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  1. Here's Natasha's website if anybody doubts she's a TV pro and just there for the exposure. https://www.natashaworks.com/about
  2. Natasha is a production assistant for some network, so the girl KNOWS TV and what she's doing. She's not there for the man, but for her job.
  3. Don't they do this EVERY season? Let both sides in a contest attend the date, to maximize the number of needy & hysterical girls begging for attention? Yeah, I thought so.
  4. I hate these football/baseball/soccer dates. Boring as crap.
  5. She's very plain. Even Peter can do better.
  6. I don't think either Victoria or Chase were upset or floored. I think both were told to play it up for the drama's sake. There is ZERO pain, honey. 99% of men facing that kinda thing would be "No shit? Can he get us tickets to the CMA awards"?
  7. She's just over-reacting in such a ridiculous, like, ya know, like idiotic and like WAY too stupid manner. Like, ya know?
  8. I hate this Bro "Country" crap they keep pretending is actual Country music. These guys all look & sound the same. Worthless date.
  9. This whole date gets muted, because I cannot STAND her blathering, babbling and screeching. Oh honey, things could be MUCH, MUCH worse.
  10. Wow, these children have all really embraced the 80's high-waist jean trend. Sorry bitches, I've still got some of the originals. You're all just wannabes....*LOL* Clark Kent was raised in Smallville, Kansas. WTF Peter?
  11. Well, according to the old Drew Carey show, Cleveland rocks. Yeah. Right. Ok, now he's feeling really good. That means the Valium with the tequila chasers are beginning to kick in.
  12. Oh good lord, the sodium count for soy sauce is over 900mg per Tablespoon. How much would generously cover the bottom of a huge pot? That's a perfect recipe to get their blood pressure skyrocketing. And toddlers like cooked onions? Mine never did. Idiot.
  13. So who explained to these girls the mechanics of getting pregnant anyway? Do their parents all really give a comprehensive sex education lecture that illustrates how tab A fits onto slot B? With illustrations? Do they even know what an abortion actually is? An adult somewhere gave them those signs, so I imagine those asshats are just pleased as punch to see those girls posing for Jesus. And the girls probably have almost no factual knowledge of the whole issue. Idiots.
  14. I would love to have the Photoshop skills to replace those signs with "My Body, My Choice" and "If You're Against Abortion, Don't Have One", then post the pictures all over the Internet. Those girls would certainly get a lot of attention.
  15. Victoria P. Looks about 40.
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