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  1. I'm not saying that I can sing drunk karaoke better than that because I've never been drunk or have done karaoke, but I thought he was boring and have no idea why they were crying over him.
  2. How else is she going to 'prove' the kids awe seeing doctors and are 'thriving'. I'm not buying that btw, that's what Jill is saying. She may just be hearing what she wants to hear or flat out lying.
  3. It would be fun if he used that law degree he's working on to go after Boob. I'm bringing popcorn for that one.
  4. Does David ever fast because the only ones I have read about who are fasting are the kids.
  5. As a long time fan of the show this warmed my heart: https://ew.com/tv/2019/10/16/the-masked-singer-skeleton-paul-shaffer-interview/
  6. Count me among those who are unimpressed with the show if those are the final six.
  7. Me too. He was drafted by the Magic. I believe at one point there was a Star Wars reference, he was born on May 4th which is Star Wars day. His jersey number is a 4.
  8. Yeah the birth year seals it for me(no pun intended)
  9. galaxygirl76

    MLB Thread

    I guess the Nats came to play today.
  10. It's easier to blame the lost girls than to expect Sex Pest to do some actual parenting.
  11. In case anyone was wondering if it's possible to run the marathon under 2 hours, the answer is yes. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/10/12/sport/eliud-kipchoge-marathon-vienna-intl/index.html
  12. A poster on Reddit blew up the mirror in the intro of the Penguin and the pictures on it are pictures of Queen Rania of Jordan. Sherri Shepherd played Tracy Jordan's wife on 30 Rock. I believe she gets a reality show called 'The Queen of Jordan' at some point.
  13. All this talk about Michelle's boobs is very defrauding haha
  14. Well she has to do all the work from what we get to see of their family dynamics. Wrangle the kids even though she's very pregnant. Sex pest is not only a sex pest but also a worthless human being in other areas.
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