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  1. Just saw some still pictures on Reddit of Janessa trying to poke Nemo's eye out. I guess it's from a video and Jill didn't stop her from doing that.
  2. One of the worst thing in my experience as a person suffering from (SEVERE) chronic knee problems, who's needed three surgeries to live life somewhat normal, is getting in and out of a vehicle. After my last (SEVERE) surgery I had to go to PT twice a week and having to get in and out of the car was the worst. I would never even considered driving to Florida for however many hours it is from where she's at if I were as (SEVERELY) injured as she claims to be. I've made that drive from IA and it's not fun.
  3. I see Jill is testing the 'getting a tattoo' waters.
  4. Right! I don't think 'there's a Justin?' is considered a star of either of their shows.
  5. Micah Plath is what Lawson Bates thinks he sees when he looks in the mirror.
  6. I don't know a single Iowa fan who thinks we should be #2 but we're rolling with it while waiting for our annual loss to Purdue🤣 Our defense and special teams are amazing while our offense is...well...not.
  7. I feel so awful for poor Rodrigo Blankenship. His injury was obviously affecting his kicking.
  8. I love the free pens from our bank. JereMe's pens on the other hand are very much not https://www.kohezi.com/collections/pens-pencils
  9. Someone in reddit suggested that she's not injured but doesn't want Nurie to have all the attention. I gotta say that that would be something I can see her do 🤣
  10. Those are even worse than Nurie and the not!Nuries and I thought that was impossible
  11. He's a posey poser who poses to be a Dodger fan, just like he poses to be a foodie and all the other ridiculous things he does and has.
  12. Jill sounds exactly like the lady who has a blog about the time she spent as a Younique rep until she realized how much of a scam it was. Fake it until you make it.
  13. There are way to many big words in that post to be written by one of the kids. We have seen the results of BME's home schooling.
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