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  1. It's almost Father's day so a good opportunity for Hunk to take Jill out. Because even Father's day will be about Jill.
  2. When my kid was Felicity's age all the me time I got was going to to bathroom and make sure I locked the door or she would come in too and that was with a husband who was helping out with the kid. JereMe seems to be having very little interest in the actual child rearing part of having kids, photo ops are obviously ok.
  3. It's probably exactly what he wants, she can stay home with the kids if her music career tanks.
  4. Speaking of fast women, getting closer and closer to the 29 minute barrier on the 10K https://www.espn.com/olympics/trackandfield/story/_/id/31577369/sifan-hassan-beats-world-record-more-10-seconds-10000-meters
  5. He's even wearing his baseball cap inside his own house? My husband won't leave the house without one but even he won't wear it inside.
  6. Getting the child on the left shoes that fit her would be a good start.
  7. If you compare poor little Ivy's birthday celebration to Izzy's most recent one, this is just heartbreaking. Jill put thought in Izzy's special day, this is a thrown together mess that barely looks like a birthday party.
  8. Especially people that are known for not wanting that kind of attention.
  9. You're obviously not as cool as Jeremy 🤣
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