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  1. With 1917 winning the PGA and the best Drama Globe, can we consider it now the official front runner?
  2. I imagine Boob may be treating her mom as less than the dirt in his shoes so that may also be a part of her side taking.
  3. galaxygirl76

    Tennis Thread

    I highly doubt it but the organization claims they can play all games indoor. They probably should have done the same for the qualifiers.
  4. galaxygirl76

    Tennis Thread

    It's pretty shameful that the Australian Open qualifiers are being played out in the open right now while citizens of the city are being told to stay inside because of the air quality. From what I'm gathering a lot of the players are complaining, with one player having to give up because of a coughing fit caused by the air quality.
  5. It didn't work for Sigourney Weaver, Emma Thompson, Cate Blanchett, or Julianne Moore when they had two nominations in the same year. Most recent woman to win one of the two nominations was Holly Hunter.
  6. It's crazy that it took Tom Hanks 19 years between nominations. Speaking of supporting actor lots of big name actors in there with four Oscar winners and Brad Pitt. That said, I'm feeling very lackluster about this year. Nothing that stands out for me personally.
  7. Seeing Josh around his daughters makes me so uncomfortable.
  8. This is brand new information!! /Phoebe Buffay voice
  9. She doesn't have a choice. According to Meeechelle you have to be joyfully available for your husband even when big pregnant.
  10. I would have like it better if they flipped the names, it flows better imo.
  11. Kate and Will also trademarked everything, that's how that works.
  12. I'm holding out hope that one day soon I visit the Reddit sub Creepy Encounters and there is a write up of this 'Jill at the laundromat thing' from Daniel's perspective.
  13. They may have eventually gotten a bigger part within the family if they hadn't associated themselves with the Nazis.
  14. Isolating Meghan and Harry while Randy Andy, who likes to fuck under aged girls, is still a member of the family and being protected as such isn't going to reflect great on them.
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