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  1. Mommy and daddy said so. How is this boy child planning on providing for his inevitable family?
  2. I'm trying to imagine all the real food she could have bought for what was spend on Taco Hell.
  3. It truly is amazing. I fell in love with it so fast, it's my favorite comedy now.
  4. I had high hopes but I never in my wildest dreams expected a clean sweep. Holy cow, this is amazing.
  5. Boob wrote that like the Rod kids write the odes to their precious Mama.
  6. Is that super fast drying ink because this leftie used to have fountain pens and they were not my friend.
  7. She's been in labor six times! It's a very special day for her!!
  8. I just finished a glass of wine, can I be on the People page now too?
  9. Hey Anna, you know who God doesn't love? Child molesters like the one you are married to.
  10. galaxygirl76

    Tennis Thread

    I love this because it's so accurate.
  11. It's all that hussy Amy's fault /Jim boob probably
  12. My kid's school opened on Monday and had to close on Thursday due to a positive case. I'm so happy to be virtual.
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