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  1. I am a lurker but I had to log in to comment on last night's show. My husband and I used to watch religiously and then we had a baby and got out of it. Now that he's older, I'm back to watching but I don't read spoilers so I didn't know it was supposed to be a big episode for Geoff and Erica. When they were talking at the end, I was like, they have to get together now - they can't drag it out anymore. I thought the ending was great payoff to their story! Good episode overall but I really loved the Geoff and Erica scenes.
  2. It really is the tale of 2 shows. Weekend Today is far better than Weekday. I am so ready for Natalie to return and I never thought I'd say that - Tamron is just that bad. I like Today a lot better than GMA but I seriously ask myself why sometimes.
  3. I was unspoiled and didn't realize how much I missed EBay (not Bemmett) together until they got back together. This half season lost me about halfway through but I feel like it got better towards the end. Can't wait until June!
  4. Thanks! It's been awhile since I've posted on message boards but I love to read TODAY snark. Weekend is so much better than weekday but Savannah has grown on me.
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