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  1. I feel exactly the same way. Although I liked it and related to it in many ways, it really wasn’t necessary in the context of all the current stories right now. Especially since there are only a few episodes left this one could have been left out. I did enjoy it though as I find myself in a similar situation with my parents. They live extremely far away and made the decision to move 15 years ago when I was pretty young. Since then I’ve been able to build my own life on my own (no other siblings or close family), eventually got married and had a kid. I’ve only seen my parents a handful of
  2. I saw nothing wrong with it. I actually liked that little convo with She Beast and her Mini. It think it’s good to speak honestly on these subjects with your children, and MiniBeast is 18, not 45. (Btw @Daisy I know you didn’t say this it was a quote from @statsgirl I don’t know why it pulled in the wrong name). God forbid Ava want more time with her own child, especially now that Carly is living in the hotel and the only parent in the home is dealing with an illness and needs to get himself together. I’m thinking this might be the case as well. That’s such a common trope in t
  3. I don't like why they are doing it, but i will say - I don't mind them doing it because i do know that people do yoyo off their meds. So only having it one and done isn't very realistic. I get that but I would think people go off their meds because they are feeling good (because of the meds), and mistakenly think they don’t need them anymore That isn’t what’s happened with Sonny at all. His life is in complete turmoil, he is not at a point where he could feel so good that he thinks he doesn’t need meds anymore. Also, he’s been on medication for like two decades. Even if he feels
  4. I was like OH, he’s really going there?! Yikes. And Drew just has that earnest charm and comes off as so genuine that it’s even more shitty to hear Sonny going after him. Between today and his date with Pip (before he started dying), Hat is growing on me. Plus it gives us more time with Curtis which is always enjoyable. Hat can stay. FOR NOW.
  5. Lmao!! This damn trip has become the new Nixon Falls. Like, who cares?! Something epic better happen (by which I mean it definitely won’t). I’ll say this about Mo..as sick to death as I am of this storyline being trotted out he does commit to it. He looks like holy hell right now, just as he always has when he does the “Sonny going off his meds (again)” story. Kristina is my favorite Davis coven member and I’m glad she is once again the reasonable one. It could be said that Harmony was also brainwashed by Shiloh, she was just another cult member who took it to the next level.
  6. Yep I agree. Sonny was making a lot of sense for a bit there, being truthful about his feelings for Nina but also making the choice to stay with Carly and work on their marriage. That’s big for him. Carly also has a point that this should have all come out a long time ago and it became a huge public embarrassment and maybe she might need a minute to absorb this. But honestly I can’t feel sorry for either of them. Sonny specifically said he did not want to remember who he was and he was happy as a clam when he was Mike, dancing with brooms and shit. Now he’s decided to go off his meds cause….r
  7. Ugh, you know I was kind of liking this new mellower Sonny and now he’s gone off his meds for the umpteenth time and I’m over it. I absolutely hate to defend Carly in any way but for god’s sake the woman is just asking for a little space to process all this info. He is basically acting like a controlling psycho about it and it’s really creepy the way he gets all close to her and gives her these weird smiles. Shudder. I was totally on his side with everything until he started this creepiness.
  8. Yay Dylan was back today. I just love her. She looks fantastic. Apparently people were dragging her on Instagram because she posted a pic of the three boys sharing a room and the baby’s crib was by the window or some shit. God. Why are people the worst??
  9. I don’t know, I mean I’ve seen a lot of hate for Madison. Both for the character and the actress by claiming she only got the job because of her husband. I think she’s gotten plenty of hate, she just hasn’t been around as long as Kate/Chrissy.
  10. I also like Madison. I found her storyline and insecurities relatable last season. I liked her and Kevin together even if it wasn’t the conventional happily ever after story, which doesn’t exist fyi. I do find it unrealistic that they wouldn’t have moved to a larger house, it looks like the twins room is right by the front door in what looks to be a spare office/den or something. Also yeah, if my baby daddy was a rich celebrity you best believe there would be a nanny involved in our daily activities! I do also like Kate. I really wasn’t a fan in the first season, but she has gotten better
  11. Same. My kid was on a sleep schedule from 6 months onward. She is just about to turn four, still naps/has quiet time every day and sleeps like a champ at night. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to anything else, but DO NOT mess with the sleep schedule!!
  12. Yes to all of this! Pre-pandemic my husband travelled about one week out of the month and it was actually easier on me because all I had to worry about was me and the kid. I could eat cereal for dinner if I wanted. When my husband is home I definitely put more effort into cleaning, cooking, making his lunch, etc. (I’m a stay at home wife/mom). So it was kind of like a little break for me. I actually think it was harder on him to travel and be away from us. Ps he just started traveling again after almost two years!! I also liked Madison and Kevin and am still hoping they will get bac
  13. 100%. I also think this is what’s going to happen.
  14. Unpopular opinion but I enjoyed the Pip/Hat date (until he started dying, then it took a turn.) I liked hearing their little banter and how Hat stood up when Liz came to the table. It was old school. I mean, it’s not groundbreaking stuff but I like seeing other characters get some air time. Come to think of it, tptb have been incorporating more of the cast lately which is appreciated. TJ was a good friend to Brando. Gladys, well, she was Gladys but she means well.
  15. Yes, she could still go that route but it’s not a matter of “just do ivf it’ll be fine”. Even if money isn’t an issue the ivf process is complex, physically and mentally. And as with anything else, there are no guarantees (Believe me, I’ve been through it.) I think the bigger issue is that Jamie didn’t tell her about the procedure. Yes, of course the clinic is also culpable and maybe she would have still gone through with it if she had known, but she was never given that choice. I think it’s fucked up. Now it makes sense why he never fights back when she attacks him other than that time
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