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  1. Anyone who doesn't live at the TTH has no business being there right now. Fucking morons.
  2. When is she planning on going to Seattle because I wouldn't go anywhere near there for now.
  3. I see a lot of social distancing in that picture where Jed2020 is riding the big construction vehicle 🙄 I thought I read that Arkansas is a 'stay at home' state now? I don't think they are needed there with their fame whoring but what do I know.
  4. I really need an angry reaction option just for this thread alone. She makes me rage. I am deemed an essential worker(grocery chain) and people like her make my anxiety about going to work even worse than it already is.
  5. That was on Jinger's list too, which is confusing to me because that family isn't exactly known to be adventurous eaters.
  6. So is this going to backfire on Boob because I'm all about things backfiring on Boob.
  7. No questions about Jill's family? Then why even bother, that's the only thing we want to know about!
  8. Don't let the Texans hear that! They don't like people messing with Texas 😂
  9. I see he still claims to be a contractor despite there not being any evidence of him having a license? Maybe he's Texan because his name is Austin. That's all I got.
  10. Madam Secretary? A show about a woman in a high place of power? Please.
  11. On Reddit people were saying that back when the Duggars just started their specials they would go shop and had multiple carts full of food and this were normal shopping trips. Their family at the time was roughly the same as the Rods are now. The Rods cart is full of sugary, processed junk. No fruit or veg in sight fresh, frozen or even canned. There appears to be one loaf of bread for all of them. Please Jill, you are not fooling any of us. Also, make your own damn soup. It will be more nutritious and way cheaper than those cans
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