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  1. Good ending. If Mary had just pinched his nose closed a little longer til the ambulance actually got there..... What a psycho. Very glad the asshat Jake got caught with Stella. He deserved that. Fun that stick-up-her-ass Helen got paraded on social media, vomiting up her own sanctimonious crap. How mature! And "Nats" (stupid nickname) is possibly, actually knocked up, and heads straight for the booze? Idiot. Yeah, even if Mark recovers and his (for real) daughter pushes for justice, I wouldn't watch any of these people again.
  2. Having lived in Key West for several years, and with all due respect to America's Test Kitchen pros, they're full of crap. A fresh Key lime has a different taste from a fresh Persian lime. I had a tree in my yard. And without a doubt, fresh is always preferred to bottled juice, but Key Lime is Key Lime, it's not Persian Lime masquerading as Key Lime. Just saying your Persian lime pie is Key Lime doesn't make it so. And just for curiosity's sake, and from an actual Key West cookbook written in the 1920's my mother has, the original recipe pie had a pastry crust and meringue on top, not the graham cracker crust & whipped cream top most people associate with the pie now. (Though I'll admit my own version has a pecan cookie crust and the whipped cream top. It's damn sublime)
  3. My MIL was from Michigan, and she grew up with them. But as an adult, she baked them as a single pasty, like a pot pie. Just ground beef, onions, cubed carrots and rutabagas, with a top crust. Not much seasoning (they ate very plain food) and my FIL would put ketchup on top of his serving. Not my favorite, I can see how jazzing up the filing & serving them hot would be delish. I actually love just about anything baked in a crust, as long as there's flavor! The bakers seemed to have a dryness problem, which is always going to be hard to balance when you have pastry that can leak it all out as it cooks. Brings to mind those Totino's pizza rolls that manage to almost always lose their filling before they're done! *LOL*
  4. With all the competition seasons they've 94 shows with 3 challenges each week. A total of 282 different challenges. They can have another Madeline challenge, or another scones challenge. Repeats of a theme are not a fail! The producers seem to have a need to create some never-before-seen type of baked good from some obscure place nobody has ever heard of to embarrass the contestants into making something that's never going to be what the "experts" say it should be. I LITERALLY believe at this point, they're just making some of this sh!t up. I still love the show, but it's gone the way of many competitions by trying to be TOO everything. Unique, clever, inspiring, etc. It's always been good enough in the original form. And are the "Hollywood Handshakes" now just grudging "Hollywood Head Nods" to the really good ones? Have I missed some, or is their baking just not good enough?
  5. They need to quit with the crap, just go back to seasons 1, 2 & 3 and re-use the damn challenges. They were good for skill evaluation, made sense and had enough creativity. Except for Paul, the judges and hosts are all different. It would be fine. I've seen a show where they made "hand pies", but don't know if it was this one. Pastie, hand pie or whatever else they call it, it's a good challenge. But for my tastes, the savory ones need to be served hot. The fruit or sweet ones, like turnovers I like fine room temp. I didn't see any actual Key limes on Laura's workstation, but she could have used a good quality bottled Key lime juice. Several good brands are easy to mail order if they can't find it locally. I can't see them getting fresh Key limes in for just that one challenge. One bad lime and her tart is toast. You can get bottled Nellie & Joes almost everywhere.
  6. They're from Lafayette, which is actually closer to Beaumont, TX than to New Orleans. Neither has a trace of a Cajun or Creole accent that I've detected, so I'd say the French is an affectation. No, I don't care for them, but we'll see down the line just how authentic they actually are, 'Cher. I could be totally wrong.
  7. Sorry, but Ben & Courtney had sex in the ocean in Puerto Rico, 2 seasons before Clare & JP. The dodgeball didn't bother me. And they guys were in a CLOSED resort, walking about 500 feet from the gym, back to the gathering room where the rest of the guys were. On Chris's season, they made the girls drive tractors, in bikinis, bouncing their way down a public street in LA, in the middle of the afternoon. Lucky Ashley I won that fabulous competition. Andi had the guys do a strip tease on her season, with a few contestant friends. Marcus I remember best. Humiliation is a given, and these folks know it full well. EVERY.SINGLE.SEASON None of that crap they do is abuse. Consent is the word and it's always been given by these famehogs.
  8. I think the problem with Tyra is that she's still trying to dress the body she had on the cover of Sports Illustrated, 1997. She's successful, accomplished, beautiful, a mother, and has curves to be envied. But she does NOT have the shape now to wear what she wore 20+ years ago. And she's trying hard to do that. She has every right to wear exactly what she loves and wants to wear. It doesn't take away any from what she has achieved for herself. But she doesn't look good to me. YMMV.
  9. True, but for the "under-employed", with plenty of free time and no place else lined up to sponge off family or couch-surf with friends, being just appealing enough to Clare to stay there for a month isn't a bad deal. When not emoting, crying or sharing with her, they get fed, sleep in a comfy bed and have pools, etc. at their disposal. That could be enough for some of them. Enough to counteract the nearly naked sports.
  10. I'm right here with ya. We really had a lot of pre-show interest, but it's sadly waning because of her discombobulated, frantic and over-emotional weirdness. She's just being downright weird. That's the only word I can use.
  11. It would make her look untrustworthy to her clients & co-workers, maybe? Like the difference between illegal and just immoral? As I said, I have no idea what kind of documents we can access here in the US that maybe they can't access in the UK, and vice versa.
  12. Aw crap, is this whole damn season going to be nothing but feeling the feels and just talking and *ugh* sharing? Where's the Sumo wrestling, dodgeball and boxing? Where are the ziplines and panic rooms?
  13. I really wish men in general would scale back on the full-sleeve and hand tattoos. Just makes them look dirty to me. I know it's an artistic expression, a form of showing one's self, yada, yada. I just don't care for them. Awww, isn't that cute? Generic guy thinks Clare actually chose him herself for the first date!
  14. Do you mean Chris "Grown-Ass Man" Bukowski? I think he's really retired at this point.
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