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  1. leighdear


    Just found this article with Amy Aquino partially about the final season of Bosch.....No real spoilers.....I love her as Grace. https://winteriscoming.net/2021/06/19/a ... al-season/
  2. Swing sets and other outdoor play equipment is usually assembled completely before imbedding the ground stakes, so they can be positioned correctly. I assumed from the pics assembly was still in progress, as it definitely didn't look finished. No reason to show the stakes, actually. Of course the assumption is that they did it wrong. That's always the assumption. And you don't need to use concrete if you have deep enough ground stakes, especially for a small aluminum set.
  3. Oooh, yes! I forgot about that and I usually stream almost everything the day after instead of watching it live on the broadcast night! Supersmart Superclam!
  4. Put me in the minority, I don't give a happy crap about what any of the chef's do outside the kitchen or their cookbooks. I live in the South and everything Paula's said, many people say here without a second thought. I use a lot of her recipes, and not a single one tastes racist. I think Joe is hilarious. He's the culinary Simon Cowell. He's not a chef, but he can promote, push and propel a good one to the top, just like Simon did with all his proteges' and make them and him HUGE amounts of cash. And I think his little pin head is cute. I've always liked Aaron just fine too.
  5. The Vulture list actually says the 25th, but sometimes they misprint. I can't tell by my TV listing. It looks like they're re-running at least one episode tonight.
  6. I also love physical cookbooks, and have a few standards that I always go back to when I need a basic bread recipe, a quick yellow cake recipe, etc. I have a few specialty books, one of Emeril's first that's autographed and I use SO often, my grandmother's church community cookbook, a vintage Florida seafood book from 1945 that I bought in a thrift shop in Key West, etc. But Google is really my best resource, as I don't actually cook as much as I used to. And my local library system allows me to check out the newest digital cookbooks & cooking mags, so I can read them on my Kindle.
  7. Michael Bolton has aged into an unattractive male version of Glenn Close. And that's not a compliment. Brain bleach, stat!
  8. Exactly! Like the 35 year-old construction worker that wants to own his own restaurant. Really? Ever managed one or even worked in one? Because opening a new eatery is massively expensive, incredibly wearing on a family and one of biggest losing propositions in business today. The US bureau of Labor Statistics cites almost 60% of new restaurants fail within the first year, and only 50% of THOSE make it to year 5. Might as well just keep your prize money under your mattress, Hoss. If you have no experience in the process, you will lose every penny you have. You will be living
  9. I'm about half-way through and thoroughly enjoying it. I have NO idea who any of the Brit "celebrities" are, but I adore them all, especially dancer Tom Read Wilson....He SLAYS me!!!. And Mary Berry is in great form. Very supportive, kind and helpful, not too harsh or snarky. None of them are ready to go pro by any means, but as always, this show gives me plenty of new food prep & flavor combination ideas. And I think they're doing a great job staying Covid safe. I was happy to see this show back!
  10. I call total shenanigans on her "dropping" anything or having to "make up" anything. That girl had probably already accumulated enough credits to graduate well before she finished her last semester, had one of those ridiculous inflated 4.3 GPA's, and was already taking college classes part time. I refuse to believe she put anything "on hold". She also probably had some full-ride scholarship to a great, expensive California college. I say no way her parents would let her just peace out to possibly get on a cooking competition. She looks like a 2nd generation with traditional par
  11. I just realized that I would have to go back and re-watch every previous episode, because I can remember so very little about this show. I literally had to read every post in this thread so far to get an inkling of what even happened. My own post didn't even help much. *LOL* Does part 2 dub all the voices in? Because I just cannot abide dubbing. I am totally fine with subtitles, but dubbing makes me cranky and stabby. I'll re-watch from the beginning if there's no ^$%@#!* dubbing. I really can't stress that enough.
  12. leighdear


    Well, Ok, thanks anyway.
  13. leighdear


    I am STUPID excited about the new season starting soon! I was wondering if the mods could make us a final Season 7, episode by episode lineup? Even though I will probably binge the whole damn thing, I'd love to dissect each episode in it's own thread. Having this single thread was ok, but I think having upcoming episodes separated will give us a better exchange on this last (*sniff*) season of our beloved (*sniff sniff*) Bosch. Anybody know how we make that happen? We have enough time before the 25th, so what do the Harry-lovers say? Plus, we need to be able to discuss
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