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  1. I thought the hug girl looked just like Rashida Jones, Amy's BFF co-star from "Parks & Recreation". Maybe Amy was flashing back to those days. And I loved when Amy talked about having a hypoallergenic, potty trained mini horse as a pet. Little Sebastian, anybody? The way Eagan was talking about his mom adding more kids to the family was just creepy. There's something not right about that kid. And those robot costumes were ridiculously basic and shabby looking to me. And I definitely loved the sushi costume, good on the judges for making the right choice on that one.
  2. Swimming against the tide here like Eliza422, but Eagan annoys me. I really don't need an anti-bullying PSA every episode. He just gives off the whiff of special-snowflake-syndrome to me. Yes he's young, but does he work at some kind of job? 19 years old, no HS diploma & living with mom & dad needs to be at least working part-time. And those embroidered shirts are too twee. I'm rooting for Jessie to take the whole thing. I love her visions. Nick Offerman is looking VERY attractive this season. More so than last. I think it's the shorter hair & more salt & pepper in the facial scruff. Lucky Megan Mullally!
  3. And being Pistol Pete. Lots & lots about Pistol Pete. Whole chapters about Pistol Pete.
  4. Fonuts is a trendy item that will probably be out of business as quickly as it rose to "success". These hipster food & retail places pop up like mushrooms after a rain storm, and die just as quickly. The Cronuts trend is pretty dead, cupcake shops everywhere have failed, and there's no end of specialty, eco/socially conscious/sustainable/locavore blah, blah, blah fad food shops that have crashed & burned. That shop did show themselves to be especially cruel and unprofessional in the way they burned Jinger. Obviously their greed in getting publicity overrode their background research skills.
  5. In Touch keeps calling these people Tweeting at Derick "fans". I hope they realize that many of these people deliberately bait him, troll him and post provocative crap just to get a reaction from him. I'd say they're poking the bear, but Derick is no bear. Maybe a weasel. Real fans don't actually ask real questions. They just blather about them being sooooo sweet!!! and their kids are soooo cute!!! And bless them! Bless them! Bless them!
  6. What could Derrick possibly say that would be a revelation? Josh abused his sisters and a friend, and wasn't held responsible, nor did he make restitution. He's a scumbag, into porn & hookers. All this & more is public knowledge already. The Duggar adults make shady business deals, probably cheat the IRS and have made a family career of lying, grifting and neglecting their children. They are uneducated, sleazy and lazy. Jim Bob & Michelle have manipulated and brainwashed all of their children, for all of their lives. Most importantly, what could Derick prove that would be worth publishing? And I just don't think he has the balls.
  7. There may be a book, but not a tell-all. Probably about as interesting as the one the girls "wrote". Just my 2 cents.
  8. No posted finale spoilers by Reality Steve yet, but I'll bet if there was anything other than a bland, vanilla, missionary-position, season ender, he'd have heard something about it by now. We've still got a few weeks, so I'm betting Victoria is going to be the only drama. No way Hanna would settle for Peter at this point. She can do way better in the looks, occupation and wealth department. She's too hot a commodity.
  9. ABC is going to keep Hannah Brown in front of their cameras for every second they possibly can. She is the hottest property ABC has right now, and I see her hosting things and spokesmodeling wherever they can shoehorn her in. She'll have her few moments with Peter, but she's got bigger fish to fry than a return to desperation city and a bland fly-boy Bachelor. Ben Higgin's season had FOUR Laurens. That's another name to boycott from the cast lists.
  10. Maybe the Willis clan. Father Toby is in jail for 40 years, so that's kinda bad......
  11. leighdear

    S03.E05: Coup

    The Brits had the BEST cars in 1967. Those Rolls were just perfection. (Tywin Lannister is always gonna screw people over! That nice suit means nothing. That palace has got to have a cross-bow somewhere!) Elizabeth perfectly pegged Mountbatten as a bored dude that needed to help out the family "business" instead of stirring up trouble. Sweet ending, with both of them grinning.
  12. Charles was in school in Australia in 1966, according to his bios, then headed to Cambridge in 1967. I was irritated at Anne for pulling that substitution stunt until Phillip started reading the article. I like that it was called a love letter. Alice was a great character, though short-lived.
  13. That tear was brilliantly done. As you focused on her left eye, you could just see the bright spot in it getting larger & larger as the tear formed. Then looking at her right eye, you could see the bulge of moisture in her bottom lid & just knew that 2 tears were going to gently spill out. To me, It was the perfect tear shot, bar none. Completely real. I wonder if Olivia was truly thinking about those poor children, That certainly got me teary-eyed, from 50 years past and over 4,000 miles away.
  14. I knew the hymn would get her. That was an exceptional performance, in the show and in RL. But I agree with Wilson that the ability of the one in charge keep their emotions under control and not freak out, lash out or go nuts in public is essential to effective Statecraft. Lilibet had it in spades. This series just keeps getting better.
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