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  1. Am I to believe that Jax allowed Nina to sleep in her wedding dress on his couch?? No way. He would have offered to sleep on the couch and at least given her some sweats. He's way too chivalrous. Me too. I like the silver fox look. I love Micheal E. Knight.
  2. Rage blackout!! Franco isn't "identifying" as Drew. It's not like he knows he's Franco but would just rather be Drew. A procedure was done to him under duress!! He is mentally ill and can't make ANY decisions for himself, which is why his next of kin (his WIFE) should and can make decisions on his behalf. I am really beginning to think Kim would have come on to Cameron if he had they Drew memories. She's sick. And I can't even start on Monica. As a medical professional she knows better. When Drewco was all pissed because he thought Monica had given him up and kept Jason, she should have just said I already cleared this all up with Drew, and as much as you want to be you are not him! I agree with everyone else, this is disrespectful and offensive to the Real Drew, but then again he was always second fiddle to pretty much everyone since he found out he wasn't Jason. The way Monica acted when Robert told her about Drew was terrible. "Well that's it then." Wuh?? She should be ashamed.
  3. I thought the actress who plays Sasha did a good job with the reveal. Cynthia Watros on the other hand jesus on a cracker that was some wild overacting. Complete with exorcist voice and all. Everyone should have a Jax in shining armor (tux) waiting to sprite them off when the need arises. Sigh....
  4. I didn't mind the color even if it was red, but I think it even looks frumpy on the model! On little ER it’s huge, ill fitting and in that particular picture she looks heavy when we all know she’s tinker bell size.
  5. I don't think the swole boys are a criminal gang since they don't even carry guns. I don't think they run in the same circles as SOA I don't get any romantic vibes between Adelita and Miguel whatsoever. It didn't even occur to me to think the baby might be Miguel's. Angel and EZ really need to figure out their issues. Fist fighting in Happy's kitchen while Hap is tied up and just rolling his eyes at them. Get your shit together guys.
  6. Liesl looked so fab in that emerald dress! Hair and makeup on point. She looked more youthful than other guests half her age. I'm so sick of Lulu being in everyones business. Plus she looked even frumpier than Maxie, if that's possible. I forgot how short the actor who plays Dustin is. Diane is so annoying but I liked her stopping mid sentence and complimenting Curtis' tux. He did look great. How sweet was he with Nina?! God, between Jordan and Sam I don't know who is more low energy. Snooze.
  7. Same. Loved Coleman. Yes! I like her flirtation with Jax and I would love for it to go somewhere, if not flirting is fine. I know, I know she’s evil but it’s a soap opera and I think she’s fabulous (criminalities not withstanding).
  8. The only thing worse than Maria was Maria and her daughter. Ugh. So pretentious. I will take all Hoda's dumb mom stories over these two asshats.
  9. I don't know why but I cry every time! He just has a very very heartfelt way about him when he sings. I'll see myself out.....
  10. That got to me too. That would be so awful.
  11. I actually like the name Donna. The baby is so very cute. Maurice is always at his best around kids. I liked his little speech as well.
  12. I thought it was funny how the nurse left to get bandages or whatever and just left Sam with her arm bleeding and uncovered. I'm sorry to be so shallow but what is going on with Cynthia Watros' face? It looks....very puffy. Swollen. Too many fillers?
  13. I love his voice! I don’t hear vocal fry but I’m also not sure I know what that is. I thought it was when a persons voice went up at the end like every sentence is a question? Craig is such a gentleman too.
  14. I thought the same thing. Umm, he's totally fine Sam. Simmer down. Has the Dev actor ever held a baby before? That handoff was awkward. Dammit I did tear up a bit at Bobbie saying Wylie must be getting hungry...stupid mom hormones. I liked the little heart to heart with Carly and Joss. I laughed at them calling Jason annoying for thinking things through (i.e. being a Borg). But that side by side of Sonny and Jax standing next to each other....I mean....is there ANY question who is the better man?! I agree with small doses of Spinelli. He didn't bother me and he actually made me chuckle by wishing "a pox" on the firewalls that he himself built on hacking St. Jason's phone.
  15. I think at Carly’s she said she was picking him up from daycare and taking him to swim lessons. She said both Lucas and Brad were working and didn’t want him to miss his lesson.
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