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  1. Not bad, it was a solid episode. Nice touch with the white supremacist guy in the bathroom. Very normal & non-threatening, showing the most harmless looking people can be dangerous. Good they didn't use some hulking skin-head. They did show a bit of tattoo coming out of his shirt collar, which we're probably supposed to assume is swastikas or other white power symbols. It worked for me. I did notice that every so often, Jimmy would throw a soft drawl into a word. A very subtle touch, and just right for Memphis. I like it. I just keep thinking of him as Bobby *LOL*
  2. I thought the oversharing at first was WAAAY too much, but then a lot of these women are still of the age where chatting on Facebook about their children's bowel movements are commonplace and completely normal. Chatting about sex in front of a guy they don't know is no big deal. Was that the one with Matthew Perry? If so, I adored it and HIM.
  3. Oh sweet baby Jesus, the mustard sweater has been resurrected.....
  4. He's getting really desperate to maintain relevance. Somebody needs to just make him go away or he'll become Dick Viall 2.0 https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/celebrity/mike-johnson-asks-out-keke-palmer-after-demi-lovato-date-plus-more-news/ss-AAIM6uJ?li=BBnb2gh
  5. Yep, it definitely came with the car. I like it, it's a fun little goof.
  6. There are 120 minute cassette tapes still available. That's 2 hours total playing time, which could be 30-35 songs, depending on how they were recorded. With 8 track tapes, you could see the end of the tape with the artist label poking out of the player. Dex definitely has a cassette.
  7. When Blake & Stevie kissed last season, I really thought it would develop into something, even though she just said afterwards "Real friends though, right?" I didn't like her with Dmitri, and I just don't think their relationship would ever work out. I think a guy like that would always be a risk and a target for some enemy somewhere. I didn't even LIKE Stevie the first 2 seasons, but now I find she's one of my favorites. Probably because of her working for Russell, whom I adore. Jason was vaguely there and didn't annoy me. I'm not missing Noodle in the least. I'm like Mike B, she's just the forgotten-name, middle McCord child to me. *LOL*
  8. I have no inside information, nor did I say I did. But since most of the posts presumed to know exactly why Lauren posted that, I thought everybody else had the inside info. I don't know & don't really care. As I said, I just assumed Lauren was supporting her sister-in-law. I don't constantly delve into the psyche of these people like many do. Now I'm done with it all.
  9. I assumed that Lauren wrote that post & used a pink onesie to show sympathy for Joy, the person closest to her that recently lost a baby girl. But I must be the only person that thought that, because obviously there's more information out there that it was just a Lauren bid for attention and not real support.
  10. It would be funny if they had Dex "training" with a revolving cast of PI's. A new one each week, shades of the Murphy Brown ever-changing secretary. They could probably get some great guest stars. 1500 hours is about 10 months full time, so they could stretch that into the first season, possibly to the 2nd. The she's on her own after she's licensed. More hilarity ensues.
  11. Congrats to Amy, she can drink again! The only Duggar to resume that particular activity after giving birth, I believe.
  12. I've never liked Donal Logue, as he seems to play the exact same character, over and over. Though half the time he's a supposed good-at-heart disheveled, rough, street guy and the other half he's a evil-at-heart disheveled, rough, street guy. I hope he doesn't last for too many episodes. I'm loving Colbie's antics though. She's doing great as the lead. And I loved the 70's PI intro. The clothes, hair, etc. were all totally on point!
  13. Still watching, still loving Jimmy. Interesting that Sydney's adopted. Nice twist to throw in. It's moving a little slow, but I'm ok with that. Syd & Emerson together are going to be interesting. I'm sticking with it!
  14. I think Gabby's dress is beautiful, and she looks lovely in it. A little revealing, but pretty damn tame compared to some of the Pnina Tornai, sheer corset dresses that Kleinfelds sells piles of every season. Her hair looks gorgeous too. Good for her, getting professionally styled, top to bottom.
  15. OMG. Read this, then imagine how well Jill would fit in...... https://www.allure.com/story/rodan-fields-skin-care-consultants
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