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  1. I don't know where we're going, yet, but I'm strangely engrossed by everyone's story. I do wonder if we're going to get a Shane redemption of sort to come. He's the only one who's seemed devoid of positive traits thus far.
  2. The phrase MadCap comes to mind. But.... I kind of love it? It seemed like everyone was having A LOT of fun.
  3. The show probably could have weathered one of the effects of COVID adjusted shooting, changing actors of a principal character, adjusted stories required due to child graduation, or the backstage accusations and resulting changes in executives and cast-members. However, all of that hitting the show together likely tanked what was a perpetual bubble show. The season felt pretty uninspired. I thought Giselle did a good job taking over, and by the end of the run they were finally starting to find some chemistry with the new friends, but the writing just never seemed to be on point. It
  4. Strong reliable show all around, which was a welcome treat after last week. Good use of most of the cast too. Great to see Melissa get some run. I've been watching previous season sketches and everytime she shows up she's so strong.
  5. I really enjoyed Mixed-ish, but the originality felt like it was running dry recently, so I understand. Hopefully Tika Sumpter has a bunch of opportunities coming out of this. She was a breakout star.
  6. Those were some amazing teams. That defensive line also had Kenny Holmes, another first rounder who started in a Super Bowl and Kenard Lang...also a future first rounder. That was a dominant era of Miami football. I'm a little bummed we had to burn so quickly through the remainder of his college career so quickly, but I guess there isn't as much to the story there. Still it would have been great to show him actually graduating, making good on what his high school coach pitched him on. Also I feel like they could have gone a bit more into the discussion with Carlos Jones about middle manag
  7. RIP, George. He was such a great figure on the show. Definitely feel for the entire cast as well as all of his family.
  8. Pretty nice of CBS to lend them the "2 Broke Girls" audience I guess. Drunk Bachelorette energy in the audience aside, this was one of the best episodes of recent years for me. I knew nothing about the host but enjoyed him, and the whole show. Similar to how I felt about Josh Hutcherson when he hosted. In both cases they embraced the weird and I appreciated it. Normally each week, there's a sketch and the cold open I see get shared around in the coming days. This week I've seen at least 5 sketches get shared, which is pretty remarkable.
  9. I was amazed this was Krasinski's first time hosting. I thought he surely would have done so in the middle office years (I know Rainn did, and obviously Carrell). At any rate you could tell he wanted to be there and was enjoying it. I'd love to have him back in a more traditional format, post COVID. I know MGK is Pete's friend, so I wanted to give him an honest shot, but hoo, he is not my cup of tea. Maybe it's an elder millenial elder Gen Z divide, but I can't imagine this guy not bowing out from a beef battle with Eminem. The Subway sketch disappointed me. They addressed Jared, but
  10. Yes, being perpetually on Camera is tough enough to be self conscious about for women, but then any bit of notoriety and you're being micro analyzed in magazines as well. There's some VERY good work that holds up well, but so much bad work as well. Of course the good work is never talked about. Those women who choose to ride out the first round time deals them do seem to come out better on the back end, because they still look like a real person. Of course that first round is usually accompanied by the unrelenting tiredness with being a parent to young kids, so maybe that's not even fair. Anyw
  11. This was one of the best "reunions" I've seen, which I'm sure is no small part due to wanting to have control of the discussion, and giving it a proper run time, rather than outsourcing it to Entertainment Weekly or a network producer. Will doubling as a panelist and moderator helped keep the focus on the cast, but I felt like it also meant we were without a conduit. It would have been fun to have Rashida Jones or Benny Medina moderate the discussion and provide some more insight into the production. I thought the part where they talked about how white the writing room was in trying to convey
  12. The girlfriend and I put this on as our start to the Christmas season last night. We picked it since we knew it was a "new" Christmas movies that neither of us had seen before, and we're both fond of the leads. We didn't know there was going to be a twist. Let's just say we had no problem pausing halfway through to tackle the dishes and other Sunday night chores for the week before picking it up and when that was done. I tackled some painting in the living room while watching. Clarke and Golding are as charming as ever and it's fun to watch each of them do their thing. I think Clarke
  13. As enjoyable as it was to see the departure to 2020, the fact that John chose to do so while incinerating thousands of gallons of gasoline (along with whatever materials the sign were made from) in the middle of an open pit mine was rather disappointing. I always saw John as pro concise effort when it came to the environment and carbon emission. It's going to be hard to take him seriously on things issues related to resource extraction and climate change when he's so obviously in favor of a wasteful stunt like this.
  14. This year is a decade of Mulaney fandom for me. My first exposure to him was at The Melbourne comedy Festival in 2010. I'm always happy to see him but this felt like your favorite band making a "nothing but the classics tour" Not a lot new, but with how heavy the news cycle is lately, a little balm wasn't bad.
  15. I'll miss Julia Butters. She was a great actress and portrayed Anna Kat so well. I'm sure we'll settle into the new actor as well. This episode felt a little stiff but it was obviously done to set up the show in light of having to end abruptly last year. I do wish we would have had some fall out from Oliver's Prom Date though.
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