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  1. Jinger looks lovely, and they both look very happy. It will be nice to know we won't be treated to constant photos of a belly in a faded & stretched out Old Navy swing dress, paired with a mustard cardigan. Another girl for them is fun. Jill must be bordering on hysterical at that news.
  2. Poor potato baby. She'll never actually dance for real, just be posed in a tulle fake ruffle so mommy can pretend. No classes, no recitals, no proms. Incredibly sad.
  3. Ivy's eyes take up so much of her face space, like one of those weird, big-eye paintings from the 70's, by Margaret Keane. Tim Burton did a movie about her. 'Nuff said.
  4. Many schools have already begun their summer sessions, especially private ones that don't follow the traditional University schedules. I had a Summer Term I class begin on the 11th, for a program I'm in at my local U.
  5. Folks in coastal Maine tend to eat a lot more lobster than those in the midwest. I don't think that means they're pretentious or snotty about it. I imagine Alaskans eat a lot of King crab, and folks from the Pacific Northwest eat a lot of Salmon. Geography is key.
  6. If Jessa is baking potato baby #2, then she needs to get potato baby #1 geared up on that walking thing. No way she's going to make her boys do any of the wimmin's work. Especially if PB #2 is another girl. Then Jessa will never have to get off the brown birthing couch.
  7. My son's favorite food from the age of about 6 was Alaskan King Crab legs. Made the mistake of introducing him to them at a Red Lobster and was on the hook until he went to college. Thankfully he can afford them himself these days. Never thought of a kid being pretentious for liking seafood,
  8. I just can't see any network launching a show with them. Not a single thing unique or dramatic about the Dillards or their situation. They weren't in a Doomsday cult. They weren't chained up in their homes. They aren't talented, skilled or unique in any way. They are dull people doing unremarkable things in a dismal area. Honey Boo Boo already got the folks looking for low-rent, ignorant hayseeds. The only thing the Dillards can add is a little education, a LOT of Jesus and less body fat.
  9. Am I the only one that sees "John and Dabbie" in their Instagram signature? Too adorable for words. Who knew JD would be able to father such a cutie!
  10. I don't think potato baby looks like Jessa at all, except for maybe eye color. Poor thing.
  11. I think Jeremy is doing exactly what MacArthur & Company wants him to do, and he's on the path to get where he wants to go. Wherever that is. There's nothing either one of the Vuolos do or say that's contrary to that. No career angst, unlike Deertick and his revolving "callings". As for gaps between Jer's abilities and his goals, I haven't actually seen what his goals ultimately are, though I may have missed that somewhere. Thus, I don't see the gaps. I don't know or care where their money comes from, but they seem to have sufficient. I don't know or care about their contract with TLC, but they seem secure. I don't know or care about their next home, but they don't seem concerned. They eat well, dress well, socialize with a diverse group of friends, have a adorable happy toddler and appear very devoted to each other. Nope, don't see any worry, discontent or confusion. YMMV
  12. Very cute photos and sweet posts. I love the tiny jean jacket Felicity is wearing with the little sundress. Very on trend, from toddlers to grandmas.
  13. 16 minutes in and I'm so F'kin tired of F'kin Jen F'kin saying "F'k every F'kin second that I had to F'kin turn the F'kin thing F'kin off. And I swear, they've got Linda Cardellini looking exactly like McKenzie F'kin Phillips. And they've taken her quirks and made her a F'kin freak. I'm F'kin out.
  14. AND they had the Ropers. I LOVED the Ropers. And who didn't want to meet for a drink at the "Regal Beagle?"
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