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  1. Jeez, Ben's head is the size of potato baby's entire body. Not including his bouffant hairdo. So weird. Jessa looks beyond rough. Guess she doesn't get the pricey face creams her family gets to try for free. She looks 40.
  2. I'm pretty sure I remember an interview with Kaitlyn where she said she was completely obsessed with Shawn from night 1, but let the producers talk her into keeping up the act. Plus, she had to deal with being "chosen" over Britt, so that was a big obligation for her. Also, she wanted to go on the dates & travel, plus she already knew Nick was going to show up and she admits to being intrigued by him. But choosing Shawn as her final was a done deal from the beginning. (Sorry, I can't back it up with a source!)
  3. Some interesting stuff there. I definitely want to see the beginning with Clare & Dale, but I just can't stomach Tayshia's gigantic chin and blinding fake teeth constantly grinning and giggling. No interest in her "journey" in the least.
  4. I thought the same thing. How the hell would he want to risk her medical vulnerability around all those human swabs? But I guess being a beloved part of the Bachelor nation means the opportunity to get tested about as often as a White House staffer....so every 20 minutes! I'm surprised Ashley I showed up, as I figured she'd be somewhere in a lab, safely incubating baby Jareds, with gigantic eyebrows and no tear ducts.
  5. The beauty of being a confident, adult woman is choosing how much time you want to devote to largely superficial things like hair, nails, etc. I've got a round face & super-short spiky hair, and have worn it that way for about 25 years. No fads, no magazine ads, no "experts" saying if I don't spend hours & bucks on my hair, I'm not feminine. Screw that noise. No accessories, minimal "product", no appliances. Freedom. Nice to let the kids dig their grubby paws into food boxes, even double-fisting the contents. How hygienic and appetizing that is, Jessa.
  6. I wonder if she made it under the wire to keep the ring. It's worth a nice chunk.
  7. For the first 15 years of my life, my parents had professional family photographs taken annually. We all had school photos taken professionally. Wedding photos, christening photos, graduation photos, reunion photos, etc. I missed the point in time when posed photos became "wrong".
  8. The latest pic of Felicity with the flowers is adorable. Funny how the photos Jinger & Baaaaabe take of her look like greeting card photos, and the ones Jill & Jessa take of their kids look like public service ads for subsidized county family services.
  9. I wonder if Neil Lane has the Bachelor equivalent of a Bat Phone? In case of emergency engagements, he can have a selection of rings couriered to the location. Of course, he'd have to do a digital Zoom consultation with the groom-to-be, as the 2 week quarantine would be impractical....
  10. Poor potato baby will probably never have her own hair video like her brothers. Banana curls don't grow on potatoes..... 😞
  11. Rachel is the only black lead they've had so far. Matt James has already been "announced" as the next Bachelor, but who knows what will happen with him or when his season will even happen. I'll watch the beginnings with Clare, but I'm SO out for Tayshia. I found her incredibly immature, and that crap-weasel John Paul Jones that she hooked up with on Paradise just showed me she has no taste, no class and no discretion. I'll bypass her episodes.
  12. I think ABC really screwed up. They should have offered the next Bachelor slot to Dale Moss, instead of the wannabe Matt James. Matt looks like a pitiful try-hard kid next to Dale. But they shot their wad on Matt already. I'll bypass him as I bypassed Nick and Colton. No sacrifice. But I definitely would have tuned in for Dale.
  13. No matter what the real story is, whatever happens with Clare is gonna be a lot better than the ridiculous schlock we've had to put up with for the past few seasons. And since Rachel Lindsey is shitting a over Becca's relationship with Garrett, maybe Becca would admit they're splitsville, step in take another stab at being the most boring Bachelorette ever!!! https://www.eonline.com/au/news/1174970/rachel-lindsay-calls-garrett-yrigoyen-a-quot-piece-of-s-t-quot-amid-becca-kufrin-split-speculation
  14. Jessa loves to screw with people, and that photo is the perfect one to get the utero-obsessive tongues wagging. She knows how she looks. I say it's a deliberate fake-out and she enjoys every vindictive minute of it.
  15. Just because the veggies are in the cart for the photo op doesn't mean they won't get replaced with Tostitos, gummy bears and canned pudding by the time she gets to the register.
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