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  1. Well, who'da thunk it would last this long?...... https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/bachelor-in-paradise-stars-dean-unglert-and-caelynn-miller-keyes-buy-home-in-las-vegas/ar-BB1cHP22 They look cute together and I think that's a very good look for Dean, as long as he keeps those locks washed. *LOL*
  2. I decided to bypass this season, because Matt held no interest for me and I don't like aimless people who just exist on social media. But I like Reality Steve, and read his column. From the info coming along about Victoria, I had to see her for myself. I got through this latest episode to where he dumps the ATV & basically decided I was right to stay away. She's a laughable caricature, so poorly conceived and executed. And Matt is just as dull as I had feared. Life is way too short. I can't get my 20 minutes back, but now I have ZERO curiosity about anything in this season! Hopefully there's a decent Bachelorette coming out of this dumpster fire! *LOL*
  3. There's a girl-child showing her bare knees in the reading pic. No leggings, no tights. A sign of impending Armageddon?
  4. It was excruciating....Look at the 1:17 mark. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=carly+waddell+limo+exit&&view=detail&mid=F7908DA215EF2F8D7E2BF7908DA215EF2F8D7E2B&&FORM=VRDGAR
  5. Jessa looks like a 46 year-old woman in those photos, circa 1974. And potato baby just can't compete with her sister-cousins, although she's got some competition with nostril girl in the Joyless camp.
  6. So she's basically been doing the exact same things that thousands upon thousands of Americans have done for the the past 9 months. Her family is not unique. Every single one of us knows a family or group just like them. And I imagine some here are IN a group or family like that, but won't admit it.
  7. She's been an attention whore since day 1. She was supposedly a "singer" on a cruise ship, but couldn't carry a tune if it was in a bucket. We found that out on Chris's season, when the ladies had to write & perform a song for him. Her entire shallow, superficial, vain, pathetic, selfish and egotistical life, including marrying weanie-man and spitting out her first kid pre-marriage has all been just a desperate cry of "LOOK AT ME, DAMMIT!" Sadly, she'll probably raise her 2 kids to be just like her and always look for the easy way.
  8. Yay for Mikey T! I hope this works out for him. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9097683/The-Bachelorettes-Mikey-Tenerelli-engaged-Kate-Wood-snowy-snap-Best-day-life.html He was such a sweetie on BIP, to Clare especially, even though she wasn't really into him. I think they did a "Hot Yoga" date. he was a big goofball, but seemed to have a big heart too. And he's NOT with a girl from the franchise! *LOL*
  9. If Jinger took the photo, then it's obviously her feet propped up on the ottoman. Looks pretty comfy & relaxed. Funny, I just don't see all the new mommy angsty, toddler and infant wrangling, while waiting on Jeremy hand & foot distress that some seem to feel CERTAIN is really going on at every minute of their days. Individual perception is so variable.
  10. The most precision-focused instagrammers I know don't bother having other people take their social media photos. They have remote control tripods. That way with the press of a few buttons, they can incrementally adjust the distance, tilt and filters of their camera phones so as to get the perfect shot of themselves or others from wherever they are. No need to risk human error for a mere $40 plus shipping. I can see Jeremy having one.
  11. Is the feral look in style for children this year? If so, Jessa is entirely on trend. Potato Baby's head is sprouting.
  12. We all knew the freaks marriage wouldn't last. Going back to the BIP threads show how little most of us thought of them and their unholy union. I said back then she deliberately got knocked up the first time to get that income stream from Evan's limp willy businesses, and now she'll get child support for 2 kids. No sympathy for anybody but the kids, especially not Carly. She drove that bus right off the cliff with full knowledge of what she was doing.
  13. "The Spurge". Sounds like a fungal infection that needs a topical ointment and a dose of steroids to manage. And it's for life.
  14. From the actual cafe. Those suckers are NOT just a couple of bites. They may be hollow inside, but they are pretty dense. 3 are a regular order. https://www.cafebeignet.com/menus/
  15. It was the same with Britt, on the duo Bachelorette season with Kaitlyn. People declared she was just a wannabe actress famewhore that would try to squeeze every last drop of recognition out of being on the show. Yeah, not so much..... https://heavy.com/entertainment/2020/06/bachelorette-britt-nilsson-update-jeremy-byrne/ Peter never seemed to care about the hype too much. Rachel was great starting out the season, but she just ramped up the extra to what I thought was kind of obnoxious by the end. Peter was one of her first one-on-one dates, so maybe he realized that the great woman he met at the beginning was starting to morph into somebody he didn't actually want. He didn't love her, didn't see marrying her & obviously didn't want the Bachelor slot enough to fake it. And I think she's STIL pissed off about it. Absolutely. If you don't see it for yourself, it cannot be described in words. It was magical.
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