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  1. Correction: Amanda and Robbie are a match made in Instagram heaven hellfire.
  2. In the "real world," I wholeheartedly agree with your point. But this is a reality tv show that thrives on "high stakes!" and "DRAMA!" If b****y broker-lady did her job properly by flying (cruising?) under the radar, out goes the storyline!
  3. Whah? You think that doofy, deluded fame-ho *Bobby* would actually quit this show for ANY reason?! Sorry, but that just makes me giggle.
  4. You should really learn to cook, Mr.Smith. Just google up a recipe and follow the directions. Any techniques you're confused about you can find on YouTube!
  5. I thought I saw Brooke in next week's preview, too! However--unlike the 1.18 min Bravo clip above--the preview that aired only included about 3 seconds of that particular event. So all we got was a quick shot of a ponytailed chef (back to the camera) working behind Sheldon. That *unmistakable* shot of Emily's face was nowhere to be seen! Anyway... mystery solved. :)
  6. Raven "makes it past Rachel" because Nick wanted Vanessa; it didn't matter to him who was F2 or F3. So he made Rachel F3 b/c production wanted her for Bachelorette. Why? Because: A) she's *great* & very well-liked among production/the other girls; and B) they've been under pressure to produce the first Bachelorette "of color" & Rachel has everything they could hope to find. FYI: Once "The Bachelorette" found its groove, the selection of the next season's lead started following a very predictable pattern: Virtually always F3; *maybe* F4 in a pinch. F2 is almost never chos
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