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  1. For a man as fond of money as Boob is he has to know how batcrap crazy and what a leech Jill is. If anything Anna may be able to tell them that too if she communicates with her brother at all. eta, the power play between those two could be really fun for us to watch play out though.
  2. We all know that Debi Pearl knows all about children training. Those two are the actual worst
  3. Also, that little boy does not look happy at all.
  4. These two are so dumb. Thats not an appropriate activity at his age and according to one of the posters at reddit, who used to work at that kind of place for a living, he's not properly strapped in. He should be in a full body harness instead of a waist one. Also no shoes.
  5. That's what her holiness Joanna told her to do.
  6. I saw on Reddit that people are tweeting their pictures and tagging UP so I'm sure they are aware by now.
  7. Her hair looks awful and the way he's holding her makes me wildly uncomfortable.
  8. JillRod's dad also went to Washington. She posted about it on Facebook, I believe.
  9. $26 for a book that has 224 pages? The about the author section is pure comedy.
  10. They have friends? Like real friends or friends they are mooching off?
  11. I don't know much about religion and church going, but do churchgoers like being preached at by teenage boys?
  12. I'm just going to stick to feeding my kid. I'm sure child services loves to hear that she thinks the kids need to pray harder instead of eating.
  13. Yeah it does. If it had been Jinger request it would have been easy to mention it like 'Jinger requested fast food for her birthday so here we are!' type of post but instead it's 'I had fast food three times today!'. It's as always all about him.
  14. The redditors are saying a bunch of them are bots. They are also saying she went back to private.
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