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  1. Imma gonna be channeling my inner Red Forman and call them all Dumbasses.
  2. I wasn't ready for Sexpest to show up. I should have know but still it came unexpected.
  3. Those red Nike's are ugly and that's coming from someone who's favorite color is red.
  4. Not a lot of things would bring me greater joy than these two sanctimonious assholes going down in flames.
  5. It's great that Jill is seeing a therapist, much healthier than for example Jinger who, looking her anxiety post, seems to think that her Josh trauma can be prayed away.
  6. Yep, bring out the cute kid for damage control.
  7. She can write a book but I do need evidence she can name all the grand babies and their parents first.
  8. galaxygirl76


    She definitely was. Those poor girls were failed on so many levels. Their doctor sexually abused them, coaches that physically(and probably mentally) abused them, USA Gymnastics didn't give a fuck about what happened to the girls. It was a hard watch, I felt it was well made, and time flew by. Those videos of Nassar treating girls were really uncomfortable to watch.
  9. I knooow! I was wondering the same thing because neither appears to be doing anything and apparently that includes doing nothing with the kid. If they do have a nanny, that means in my eyes that Felicity is indeed used as a prop in mom and dad's carefully cultivated Instagram reality life.
  10. My kid had an emoji birthday cake when she turned six with a big old poop emoji on the top of it. It's a totally normal thing haha I always wear white pants when I go outside to play with chalk.
  11. Guess that happens when you are the prince that was promised.
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