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  1. When you lose track of how long you're whipping your whipped cream, it's spontaneous! *LOL*
  2. I just chalked it up to French Onion soup being so incredibly basic in concept, any novice with almost zero cooking skills can make it: Cook some onions, add stock, cook a while longer, cover with bread & cheese. Done. I think at this point, more technique and finesse is what they expect, especially as they know she can rise above a simple soup. And they have to screw with people's heads at this point and can't let anybody get comfortable! *LOL* And I say the worst of the worst in ANY TV cooking show was Penny Davidi. And she made the rounds of ALL of them, un
  3. Taylor Holland is amazing, but her character cannot carry this show alone. I'm not going any further with this group. There's not enough here, as Sandra Oh pretty much peaked for me with "Grey's Anatomy". Slightly off topic, but I intensely disliked Sandra in "Killing Eve", though most of the world seems to see brilliance there. Nope. 2 obsessive women stupidly obsessing about their mutual obsession.
  4. Oh good grief, I can honesty say I HATE that obnoxious child. It's so patently obvious that there have been ZERO boundaries for her in any capacity. And I cannot abide the stupidity of parents that allow that type of behavior. Every single student seems spring-loaded to the defensive, combative, persecution-complex exhibiting position. Each one looking desperately for something or someone they can scream at about how UNFAIR things are, how MEAN people are, how RACIST people are, and it's all focused on their special little snowflake selves. These people are exhausting! And the
  5. I was rooting for Melanio, but I'm fine with Adam. Just watching Nick fangirling all over his Baseball legend dad was worth it! Lots of great crafts & creativity. And if I can pun-quote "Chair", I'd like to "Turn Back Twine" and watch it again! *LOL* See everybody next season!!!
  6. All of the information on Sarah's phone was illegally obtained by somebody engaged in the criminal acts of breaking and entering, and theft. If Ben & Cam had anonymously called the cops or a family member with Sarah's name and location, as yet another woman on Nick's string, that would have led them to her brother even earlier. Without compromising the legal integrity of the info. Cam is SO not into Ben's "The end justifies the means" rationale, and I'm glad. Ben is a twat. He gets no credit, because that's ALL he wants. Not truth or justice, just CREDIT. People like t
  7. If I were Sophie, I would have slapped the livin' shit out of that little twat. Especially on camera. Then, gotten my lawyer to drive me to the closest network TV affiliate station and do a live, breaking-news hatchet job on the skanky little gossip station. She should have done that to begin with instead of basically being blackmailed. I assume the little gossip station is like TMZ and not an actual news network. Her lawyer gave her BAD advice on that call. You get out in front of a major story with the big news folks, not the kids around the corner.
  8. Yeah, I'm gonna hand-wave the questionable tech access, as online social media is so prevalent and constantly changing. We can't have them searching personal ads in the newspaper, so I'll go with the improbable for the sake of the storyline. Miss priss Sophie is just as shady as "Danny Walters", so that is definitely keeping my interest. I'm liking the twists that come from the differing viewpoints in each episode, and working back-to-front in some instances. The best friend Matt was definitely deflecting the sporty girl at the memorial from talking to Sophie, so I'm thinking
  9. Seriously, he is SMOKIN' hot. Little Pia is totally out of his league. I don't know how they matched on that App. She's very crude and lacks social skills. Though it may have just been a hook-up App and he was looking, I didn't pay much attention. He said he was married, but either he's almost divorced, or completely divorced & just told Sophie he was married to gain her trust. His ex seems to have moved right on, so I think it was legally over.
  10. I think they usually go out & about, divide into teams for challenges, interact with Military units, wedding parties, civic groups, go into the professional kitchens of local restaurants, etc. They seem totally studio-bound this season & it's very snoozy for me too.
  11. My local CVS has them in the frozen food section. I now have 3 in my own freezer. You're welcome. *LOL*
  12. As for the balloon suit, maybe his friend worked at a rubber factory, and those were the balloons that didn't pass quality control. Because they definitely looked like the long, skinny type for making balloon animals. And if your blow-up Weiner dog bursts in mid breath, do you KNOW how traumatic that can be for small children?
  13. Lexy would have won the round if she'd used Grana Padano cheese in her sauce. Joe would have probably burst into happy tears and insist that she win.
  14. Anne looks more like a Real Housewife every week. That animal-print mock turtleneck? To cook in, really? And what was the "fusion" part of her Asian-fusion? We saw the bad Asian part, but what was it supposed to be fused with? What did I miss? I think Lexy is the pre-determined winner. In her taking head describing her dish, they inserted the obligatory "I don't have much money for groceries each week.....blah, blah." and the background and her voice did NOT match what she said right before and right after. Such frankenbiting, it's ridiculous. They keep kissing her ass in the most
  15. Nothing will ever be close to the most creative seasons of "Project Runway". They are trying to recapture the magic of having an Austin Scarlet, an Uli, a Leanne Marshall, a Rami Kashou or most of all, a Christian Siriano. Lightning in a bottle, never to be seen again. Heidi needs to hang up her sparkly minis and Tim needs to retire his platitudes. None of it really works anymore. They know it as well as we do.
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