. I ended up wearing an old bridesmaid dress to my prom as I had just been in my cousin’s wedding, but it was the first time getting my nails, hair makeup, and all that jazz. We also all met up at my house and took pictures and had a limo. Frankie is a longtime friend and I see nothing wrong with him taking Gia to prom. It was over the top, but nothing shocking. I see nothing wrong with that. Even if the 18 year old was a high school senior.
  12. I used to really enjoy the Emma actress, I still get teary remembering her shouting “mommy” and running to Robin when she bust in on Patrick’s wedding. As a child she was good (imo) but now...not so much. Anna being so skinny doesn’t bother me as she’s always been thin, but her hair is what really bothers me. It’s so limp and lifeless and could maybe use a brush. LOL at Dustin getting all dressed up to go see Jax. I mean, I would want to look my best when meeting him too! You know I’ve said it before but everyone needs to back the fuck off Brad. We know what’s going on but no one else does, so is him being friends with Nelle really that big of a deal?? Mostly everyone in this town has at least been accused of murder, if not flat out committed it. I guess since she went after the saintly Sonny and Co. it’s unforgivable. Meh.
  13. Sadly, I agree. The hair bothers me the most, it looks greasy and stuck to her head. Kirsten Storms is so pretty. She deserves better.
  14. Ok so up until last night I really didn’t give a shit either way about Melissa. Being from New Jersey I see women who look like her every day. Don’t get me wrong, she looks great, but there’s nothing original about her. However, last night made me really dislike her. Drumming up unprovoked conflict with Jen at dinner was stupid. AND THEN, that look she gave when Marge said she didn’t know Jen worked. Bitch, take a seat. She hasn’t worked at anything her husband didn’t buy for her since she got married. That’s cool, but She Is No Better than Jen, Jen just married better than she did and is infinitely more entertaining. Melissa is boring and basic. Fuck Her.
  15. Ava looked amazing and I loved her interactions with both Trina and Franco. I actually took a picture of my television so I can have a picture of her haircut for my hairdresser next time I go for a cut, it’s fantastic. Yesterday was the first time I actually didn’t totally hate Brooke Lynn....she was good with Mike and made some good points to Sonny as well.
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