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  1. This makes so much sense. If I had a 30 year friendship with someone, that means we’ve been through some shit. We’ve been through good times and bad. So if my friend starts going off the deep end I am much less likely to just write her off. But would I want to hang out with someone I barely know acting the same exact way? Probably not. It’s totally weird but wouldn’t that make her want to be a little less outlandish?? Like these women don’t know her and they are not going to put up with her shit, they have no reason to do so.
  2. Yes to this!! So on the money. Also, Ramona has known Sonja for 30 years and like it or not that does make a difference. I think all the women at Ramona’s party expect nothing less than Sonja making a spectacle of herself. Leah is new to this group and she is not going to get the same grace a decades old friendship affords.
  3. Even though she was awkward about it Ramona was trying to interact with the ladies at the spa event. even if it was just to avoid speaking to Leah, that’s what the event was about. Leah made it all about herself and when she left she showed she really didn’t give a shit about the event.
  4. I 100% agree with you that it’s between her and her doctors. I also know people who are bipolar and they must take meds to regulate themselves, and every now and then those meds need to be changed because they stop working. Maybe Leah feels she is perfectly fine without meds and that’s great for her. Either way, I just find her exhausting and a try hard.
  5. How is Ramona gossiping about Leah being bipolar?? Leah wrote about it in a blog for public consumption. And if she’s not on meds well....she probably should be.
  6. Agree. “You know who” completely embarrassed herself. To think I used to like her from back in the All My Children days. Kathie Lee is annoying as all get out, but she had a long personal relationship with Regis and his family. It’s obvious she adored him and he seemed to feel the same. I enjoyed her little tribute today.
  7. While I personally wouldn’t do it and think it’s a bit extra, if I‘m invited to a party with a dress code or theme I abide by it the best I can. It’s their party, not mine. Co-sign on all of this. I guess it just falls during the filming schedule but Ramona would do well to have this party when RH is not filming. These parties have been going on since long before they were filmed, and judging by the fact that some of the ladies had their faces blurred I think they would be fine with it. We had something similar with my friends in my early 30’s, although there was like 10-12 of us. We would all get together for birthdays and everyone would pitch in with a gift. (We outgrew that and now just do two get together a year, summer and winter, at someone’s home.) The HW friends aren’t a part of that. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if none of those rude bitches even brought a gift.
  8. Not to defend Ramona but I don’t thing she was talking about Mário. I took it to mean all the men she’s dated post divorce. I could be wrong, but Mário still looks pretty good and I think she would take him back in a heartbeat. My thoughts exactly. Ramona can be awful but she does seem to have a life beyond this show. Dorinda and Sonja are has beens and have no financial security of their own. They’re very sad women.
  9. Honestly I wouldn’t want any of the housewives at my birthday party either. They’re awful. What is going on at Wharton?! First “you know who” and now Sonja?? They’re having a rough patch.
  10. Me too! I loved that show. I like this show too. Tyra’s mom and Lindsey Price are my favorites because they get so into everything. Lindsey was on All My Children approximately 1,000 years ago and I just loved her on that show, and also on Lipstick Jungle (500 years ago). The Woz is hysterical and his wife just seems really patient and loving. When I see the Osborne’s all I can think is their house must stink to high heaven with all those untrained dogs, the same thoughts I had when they had their own show.
  11. Dorinda is a monster. Following Luanne to the door, spittle flying, just a disgusting vulgar human. This season can’t end soon enough. Ramona saying Sonja is worth a couple grand for a five minute cabaret appearance?? She’s not worth the couple hundred she’s getting paid. And miss me with the whole one percenter bullshit. I do respect the fact that she made her own money premarriage instead of living off her husband ala Dorinda and Sonja but lady give me a break. I don’t think she was referring to Mário about the small dick though. i think she meant post marriage guys she’s dated. These ladies to love to hang up on Luanne. I think of all of them she’s the only one who can still snag a rich and attractive guy. Sonja and Dorinda in particular can’t even fake any class at this point. I loved Leahs pleated skirt and white sweater combo. First time I’ve thought she looked good and also didn’t act like a maniac. Still team Elyse. That poor housekeeper and delivery guy. At least he could leave. He just shook his head as he was walking away. Bitches crazy.
  12. I think it was harsh, but I agree with it. Sonja is worthless. She adds no value to the cabaret show. Or the Housewives show for that matter. I don’t think the five minutes she’s on stage generate enough ticket sales to make her appearance worthwhile. I think it would actually make me not want to attend the show. Watching her take off her clothes and play “sexy” is just pitiful.
  13. I highly doubt that one picture for sm with a couple of “celebrities” from basic cable television would get an entire party comped. Get over yourselves ladies. Lu was drunk off her ass but I kind of agreed with her. Although I agree Sonja should be getting paid something (which Lu said she was) Luanne doesn’t need Sonja. She’s throwing Sonja a bone letting Sonja be in her show and take off her clothes and just be ridiculous Sonja. BSM is absolutely gorgeous but Dorinda ruined it with tacky decorating. It’s not relaxing or peaceful at all. Just my opinion, she’s the one who has to live in it. The property itself is amazing.
  14. I was 9 when this happened so obvi didn’t really get it or care, although I do remember it and all the subsequent movies. Like others before me I will put a disclaimer on my comments that the end result was obviously not OK At All, but I do see how Betty got to that point. I feel very badly for everyone, particularly the young boys. Betty actually had some good friends that were sticking by her and sticking up for her. She had competent lawyers and even therapists. She had a lot more support than many women in similar situations; it’s such a tragedy that none of that helped her in the end. Except for the murder part I really didn’t feel much sympathy for Linda or Dan. They should have changed their locks, gotten a security system, been more proactive with security in general, but no, they were too busy mocking Betty and thinking they were superior. Not quite sure why a cheat and his mistress would think they had the higher moral ground ever, but ok. Linda was young but I have to agree, Dan would have done the same to her as he did to his first wife. If he’s cheating on his wife with you, he will cheat on you with someone else. Thems the breaks. I don’t know how to feel about Amanda Peet in this role except it really grosses me out that she’s always eating and talking with her mouth full. Yuck. Christian Slater is one of those actors that doesn’t age, a la John Stamos. The 80’s fashions are on point.
  15. If Dorinda was anything then like she is now I could see how Richards friends probably just tolerated her and couldn’t wait to get away from her. Especially if he was such an esteemed academic. Truly it makes me wonder what he ever saw in Dorinda, possibly he was “slumming it”, to put in crude terms. If a friend of mine managed to get her birthday party comped, I would be ecstatic for her! And I would look forward to an invite and having a good time. Dorinda is not a good friend. She’s vicious, and although she would probably take that as a compliment I can assure her it is not.
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